The Case Against Adnan Syed (2019) | Teaser Trailer | HBO

The Case Against Adnan Syed (2019) | Teaser Trailer | HBO

When you are working on a case
that you think
is a wrongful conviction,
you’re only on one side.And that side
is getting to the truth.
ANCHOR:18-year-old Hae Min Lee
disappeared on January 13.
Police found
her half-buried body.
She had been strangled.The suspect is Adnan Masud Syed.(CAMERA CLICKS) CHAUDRY:
I’ve been saying to Adnan,
“We should go to media.
We should go to journalists. ‘Cause they can do things
we can’t do.” ♪ (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ REPORTER:Adnan Syed’s story
has captivated millions
since the launch of
the podcast
Serial. C. JUSTIN BROWN:It’s our
responsibility as investigators
to consider other suspects.REPORTER 2:Now, Adnan Syed
heads back to court
as questions about his case
continue to surface.
WOMAN:This is
a piece of evidence
that nobody even realized
existed for all these years.
I might’ve been the last person
to see him. I’m telling you,
that’s what happened. I wish I never would’ve talked
to y’all in the first place. BROWN: This is perhaps
the critical piece to this case. ADNAN MASUD SYED:
Now, I know there are things
that don’t look good for me.

100 thoughts on “The Case Against Adnan Syed (2019) | Teaser Trailer | HBO

  1. Jay knew too much information about the murder to not be involved.That fact is literally inarguable. Either Jay did it alone and Adnan has the WORST LUCK OF ALL TIME or it was both of them. Pretty much inarguable as well. I'd put my money on Occum's razor, the simplest solution: They both did it.

  2. I know this might sound racist towards Arabs, but Adnan Syed did do it. The fact that people can't wrap there heads around that is just bizarre to me.

    Theres the motive: Dishonor
    Theres the lack of creditable alibi: Asia is only one person
    Theres the fact that a black man went to the cops to tell them that some one is framing him

    People like being in denial sometimes: the fact is that this guy is complusive liar and doesnt want admit, even in jail, to what he's done because he's so ashamed.

  3. Yey, another Documentary that doesn't give a damn about the victim. These days who cares about evidence and logic, nope just watch a slanted, biased Documentary paid for by the defense team and it must be true!

  4. Adnan is guilty. A crime of passion. This happens all the time. BF killing their ex-GF after a fight.

    Also, please don't tell me to listen to Undisclosed. I did.

  5. Jay killed HAE. His motive.. Adnan went to see jay before heading back to the library where Asia saw him at Haes time of death. He went to give him his car so jay could go get a gift for his gf who was also Adnan’s bestfriend. Jay got frustrated Adnan had gotten her a gift and he hadn’t maybe was jealous and it was a long time coming and wanted Adnan out of the way.

    He couldn’t kill Adnan who would he blame it on? so he went to kill Hae & got Adnan out the way.

    Cmon people how many times did jay change his story?!

    The cell records are completely invalid. Then there’s the calls to Nisha. All at the time span of no more than 2 min. Do this: call someone let it ring and hang up before they pick up. It will still show up on your call log. so that is invalid. Say nisha does say she talked to him there’s no absolute way she remembers a random day from 6 weeks ago and is more than likely confusing it with another day. Jay could’ve just called to mess things around and throw it off track a bit he did say he had Adnan’s phone right.

    Everything is hypothetical. “He must’ve killed her because he was acting weird” he was high everyone does. “He killed her cus he dosnt remember” most people who are innocent won’t remember because they have nothing to remember.
    The fact that people say jay had no motive and think Adnan is guilty is mind blowing. Adnan had a witness.

    At the end Adnan could be recalling a complete different day than jay. Jay was the only person who knew all the details. All of you guys listen to serial, not once or twice but study it you’ll find his innocence even with things that work against him there’s still an explanation.

    This man was in jail for over a decade cus of dumbasses like you. Anyone with a brain in their head says and knows he did not do it. There’s just no way.

  6. This trailer fail to show what's the unique point of this case. Is the suspect wrongfully accused? Is there another layer of the story? Is there another suspect still at large? All we see is a clean cut crime with a Kadarshian TV approach. I'm not saying the crime is at any point a insignificant crime, I'm criticizing HBO milking on the trend.

  7. The appeals findings are what should be the shocker. The original judge has weighed in and reversed his ruling on newly highlighted testimony and information withheld by the Prosecution. The guilty verdict has been vacated.

    Neither statistics, racism or religious biases, determines guilt.

  8. I remember listening to the serial back in like grade 8 man. Ive wondered if there was an update since then but unfortunately couldn't recall the name of it. Im so happy to hear more.

  9. I think he probably did it, but shouldn't have been convicted with the evidence that was presented. The larger issue is how often situations like this get processed with insufficient evidence, not this particular case.

  10. Here we go again. I've poured over this case for countless hours and while I think he is the most likely suspect, I do not think the state proved he was guilty. Thus, I cannot say he is, but I cannot say he's not. I can only say that I could not have convicted him if I sat in his jury.

  11. I'm shook seeing the faces behind the voices, I feel like it's been so long since I've listened to any podcast around Adnan's case but hearing Rabia's voice for only a second I'm already transported straight back into the case. As much as I want this case to be truly "solved", I really feel sorry for Hae Min Lee's family, I hope this is over sooner rather than later for them

  12. Adnan did it. So very clearly. If you think he didn't, then you have to believe that Jay killed her, despite zero motive.

  13. I see a lot of people talking about serial. Please, please, PLEASE, Listen to Undisclosed season 1 for Rabia's deep dive. it is FANTASTIC. Serial is a good base, but imo Rabia hits on way more points that are very very important.

  14. Why add the whole thing about looking at one side vs looking at the truth but when the show is literally called The Case Against Adnan Syed?

    If you recall, Serial didn’t exactly exonerate him even in it’s own conclusion.

  15. The media continues to sucker people. This case is a joke.

    Hae did call Adnan possessive in her diary. She also said he liked to play mind games and that she had changed everything about herself to make him happy. In the first break-up letter to Adnan, she references an upsetting incident that morning, and suggests he hates her. This is the letter Adnan will later write "I'm going to kill" on.

    Adnan's good buddy Imran sent an email to Hae's friend in California before Hae's body was found, telling them not to bother looking for her because she was dead.

    Several of Adnan's friends described him as being angry or devastated about Hae dumping him. Ja'uan said there was a second-breakup letter, where Hae said she didn't love him anymore, and that Adnan was mad about it.

    Ja'uan said Adnan asked Asia to write the alibi letter. At the time, Adnan was in Central Booking; he also inquired about how mail would be scrutinized at that facility.

    Asia's second alibi letter is dated only a day after her first alibi letter, yet contains details about the crime that had not been released to the public. Since I wrote this list, the Asia alibi has been completely discredited, mostly by her own hand. There are many great threads discussing this topic in more detail.

    In her police interview Nisha says the damning Adnan and Jay call occurred "a day or two after Adnan got the phone" making it highly unlikely it occurred any day other than the 13th.

    Debbie said Adnan was possessive; and paranoid about Don.

    Adnan's phone only pinged the Leakin Park tower one other day in the period we have records for — the day Jay was arrested on an unrelated charge. That same day Adnan repeatedly calls Jay's friends.

    Phone records reveal Adnan's father perjured himself on the stand when he claimed Adnan went to mosque.

    In Adnan's first PCR hearing, he claims to have given the Asia letters immediately to CG; in reality, she was not even his lawyer at that time. He is also incredibly evasive on the stand, claiming at one point he would not have called Hae on a school night; the phone records of course reveal this to be untrue.

    Adnan's case did not live and die in 21 minutes. The state was not required to present a minute by minute account of the crime; variations in human memory and time-keeping render this an impossibility in any criminal trial.

    Adnan's story about asking Hae for a ride has changed multiple times. At first he told Officer Adcock that he was detained and Hae got tired of waiting; but Adnan has never explained what detained him, how he knew Hae got tired of waiting, or where they were planning to meet. Later he told another Officer that he drives his car to school, so he would not have asked for a ride. He also inquired if a police report would be made re: his statements. In Serial, he says he would never ask Hae for a ride after school on any day due to her extreme time constraint; this is a lie. In fact, Hae had an hour before she needed to pick up her cousin, and had given Adnan a ride after school only the week before. Witnesses said it wasn't unusual for Adnan to drive Hae's car after school.

    As late as October, Adnan had not come clean to his own lawyer regarding the 'Cathy' visit. He claimed to have been in the car when Adcock called and left 'Cathy' out of his narrative completely.

    Adnan was evading an in-person interview with the police regarding the disappearance of Hae. He repeatedly told the police not to contact his house.

    Adnan never told the police he spent the 13th with Jay; nor does he mention going to 'Cathy's'.

    Not only did Adnan call Jay "pathetic" when he took the stand, he also waved his hands at Inez Butler during her testimony, making her so uncomfortable that she had to report it to the prosecutors who asked for it to be acknowledged in the transcripts. At one point in the trial, the judge admonishes Adnan's supporters for laughing.

    Adnan stole from Debbie a questionnaire a teacher was passing out about the disappearance of Hae, before Debbie could complete it and hand it in.

    Adnan told the same teacher to stop investigating.

    Adnan's good friend Saad P. was also caught going through Adnan's teacher's papers.

    Hae once asked a teacher at Woodlawn to help her hide from Adnan.

    At a party a day or two after Hae went missing, Adnan said nothing about her disappearance to his friends.

    At another party after Hae went missing, he was asked about her and responded with "We broke up", rather than mention her disappearance, which was not widespread news yet.

    Adnan and his legal team have decided to not pursue DNA testing.

    A teacher at Woodlawn said Adnan once referred to Leakin Park as a good place to dump a body. Later, after Hae's disappearance, another teacher noted that Adnan "played dumb" about Leakin Park's reputation.

    Adnan's parents were not strict; he had no curfew and was a mediocre student who often cut class and got high. When Adnan's parents invaded the school dance, they yelled at Hae, not their son. On the stand, Adnan's father admits that his son returned to the dance that night and that he was powerless to disallow him. Adnan's parents had a problem with Hae, not Adnan.

    Adnan knew Jay would claim he was wearing red gloves before he heard Jay say it. When pressed on this issue by his law clerk, Adnan said the police gave up most of their case during the interrogation, despite never mentioning this to his legal team before. In Serial, he describes the police interview very differently.

    After the murder, Jay told Stephanie to stay away from Adnan.

    In Stephanie's police interview, she also said she spoke to Jay on the phone the afternoon of the 13th, and he was with Adnan.

    Photos from the MPIA file show what look to be newly-taken passport photos in Adnan's car. The Syed's had sent Tanveer, their eldest son, to Pakistan for the summer of 1998. Their youngest son, Yusaf, would spend ages 14-18 there.

    Adnan claimed in Serial to have decided to give the car to Jay in second period when he gave Stephanie the birthday gift; contradicting witnesses who heard him ask Hae for a ride priorto this, when his car was still in the parking lot. Adnan has never explained why he didn't simply tell Jay he needed his car back by the time class let out.

    Witnesses heard Adnan say he needed a ride to the shop; or that his brother had his car. Not that he was planning to loan it to Jay.

    Jay lived across from a mall; there was no need for Adnan to loan his car to Jay to buy Stephanie a birthday gift.

    Stephanie didn't find out Hae was missing for over a week, despite being best friends with Adnan. When she found out, Adnan said he didn't know either; of course this is a lie. Adnan was one of the first to find out Hae had disappeared.

    When Jay was being interviewed by the cops on 2/28, Stephanie called Adnan to ask if he knew why, since Adnan and Jay had been hanging out. Adnan immediately assumed it was about Hae, saying he was worried because the cops were talking to everyone but him. Why would an innocent Adnan assume Jay's police trouble had anything to do with him or Hae?

    According to Jay, Adnan threw out Hae's wallet containing her ID. Then, when her body was found, Adnan said to multiple people that it could not be Hae because "All Asians look alike".

    Although both Jay and Adnan claim to have only gone to the mall together in the morning, the phone records reveal they drove all over the city, including the area where Hae's car will later be abandoned.

    Jay not only led police to Hae's car; he also knew her position in the grave and what she was wearing. He knew she was not buried with her shoes or jacket. He knew that the wiper stalk in her car would be broken; a non-visible breakage only apparent to the operator of the car, because Adnan told him Hae struggled and kicked. He knew that Adnan would say his car was broken down in order to get a ride from Hae. He knew Adnan would speak to Coach Sye in order to establish his presence at track.

    Only Adnan's prints were found in Hae's car, not Jay's.

    Adnan gave conflicting accounts of his last conversation with Hae. He told Becky that Hae called him the night of the 12th hoping to reconcile; in reality, the phone records show he called her and she quickly let him go in order to return to her conversation with Don. Adnan told Inez his last conversation with Hae was a fight over prom.

    Adnan, after skipping most his classes on the 13th, returns to last period with only 37 minutes remaining. He has already asked Hae for a ride immediately after.

  16. For those of you who aren't aware – the state's case heavily relied on INCOMING cell phone calls as solid evidence used to pinpoint adnan's/jay's EXACT location in many instances. Several lawyers have been working on this case, and it's been revealed that an incredible piece of information was overlooked by BOTH the defense and the prosecution. The cover sheet of the ATT (cell phone company) packet that contained the cell phone tower information, specifically stated that INCOMING CALLS are NOT a reliable or valid way of pinpointing one's location.

    Not only that, but someone was paid a crime-stoppers tip in this case, and that has yet to be revealed, and there's a reason to believe it MAY have been paid to jay, which would also raise alarm bells.

    Also, it is unquestionable that Adnan's original attorney was ineffective, which is part of the reason he was granted a new trial last year. She was ill and deteriorating, and she took advantage of Adnan's family financially. While it's also unquestionable that she was a great lawyer, respected among her colleagues and staff at the firm she worked, some spoke on the podcast and explained her mental and physical deterioration and that it had a horrible effect on the cases she was handling (after she became ill).

    While you may believe Adnan is 100% guilty, the burden of proof is on the state. They must prove 'Beyond a reasonable doubt' that Adnan is guilty. The Jury system is not perfect either, sometimes rational people make misinterpretations of evidence, sometimes people are irrational when it comes to a murder case.

    One thing is for sure, and that's the FACT that DOUBT has been casted on this conviction. It is our duty as a society to see this through and be 100% CERTAIN without any doubt, that the GUILTY are the ones convicted, not the innocent.

    While this is probably an unpopular opinion, it's one I believe: I would rather a murderer walk free (which happens everyday), than an innocent man/woman sit behind bars for a majority of their life, or potentially their whole life, or even face the death penalty, for a crime they DID NOT commit. This is something that has happened time and time again, and there are hundreds maybe even thousands of people sitting behind bars in the United States who have committed no crime whatsoever.

  17. The fact that the detectives are being sued for wrongfully convicting other individuals should be enough to let him off. These detectives should be placed in prison.

  18. Im actually so annoyed that this is even a thing, and that a guilty man might be set free >:(
    All for what? Because Sara is a good story teller? smh.

  19. I'm team Adnan all the way! I have a really big problem with Detectives Ritz and Mcgillivray's investigation of "the boyfriend" which at the time was Don! Don was the boyfriend and his alibi has been discredited by Bob Ruff. Bob Ruff dug deep into LensCrafters and found that Don's mom and Step mom were the managers of the 2 stores. I just want all 3 of them questioned again by different detectives.

  20. this was my childhood, i did a whole project on this case when i was in primary and i was OBSESSED with it. i’m still 12 and just started high-school. lmfaoo

  21. Regardless of whoever did this, I think it's sad that in this trailer Hae Min Lee is barely mentioned, which is so sad, the accused gets a voice, why not the victim? Hae Min Lee should not be a footnote in her own murder.

  22. The cell phone evidence is solid. I’ve studied and worked quite a bit on that system. When you hit a dominant pilot, there’s no question. Back in those days there were fewer cells which makes this even more firm evidence.

  23. This poor guy has been in jail fir years for something he didn't do! free Him you all ..Hope this Doc brings more media attention and helps him in his case #innocent #freeAdnan.

  24. He can't kill anyone , he is a Muslim guy for God sake! and if he kills, what about the innocent kids in Afghanistan ?

  25. First time i’m hearing about this case. Weirdly I saw this trailer & was hoping I’ll get to know what happened at the end.
    Unfortunately & unsurprisingly… trailer didn’t reveal the ending… shocker.

  26. Asia quit lying and trying to insert yourself into something important. Jay knows the truth; I’m pretty sure they both did it but Jay minimized his role to avoid the death sentence at the time. And why is there still a shrimp sale at The Crab Crib?

  27. we listened to the podcast in my english class last year but we didn’t listen to every episode, but man it got me hooked on the case! can’t wait for this to come out

  28. So Rabia Chaudhry, Adnan's lawyer, finally banks millions by selling the story to HBO. She is an opportunist hypocrite defending a murderer

  29. Did Jay do it 🤷🏽‍♀️ seems to me like Jay might have been up to something sketchy the day Hae got killed and when the police settled on Adnan as the culprit and interrogated Jay about that day he panicked. I think the cops jumped on Adnan and helping Jay to beat the charges he was facing was a small price to pay to catch a killer. I think it’s likely that someone Hae knew/met tried to make a pass at her and got rejected and they hurt her and instead of letting her go that person killed her.

  30. I feel so bad for the lawyer woman, she seems like such an amazing person, but he's guilty as shit, he doesnt even deny it.

  31. He didn’t do it, some people think Serial left it open ended but I walked away being pretty sure he didn’t do it. Of course it doesn’t help that he’s a Muslim in post 9/11 America, but where’s the evidence against him? Convicting someone on no evidence like that is a threat to everyone-you can be accused of anything and because your lawyer sucked or because of racism, you go to jail for the rest of your life?

  32. It sounds like if the couple didn't have a deceptive relationship and use their friends endlessly as alibis, that the girl might be alive today.

  33. jae knows the real truth. ratted him out for immunity. how the fuck you dont get anything? and you knew where the car was?

  34. There was pressure from the Korean community to find someone and quick but the way they went about it was so slipshod! Jay was obviously promised a clean record if he agreed to lie in order to implicate Adnan, otherwise he would not have been exonerated just like that. And they never really investigated Don enough, in my opinion. Why did they gloss right over him?? His mother was his alibi?? How weak is that? This lawyer proposes some questions that should've been directed at Don:

  35. The guy is guilty AF. HBO gives no respect for the victim and using this for Fing views. HBO is pathetic. A devoted advocate, Rabia Chaudry, is a producer so of course its biased. Not to mention so much stuff is left out. F this show and F this Syed guy.

  36. Sadly, this is our Justice System. Thousands and thousands more cases have gone through this or worse. Thanks to the family friend, Robbie, she was able to get this case to the world’s attention. Which is why it’s where it is and all the attention it receives. Only thing I know of 110% is that the State’s case against Adnan was horrible and they won.

  37. I have finished the Serial Podcast and the HBO documentary in the last 3 days. I will release a statement of my theory soon…

  38. While Adnan appears at his appeal court hearings, does he have to look like one of bin ladens sons? He can't clean up his look?

  39. Some people would say HBO is biased on Adan's side, but I've watched it and I don't see how it is exactly 'biased'. It is based on facts, science, objectivity, multiple disciplines/resources to solving the case, with the assumption that Adnan is innocent -the assumption is biased itself, But the evidence collecting is certainly not. You can't delve into something and suddenly go 'what if's' with such a complex case…It gets incredibly confusing and demoralising. You leave that to another project when you test from a different assumption. Not some narrative with no proof. To solve such a case, you need to present evidence from one side in detail and fully emersed and then compare it to other sides. Which seems stronger? You can't solve this case being spread out with multiple sides contradicting each other because you are too spread out and it gets confusing. If you look back at how the investigators did it, yes, they did start off with an assumption – that Adnan was guilty, but did they investigate it objectively? No they did not. The police even altered the phone records – that would is biased. So yes do start with an assumption but the evidence collecting remains objective and unbiased. That is what HBO did and I think what HBO did, was excellent. I mean try seeing if you had something like series or HBO done for Jay's case. Would they be able to pull it off? Don't think so.

  40. If adnan actually didn’t do it, that man had the unluckiest day in the history of bad days ever.

    This is really what he’s trying to make us believe:

    Someone kills his ex girlfriend just when he happens to have motive to kill her. It just happens to happen on a day he gave his car and phone to his criminal friend and when he has no solid alibi. The crime happens to be perfectly compatible with a two car job involving moving the victim's car. The friend he was with during the significant and unaccounted for time period of the day just happens to be the one person in all of Baltimore to stumble onto the victim's car, which has gone unnoticed by anyone else for nearly 2 months. This same friend just happens to arrange in advance a corroborating story about the crime with another friend (Jen).

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