THE BUSINESS IDEA LAUNCH GUIDE – Free Masterclass | London Real Academy

THE BUSINESS IDEA LAUNCH GUIDE – Free Masterclass | London Real Academy

hello my name is Alexander in Siri and
I’d like to welcome you to tonight’s webinar the business idea launch guide
how the bulletproof your business idea in less than 30 minutes we’ll be doing a
lot of stuff tonight we’re gonna do a lot of real be learning a lot about
passion and talent and how to test your idea but before we do download that
workbook Julia’s gonna put up a little link so you can take all the notes and
you can make sure you’re going through all the steps and like that you’ll have
an action plan by the end of this webinar but I am NOT the person who’s
going to be teaching this webinar I am merely introducing tonight’s host and
let me introduce the person of tonight he is the founder of London real a
personal project that has grown into a highly respected media company where he
interviews the most fascinating people on the planet bring out their truth and
share it with an audience who wants to build a better version themselves he has
had over 400 amazing guests on the show including IDO portal Chaco willing Dan
Pena Dorian Yates wim HOF Tim Ferriss Graham Hancock Gary Vee Alex icon simon
Sinek Elliott Hulse and the list just goes on
and on what was first an idea has now grown into a global phenomenon that has
impacted millions of people without further ado I’d like to introduce to you
mr. Brian rose Thank You mr. Siri as usual a star-studded introduction you
were really firing off those guest names there I think yeah it’s just such a long
list I got to go fast because there’s a lot of people on there you know we don’t
we only have 60 90 minutes no it’s an impressive list and I was thinking of
each name and each one of those people built a business from their passion
whether it’s Chaco willing or it’s wim HOF or it’s dorian yates they literally
took their passion the intellectual property in their head and they built a
business out of it whether you’re an ex-navy seal whether you like to hang
out in ice baths whether you’re a bill up a bodybuilder they all build business
and yet most people think they don’t have any thing inside their head that
they can sell and tonight I’m gonna change that for everybody so I can’t
wait to get started this is it gonna be huge this master class for the next 60
minutes I’m just gonna be droppin science and knowledge bombs and
practical information because in the next 60 minutes people are gonna be done
with this and they’re gonna be much much closer to actually having that business
so I’m gonna get started sounds good thank you sir have fun and
have fun cool let’s do this folks first of all welcome to tonight’s master class
super excited to spend time with you as usual you usually see me in the studio
right with the curtains and with Winston the dog and I’m having amazing
conversations with incredible people from around the world but there’s
something that I love more than having conversations at London real and that’s
teaching people how to turn their passion into businesses I love seeing my
graduates make three four five thousand dollars inside of a course and go on to
have a million dollar business it makes me excited you can probably see it and
the beautiful thing is they can do whatever makes them excited whatever
they love whatever their passion is I’ve seen people turn businesses out of weird
things you’d never think could actually make money but they do because passion
sells especially when you’re adding value to the world which is what we
believe in doing here at London real so let’s get started tonight of course is
how to bulletproof your business idea make sure first of all that you download
the workbook we spend a lot of time on that so make sure you download that
because I’m gonna give you three pieces of actionable information you can use
tonight to start building your business that’s what we do here I want to give
you things that are real-world applicable so download that workbook and
I also want to give you this success secrets of mr. Oren Clough who has the
book called how to pitch anything that is your show up bonus we’ll put that
link in the chat don’t watch it now because I want you to pay attention for
the next 60 minutes but it’s going to be it’s our gift to you that you can watch
later Oren’s amazing and pitching is
everything when it comes to business super important we’re gonna talk a
little bit about that later but before we get started I want you to
do me a favor take that thing in your pocket that’s made of glass and steel
and turn it on airplane mode take all of those brown
at the top you know Facebook YouTube or whatever other nonsense you’re watching
close them all down shut the door tell your wife and your kids or your husband
that you cannot be bothered put the dog out because I need you to focus on me
for the next 60 minutes will you promise me to do that if you do type yes here in
the chat I want to take a look here and see that you’re all out there but type
yes if you can if I can get your undivided attention for the next 60
minutes and tonight I’m gonna go deep because I’m going to teach you three
things tonight the first one is how to discover your
passion and then how to get paid for it number two is how to find the right
business idea if I buy it finding the intersection between your talents and
your passion and the market the third one is what most business books and most
videos forget to tell you about it’s something that we developed here at
London real and finally I’m going to show you how to bulletproof your
business idea using your mom and no I’m not talking about that wonderful lady
that brought you into this world I’m talking about that mom market
opportunity map another piece of proprietary intellectual property we
developed here at London real this could save you years and up to $100,000 on
your business by not going down the wrong path Oh at London real we test
everything before we implement that’s why we can start businesses from scratch
and get people three five thousand dollars in revenue within weeks because
we test everything before we invest most people do the opposite they invest tons
of money tons of time they build that app it cost some twenty-five thousand
dollars and then they realize nobody cares we’re gonna solve all that tonight
to make sure people care first and then we sell them the products they want we
are experts at this I’ve been doing this for two and a half years I’ve taught
over 500 graduates exactly how to do this
they built businesses with revenues so pay attention I actually do know what
I’m talking about here but before we get started I want to ask you one question
and at the end of all this I will have a special opportunity that I want to share
with you but before we get started tell me right now and type into the chat here
why haven’t you started a business yet that’s simple
why haven’t you started yet is it that you don’t have the time or
the money or the connections or the mentoring or the help or the blueprint
whatever it is just type it in because I’m going to be going to the chat later
and I want to see if I can give you some advice to get you across the goal line
but a little bit about me hopefully you’ve been watching London real for the
past 7 years I used to be a banker and I did this for 10 years and I was out
there making money but I wasn’t really living my passion that’s the thing I was
just making money and I really wasn’t doing something to change people’s lives
and you can do that for a while and some of you maybe have jobs that you’re not
passionate about sure maybe it pays the bills maybe it allows you to do other
things in your life maybe you work to live but I’m here to tell you that that
just won’t last in the long run because it has to be passion that keeps you
invested in the long run and so that’s what I ended up doing I walked out of
banking and I started doing something I was passionate about I had conversations
with people and London Rio was born and we started just having more and better
people in and I broadcast him on YouTube and everyone loved it they got a lot of
insight and at some point I figured either I have to go back to banking or
have to turn this into a business and so I figured out how to do it and I made
all the mistakes in the book I wasted money on social media I didn’t
understand digital products I didn’t understand product ecosystems I didn’t
understand anything but I finally figured it out over many many years and
then finally someone said Brian can you teach me and at first I said no I’m too
busy with London real and finally I started teaching people and now I have a
perfect system in place a blueprint that within eight weeks can get you from no
idea to a revenue producing business and I know how to get you to do it as well
and so that’s my journey and I really love people that are doing things
they’re passionate about in fact I will only work with people who are passionate
about something that they want to do business in I will not work with anyone
who just wants to make money my life is too short but if I can see your passion
then I definitely want to work with you and hopefully you can feel my passion
for doing this as well so that’s a little bit about my story now every day
I to come to work excited and to be honest
I even come here on weekends because I love it so much
I live in my passion every day I get to help people I get to teach students I
get to meet incredible people I get to broadcast it to the world and I get to
make money it doesn’t get much better than that and you can do the same but
you have to put in the work design your business design your lifestyle invest in
yourself and then you can have it I know you can most people are just a bit too
scared to do that and so that’s what I want to teach you tonight and before I
get started and find out a bit more about you first tell me a couple things
first of all what city are you in tell me where you’re from are you from the
States South America here in Europe but just type in the city you’re from right
now and next I want you to do you to do me a favor
after you’re done typed in the city and the country you’re in I want you to
humor me for 60 seconds and I want you to close your eyes go ahead it’s okay no
one’s watching maybe you’re alone maybe you’re at a Starbucks somewhere just
close your eyes and visualize you with a six or a seven figure business every day
you go to work or you log on online from a beach or wherever you want to be and
you’re doing something you’re passionate about you’re adding value to the world
and income is coming in it allows you to do wild ideas new projects to
collaborate with people you never dreamed would even return your phone
call how does that change who you are as a person how does that change your
attitude on life the opportunities you have the choices you can make the the
type of lifestyle you can lead I just want you to visualize that right now and
see that you in the future that has these choices and that’s something that
Dan Pena told me he said Brian I have more money than you which means I have
more choices and that’s what you can do when you turn your passion into a
business you can have more choices so just crystallize that maybe you’re on a
beach somewhere running your business maybe you’re teaching people like I do
maybe you’re traveling around the world collaborating with all sorts of people
that you dreamed about when you were a kid all of those things are possible but
I want you to lock that vision in and now you can open your eyes and I
want you to just describe to me right now in the chat tell me how would your
life be different if you could have that business describe your life to me what
would actually change so go ahead and type that in because I think it’s really
important to visualize where we want to go it’ll get you through the hard times
and I’m telling you this stuff does take work tonight I’m gonna make it a lot
easier for you but if you have a clear goal in mind
you’re definitely willing to put the work in and get where you need to go so
now I want to go to the phone lines and go to the tapes here and of course as
usual there’s only one person that does these with me and that is our head of
strategy mr. Julian Bailes who’s been there pretty much from the beginning how
you doing tonight are you excited about this I am excited yeah it’s another one
I see that you brought a friend with you what is this thing
this is this is a London real Gong okay and what’s it for well obviously Bryan
we hit this every time someone decides to pull the trigger join join us on an
accelerator okay so this thing has been ringing nonstop today and every time
Julian sees that someone pulled the trigger and joined our business
accelerator he bangs the gong so we thought we’d bring it in here so you
don’t just hear a gong banging in the background but every time someone
decides to go ahead and invest in themselves and in the next eight weeks
build something you’ll see the gong going on so thank you for the Gong thank
you for being here you know I’m excited about these webinars I love the business
accelerator it’s our most popular course it’s the most fun where are people from
around the world what’s going on here let’s start here in the UK we’ve got
Sanjay in Leeds and Mark in Manchester and Michael right here in London awesome
welcome Debra in Chicago taker in Helsinki Finland Jamie in the US as well
over in the OSI okay Orange County yeah nice I used to live in Chicago very cold
there yeah Miz in Berlin Germany edweena here in London Tommy in Phoenix
Giuliana in Cologne right quite an international scene here so you got
people in Phoenix where it’s like daytime in the States Cologne in Germany
all right that’s good any other places I should know about pizza in Dublin and
Ken in Brooklyn okay great stuff and did anyone mention any details or adjectives
about how their life might change if they were able to kind of manifest or
create that business six figure seven figure eight figure business yeah David
ten I would have a busier more engaging life with meaningful support and
engagement in work and social life with meaningful self care matched in Nice
yeah that’s the problem sometimes when you’re going to a job every day just to
make the money you think you’re okay but you’re not really living your passion
you’re not changing people’s lives and you’re not excited about life and it can
start to chip away at you and really deteriorate things so this is not just a
vehicle for money it’s a vehicle for a completely different lifestyle Jeremy
says I would wake up peaceful now mine getting to what I want yeah okay that’s
good I mean a lot of people wonder where are you going with that job that you’re
in so if you know that you’re going somewhere even if it’s gonna be work you
know every day I spend at London real I know I’m building something that I’ll
have for the future that all have for the next 100 years it makes it really
easy to come to work every day I’m Elliott says freedom and independence a
lot of people occurring not really freedom independence it’s so true you
know when you can really decide what you want to do what hours you want to do
what kind of product you want to put into the world who you want to have on
your show I mean I tell the people here the day I’m sitting across from someone
that I don’t want to be there is the day I’m going back to banking and the truth
is is that I always get people here that I’m excited to me and that’s because I
created my own business point-blank so there we go
man the gong I’m gonna jump into this I got three action items I want to hate
people with and really drop some science Stu it all right here we go boom
all right folks look I’m gonna go to my trusty board tonight because I really
want to dig down and show you visually how you can discover your passion and
find out if you can actually get paid for it this sounds a little complicated
at first and it actually quite is and then how to test it on the market
actually gets even a little more difficult but right now I want you to
join me in this exercise you might have the workbook or just take a piece of
paper and draw these circles and just start brainstorming again don’t judge
yourself don’t say no I can’t write that down because
this is the time where you want ideas to flow and I’m going to draw some circles
here and the first one is going to look a little bit like this and the next one
is gonna go a little bit like this alright and on one side I want you to
write down what is your passion so what are you passionate about well let me
talk about what I’m passionate about I love MMA I love the UFC right I love
seeing people fight and mix martial arts and kick each other and do Brazilian
jiu-jitsu I love it what else do I love I love being a parent to be honest I
really like that it’s a lot of fun I never thought I would like it but it’s a
lot of fun being a parent I like teaching very passionate about that
right teaching there’s a lot of fun what else do I like I like movies all right
movies are good here as well right and if some of these are coming to your mind
go ahead and type them in the chat right now just so you can get them down and
let those idea flow and and don’t judge yourself what else do I like
I like saunas lately I’ve been in the sauna a lot I love that experience it’s
like teaching me something about my body lately I’ve been training a lot and so
I’m kind of getting to like triathlons right triathlons right there
what else do I like I like broadcasting I love doing this right now with you
going live speaking to people I love broadcasting trying to think what else
do I like what else do I like bomb but but bum bum I like London right boom I
like London right now I’d love you to brainstorm eight or ten things that
you’re just passionate about things that if I asked you about you would just talk
my ear off for an hour whether I care it or not super super important so go ahead
type these in the chat and just let it all out could be something weird
underwater basket-weaving you could be passionate about oak floors you know
don’t judge yourself because people have built businesses out of like I said
earlier putting themselves in ice building muscles on top of their human
frame and being a Navy SEAL those were things they’re passionate about now they
have multi-million dollar businesses where seven and eight figures so just go
with this all right after you’re done with act that exercise I want you to
consider what are you talented at okay hmm
what are you talented now let’s think about my talents am i talented at MMA
well look I’m a purple belt Brazilian Jujitsu but I got a funny
feeling if you threw me in the cage with any UFC fighter even a starter it would
be a tough night for me alright so I wouldn’t say I’m talented in MMA I’m
talented in Brazilian jiu-jitsu maybe for a 46 year old okay maybe
what else am i talented at well I sometimes I can dress so maybe that’s
something I’m talented at parenting the jury is still out whether I’m talented
breakdancing I’m becoming better at breakdancing so I would say I have some
talent they’re running a company I’m actually getting pretty good at that so
maybe being a CEO or business I’m getting quite good teaching I think I’m
pretty good at teaching I’m really passionate I love seeing people win so
teaching goes in here what else broadcasting and going on
YouTube and making videos yeah making videos I think I’m getting pretty good
at I’ve got a little ways to go making movies of course what else in my town
I’m also talented at mechanical engineering that’s what I got my degree
in mechanical engineering I’m talented at science I’m talented at math I always
have been since I was a kid and again brainstorming these things and
type these things out really important that we really explore now it gets
interesting I’m curious where do these things overlap right in between these
two here you would have had some overlap hopefully and if not just try to think a
little bit more now I am passionate about MMA but I’m not talented so I
probably better not go into the UFC right um talented at math but I’m not
that passionate about it to be honest I don’t really care so that doesn’t really
overlap teaching wow I really am passionate about teaching and I’m
talented so that works really well I’m also passionate about broadcasting and
I’m also talented at broadcasting so you’re seeing a little bit of a
crossover here right and this is what I like to call your opportunities this is
where your passion and your talent they overlap and this is a really really
really big place right now and I want you now to go ahead and type
those in the chat what are your opportunities for me again it’s
broadcasting it’s teaching and I think that’s probably the big stuff here and
maybe some business where I’m passionate and I’m talented at business so that
probably fits in their teaching broadcasting and business is what my
cross over and this is what I like to call your opportunities boom
those are some things that I think we really need to further explore but this
is where it gets really interesting folks because that’s not enough you
can’t just take these things and say that’s going to be my business idea
that’s a recipe for wasting potentially fifty or a hundred thousand dollars on
wasted ideas it could it could take you a year or two to find out that no one
wants to pay you for that and that’s when we introduce something that really
not many people talked about what we talked about on London real and that is
the market and this is the final circle now you might say Brian what’s the
market what does that mean well the market is what are all of the other
people on this planet interested in buying that’s what a marketplace is and
what are they interested in in something that you can do that will actually
improve their lives very very important now you might say I know what my passion
is Brian but I know what my talent is but how do I know what the market wants
that’s a great question that’s why we have our 10 vlog in ten day challenge
and if you’ve been inside the Business Accelerator Facebook workshop group I’ve
asked you to do this pull out that thing in your pocket that hopefully is now on
airplane mode mine is so I can pay attention to you to turn on the camera
and say hi my name is Brian Rose I like teaching and I like business my favorite
part about teaching is actually seeing someone get across the goal line
I hold people accountable no matter what if you say something I expect you to do
it I check up I like to mentor people and always push you to become better and
better and better tell me what you think of this video
tell me if this resonates with you and I’ll see you on my next vlog BAM that’s
my first vlog second vlog might be me talking about broadcasting hey it’s my
name’s Brian I love YouTube as a platform I can put two minutes of videos
out and teach you about doing things here’s something that I love about
business as the CEO it’s important to have digital products they’re more
important than physical products I think you should create a digital product now
tell me what would your digital product be I’ll see you on the next vlog BAM
upload that now I’m putting my opera Unity’s into the market and guess what’s
gonna happen people are gonna tell me if I’m
resonating with them they’re gonna tell me by the views by the likes and by the
comments and some of you have already done this in your 10 blog in 10-day
challenge and you can tell right away with Facebook and YouTube these days and
Google you can tell as soon as you put ideas out there if people are enjoying
them and the beautiful thing about video is is within 10 seconds someone can tell
how passionate you are about what you’re talking about
and they literally will start buying into you right then and that’s why this
is an incredible tool there’s a bit of resistance probably for a lot of you for
doing it but it’s an amazing way to save time and money when it comes to your
business and that is why we are encouraging the 10 vlog in 10 day
challenge and so I want the those of you that have done your vlogs to now go
ahead and type in the titles of the vlogs that did the best or the types of
vlogs that did the best and that will tell you what the market thought of your
ideas and if you haven’t done the blog challenge yet I want you to type in the
names of your three vlogs what would you call them and again just be curious here
it has to be something where your passion intersects with your talent what
would the names of those vlogs be and I want you to go ahead and type that in
right now because I want to go now to the the chat and find out what you’re
saying to me and I want to give you some feedback but before I go I want to tell
you the story of one of my graduates from the Business Accelerator his name
is Max Keeling and he like me was in banking for 10 years and Max wanted to
get out he said Brian I want to start my own business I’m tired of working for
someone else and he came to me on the Business Accelerator and he said Brian
I’ve developed a piece of software that can help people with their personal
finance what do you think let me turn this into a business and I said bad idea
there’s tons of companies in Silicon Valley that are developing software why
compete with them why not do your 10 vlog in ten day challenge and see what
the market thinks of you as a person and here is a short piece of video with max
talking about his 10 vlogs in 10 days and what he learned from them yeah so I said I’ve been brainstorming
lots of ideas and the idea was in the new year to start a business and think
about what skills I had so with the London real accelerator coming along I
thought what can I launch them and I had this idea that I’d been working on for
probably six or seven years in the background around share trading yeah and
we had our first call and in a certain way you said I don’t think that’s a
business or I think it can be replicated and I kind of thinking she’s a good idea
this is gonna work and really as you go through the process you start to realize
what it takes to have a business things I’ve ecosystem etc but though those
first few weeks I think my personality or my background are is kind of thinking
I’d rather be in the background of doing things and build an internet business
and you think that you’re going to be behind the scenes and there was first
few weeks you’ve got to be on camera you’ve got to give an intro to yourself
and you get to see other people’s videos and then when you do the 10 vlogs in 10
days I was definitely out of my comfort zone and so that’s the challenge and it
seems such a small thing now when you look back is just getting your phone out
and filming yourself about anything from one or two minutes and putting it out
there but so many people struggled with it even once we were four or five weeks
in there was still people that hadn’t done their ten vlogs and it’s funny but
you you get over the fear and actually because you’d kind of poo pooed my
initial idea it was actually through doing the vlogs that I started to get a
lot of feedback from people and that started to fuel me thinking about what
would be a different business idea and so if I hadn’t have done the video in
which I probably never would have done on my own I wouldn’t have the concept
for the business that I’ve gotten them which is amazing and so that was max telling you about
how that ten vlog in ten day challenge first of all it pushed him out of his
comfort zone and that’s what we do here at London real inside the Academy I
asked you to do the things you don’t want to do in order to get the business
that will change your life but when he did that he found that people actually
really trusted max and they wanted him to manage their money and so what max
did was he found what I like to call the Golden Triangle and this is this space
right in here it’s this beautiful beautiful triangle where your passion
meets your talent meets the market where the market is interested in you doing
those things for max it was him teaching them about personal finance now remember
max thought it was going to be finance software and he could have spent years
and hundreds of thousands of dollars up here and nobody would have cared or he
would have been beaten by somebody else but now by doing this ten blogs in ten
days he finds out right away there’s a market and I’m telling you if people are
willing to watch your video like your video and comment on your video they’re
willing to give you money for your ideas and so that’s what this is all about I
want you to take this instance right now and tell me what is your golden triangle
what is that part where your passion and your talent and the market meets and
again just guess if you’ve done vlogs already you’ve gotten some good feedback
from some none from the other and if you can’t just guess where do you think this
intersection would be what does your business look like and just to finish
out this story max did amazing in the business accelerator on week six
he held a webinar and he sold tons of product just from ideas in his head and
today he now owns a seven-figure business where he teaches people all
about personal finance and here is actually a screenshot from one of his
website you I’m talking to max and it’s absolutely
amazing so now I really want to go to the the chat right now and find out what
do you think your golden triangle is and you know Julian I know this is a lot of
information I’m hitting people with it’s like passion and talent is one thing
people know what those are when you put the market in there most people have
never heard of this most people think that people start businesses like I’m
gonna build the restaurant and then they wait for people to come that’s the worst
way to run a business as you know inside the Academy we constantly test it and
when we see potential then we invest in you so what are people thinking they’re
golden triangles are and are people understanding this yeah I think they’re
getting it though they’re responding well to this so we’ve got a bunch of
different ideas and what people are passionate about so for example Ken says
Kundalini Yoga teaching and metaphysics okay good all right those are those are
very interesting I like the Kundalini Yoga I might go deeper on that one good
still Ian says public speaking bodybuilding and caricatures
okay public speaking bodybuilding and caricatures all very interesting very
interesting Ronald says sales psychology and reading
people okay sales psychology and reading people
there’s some definitely some interesting things there that I think we can dive
into a little bit on the on the next part of this masterclass and in terms of
the golden triangle where some people are thinking that their ideas converge
the heiress’s currency trading okay Christina says a digital magazine
specializing in horror and dark fiction okay digital magazines specializing in
horror and dark fish and this is good because I want to soon get into this
this concept of a Micronesian your thousand true fans because that’s the
next big mistake people say because I like it when you’re getting detailed
here very very important see without doing well on social yeah no that’s good
I like it Russell says I’m a restaurant systems guy I’m an expert among experts
and restaurants I discovered the business owners of gyms and business
owners of kitchens nummy needed me to help link food with training yeah that’s
fascinating we actually just had a graduate named ricardo marie t who has a
restaurant in chelsea in london here and he actually specializes in scrum and
agile project management for restaurants and he’s actually creating a whole
business around this entire concept that you’re talking about so
again folks honestly the more specialized you go the better your
business will be for from separating it from the rest of the crew and you can
make money out of the ideas in your head and just think about what you just told
me I mean you could save these businesses in these restaurants ten
thousand a hundred thousand maybe even five hundred thousand dollars a year if
you can come in people will pay you for those type of products I’m talking about
scrumpy onna he says scrum project management based on emotional
intelligence but for type if projects such as Elon Musk does that can benefit
humanity I really like that I love that and again you see people are already
going more micro more micro more micro and I want to talk about this in the
next part because again the next biggest mistake most people make is they go to
general and they end up competing with everyone and having no personality and
no brand identity which is another huge problem out there
sounds good good all right cool let me jump back in and again want to give you
as much actionable information as possible
now last the last part we talked about this Golden Triangle concept alright and
this is where all of these forces meet your talent your passion and the market
meets and the question from there is now what is the business idea I can do from
there so for example we had someone earlier that said okay bodybuilding or
Kundalini Yoga and all these things but now we have to really brainstorm on what
the business idea that comes out of that and I want to share with you first of
all something that London real specializes in when it comes to teaching
our students and you would have already seen this in the free videos that we put
out in the Facebook group and that is this concept of a digital product now
somebody said to me the other day in the Facebook group Brian what’s a digital
product and I thought well that seems like a silly question but that’s
actually a really good question a digital product is one that doesn’t
physically exist this iPhone is not a digital product this pen is not a
digital product but the video or the piece of intellectual property that
teaches me how to do something is a digital product so for example an online
university would be a digital product I remember one time I bought a video that
showed me how to do a speed bag for boxers and it had this great thing was
called the speed bag Bible and I got to where I could just
dude I was I was like Rocky Balboa on the speed dag it was amazing that’s a
digital product and it’s a way of transferring intellectual property and
ideas from your head to another human being so they can actually take action
so this idea about Elon Musk is a great example of a digital product the concept
of the restaurant management is a great example of a digital product even the
Kundalini Yoga could be something that you transfer the problem is with most
entrepreneurs and this could be you as well
is that they think I need to sell a physical product and it’s a big mistake
most people start thinking I have to sell organic coffee most people in the
personal fitness business say Brian I have to sell a yoga mat or an AB trainer
or something like that and they miss the whole spectrum out there that wants to
buy your digital products the other great thing about digital products is
you can sell them anywhere around the world the other beautiful thing is is
that people buy them from people who are doing something they’re passionate about
that’s the thing about digital products is when you explain your intellectual
property you’re doing it through your passion and people fall in love with you
and your passion for that topic and so that’s why inside of our courses we
teach people how to sell digital products which comes from ideas in your
head and most of you if you have something you’re talented about and
you’re passionate about and the vlog challenge shows the market or shows you
that the market cares you can quickly download some of the
information in your head into other people’s head via a digital product and
I’m going to share with you a statistic that I’ve never actually shared before
but our last Business Accelerator course we took our students through eight weeks
and they ended up selling thirty thousand dollars worth of digital
products just from ideas in their head not a single physical product was
shipped and they got paid BAM as soon as they finish their webinar they got the
cash in their account and then they taught their students their intellectual
property and then when they were done the students said what else can i buy
from you because the students were really buying their passion and their
knowledge and so that’s why right now I want you to think about your golden
triangle and I want you to think what is the type of digital product that I could
create and sell that would be in my golden triangle
and again just brainstorm I’m gonna be giving you feedback right now inside the
chat but just think what could I sell and again it’s not something physical
but it’s something that transfers knowledge and I love video to do that
sure you could write it a book or an e-book but I love video because it’s a
great way of teaching people and giving you their passion and let me just give
you a few examples from my graduates who just recently graduated in November the
first one is marked McCloskey and you can look him up online if you want he is
a life coach that sold his product called unleash your true potential and
he made four thousand one hundred and twenty four dollars in week eight of the
course it was absolutely incredible he paid for the entire course now his
business is booming next was Selina sue Cameron and she was actually working in
Silicon Valley and she came onto the course she didn’t know what to do she
had a physical product business right and that’s all it was and she ended up
selling digital product to the tune of three thousand one hundred and thirty
one dollars and she teaches Ayurveda retreats to women who want to go to
India and she sold digital products all around there was absolutely incredible
and you can look her up as well and finally there was Lee Weiland and he
made three thousand one hundred and sixty nine dollars all through his
gymnastic training digital product and those are all there if you want to go
and learn more about the Business Accelerator you can see the pictures and
the faces and everything that’s up there so I just want you to know that it can
be done and that’s really really important right now so I want you to go
ahead and again think about this Golden Triangle really think about where that
market opportunity is for you and start thinking about business ideas and
digital products and let me finish with this one concept because some of you are
stuck and as Julian said earlier one of you said okay bodybuilding and Kundalini
Yoga and I liked writing novels and I liked the horror genre here’s a special
pro tip that again I’ve really rarely heard before but one of my guests on
London real named James Altucher who’s very successful on his own has a concept
called idea sex and this is when two ideas meet the point where two ideas
meet you can create a business out of it and he calls it idea sex ideas breed
their ideas and sometimes you can’t make money on a single business like
bodybuilding it’s been done Kundalini it’s been done but what about Kundalini
for bodybuilders that starts to get interesting right novels that’s been
done the horror genre that’s been done but a digital website for digital horror
novels that could be interesting this is this concept of idea sex it’s very
powerful and here’s a short clip for my good friend James Altucher talking about
idea sex right here on London real idea sex yeah so is yours right yeah so buddy
mark that no I you know a lot of people have actually talked about the idea that
you know let’s say you know if you combine well let music is a such a great
example so you know take the rap group The Fugees okay I remember at one point
they did a rap song to the theme song of the movie Saturday Night Fever okay
staying alive okay which was such a mega hit in the 70s it was a it was a I’m
gonna say it was only an OK rap song but it’s the Fugees combining rap with
staying alive so that’s idea sex and it was a mega hit of course because you can
so so you know another thing is for me for instance I was really skilled at
computers and the internet and then I also became because I had lost so much
money I made a concerted effort to get much much better at managing my own
money like this I did it devoted my life to it for years and years and years so
at one point I said you know what let’s combine this knowledge I have of
computers in the internet and programming and this knowledge I have
financed and combined them together and make a website that actually helps
people in finance and so once you combine two ideas even if I wasn’t the
best in the world here and I wasn’t the best in the world here once you have an
intersection you’re the best in the world at the intersection and so then I
was able to create a site that had a million users a month and for all I know
still does have a million years a month so
when you when you combine ideas like that again you become the best in the
world at the intersection so the more ideas you find that you can combine the
higher probability that you’re the best in the world at the intersection so
that’s almost how you shortcut this 10,000 hour rule I hope you enjoyed that
clip from James he’s absolutely amazing he writes down ten ideas every day and
it’s constantly coming up with new ones what I need you to do right now is take
a guess and tell me what’s the business you think you can do maybe I could sell
this to this maybe I could teach this to this and again if you’re not sure take
two of those things we wrote down earlier your passion or your talent
where those opportunities are and try putting them together if you think about
me I put teaching together with broadcasting together with business
those were like my triple IDs X so right now see if you can come up with that
business idea or that digital product or that combination of the idea sex and
again just type in anything because I’d love to give you some feedback right now
and tell you but again you can probably combine any two ideas and come up with
something that you can make money from so let’s go now and check on the tapes
you know Julian this is a tricky one because I’m asking people to kind of
step across the divide you know it’s one thing to say passion and talent and
market opportunity but now is where you have to kind of take a chance and
business is all about taking chances it’s all about guessing and then testing
so I just wondered if anyone had any ideas or even combination of ideas so
Ken has one here focused on the business world he says digital product idea is
using Kundalini Yoga to help entrepreneurs break through mental
blocks and self-doubt by enhancing self awareness through bringing the mind and
spirit into balance how much is your product I’d love to buy it right I mean
that’s a pitch right there folks I love it I would pay you probably ninety seven
dollars for your first digital product which is what you would be selling
probably in week five on their accelerator I love that again you’re
getting also more what I call Micronesia and in this third part I’m gonna teach
you about this concept of your 1,000 true fans and we’re gonna get to that
but you’re speaking to me as an entrepreneur and you’re saying okay
Brian you’re a nonce you’re stressed out you’re busy you need
a quick fix you need something that’s gonna get you back on your game I’m
gonna show you how Kundalini Yoga can do it I’ve heard about Kundalini but I
don’t know anyone that teaches me I hear it’s a little weird but I want you to
teach me how that’s a perfect example of idea sex coming together and if anyone
else is listening take a note from that take two things that seem unrelated and
put them together and build a market and a business out of it so love that maybe
you can help Louis here she says not seeing the intersection on these two
things law languages and actually is the third people so law languages and people
I’m guessing those overlap between your passion and your talent right it’d be
curious what the market said so look law languages and people first of
all people a lot of lawyers the ones that I know in the city here they spend
most of their time not interacting with people right so if that’s really
important with you I would say it’s definitely a type of law that’s going to
interact you with people and maybe that’s more of a consumer based law
first of all languages if you’re multilingual this can be something super
helpful for you so maybe it’s something to do with international trade or
international business maybe even startup entrepreneurs right there’s a
there’s some great companies in America that are legal companies for startups
like a Legal Zoom and some of these they’ve made amazing businesses because
they cater to an individual they offer them legal services they can afford and
maybe you could do it in multiple languages and you might be able to even
cater to businesses that are already in different languages because a lot of
businesses have presences in Spain France and England here or in in the
States you have to be in English in Spanish these days so they could really
use your talents so what I want you to do Louis is get that phone out and get
on those vlogs and I know maybe you’re resistant Louis maybe you haven’t done
it I’m telling you this is the time to do it inside our Facebook group is
perfect or on the accelerator get out there and start talking about your ideas
one thing about the vlog challenge that I didn’t tell everyone about it
sometimes it helps you come up with an idea because you’re talking to yourself
and after a while you’re like wait a second law language you start talking
about languages you’re passionate you think oh why don’t I do a service for
Spanish more for elderly couples in blah blah blah
and you come up with the idea I’m a big fan of constantly publishing content it
helps you get ideas it gets you feedback from the market and if you do that you
can pivot and find an idea one thing that won’t work Louis is not pulling the
trigger and not doing anything and that’s what happens with most people’s
business ideas they reside around in their brain for most of their life and
in their brain they thought of the idea for uber in their brain they thought of
the idea for Tesla but they never pulled the trigger and that’s what happens in
the first two weeks of the business accelerator as you know is people come
in with these ideas and they realize right away that the fantasy isn’t gonna
work and then I get them to pivot and they realize oh this is going to work so
just go with it a bit more Louis but like I think I already came up with a
bunch of great ideas for you right there vlog on them and I guarantee within
three days we could find something that that would have a viability so Paul says
animated spiritual storytelling on YouTube and we know you can’t really
build a business on YouTube itself but he’s also saying here teaching through
guided visual storytelling that takes you through a guided process ie Joseph
Campbell’s hero’s journey well that’s interesting yeah that’s fascinating you
know it’s really interesting when it comes to animated storytelling we know a
lot of people in the business Julian knows a lot about YouTube we obviously
have a huge presence on YouTube you know 50 60 million views and so one thing
Julian said really really accurately is very hard to make money off youtube
right that’s the biggest dirty secret out there right now is that you’re not
going to get paid an income from YouTube that you can do anything with YouTube is
a distribution platform that’s why I London real is in business because we
never relied on them for income we created our own business our own digital
product ecosystem and that’s why we’re able to make millions and millions and
millions and scale our brand so Julian picked up on what you said if you can
use your visual imagery as a way to teach things to people
ideally maybe even businesses or storytellers you can charge literally
thousands and thousands of dollars for those products and that’s the big
disconnect with maybe most of you listening you think I don’t have
anything I can sell for two and three thousand dollars but you do and that’s
my job inside the accelerator is I push you to sell that two and three thousand
dollar product probably well let’s be honest for most people two years earlier
than they think and some of our people sell that $2,000
product in week seven of the course they’re already selling that big high
ticket item because they thought in the right way and let’s be honest they got
out of their comfort zone they faced their fears and they took a risk and
pulled the trigger so that’s what I’d say for you brilliant idea but don’t use
YouTube as an income stream big mistake use it as a distribution platform build
your digital product and that’s something we can show you how to do how
about this one from Nicholas is teaching languages to Romance language natives
through podcast storytelling okay interesting
all right so teaching languages through podcast storytelling that’s nice it’s
nice to have a different angle because to be honest everyone and their mother
is teaching languages online right that’s been done it’s been done to death
and you don’t want to compete against some Silicon Valley company with ten
billion in financing it’s not worth it that’s what I told max Kealing but
people can fall in love with you and your personality look at the podcasters
out there I mean Joe Rogan and Tim Ferriss and what’s that dan Carlin’s
hardcore history right this is one guy in his house that has managed to build a
global brand and all he does is tell stories about Genghis Khan in World War
two but he does it in such a compelling way you can feel his passion and people
just want to give him their money so if you can do that and find a way to teach
people language I think that’s an amazing way I think you have to trick
people into learning a language because most people have a resistance to this is
a word say it in the other language so I think that’s really interesting on
exploring I might want to get one other partner in on that idea sex session –
maybe we could break it down a little bit more and go for a specific
demographic entrepreneurs or nurses or maybe single mothers and we’ll talk
about that in the next section all right all right folks let’s lock in here let’s
get into number three because this is the big one and I’m gonna share with you
a real piece of proprietary London real intellectual property this is something
that no one talks about out there and we created this in order to save time and
money because what I what I found is that people were coming to my programs
and I was teaching him this I was like okay what’s your talent what’s your
passion I gotta get that phone out you got to do those 10 vlogs in 10 days and
I’m telling you some people they go 50 vlogs in 50 days one of my business
graduates did a hundred vlogs in 100 days
and all of that content ended up bringing him all of his customers who
bought products from him so you can’t do enough logging trust me but they were
still running into problems and that’s when I had to tell them to call their
mom right it’s time to call your mama and of course I’m not talking about that
wonderful lady that brought you into the world for me it’s Betty Rose and Betty
if you’re watching out there you still have to come on London real my mom still
refuses to come on the show but we’re working on her so if you can hit her up
on Twitter or on email I’d appreciate but I’m talking about mom it’s an
acronym folks mom stands for the market opportunity map now you heard me tell
Julian earlier I don’t invest in something until I test
it and when I see success I invest in it and then I test it again and I make sure
that it’s always willing to be a high return investment I never build an app
without testing the market I would never build a restaurant without finding the
customers first find your customers then build it what I
do inside the course is I sell the product then I build the product but
I’ll get into that into that later so I always love testing things and this is
the concept of the market opportunity map all right so bear with me here this
thing has two axes on it and these are very very important axes all right
and up here on the top we have online okay let me go with it in colors here
right and on the bottom we’ve got offline okay this is offline all right
and on this side over here I have a network okay this is your personal
network and over here I have the market okay now you’re saying Brian what is
this okay these are four quadrants very very very important quadrants and we’re
going to explore them now and if you go ahead and put your due diligence on each
one of these quadrants then you know you can pull the trigger and invest in your
business it’s that simple show me any business that’s successful
out there and I will show you how it was tested in these four quadrants whether
they knew it or not it was tested and that’s why it’s successful if it’s not
successful in one of these I would are there’s no business there is no business
in the long run so let’s get into this first of all we have online right this
is everything we can test sophomore online this is offline you have to do
this in person okay here is your network a group of people that know who you are
and you know who they are the market is those billions and
billions of people out there that you’re connected to via social media but you’ve
actually never met those are the quadrants here so let’s talk about this
one here how can you test your own network to see if they like your ideas
online well actually we already know that folks because we already did it we
did your 10 vlog in ten day challenge and this is a way there’s 10 blogs in 10
days this is a way we tested your idea online we uploaded your videos to
Facebook into YouTube into Instagram and we tested it with people that follow you
write your friends on Facebook your followers on Instagram maybe the
Business Accelerator Facebook workshop group and you tested it in here and you
got to know our people feeling what I’m talking about right hopefully you got
some good feedback and if you did that’s great but that’s only one part of the
puzzle before you go and build a business on one quadrant I want you to
take a little bit of time and humor me here because this could save you a year
or two years could save you a hundred thousand dollars in wasted money spent
by going in the wrong direction next I want you to do this I want you to take
that business idea like the Kundalini Yoga for entrepreneurs and I want you
now to go offline with it I want you to contact people in your network that you
know and these could be experts or entrepreneurs that you know and again
Facebook friends you probably have a hundreds of them you there’s 3,000
people inside of our Facebook workshop group you have hundreds of followers on
your other social media accounts reach out to them and say hey I would like to
buy someone lunch who knows something more about entrepreneurship and maybe
using yoga or who knows something more about scrum management when it comes to
restaurants and I’d love to buy you lunch and sit down meet with these
people offline and say look I’m thinking about doing this business I want to
teach Kundalini Yoga to entrepreneurs what do you think and they’ll say well I
like it but I don’t are busy so you can’t do this at seven
o’clock at night you need to give them a place where they can do it and let them
meet other entrepreneurs and you’ll be like wow that’s a really good idea would
you buy this product well I would buy it but it would need to be this and this
and this inconvenient and this you’re gonna get amazing ideas there but if the
person gives you the thumbs up in the green light great now you’ve got two
quadrants all right but we’re not done we’re not done that doesn’t mean you’ll
have a business because you’ve only explored your network you cannot run a
business selling to your friends and family trust me I tried that when London
real started it doesn’t work you have to find new customers in the market all
right and now we’re gonna go into the market now how do you do that Brian it’s
a great question first let’s go online because it’s easy
you all have browser access most likely if you’re watching me right now so let’s
go to the market well where do you go Brian well what’s the best place to
research the market well let’s type in Kundalini Yoga for entrepreneurs let’s
go to YouTube right besides being an amazing site for videos it’s the second
largest search engine in the world and immediately you’re gonna see if there
are a thousand videos on Kundalini Yoga for entrepreneurs if there’s someone
already doing it if there’s someone that has a take on it you’re gonna get tons
of information right away next I want you to go to Amazon Amazon why I’m gonna
go to Amazon Brian I want to buy a book but you do Kundalini free yoga are there
any books written are there ten books are there zero books as their interest
are people asking for that is there Kundalini Yoga for CEOs that’s a little
bit different is there Kundalini Yoga for single mothers you can start getting
a ton of information if there are people out there that want to buy from you and
it goes on go to Facebook type that in see if there’s any
businesses there if there’s any videos that come up go on to google and type it
in Google and see if you can find any blogs that have been written any
articles written in newspapers about this concept it’s an amazing way to do
some research and you’ll know right away are there people out there willing to
pay for this are they willing to buy books are they making YouTube videos are
they asking questions are they writing articles about it and you can get your
third green light that’s one two three we’re not done yet
finally you have to go to the market but you have to do it
in an offline perspective so important to actually talk with humans because
your customers will all be humans all right so you have to go out there in the
market so next what I want you to do is I want you to go to a seminar I want you
to go to a workshop I want you to go to an event in your Golden Triangle right
wherever you Golden Triangle in I keep using Kundalini for entrepreneurs
it could be scrum agile management for entrepreneurs I want you to go to some
of these live events where these people would aggregate could be just
entrepreneurs could be just yoga should be type of crossover I want you to go
and speak to the people there I want you to talk to the people in the coffee line
and afterwards and say hey what do you think of my idea I’m thinking about
doing this and doing that and they’re gonna say no I don’t like that yes I
like that oh the entrepreneur says you can’t do it
during the day because they’re busy and you start forming ideas and you get
yeses and noes this is when you get your final green light and that’s four green
lights if you have four green lights it’s time to invest it’s time to pull
the trigger and go in for it but until you have all of that don’t that’s why I
really want you to do the research and you’ll be constantly getting information
and you’ll be pivoting the market and you’ll be changing your idea and so
that’s the concept of the market opportunity map you’ve got it downloaded
on your workbook and take the time to do this you can do this in as quickly as
one week you can take three weeks to do this whatever you do make sure you do
the due diligence it’s very important and very easy to do now a lot of people
say Brian I did this and on Amazon I found out that there’s already someone
doing my idea oh no I need a new idea and here’s the truth competitors are not
bad they are a good thing when you find a competitor doing something similar to
what you want to do that is good it means there’s proof of concept someone
in the market is willing to pay for it all you have to do is bring your own
personality to it so maybe there is a Kundalini for entrepreneurs but you want
to do yours in the UK in London for tech entrepreneurs for fashion entrepreneurs
for single mother entrepreneurs that want to know Kindle eeny I think
competitors are a good thing I think they’re really where you want to be
so don’t be dismayed just make sure you offer something unique and my final
thought is I want to introduce this concept called your 1,000 true fans and
I’m gonna play a video shortly about this idea but I learned it from Kevin
Kelly and he is the founder of Wired magazine and he wrote an article that
you can google really easy and do it after this is over and he said and he
told me in studio he said Brian any entrepreneur all you need is 1,000 true
fans and I said what are you talking about don’t you need a million customers
he says no you need people that are so passionate about your product that they
will buy anything you sell then if you go and give a talk two hours away
they’ll drive to go see you they’ll buy the special version with the book and
the DVD of your of your product they’ll they’ll do that they’re so dedicated to
who you are that they are willing to back you up no matter what it takes and
you see bands that start this way they’ve got a thousand true fans that
buy the t-shirt that drive to the concert that pay for their stuff on
iTunes all you need is a thousand and all you need to focus on are those first
1,000 because the idea is that each one of these fans is going to spend between
50 and $100 with you every year and that will give you an income of about
$100,000 maybe $75,000 that is proof of concept and if you make those 1,000
people happy your business will grow if you try to make a million people happy
you’ll never get anywhere and that’s why it’s important to specialize really make
those people happy and so I want you right now to tell me who are your 1,000
true fans what do they like tell me a little bit about them who are they for
the Kundalini example maybe it’s entrepreneurs that are building
businesses with less than ten people in technology that want to relax for the
restaurant Tours maybe it’s people that own restaurants in major cities with an
income of 10 million or more that are in the vegan space always try to take it
down to where you can focus on a thousand people and if you do that you
will always win so I want to share with you Kevin Kelley explaining in a little
bit more detail this concept of your 1,000 true fans so the basic thing is a very simple
premise which is that technology allows us to have someone who’s a creator and
that could be a writer a filmmaker or music musician a sculptor or
photographer anybody who’s creating something it allows the technology
allows us to actually interact with our customers directly in the past you
needed you know you sell a book and the book sell there’d be a publisher and a
bookseller and someone would buy your book but you’d have no connection as the
author with that person but now you can sell a book even if you don’t sell them
directly you can have a they can have the email they can contact you an
ongoing basis and so the premise is simply that if you have that kind of
ability to connect with your audience directly and you don’t have all these
other people involved with publishers and and music studios and everybody if
you’re actually creating and dealing directly with them but the numbers that
you need to actually get a living or very small and I call those people that
they’re going to be most valuable to you true fans because the true fans are fans
that will purchase anything that you produce in anywhere on all the varieties
all the different editions all the different venues whatever it is anything
you do they’re gonna support you in it if you have a you don’t need very many
of those kinds of people and I by my calculation for a single creator you
need about a thousand if you can produce a hundred dollars worth of goods a year
then a hundred times a thousand is a hundred thousand dollars that’s a living
okay and so that’s the basic idea now you have to adjust that by lots of
different things because you have expenses you have to subtract if you
have more than one person there’s a duo you have to multiply it by two and an
important thing though is that that number is actually not critical is this
the order of magnitude it says you don’t need a million fans to make a living if
you have direct contact with them you don’t need even a hundred thousand you
need in the thousands this concept of the thousand true fans
is so important because it’s all about this micro niche try to find a small
part of the market serve them and then you can expand your business so based on
that type in now and tell me who are your 1,000 to your fans and again get
more specific get more micro the greatest example I always give is
Facebook now Facebook has I think 3 billion people on the platform but is
that how Mark Zuckerberg started no he said let’s start with Harvard let’s try
to get 300 people on 500 people next he opened it up to other Ivy League
universities it was a universe the only product for 3 years so he always kept it
micro and then once he satisfied those thousand true fans then he opened it up
this is crucial most beginning entrepreneurs make this
big a mistake again they waste tons of time tons of passion tons of money
because they don’t go micro early enough and I say this on the course all the
time and Julien knows it go micro till it hurts and then you’re the one person
in the space that someone thinks of when they think of that micro audience and
bam they are your customer right away so again type in that thousand true fans
described them to me what do they like what are their needs and then we can
serve them and I want to go to Julian and find out here you know I just
dropped a lot of information on people the whole concept of that market
opportunity map is so people don’t waste more time I always it takes five days to
research this stuff better do that then spend a whole year I mean how many
people have we met on the streets that spent $20,000 on an app and they put it
on the store and no one bought because they never tested the market so that’s
an important concept but the thousand true fans is as important our people
understand what I’m talking about here I think so but uh red flag hey Yan says my
YouTube followers 13,000 subscribers so far and Counting might find out they’re
not all your true fans yeah you know the YouTube subscribers is an interesting
thing right because look we could talk to you about YouTube or quite experts on
the platform there’s a lot of problems when it comes to YouTube subscribers
first of all you don’t know who they are that’s the problem and you have no way
of directly contact them you can put a video up and hope
that they do it but you don’t have an email address you don’t have a contact
you have no way of really directly marketing to them that’s something we
teach in the course in week 3 it’s fairly obvious and so it’s really
important to narrow it down and find your micronesia people a really specific
type of audience that you want to sell your market to and it’s usually not your
13,000 subscribers so I just want to say be very careful with that and make sure
that you convert that you grab email addresses that you sell on webinars
which is what we teach all in the program but I’m telling you I know a lot
of people with a million subscribers million followers on Instagram that are
still living at Mom’s house and I’m not talking about the market opportunity map
it’s because they have no business model I meet people all the time I meet people
at YouTube with a million subscribers that are broke as a joke because they
don’t have a business plan that’s what we teach we teach you how to create
digital products how to create multiple price point products and how to create a
business YouTube is your distribution platform they are not the ones that are
going to pay you mariusz says people over 40 struggling
with posture pain dysfunction and pain during exercise cool I like that a lot
but I’m gonna ask you to go more micro okay because people over 40 the struggle
with back pain first of all there’s a correlation there right that could
easily be a billion people in the world maybe two it’s just too broad so go a
little more micro who are the thousand true fans maybe again go go specialize
who stands up all day I love nurses why do I love nurses
because first of all you can go to an all-female demo and you can market to
them nurses make decent money and they usually sacrifice their own personal
well-being to take care of other humans they’re usually in bad shape
they usually have bad social lives they usually need a lot of help and we’ve had
a lot of businesses through London real that have catered to nurses so again
choose something maybe it’s who you are maybe it’s something you know about
maybe it’s over 60 people maybe it’s entrepreneurs maybe it’s
single mothers maybe it’s nurses find another demo to make that micro go for a
thousand people make them super happy make them know you’re the person to go
to they’ll tell there are other friends
that are like them that you have to go to this person
you win Chiaki says my 1,000 true fans will be music lovers who are learning
English and also need to learn public speaking interesting ok music lovers who
are learning English and want to learn public speaking now that’s definitely
some weird idea sex they’re on different place but that’s not bad some of the
greatest ideas have come from idea sex think about them the companies I
mentioned earlier Tesla uber Apple all of these came from some weird idea sex
of hey how about if we combine transportation with the web with mobile
devices oh wow that’s uber what if we combine electronic cars with disrupting
the auto business with with you know brand brand new products and digitally
enabled operating systems boom so I like that may be interesting to explore I
still might want you to go a little more micro so music lovers learning to speak
English and public speak so there could be something there maybe play with that
I always love to go one more step micro that could be a country a local area
you’re in a demographic or something that gets people to it’s a smaller
audience own that audience and then expand David’s who wants to keep people
accountable in the mornings says might 1,000 true fans are people who
procrastinate on the most important things they need to do to change their
life and I’m going to be the person that’s there to support them hold them
accountable and get them to 8020 so they get done what they need to great sounds
good sounds like my typical day here inside the Business Accelerator look I
love it but it’s still too general I mean how many people procrastinate in
this world and again your bucket up to the two billion probably more like six
billion people procrastinate every day and look it’s great because you’re
saying well Brian if I make $1 off each person that I’m a billionaire yeah but
the problem is is that it’s too general of an audience and you’re gonna go to
nowhere now if you specialize to say a procrastination again single mothers
right I happen to live with a single mother right except she’s with me but
like she’s just juggling kids and juggling my schedule and she’s having a
really hard time and then how do i how do I talk to her and help her not
procrastinate her problems are different than all these other people if you start
speaking their language you can really offer something that will help them so
again always go into the micro maybe it’s a service worker or an
or a doctor or a lawyer or a football player or a teenager who needs to
procrastinate or a senior citizen always go more micro and find an audience that
you can really serve and that’s really really important it’s good yeah all
right fantastic look this this is really important that we talked about these
ideas and I’m so glad that you drilled down and found the people that I’m
talking about because all of these concepts that I spoke about tonight are
super important all right and you really need to understand about your talent and
about your passion and where the market lies from there you must go into the
Golden Triangle and you get there by vlogging I’m a huge fan that you must
produce media and let’s face it folks these days every company is a media
company first and that first vlog is how you open up to the world and show them
you’re in the media business I’ve built a business around media and I know look
at the great companies today they have media presences first Red Bull the list
goes on very very important next I want you to think about this concept of a
digital product first sure you can go on and sell physical products later but
always have a digital product to go alongside of it it’ll make your business
scale and grow internationally it’ll make you a key person of influence it’ll
make your business scalable so important and finally go to the market opportunity
map go out there and do your diligent due diligence go to those events meet
those people you know go online and research it really hard before you waste
your time and your energy and your money into going after it finally go to that
thousand true fans it’s really important that you specialize just on them make a
thousand people happy and you can make a million people happy try to make a
million people happy you make zero people happy and those are the rules
that we know here at London real from making all the mistakes over years and
years and years and to be honest this is only a tiny fraction of what we teach
inside the Business Accelerator and the good news is is that about once every
year I open up a program that lasts eight weeks and some people have said
last week they said Brian why don’t you just sell me the course and I’ll do it
on my own and do the videos and the truth is I will not do that because I
know it doesn’t work the only way this works is if we do this together as a
team as an elite unit like a Navy SEAL team
and we all go together through eight weeks and there’s people all around the
world in different countries some of them have million-dollar businesses some
of them don’t have an idea some of them actually have an idea and they don’t
know what to do with it and we all go together and we build these businesses
and tonight I shared with you basically module 1 and maybe part of module 2 but
inside this thing we accelerate businesses I take passions and I turn
them into businesses based on everything I learned about London real by doing it
the wrong way I wasted so much money on social media I
hasted money trying to sell the wrong products but I figured it out and I’ve
got the blueprint exactly how you should do it but more than that I’m the one
that’s gonna keep you accountable and make sure you do the things you don’t
want to do in order to have the life that you want to lead and that’s what
this opportunity is all about I said I was going to share something with you
tonight and today the Business Accelerator
opened and it’s an AW an eight-week online accountability program where I
walk you through eight modules of all of the things that you do in order
including holding your own webinar that generates revenue by the end of the
course and I just did this last year at the end of last year my students made
$30,000 in that final week $30,000 to see the expression on someone’s face
just like you that came to this master class tonight and said Oh Kundalini Yoga
Oh restaurant stuff when they get on a webinar and they come off of it and $500
goes into their bank account I’m telling you people cry people have complete life
changes they’re like wow Brian I never understood I had all this power right at
my fingertips I basically give people the opportunity to be the best versions
of themselves and that’s what we offer it’s a pure online accountability course
and it allows you to take your passion anything you have as a passion and turn
it into a business so you can do whatever you want with your life you can
go all-in you can travel the world you can turn it into an eight-figure
business you can make it your life and make a multimedia empire like I’m doing
with London real the choice is yours I am giving you choices and that’s what
this is all about and I’m there to hold you accountable we’ve
an incredible system that I take this group through again like a nail Navy
SEAL training team and we get everyone across the goal-line kicking and
screaming it’s actually very very impressive I’ve graduated over 500
students and they include doctors lawyers Wall Street bankers actors
filmmakers movement artists graduates of the danpei Mia Castle I brought them all
through and they have given them a business with revenues and from there
they’ve taken it all the way whether it’s max Keeling or mark McCloskey some
people pay for the course during the course it’s actually starting to get
scary the last course was so successful because we’re always improving it that
now I’m it’s just it’s almost a little intimidating some of these people are
coming out very successful entrepreneurs after eight weeks but it’s because we
have a system in place and I teach it with so much passion and I’ll give you
the link shortly on how to become a part of this course but first I want to break
it down for you it’s eight weeks eat we eat week has a module and you have
lifetime access to the module and to the workbooks for each week and let me break
it down for you what goes on inside the program
the first one is week one and it’s bulletproof your business idea here I
walk you through a lot of what I taught you tonight but I make sure you do the
work and I give you feedback and mentoring on it and I take you through
the three stages of finding the right idea I teach you how to pitch your
business idea which you’re going to be doing all the time from partnerships and
for customers and for collaborators and then I’m going to show you the three
entrepreneur mindsets that I get to get you over all the fear all the resistance
and all the challenges you’re gonna face going forward week two is find your
micro niche this is about the thousand true fans folks I’m going to show you
how to position yourself to win in high potential market niches next I’m gonna
show you how to learn from and then outsmart your competitors right
competitors are good remember folks finally I’m going to show you how to
understand the psychology of your customer very important that you offer
them value that you solve their problems week 3 we build your high performance
website yes that’s right folks within 15 days I am showing you how to build a
website that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen because we
know how to do them that make them convert into cash revenues I’m going to
show you how to make a stunning website that converts the easy way I’m going to
show you how to write compelling copy that gets people interested in you and
I’m going to show you the strategies on add a capture and nurture leads the
value of this week alone is probably worth ten or twenty thousand dollars
next in week four I’m going to show you how to make your content I’m going to
show you how to produce a three-part video series using our film techniques
we developed here at London real it’s so much simpler than you think you just
need to get out of your comfort zone and do it it’s the perfect lead magnet next
I’m going to show you how to install your automated sales machine system and
finally I’m going to show you how to craft blogs like a best-selling author
again you’re constantly creating content that then turns into customers that pay
you money very important we’re only halfway through folks you’ve already
done more than most people will do in four months or even a year but I’m just
getting warmed up module five kickstart your social media you do it to make money folks who cares if
you have a hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube who cares if you have a half
a million followers on Instagram are they paying you money I can make you
money with a hundred followers that’s the real metric here folks don’t get
caught up in all the nonsense that people try to tell you week six create
your product now it’s time to make some money here folks I’m going to show you
the product success path to find your customers desired reality find out their
pain points and fix them that’s how we make money next I’m going to show you a
step by step guide line on how to productize your knowledge most of us
have so much information in our head you don’t think it’s valuable it is valuable
I’m going to show you how to get it in digital form and finally I’m going to
show you how to design your MVP or Minimum Viable Product very very
important module and that is in week 6 week 7 is sell your product this is
where it happens folks this is where you have your own online webinar I’m going
to show you how to sell without being salesy next I’m going to show you how to
do your own online webinar I’m going to give you the structure I’m gonna give
you the pitch I’m going to show you how to do this thing finally I’m going to
show you how to master the secrets to closing the sale that’s what we do in
here we close people and I’m going to show you how to do it in week 7 finally
in week 8 it’s time to launch your business congratulations you’re now a
successful entrepreneur because you listened to what I had to tell you you
follow my mentoring over seven weeks so congratulations to you now it’s time in
week eight is to scale your business so let’s launch this thing and really ramp
it up in this module I’m going to show you all the pieces you need into
generating a power powerful revenue generating machine next I’m going to
identify and track the key metrics that you need for scaling your business and
finally I’m going to create a fail-proof blueprint for the next twelve months of
your business cycle not only that I’m gonna give you the accountability to put
it in place with monthly calls this isn’t over in eight weeks folks I am
with you for the next fourteen months to make sure you’re successful if you’re
not I’m gonna find out where you are I’m gonna get you back on track until you
are making some serious money alright now why is this different
than what’s out there first of all folks there is nothing like the London real
business accelerator out there I will take the Pepsi challenge against anybody
out there selling anything because nobody does it like we do because they
don’t care I actually care I’ve got the passion to be there live with you twice
a week on these calls on Tuesdays and Sundays I’m the one who’s personally
mentoring you I dragged you through each one of these modules kicking and
screaming I do the Sunday night call from my home where my children sleep
because I care about your success that’s why no one’s doing this out there
because most of these people out there selling stuff they’ve made too much
money they’re lazy they don’t really care about the success of their students
I want you to be successful because I want you to go on and crush it in your
field and I want you to tell everyone that you started at London real I will
not sleep I will not rest until you are massively successful the way I do it is
with triple tier accountability now what is that it’s a great question first of
all we have 16 live calls each one lasting over an hour I’m on all these
calls here I’m going to present you the information in a keynote call then I’m
gonna follow up on a workshop call and answer all the questions you have about
it no one is doing this secondly I’m gonna give you a private Facebook group
where you’re gonna upload all of your videos all of your vlogs all of your
modules you’re gonna connect with your community I’m telling you the people
you’re gonna meet inside here are worth the price of the course alone let me say
that again the private Facebook group is an amazing resource for entrepreneurs
around the world people that already have million-dollar businesses these are
the people you’re gonna collaborate with the rest of your life the value is
absolutely incredible that is the second tier and the third
one of course is you have 24/7 access to me and my team via email any question
you have about your business it’s solved any question you have about your revenue
model it’s solved any question you have about anything we get back to you and
make sure you are mentored all the way along the way and that is our triple
triple tier accountability what I want to do now is I want to show you some
testimonials of some of our successful students there’s honestly
whoa somebody just pulled the trigger Julian scared me without gong
there’s gongs gonna be ringing a lot tonight some people just pulled the
trigger right away you made the correct decision I don’t know what the rest of
you are doing right now but I want to show you some testimonial videos from
some of our graduates the truth is I’ve got so many of those videos now I’ve got
hundreds of them I can’t show you them all all right but if you want to watch
them you can watch them later I’m gonna show you a few testimonials now my name
is pauletta I’m an artist I’m a choreographer I’m
down on the seat sit back and just watch I’m ready to do it ready to create when
I discovered the Business Accelerator I was like okay this is what I need to do
I think for me it was really difficult because I was like what is my business it became much more clear as I started
to reach out to my audience to start understand what do they want and I
really feel like okay now you know I can finally give what I’ve been building off
I ended up selling video courses 38 yeah quite a lot the people who go through
the same process as you are very very precious and you build a connection that
you don’t necessarily build with someone else and meeting them in person being
with you in eight weeks with in just seven days I put on my landing page with
a free video series next week I put on my six weeks online course I’ve never
made that experience within that short time frame being so productive and
producing so much stuff because of the community of the accountability that we
have this is what I need this is the one
thing that’s I’m missing and I’m liking that blueprint that directions to take
what I’m doing forward and make you successful it just made me feel a lot
more confident and and I just went out there and pushed myself just a little
bit and there’s something I should have done years ago and now I realized that
yep what I’ve been missing and I found a way to put it all together and and get
out there and do it and make it happen and that was worth every penny
I paid just that pulling that out is taking me from that sort of two steps
forward two steps back and it’s put me on the right path it was an experience
and I sold two no three courses and then after that I kept getting more I kept
getting referrals for more and then I got cold sales and I was like okay it’s
working this is absolutely working the
accountability document like it kept me every day I was like okay I don’t go to
bed until I work my business so I always had something on that document to check
off every day so that’s how I knew it was like my gut check I knew that I had
I was working my business just keep doing what you’re doing and thank you so
much for being part of the course thank you from the first two weeks the amount
of of knowledge that I knew that I was gonna get was gonna be amazing
not just again from the technical things that we saw in the first two weeks but
it’s really the the mind change of how you actually have to go and do something
different and change the perception that you have about certain things and about
yourself and just get out there I mean it’s like a little bit magical and I
just you know they asked me should I do it absolutely absolutely do it I mean
you’ll get enough out of it I mean even the person who got the lease out of it
it’s totally worth it but especially if you want to put the work in and it short
yourself get out of the comfort zone you will succeed and those are just some of the
testimonials from our 500 plus graduates from the Business Accelerator I’m
telling you there’s just too many right now I never know the right ones to pick
and they all have different micro Nisha’s some we’re into nutrition some
are into art some are into movement some we’re into finance and yet they all made
thousands and thousands of dollars on this program and so we’re placing the
link up right now if you want to have a business within eight weeks that means
by April you have something that is generating revenue this is a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make it happen I don’t do this very often
probably won’t do it again until next year this is the time to have my
attention for eight weeks and that of my team leaders that of this blueprint I’m
telling you this is a rare opportunity you’re on this call this is the time to
make it happen this is gonna fill up the problem is is I run out of team leaders
people to help me teach this and it’s going in again
so of course Julian keeps hitting the gong we’ve got a couple people signing
up I want to get their names in just a second but people are pulling the
trigger and the thing is is that right now you’re probably in this Facebook
group right and it’s free and there’s about 3,500 almost 4,000 people in there
only a few of you are gonna pull the trigger and the rest are gonna say no
Brian I got all the free information I’m gonna do it on my own and I wish you
lots of luck and I hope you do but I’ve been here before and I’ve watched this
happen for the last two and a half years and the truth is you’re gonna blink and
it’s going to be April 1st and what you’re gonna realize is you don’t have a
business with revenues but the people next to you that pulled the trigger and
said you know what Brian I’m in they’re gonna have that business because I took
them through this rigorous process to make it happen and that’s the
opportunity I’m offering you right now and I’ve got a few special bonuses that
you get if you do it while I’m on this call but I will say this one thing I
cannot promise you a business 100% guaranteed if you are not willing to put
in the work to show up to those live calls and to do the things that you
don’t want to do because I’m gonna push you out of your comfort zone I’m gonna
say you got to post those 10 vlogs and you’re gonna say Brian I’m camera shy
and I’ve never done that that’s an excuse I’m gonna make you do things you
don’t want to do but I’m doing that in order to get you that business that’s
gonna give you the freedom to do whatever you want and if you’re willing
to commit to me I am willing to go the distance with you and get you across
that goal line and the key benefit of the London real Academy and the Business
Accelerator is our accountability I make sure you do the work I call roll for our
live calls I look you in the eye through a software we call zoom I talk to you
during the courses I look at your work have you done your website have you done
your digital product where’s your Twitter account why didn’t you do it I
make sure you do the work you also get to work with an incredible group of
entrepreneurs from around the world that you will become like friends and family
with over the course of eight weeks I know it sounds strange this is what
happens I am offering you a way to get you to do things you’ll never do on your
own not one year two years three years not at a business school you won’t do
this stuff because I’m teaching you real world stuff to make it happen and that’s
what makes London real different than anything out there you show me anyone
that teaches an online accountability course that goes with you every step of
the way on live calls just like this no one’s doing it out there cuz no one
cares I put my name behind my product and I pride myself in the graduates I
pride myself on my track record and I’m here for the next hundred years so I’m
not messing around and and I’m here to prove it to you so that’s what’s
happening on this call tonight until I hang up the call here right now I am
offering you two free bonuses that you only get right now the first is an
incredible video called your relationship with money it was filmed at
London real studios with Philip mckernon let’s be honest folks one of the reasons
you’re not successful you haven’t started a business you don’t have money
flowing in by the hundreds of thousands or the millions it’s because you have a
bad relationship with money you feel like it’s dirty do you feel like I don’t
want to sell because I don’t feel like that person right if that’s you you’re
gonna have a hard time being an entrepreneur this video will help you
get over that it’ll fix your relationship with money so it starts
flowing into you that’s my gift free for you also I’m gonna give you my facebook
ad mastery video do you want to know how to make money online advertising your
products on Facebook and how to avoid putting your money down the
I have a video that’s gonna show you exactly how we do it here in London real
and how we sold millions and millions of dollars worth of product those are my
two free gifts for you tonight if you pull the trigger while we’re still on
this call of course the link is up there right now some of you are saying Brian
what is the price well it’s really a level of investment because I’m gonna
give you something that is gonna pay you returns year after year after year by
investing in this right now you invest in yourself you invest in something that
could pay you a million dollars or even ten million dollars over the next five
or ten years this is what London real is gonna do so what is that worth for you
what is the return on that investment and so the price of this course is two
thousand nine hundred ninety seven dollars for the basic package that gives
you all of the features that gives you the sixteen live calls the eight courses
everything but for some of you if that’s too much there’s a payment plan of two
hundred ninety seven dollars per month and that goes on for twelve months but
of course if you want to pull the trigger and pay in full I’ve actually
got two special bonuses for you tonight first of all you get a free live video
kickoff call with me so I can go deeper on your business idea and just get you
further along the curve before that live call I’m also giving you a second bonus
if you pay in full today and that’s Dan Pena live at the Ritz this is a special
special seminar held with Dan and 30 entrepreneurs that flew in from around
the world we had a billionaire in the room and Dan came out blasting for six
hours and he really changed the game for everyone that was there it’s six hours
of video content that no one can get online my gift to you if you decide to
pay in full tonight and so those are the levels of investment of this course
honestly I should be charging twenty or thirty thousand dollars for what I’m
gonna teach you and the personal mentoring of my time to get you across
the goal line this is highly discounted this is a once in a lifetime opportunity
and again the time is now to pull the trigger I also have a premium product
for four thousand nine hundred ninety seven or you get to be part of my team
and you get an interview here at London real studios at the end of the course an
amazing business asset that you can get you can use to get customers and
partnerships and joint ventures and of course finally I have my inner
circle program four nine nine nine seven and that is six months of personal
mentoring afterwards with my inner circle group of entrepreneurs building 7
and 8-figure businesses again all of these are incredible investments and
that’s exactly what they are they are investments when I look at my education
at MIT it cost me $14,000 for that first year when I was 18 years old quite
honestly I couldn’t afford it and maybe you’re saying Brian I can’t afford this
but when I look back I probably made a thousand times on that money so my
question to you is how can you afford not to invest in something like this and
so I’ve lowered the price as much as possible with a payment plan and that’s
why this Gong is ringing because Julianne’s see and the people sign up
here this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity if you can’t come up with
297 dollars that most likely you’re gonna get back in six weeks later on
your first webinar I don’t believe you all right that means something’s wrong
with you and your relationship with money maybe your fear of failure or fear
of success because most people can find a friend or a family member to find some
way to get that 297 to start them on their journey to being financially
independent and that’s what it is but usually it’s fear and self-doubt and
it’s excuses and sometimes let’s be honest you’re afraid of your own success
because you’re just afraid of the unknown I’m giving you every chance to
pull the trigger on this and just to show you how much I believe in this
program just to show you I’m gonna put it all on the line and just to give you
no reason to give me an excuse right now because I hate it when people give me
excuses I hate going in the Facebook group and everyone gives me a reason why
they can’t do it now I don’t have the money I’m really busy I’m I’m a single
parent work is busy I’ve taught all of those people I’m willing to give you a
60 day 100% money-back guarantee this is unprecedented I’m willing to give you
all of your investment back if you show up to the calls and if you do the work
and at the end of it you don’t believe that this was an absolute game
changer that you’re not 100% completely satisfied I will refund all of your
money no questions asked period and there’s another person
signing up so I’ve removed all of the risks for you you can try this program
out for free and decide later if you want to pay for it it takes only 297
dollars to get in right now and if you spent the last hour listening to me I
don’t believe you can’t find that I’ve seen some people do some incredible
things and I’ve seen them change their lives and when they come to the
graduation ceremony in London which I’ll talk about they said Brian thank you so
much I can’t believe I almost missed this chance to not only change my life
and to change my business but to change Who I am as a human being by having all
these freedoms and so that is what I’m offering you and so I’ll just give you
the recap here it is eight weeks 16 live calls eight modules of actionable
information or work a workbook for each module a private Facebook group that
will become a community of friends that will act like family people you can
collaborate with people that will show you new ideas people that will be
friends and mend cohorts for the next 10 or 20 years I’ve had people tell me that
they would pay easily three five ten thousand dollars just for the network
because this is the truth folks and here I’m gonna tell you something you’re not
gonna want to hear they say you’re the average of the five people you spend the
most time with who are you hanging out with let’s look at your friends let’s
look at your family let’s look at your loved ones are they pushing themselves
to be the very best every day do they expect themselves to build
million-dollar businesses are they demanding the most do they want
greatness in their lives and the truth is probably not and so what happens to
you why would you expect anything different I am giving you the
opportunity to associate with people that are going places in this world and
not just five I’m talking about a hundred two hundred individuals not to
mention me and all of my team leaders that are highly motivated and not only
want you to succeed but expect you to succeed imagine surrounding yourself
with people that want you to win and there aren’t going – this is what I’m
talking about aren’t gonna feel weird when you start
making money or you say I want to quit my job and I want to travel the world
and make a million dollars they’re gonna think no no why don’t you go back to
making an hourly wage we’re more comfortable when you’re like that
because let’s be honest folks when you’re successful sometimes it makes
your friends and family feel bad I am offering you a peer group a way of
thinking that will transform your life that will get you to the next level
mentally and let’s be honest folks we all have two bank accounts an emotional
bank account and a financial bank account do you know what I mean to build
that financial bank account you have to really sort out that emotional bank
account you have to be around a peer group of five people that not only want
you to do good they expect you to do good you have to sort out that
relationship with money you have to believe you can be successful and you
have to show yourself that you can do the things to get you in a position to
be an entrepreneur and that is what I’m gonna do over the course of eight weeks
you are gonna see win after win after win after win and to where you actually
believe you’re an entrepreneur you know you can make money emotional bank
account goes up and guess what follows the financial bank account and that’s
what I’m offering you in this program triple tiered accountability I am there
with you every step of the way kicking dragging you across the goal line
kicking and screaming if necessary again there is nothing like this out there I
do this once a year now is the time to take action and pull the trigger and
again 60-day money-back guarantee 297 to get started if you pay in full you get
the damn pain you at the Ritz bonus you get a personal call with me a live video
call with me you also get the your relationship with money bonus and you
get the Facebook ad mastery bonus all tonight and again I give you access
immediately to the Facebook group boom people aren’t they no value when they
see it these are people literally buying as we speak and pulling the trigger
these are your future classmates these are people different than the ones in
the Facebook group in the workshop group those are the tourists they’re just
watching these are the people that are pulling the trigger and taking action
and honestly I invest in people who invest in themselves and invest in me
those are the people that I’m talking about here folks and so this is what I’m
offering you it’s an incredible program it’s our most popular course ever it’s
gonna fill up very very fast I would like to make this bigger but the truth
is is that I have team leaders in this course that give you an additional touch
point and I only have so many so this course when it’s full its full and at
this rate it’s gonna be done tonight all right so I’m asking you to just take a
chance and pull the trigger and I guarantee you you will be satisfied I
would love to answer some of your questions right now so I’m gonna go to
Julian right now any question you have about the course or anything and Julian
you’re scaring me with this gong here so what’s going on I mean with this has
been ringing all day but this is really happening right now it sounds like
people are really feeling this course you know they’re looking at 2018 and
they’re they’re thinking well my new year’s resolutions I already quit those
I want a business but I know if I don’t have mentorship and accountability I’m
probably not going to do it and people know if they sign on with us at London
real that they’re gonna get the job done who is joining us you have people from
around the world that bad right yep we’ve got quite a few grads coming back
as well I love when grads come back awesome so you people I think some
people that are taking our life accelerator course right now or have
taken our speak to inspire course they’ve seen the inside how we work so
they know how amazing the accountability system is the live calls they’re coming
in for a graduation here in London and I’ll talk about that shortly and they
want more yes that what’s happening that is what’s up okay cool who are these
people we have Rhino making himself very
visible in the chat there he is back welcome brother they love it
Thomas kuroky back again I love it great Brian dykes coming back okay and a
couple new ones as well bianna and Audrey and Wayne as well first time as I
believe Wow fantastic look you pulled the trigger something you felt here
tonight and you know that this is the right thing going forward but the truth
is this folks I can only bring you right to the edge at some point you have to
take the deep breath and you have to be like you know what I’m gonna take the
step and you have to do it yourself you know I can only tell you so much I can
only give you the money back gaurantee give you the payment plan at some point
you have to say to yourself I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired I’m sick
and tired of looking in the mirror year after year and nothing changes in fact I
get more tired I get less motivated I waste money online on the
stupid programs that never get me anywhere I go to these two day events I
get all excited and I never build a business you have to be sick and tired
of working for the same person every day of having no future of having no
investment that’s your own and your business you have to pull the trigger I
can’t get you to do it all I can do is show you all the reasons why this is a
no-brainer while you can try this course for free basically for eight weeks with
the money-back guarantee I’m going to show you all the
testimonials you can read everything but at some point you can’t research this to
death that’s why I tell everybody don’t research it to death get a feeling do
you trust me do you trust London real have we been here for the last seven
years producing content making your life better yes have we graduated over 500
people on the Business Accelerator alone yes do we know what we’re talking about
yes are we successful entrepreneurs yes are we good on social media yes we know
how to do this so trust us trust the process
I love teaching this but it always makes me feel bad when we miss people and
that’s why I get so fired up on these webinars because this this stuff sells
itself to be honestly folks these things will fill up but it just kills me that
you’re out there watching right now and you’re gonna be like oh no when maybe
next year Brian and I know I could have seriously changed your life and I know
when I change your life you pump value into the world and you might end up
changing my life for the better or you might affect a thousand people
you’re a thousand true fans or ten thousand people I don’t want to miss
that person that’s right on the edge and that’s why I go big on these things
because I’m like I just know people out there that are just they always have
excuses and so I always want to know what they are so speaking of excuses
what are some of the questions that people are asking well I’ll tell you
what someone who doesn’t have an excuse it’s Julianne can you hit that goal your
hands in alright it’s at Julia heussner yeah Wow Julianne it’s awesome to have
you here Julian I was talking to her on one of our live calls about three months
ago it was for the speak to inspire course and she was in Germany she had no
light in her house it was like just the the computer at criminal coming she went
to all of our master classes she was on the Facebook live and she had said Brian
I can’t do it I don’t have the money and Julia was one of the few people that
actually didn’t have the money right and yet she saw that her life wasn’t gonna
change and she felt the energy and she said
I saw you and I just knew this is the guy I need to learn from that’s what she
said and we’ve got an interview over on YouTube you can look at our Puss in rhus
NER all this stuff’s on YouTube folks literally there’s hundreds and hundreds
of students that have graduated that have said it’s amazing thing for their
lives and so she pulled the trigger she went
out and begged borrowed and stole the money and joined she became an amazing
public speaker then she joined our life accelerator now
she’s accelerating her life through affirmations and to gratitude and
through a new diet and a new man movement practice and new relationships
and now now Julien it’s time to make that money we’re gonna build you a
business so amazing to have you on here that’s great
she mentioned PayPal if anyone else is having an issue with the payment link
and wants to pay through PayPal just email us hello Apple and the real duck
TV yeah cool hello Andrew on TV also there’s a chat box I think on the page
we’re sending you to you can say something in there but we do pick PayPal
I see Brandon desperately trying to buy the payments not going to not going
through just email us yeah that’s cool if you email us by tonight and say I was
trying to pay and we can see here trying to pay I will give you the bonuses all
right and again these are amazing bonuses especially the relationship with
money folks seriously get the emotional bank count
sorted before you start this process it’ll make it so much easier otherwise
you’re getting sabotaging yourself long way scares me last time we had to going
outside and now this one scares me even more
Brian Cullen Brian : is it Brian welcome sir I can’t wait to get in there and
start making this business I’m telling you in week six when you see the money
drop into your bank account after you’re on line for 45 minutes on your own
webinar you’re gonna fall off your chair and you don’t want to hug me okay and
hugs are good but before we go to the next question I just want to say we hold
the graduation event here in London on April 14th and April 15th it’s not
required a matter of fact you don’t have to be in London to be on this course
actually prefer you to be somewhere else the reason this class is so strong is
because we have entrepreneurs from literally 76 countries around the world
on any given call we have people in 14 different time zones and you might say
Brian why is that good it means if you’re in America you now
have people you can talk to in Europe who can buy your products they’ll give
you feedback if you’re in Australia you have people in Asia and China and Japan
who you can get feedback from it makes us stronger
we have graduation event in London you can come here we have an amazing
event I actually teach you even more here at London real studios I take you I
open up the curtain I show you a lot of what we do inside here at London real
stuff I’ve never shared with anyone before we have a dinner we have a
walking tour of London and it’s all free it’s all on us so that’s just an extra
bonus that happens there umm questions questions yeah I’ve got a cure going
here but let’s get through ok we’ll save them up let’s go with Stefan he said
what are the bonuses people keep mentioning cool so we have bonuses first
of all there’s to pay in full bonuses so we didn’t have a payment plan for the
longest time but I just felt like I was giving someone an extra excuse to not
pull the trigger because that’s all it is really an excuse and so the the price
of the course is to 997 in dollars we do it just to keep it nice and simple
there’s a payment plan of 297 for 12 months all right and so what was the
question what are the bonus those bonuses yeah and so we have a pay in
full bonus for anyone who’s willing to pay the full price and not go on the
payment plan and if you pay in full you get 2 bonuses whenever you do that the
first one is a live video call with me where you can talk directly with me
before the course starts and I can give you feedback on your micro niche I can
talk about your market opportunity map I can be like have you checked things
offline versus online I can get inside your head it’s hugely valuable to get my
time for that call second is Dan Payne you live at the Ritz and I’m telling you
if you’ve seen my movie with the 50 billion dollar man he’s one of my
mentors I love him and I hate him but he taught me so much and for six hours I’m
giving you this exclusive piece of video we’re at the Ritz Hotel here in London
he was firing at 30 entrepreneurs from around the world
we had billionaires in the room and it’s a great way to get you pumped up to go
the distance to go to where the fear is as Dan would say and absolutely crush
this course I found out that the people that watched that video were the ones
that were the most successful in the course so if you actually get that video
you’ll be one of the people that make three and four thousand dollars which
funny enough actually pays for the course and it’s strange but we have a
lot of graduates that actually make money from London real it’s not weird
like they take our course and they walk away with more money in the bank account
because what we teach is so practical it’s so applicable and we make sure you
do it the truth is if these were videos that you could watch at your own leisure
which is what most of the products out there that you’ll buy actually all of
them but ours the truth is you won’t do it yeah and that’s not okay for us I
make sure that you actually do it so those are the to pay in full bonuses I
have two more bonuses if you buy while you’re on this call right now and that
is one your relationship with money which is an amazing hour-long talk given
by Phil mckernon that sorts out what is your relationship with money most of us
have a dysfunctional relationship with money just like a dysfunctional
relationship with a person or our parents until you sort that out you’ll
never make money and I’ve seen this happen on our courses you go people the
webinar they got a great idea they’re passionate and when they go to sell they
they freeze up I don’t want to sell because it’s dirty to ask people for
money no it’s not when you ask people from money you improve their lives you
are able to take that revenue and improve more people’s lives it’s just a
mind shift once you get over that you become much more successful so that’s
one of the bonuses second bonuses is Facebook ad mastery I teach you how to
use Facebook to scale your business and to be honest most people waste money on
Facebook what do I call I call it pissing money down the rat hole that’s
what most people do on Facebook I’m gonna boost my post great 50 bucks gone
I’m gonna boost it again 100 bucks gone I show you a systematic way to get a
high rate of return on your Facebook spend that is yours for free tonight if
you buy so those are the bonuses Stephan also asking can you upgrade to tier two
or three after signing up to the eight-week course oh to the other two
they’re pretty yes the best thing to do right now is to lock in your place
because these are going very very fast when this is closed
it’s closed it might be tonight it might be on this call it might be tomorrow I
don’t know so lock your spot in with a payment plan or with a painful then if
you do want to upgrade to premium or inner circle that’s fine you got about
four or five days to do that so again if you’re even close tonight lock it in try
to pay send us an email and that’s the smartest thing you can do because these
things will go fast this really is a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity you know I do this course about once a year and honestly a year
from now I don’t know if I’m gonna be involved personally so this is the
time to get my ear to get my eye to start partnering with London real right
now the quick going in there for let’s go Christine Wow got a lot to
choose from huh yeah Christine welcome I can’t wait start building this
business with you I’m telling you this would be the greatest thing you do in
your life very likely you’ll be sitting right here in the studio on April 14th
and I’ll be asking you and you’d be like Brian I can’t believe it
I turn my passion into a business has changed my life has changed my
relationships the future is so incredible I never thought I could do it
I hear this all the time so the question is is it you or not so look I want to
answer a couple commonly asked questions do we have another video as well tell
you what I want to go to just a couple more videos of people that have actually
had success on this course so you can hear from their mouth and then I want to
come back I want to answer a couple questions that I get asked all the time
well my first webinar I had a makeshift office in my car I put a blanket up
paint it with the sunroof and I ended up with 20 sales 540 dollars and it’s
growing an online community of people who know each other so well that when
they get to London felt ten times closer than old friends from high school these
eight weeks are basically two years of life when you look at what what you
learn and what what you and what you get into so for me it’s not eight weeks it’s
about two years or three years of worth of energy and emotions and I mean I had
an incredible turnout on my webinar I had 25 people joining me I made 17 sales
on this on his first webinars so I feel like it was not even about the sales for
me to be honest or how much money that whatever you know what it was but it was
really about kind of this confirmation that yes I’m on the right path it’s
about teamwork it’s about holding oneself accountable it’s about breaking
through your comfort zones so that those things and I’ve just named three can
relate to anybody at any point in their lives I sold two prime offers and then
actually two different MVPs it was think around 600
it’s euros or dollars okay it’s really happy with it actually and those are just some of our Business
Accelerator graduates and of course another gong for someone that just
pulled the trigger and again I literally have hundreds and hundreds of these
videos you can search them on YouTube you can find them you can see them on
our Business Accelerator page but the truth is is that by now you probably
have a feeling in your gut that this is the thing that you need to do I’ve never
met someone I couldn’t make successful if they didn’t follow the steps that I
gave them so we can do it with anyone on any business from any country I’ve had
people that are 17 years old people that are 77 years old that have all done this
process and made revenues from their business so I know I can do it with you
a few questions I get a lot that I just want to address now let me just mention
them first of all some people say Brian I don’t have a business idea how can I
do this program the truth is one-third of our students don’t have an idea when
they start and the real truth is I kind of prefer working with them because some
people come in and say Brian I’m gonna sell organic coffee and I’m like yeah
you and everybody else in the world and it takes me a week or two to get that
idea out of their head and then I can get them on to what really they’re
passionate and they’re talented about I like it when people don’t have an idea
because they can trust my organic process and find the right idea so if
that’s you that’s great if you have an idea I can work with you as well and if
you have a business that’s even a million dollar business I can show you
how to turn your company into a media company and let’s face it these days all
great companies are media companies first the sooner you get that the better
and this and the longer you wait the sooner you’re gonna die and that’s
exactly what I’m going to show you how to do and we know how to do it here at
London real I’d say better than almost anyone out there we know how to control
media we know how to use video and we’re one of the best at it and I’ll show you
exactly how to do it number two Brian I don’t have the time I love this one I
hear this all the time I just don’t have the time to do this
course first of all how long does it take
I ask between two and four hours per week to do to this course they say
that’s it Brian two to four hours per week yes time isn’t your problem
resistance is your problem because I’m gonna ask you to do things that you
don’t want to do I’m gonna say get out there and put yourself on camera I don’t
want to do that Brian I’m gonna say get out there
and go call up the experts and test things on the market build your website
build on social media I don’t want to do that resistance and fear are your
biggest problems it’s not time so if you have two to four hours a week you can
have it now you might say I don’t have two to four hours a week the truth is
this I’ve had single mother mothers with three kids and their own business that
have finished this course 24 hours a day is the same amount of time that Elon
Musk has in his day Richard Branson has in his day Steve Jobs had in his day and
I have in my day the truth is you’re not using your time well I am gonna show you
how to do that and I’m gonna show you how to get more time by making
intelligent decisions about your business and hopefully quitting your job
so you have too much time but honestly that’s an excuse that’s just fear
talking which is what’s kept you from doing anything about your business how
long have you had this idea for five years seven years most people walk
around forever and they give themself excuses not to pull the trigger because
they feel that they fear the pain that they think they’re gonna feel when they
hit rejection and all that stuff that’s why I’m here we are the five group five
people that you spend the most time with on this course we are a wolf pack that’s
gonna get you over the goal line no matter what number three Brian it’s a
lot of money is it worth the investment again back to my example at MIT $14,000
I was broke as a joke when I was 18 right I saved up to buy my car Ford
Mustang 1968 it cost me $1,200 and it was still rusted out did I have $14,000
for an education no but I knew deep down inside that this was the investment for
my future just like you know that this is as well and so I found the money I
borrowed from the government I called up my grandparents I begged my parents to
loan me the money and it paid off not only a hundred times from probably a
thousand times if I look back at that investment and all the money I made over
the years because of that degree so again folks this is an investment always
invest in yourself I’m constantly investing in myself I buy education
programs I buy people’s products I hire personal trainers I hire mentors all the
time I’m paying for education because I know it’s scales it’s the one thing you
can spend your money on they could you a hundred extra turn what else the
vacation that will give you a zero return the dinner the expensive clothes
what’s the other nonsense that you spend your money on what does it give you no
return so this is an investment and if you can’t come up with 297 dollars and
you spent the last 90 minutes listening to me I don’t believe you
alright this is an excuse if you really are serious about changing your life and
you really are tired of the way things are and you really want to build a
business this year and not have the same excuse next year then you can find 297
dollars I know it because I’ve seen my graduates do it including Julie Ann who
did it and changed her life so that’s that question question number four
people say why would anyone want to buy anything from me and again this goes
back to the emotional and the financial bank account most of you have a bad
relationship with money you think you’re not worthy you think your intellectual
property is not good enough you think selling is bad that is all not true I’m
gonna change your whole frame of mind to where you think when your customers pay
for your products they’re investing in their future for example you when you
pull the trigger tonight and you say you know what Brian I’m going for it I trust
you I trust the process and I can get my money back in case it doesn’t work I’m
gonna pull the trigger I know you’re investing in you and you’re gonna change
your life for the better that’s why I know it’s gonna be a great investment
for you I’m gonna teach you the same mentality for your customers when they
invest in you for that Kundalini program when they invest in you for that
Restaurant training you know that their life is going to improve so you feel
good selling it to them because you’re giving them value
BAM another person just pulled the trigger all right and they’re gonna
change their lives by doing it so people do want to buy from you just figure out
your emotional bank account your relationship with money you’re gonna be
massively successful I’ve never met anyone this is true Julian with a
financial bank account that doesn’t have a strong emotional bank account I’ve met
people that have made millions and lost millions have you ever met those people
guess where their emotional bank account is this right you see it with lottery
winners all the time you see it with certain entrepreneurs serial
entrepreneurs that lose all their money I don’t play that we build a strong
emotional bank account the money follows hey I’m another one all right these are
people pulling the trigger out there that’s what it’s all about folks this
life will pass you by business will pass you by this whole team of entrepreneurs
will pass the people by in the Facebook workshop group I’m telling you that’s
the truth if you don’t pull the trigger and take advantage of this life will
pass you by and here’s the worst part folks and I hate doing this but I’m
actually gonna do this I’m gonna take the people that pull the trigger here
right now and I’m gonna play you the videos that I record here on April 14th
and I’m gonna put them back in the Facebook group and you can see the
person that you could have become by pulling the trigger on the course is
that cruel but I’m gonna do this all right and I’m sorry to get harsh here
but I’m tired of your excuses yes sir there’s another person do you
know who accepts your excuses your wife and your husband and your kids and your
friends and your colleagues because they’re like you know what I kind of
like it when Kristen and Julian and Brian are mediocre because they make me
feel like my life is okay when they start winning it makes me look bad it
makes me uncomfortable I’m those people aren’t good enough for me I’m gonna push
you and say it’s not good enough I expect more from you
I’ve seen some people that you would have never believed we’re capable of
making money make thousands and thousands of dollars on this program and
it’s my job to make it happen and the final question is Brian I don’t live in
London how can I take this course and I always say haven’t you been paying
attention for the last hour but the truth is this is an online
accountability course we cracked the code the funny thing is this course
works better when you’re somewhere else if I taught this course in a classroom
twice a week here at this at the world headquarters I don’t think it would be
as effective there’s something strange about what we do and uploading videos in
the account the dock and calling role and setting up
teams it gets this weird dynamic of people that just crush it and I’m
telling you wow this is this course is gonna be closed by tonight I’m telling
you we are getting better and better and better at this program it wouldn’t
surprise me if our graduates made $100,000 on this course
that’ll be by April I mean seriously and I don’t even get to see any of that it
wouldn’t surprise me if they did we’ve found a blueprint and a success system
that will get you across the goal line and again a business with revenues can
you imagine that in eight weeks it’s like it’s hard to even fathom but again
we’ve cracked the code we have the accountability system you have my
personal mentoring you get me doing this twice a week Tuesdays and on Sundays at
7 o’clock so those are the common questions I get I want to answer a
couple more questions and see if Julian’s got they’re here and just see
if some of the tourists out there if I can get them to stop being tourists and
someone asked me the other day Brian what’s a tourist and a tourist is this
they fly to an exotic location they look at the people they’re doing these weird
and amazing things and then they go home back to their lives and they don’t do
anything that’s a tourist and so there’s a lot of people in the free Facebook
group that are tourists they’re like oh wow look at the vlog oh wow Brian is a
great video and yet they don’t they don’t do this they don’t pull the
trigger and make changes I don’t invest in tourists I invest in
people that pull the trigger and say you know what Brian let’s do this I’m going
to invest in you I’m gonna invest in myself and I want to change my future
and that’s what it’s all about what are people saying question wise David says
just signed up was it too late for the bonuses no they sent out to you welcome
David and again if you haven’t got your Gong and your name mention just put it
in the chat and say Julian what’s up because I know you’re trying to keep up
with all these people again these people are changing their lives you will go
immediately into the private Facebook group right this is different than the
other group this is the trigger pullers over here the people that are changing
their lives the non tourists and you’re going to get module 1 you’re going to
get ready obviously you’ll get there live kickoff call with me if you’ve paid
in full you’ll get damn paying at the Ritz you can start tonight going in on
that stuff you’ll start to meet all these incredible people around the world
that are changing their lives and building businesses again the people
five people you associate the most time with you are and
boom we’re gonna have our first live call I think in about ten days so
welcome your life’s about to change in a big way
other questions those other goals were for leerin Christopher and Brandon by
the way and one more at weiners back and wean us back
edweena she’s a crafty one Edwina she’s on our life accelerator right now she
was making huge gains I was actually on my live call with her on Sunday night
right at home and she’s on my team so she gets even more specialized attention
from me and she said Brian this movement module changed my life she said at first
I didn’t think I could do these movements but then I had to do it
because you made me do the things I don’t want to do and she’s like when I
started moving I realized that I’m so much more than I thought I was and she’s
like it made me think what else can I do with my life
I’m telling you most of us walk around in these mental prisons and Edwina is
making major breakthroughs we did it in the life accelerator we do the same
thing in the business accelerator so it’s really really awesome
Stephanie’s payments being rejected because the amount is too large
sometimes easier just to go in and look at him at the payment plan you’ll
actually get an upgrade off it just after that okay good yeah fantastic if
you if you can’t get the full payment for some reason snowing credit cards are
funny lock in the payment plan that way you’re in because this if this sells out
tonight I’m sorry and I hate I meet these people sometimes on the street and
they said Brian I was at your master class one time and I didn’t buy early
can I take the course I said no it’s it’s you had another year and then a
year later usually they’re in a worse situation and then I never hear from
them so make sure you pull the trigger now but get the payment plan and lock it
in and then you can upgrade right after that and if not we can do it tomorrow
but lock that spot in more than anything stuff on that way you can get the
bonuses as well Steve can we join as a couple
so great question Steven the answer is no because what I do is this is an
accountability program so I need one person who has to do the work the
problem of couples is it be like he said she said no she was going to do the
vlogs and he was folks with it it doesn’t work I’ve had couples and I have
a couple right now in the life accelerator it’s Monica and Merrick who
were a couple in Poland they’re both taking the course we had a couple in our
last accelerator well actually the he proposed her at the graduation that’s a
whole nother story but they did it separate
it needs to be separate because I need to put each one of you individually or
it needs to be just one of you because I need you to do the work I need someone
to be accountable so that’s the way that works more questions here one people one
thing that people are probably asking about the schedule we get that sometimes
so the live calls are Tuesday night at seven o’clock London time Sunday 7
o’clock London time Tuesday is the keynote call I present the module you’ve
already watched three videos that I pre-recorded to teach you everything
about the module you’ve already done the workbook so you’ve got in touch and
you’ve already done the work then the keynote call I teach further I answer
questions I interact with you on Sundays our workshop call here’s where I answer
questions we go deeper and I split you up into a team of 20 members so you can
go even deeper every call is recorded and posted in the Facebook group so if
you’re traveling or you’ve got an engagement I’ve had people that had to
take two weeks out for a trip no problem you have that video call and you have
lifetime access to the material so again I just try to remove excuses because
honestly I think I’m in the excuse business I just meet people that give me
excuses my dog in my homework Trump got elected locusts locusts that’s
what I hear so I’m just taking all the excuses out the truth is I have people
that stay up until 4:00 in the morning in Australia to watch my calls people in
Asia people in California I have people with all sorts of circumstances that get
the work done because they want to change their life period so that’s the
schedule of the course and yeah that’s how that works good hey no no no give me
more questions yeah so there’s three levels of investment and again I think
this course is highly discounted I mean to have my personal mentoring and the
mentoring of the team leaders that have taken these 500 graduates to the program
in my opinion is worth twenty thirty thousand dollars some people charge that
online and and god bless them but I want to graduate a lot of people to be honest
I want thousands tens of thousands recently when I sat in the guest chair I
pledged to have a hundred thousand graduates in the next five years so I
got to get this moving folks and so there’s three levels of investment
welcome where that was Hendrik Oh Andric I welcome in
trick to the club so there’s three levels of investment the first is the
basic which is two thousand nine hundred ninety seven dollars that gets you
everything I’ve talked about the live video calls the work the workbooks the
modules the team calls it gets you the bonuses of course if you pay in full
danping you live at the Ritz it gets you the video kickoff call with
me if you buy right now it gives you your relationship with money and
Facebook ad mastery all of that and the graduation event is there for 29.97 it’s
an incredible incredible price alright for those of you that don’t have that in
the bank right now I opened up a payment plan for so for two hundred and ninety
seven dollars you can a month you can be a part of this and again if you say you
can’t come up with 297 I do not believe you yes you can either this isn’t
important to you or you haven’t gotten uncomfortable and made it happen so my
point is is I want to make it accessible to anybody because I know I can teach
anybody to make money and most likely you’ll have paid for that part of your
investment within the first eight weeks of the course easily so it’s really a
no-brainer next there’s a premium level which means you get to be on my team
like edweena so you get more of my personal attention you get my private
Facebook and you get my private email and this is the best part you get your
own interview with London real studios in the leather chair here’s a secret I
have people that contact me that want to buy their way onto the show someone
offered me $25,000 last week to come on the show I said no we don’t sell London
real but if you’re a Business Accelerator graduate maybe we do so I
will if you’re a premium buyer I will give you your own interview here at
London real studios it’s amazing it’s an incredible business asset your friends
and family will think you you’ve made it in this world it’d be like we were in
London real like dorian yates like ito points out what another person pulled
the trigger who was that telly telly welcome telly and so um so it’s an
amazing business asset you can put that on linkedin you can put that on your
website landing page you can put that on your social media I’m telling you you
start getting customers like this because now you are a key person of
influence it’s an amazing way to kick start a business honestly I think
everybody should be going premium we got to jack the price up of that because
it’s only an additional two thousand dollars to have that
said that people want to pay $25,000 for for a good reason you know we have a big
brand right it gets bigger every year and so you can be up there with damn
Dania you can be up there with simon Sinek you can be in the same chair so
it’s amazing that’s premium and then of course there’s inner circle and this is
a very small group of entrepreneurs honestly I don’t talk about very much
these are people that are building 7 and 8-figure businesses and I have calls
every two weeks with these people it’s private mentoring and we are a
super network of highly successful people and these are people taking their
businesses to the next level and you get to be a part of that group the inner
circle you get to meet and network with these people we have meetings here at
London real world headquarters every quarter and there’s lots of other perks
that come with the inner circle I think we only have two of those left so if you
want that get that will be slashing that off the page very soon because I only
take a few every time a couple of people here struggling yeah we can see you
trying to make the payment so that but you know if you’re trying to make the
payment I think we can probably hold their bonuses for them but anybody else
you tries to come in tomorrow assuming we’re not closed and says I give you the
bonuses I don’t know if I’ll believe you so try to make the payment worst case
try to make the payment plan email us hello app will give you the paypal
details and of course there’s a chat there’s someone on the chat as well on
the website that can help you as well any other last questions great question
so I said earlier this course requires two to four hours a week to make it
happen of course the more time you put in the more successful you will be but
it’s not really about the time I’ve found and I found this with all of our
accelerator courses is that it’s the resistance that you put up that takes
your time so what will happen is I’ll ask you to do something you’re not ready
to do right could be the vlog challenge it could be brainstorm a business idea
it could be set up your website set up your social media run your first webinar
and you’re gonna be like I don’t know Brian if I’m ready and that’s what takes
two hours a procrastination avoiding etc but the real work takes
only two to four hours a week it’s quite simple it’s just do this ABCDEF if
you’re willing to do that it takes between two and four hours a week again
we had jen taylor single mother three kids she worked a full time job and she
had her own business and she got everything done and again I’ve also had
you know seven eight figure entrepreneurs who come in with a
business that basically have their whole life to dedicate and they find excuses I
get everybody but I get everyone all of them across the goal line one way or
another so and that’s what the accountability is all about and look I
don’t know if we have any more questions here but I want to say the thing that
makes us different than anyone else out there and that’s why you see so many
repeat customers here people that have been on other accelerator courses is
that once you pay for the course and invest in me and invest in yourself and
invest in your future that’s when our work begins whereas most of the jokers
out there that sell you online courses that’s when their work ends because
they’ve made the sale they don’t care anymore they send you the products and
the emails and hear the videos and if you finish it who cares for me that’s
when I start to get invested and I start to get excited and the next eight weeks
are interacting with you pushing you advising you getting the absolute best
out of you so I can tell someone next year that you made ten thousand dollars
on this course and you can be our new golden boy or golden girl there you go
and I’ll put your face on the page right and you can replace mark McCloskey or so
Lila or all those people that made tons of money because I want you to win and
that’s what’s different about us than anything out there I’m telling you I’ll
take the Pepsi challenge against anybody send me their stuff nobody does what we
do nobody does the live calls the accountability system the the Facebook
group that becomes a family I mean I have people on these courses that have
stuck you know two very good friends over years after taking one of the
things people that make money together started businesses together people that
got married I mean it’s crazy we really this is something very very very special
and again I don’t even know if a year from now we’re still going to be
teaching at this level but we are now so this is the time to take advantage of it
good Irene welcome Irene thank you for pulling the trigger any
other media questions okay good I just want to finish on a couple final
thoughts so look I first of all really appreciate the time tonight as you can
see I love talking about this stuff it makes me it makes me so fulfilled when I
see people get out of their comfort zone and do things that they don’t want to do
but that they know they can do and as dan pena would say I see so much
potential in all of you and you just don’t see it and most people suffer from
a lack of self esteem you think you’re only good enough to be paid by the hour
or paid by the job and I’m gonna introduce you to a whole new reality
it’s like being in the matrix and I’m gonna say wait a second you can digitize
your intellectual property you can sell products while you’re sleeping which is
what I do you can scale and not sell the one customer but sell to a hundred
thousand customers in 76 countries around the world and become a key person
of influence that’s asked to speak there’s given book deals that’s asked to
come on London real that’s asked to do movies this is what I’m offering you but
you have to make the decision I’ve shown you what we do you’ve seen the
testimonials you’ve watched London real for seven years you’ve watched my
journey through this whole thing I’ve made every mistake in the book and I
figured out the blueprint so you don’t have to waste your time and your money
doing that and I’m willing and passionate about getting you across the
goal line and this is it folks once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
60 day money back guarantee risk-free payment plan if you need it right and I
guarantee results that’s a business with revenues you know by April are you
kidding me that’s almost impossible for most people to conceive of all right
whether you have a business idea whether you have no idea whether you already
have a million dollar business I can improve on all of those things and help
you scale all of that but it’s up to you and if you’re watching me here right now
if you invested the last two hours with me it tells me one thing that you trust
London real that you trust me you trust the brand and it also means that you’re
probably not satisfied with where you’re at right now in life that you’re a
little frustrated that you’re a little tired and you just want something a
little bit or this is the time now to pull the
trigger and I’m giving you the link it’s right there you can click it and boom
you can pull that card out and you can join this family
immediately here in the Facebook group you get module 1 and you start to change
your life but it comes down to you you have to take that final step or that
first step and once you do we start on your journey and the whole way is yours
but I can’t take this last step for you this is one you’re gonna have to do but
hopefully I’ve given you every reason to do it and again like I said ultimately
go with your gut you can’t research this to death I’m an engineer I know what
that is research is procrastination in disguise
let me repeat research is procrastination in disguise you know
what I’m talking about right you can go google it you can go watch every
testimonial you can check everything you can read the reviews and they’re all out
there or you can pull the trigger again go with your gut if this feels good to
you go with it no amount of research is gonna change your mind but if you do
trust me and trust the process I promise you I will be with you every step of the
way personally mentoring you across the
goal-line it’s gonna change who you are as a person it’s going to give you that
income that’s going to give you the freedom it literally changes you as a
human but better than that it changes this world because now you’re pumping
value into the world every day with your passion and this is the way I think
we’re giving back to humanity here at London real I’ve got I’ve got ulterior
motives I want you to change the world for a better place and that’s what we’re
doing here and that’s why we do it quite honestly I only work with people that
are passionate if you’ve got a money-making scheme that doesn’t involve
passion go somewhere else I only want people they want to make money from
their passion and they want to get out of their comfort zone and want to trust
our process and that are willing to meet me halfway and that’s it folks oh there
you go thank you so much for being here I want
to share with you one last video that you can watch that’ll tell you a little
bit of more about the program I’m also probably just going to go live on the
zoom call and answer any final questions from people so we use a special software
called zoom where actually I can talk to you and you can talk to me and if
there’s any last questions about the program or you want to ask me about your
business idea I think Julian will put can right now and you can actually see
the software that we use which allows us to see all of each other and it’s really
like having everybody in the room so click in and do that and again in the
meantime I hope I see you on the inside again don’t make excuses anymore
change your future see those new year’s resolutions by now have you kept any of
them probably not because you didn’t have the accountability and the
mentorship I’m promising you that right now but you have to pull the trigger so
pull the trigger I’ll see you on the inside in that Facebook group I’ll
welcome you in we’ll start our journey together and in the meantime here’s a
short video a little bit about more about what we do if you want to get paid
to do what you love and I have something very special for you because I’m taking
a small group of ambitious London reelers like you under my wing to help
you turn your passion into a profitable business so you can be financially free
travel the world and never have to work for anyone ever again this offer won’t be available long so if
you want to build a business that gives you the freedom to live life on your own
terms listen closely over the next two months you’ll have the chance to learn
this step-by-step system I used to turn my passion for learning into a
seven-figure media company but that’s not even the exciting part because we’ve
all bought a book or a course thinking this is going to change my life forever
then what happens we don’t implement anything so we stay
stuck and feel stupid because we failed to make any progress well I guarantee
with 96% certainty that will not happen to you I say 96 because that is the
percentage of my graduates who will launch a business by the time this
eight-week program ends yes that includes hundreds of people who had no
experience or business idea before they join you see along with giving you a
proven roadmap that’s worked in dozens of markets I’ll work with you to help
you overcome whatever obstacles come up and even drag you across the finish line
so you can finally have that business you love before I go into more detail on this
mentorship and accountability program it’s important for you to understand the
profound impact that launching a business can have on your life let me
show you how I went from a job where I felt like I was dying inside to creating
a life where I’m deeply passionate about what I do every single day hi my name is
Brian rose I’m the founder and host of London real in 2011 I recorded my very
first interview in a tiny studio with just a webcam and a couple of mics fast
forward to today i broadcast conversations with billionaire CEOs and
best-selling authors two Grammy winners and members of parliament that have
reached over 50 million people and in the process I have built a seven-figure
media company now I want to help you build a business that has you excited to
wake up in the morning one that leaves you feeling proud and fulfilled because
you’re helping others in a meaningful way this program teaches you how to
share your passion with the world and achieve financial freedom and this stuff
works over 500 of our graduates have built successful businesses so far here
are some of their stories it was the most amazing thing I’ve done
for my business completely transformed the way I’ve done things it’s brought a
new purpose into my life you know that course has really shown me that you can
achieve stuff in a much shorter timeframe than you initially think you
can you’ve got so much potential so just if you have an idea of doing it you’ve
got one life go ahead and do it you’ve got to get that person out the way that
might be holding is back and steam forward if you’ve got any fear you just
have to steamroller through it and I found that on the course I just thought
of doing something and then out would come that sense of all can I do this can
I do it and I would just I was like a guy on a steamroller just straight over
crush it and that’s what I would say to anybody who’s thinking doing your course
there’s so much information on the Internet you can give your figure you
can educate yourself for free on the internet what you can’t do is is connect
with the community and you can’t be successful alone you’ve got to invest in
yourself in this world I’ve done a lot of courses I think yours does differ
because there’s the accountability there’s you’re learning from people that
have done it that and from the now you’re not learning from a guy that set
up a company 20 years ago when things were very very different you’re learning
them from someone that’s done it with his team in the now these people have
transformed their lives and you know what these successful graduates have
shown me that by putting yourself in the right environment you can achieve way
more than you ever thought possible and it’s not about some magical
million-dollar idea or special influencers you need to know or getting
a Harvard Business School degree it’s about surrounding yourself with
experts who can show you what to do and who refuse to let you fail there’s no
need to reinvent the wheel all you have to do is mix a bullet-proof business
idea with support and accountability with that ordinary people can achieve
extraordinary results here’s an example this is max Keeling max went from no
idea to revenue in six weeks but before he did this he was living like you and
me winding away at an unfulfilled nine-to-five job one day he had enough
took action and decided to build his own dream through our business accelerator
max threw himself into every aspect of our course completed our 10 vlogs in ten
day challenge and after consulting our market opportunity map he founded the
investing coach a few weeks later I recommended that he create and deliver
his very first webinar he did and made his first sales month sooner than he
ever anticipated I will never forget the excitement he had on that live call with
the entire group today max is self-employed running a highly
profitable online business he sells premium digital products and
live coaching packages for thousands of pounds each that are sold out up to six
months in advance but more importantly he lives his passion every day
determines his own hours and travels the world and lives life on his own terms
I love Max’s story because it reminds me of when I was building London rail max
said once you get over the fear and push through that’s where all the magic
happens I’m a big believer in this idea if you watch my TED talk you’ll see
that’s the core message I was trying to spread go to where the fear is my talk
was watched by hundreds of thousands of people because the concept of fear and
how it inhibits us resonates with everyone it’s something universal we
know it we understand it and we feel it but most of the time we still don’t take
action for example have you ever wanted to quit your job but we’re too afraid
maybe you imagine looking at your boss dead in the eye and saying I quit then
picture yourself walking out the door with a big smile on your face knowing
you’ll never be back we’ve all had a fantasy like this
but we’re too afraid to take action and I understand why it’s scary to leave
your only source of income that’s why it’s so important to build a business
you love on the side now something you control this will give you an escape
route and keep you from being a slave to your paycheck like I was for 20 years
you’ve spent tens of thousands of hours helping someone else build their dream
business over the course of your life why not invest some of that into your
dream okay time for some brutal honesty it’s tempting to blame your boss Society
or your upbringing for where you are today but the truth is that you are
where you are because of the choices you made but all that can change in an
instant whatever you decide to follow your
passion the truth is that the person cutting your paycheck made the same
choice years ago and so can you so which person do you want to be the person who
wakes up tired on Monday works a boring nine-to-five job lives through the
weekend and repeats the cycle the person who knows they’re destined for more but
does nothing about it or the person who jumps out of bed on Monday does
inspiring work lives their passion looks forward to life and builds financial
freedom in the process so what’s it going to be are you gonna make a change
or will I bump into you one year from now and find you leading a life of quiet
desperation what about five years from now ten years what about 20 I know
because I used to be that guy slowly grinding myself into misery year after
year doing the same thing and expecting a different result and you know what
that is insanity how about we change your future right now
you and me together as a team are you with me but don’t go into your boss’s
office right now and quit your job I know that’s what I did but there’s a
tendency to romanticize these scenarios we believe these stories end with they
all lived happily of laughter but it actually took me years
to get where I am today I didn’t have a plan I knew nothing about YouTube online
business or monetization I built London real by slowly grinding my way through
making every mistake possible I got distracted by the latest web tools and
apps I asked favours from London real fans to
set up technology which took months longer than it should have
I even spammed our London real episodes on people’s Facebook walls it was
exhausting now after years of blood sweat and tears after interviewing the
greatest minds in the world after making every mistake possible I’m proud to say
that I have built my dream lifestyle I’m able to wake up every day doing what I
love providing value and changing lives for the better while being financially
independent and answering to nobody getting to that place wasn’t easy I had
to go through years of suffering and headaches but I’ve got good news you
don’t have to go through the same journey as me because I have compiled my
knowledge expertise and secrets in one place after a half decade of trying
every possible strategy in the book it has become very clear to me that you
can’t just go cold turkey and venture out into the world hoping for the best
you need an idea a plan and a series of steps in order to get what you want in
essence a road map but that’s only the beginning because knowledge isn’t
everything if it was then we would all be billionaires with six-pack ABS along
with a road map it’s also important to have a guide someone who’s been there
before and will work with you personally through the biggest challenges you face
on top of that it’s important to have like-minded people to support you people
who understand what you’re going through and who want you to succeed who will be
there to give you feedback motivate you and pick you up when things get tough
when you combine a proven road map with a skilled guide and an army of
supporters that will make you on stoppable and that’s what I’m offering
you today if you’ve ever dreamed about living your passion while achieving
financial freedom in the process I can show you how I’m proud to officially
open the London real business accelerator when you join our course you
embark on a unique journey you will not just learn about business you’ll be
taking on a meaningful challenge that will change your life forever and you
won’t be doing it alone you’ll join a group of smart hungry like-minded
entrepreneurs from around the world who will be building their businesses
alongside you many of our students have said the
network alone is worth the price of this course but more importantly I will be
personally mentoring you every step of the way you will have complete access to
me during the entire course and honestly I don’t know if this will be the case
next time around London real is growing at such a fast pace that I don’t expect
to be so personally involved in the future so now is the time to let me help
you build your dream let me go deeper into what the business accelerator
actually is for eight weeks we will be releasing a video module every week
combined with two live video calls on Tuesday we have a live keynote call
where I go into detail on the specific module and on Sunday we have a live
workshop call where both myself and your team leaders give you feedback on your
progress and we leave no man or woman behind our course has the highest
success rate of any online business course out there because we put massive
emphasis on accountability which is what I call the secret ingredient to success
you can learn the best techniques strategies mindsets tools and tactics in
the world but if nobody is there to keep you accountable you won’t get the
amazing results you envision for yourself okay so what’s in the modules
well let me walk you through each one of them week one bullet proof your business
idea to kick things off we start with your business idea if you don’t
have an idea you will find one here if you already have an idea we will make
sure you have the right one if you already have a business we will expand
its scope next I’ll show you how to make a compelling 1 minute business pitch
that you can use for your customers and your investors and lastly I’m
introducing three proven psychological mindsets that I personally use to help
you thrive through the entire course week to find your micro niche in this
module you’re going to identify something crucial your micro niche
this is a small subsection of the market that you will own next you’ll find out
your competitors strategy strengths and weaknesses and what you can learn to
model and what you can avoid next I’m going to show you how to determine
exactly what your customer wants you will use these insights not to just be
better but be different than your market competitors week 3 build your high
performance website here you will create your website in less than a week that’s
right less than 7 days but there’s more I will show you how to attract and
capture potential customers then have lifetime access to market to them for
free even better I’m going to show you how to do it in a way where people will
want to hear your marketing message week 4 make your content this is where most
students have their biggest breakthroughs in this module you’ll
complete the legendary 10 vlogs in 10 days challenge this is where you start
sharing your ideas making an impact and find out exactly what people are dying
to hear you talk about you will also learn how to make compelling video
content the London real way I will show you how to produce a three-part series
as a free product to hook your new customers then you will warm them up to
become your long-term customers by delivering them exceptional value week 5
kickstart your social media nowadays there’s a social media expert on every
corner but how many can show you proven results
who do you know that went from one Twitter follower to over a hundred and
twenty five thousand we did and not some spammy way but in a deliberate fashion
while building authority in the market in this module I’m revealing all the
strategies I gleaned since 2011 I will break down all of the big social media
channels and show you which ones to use and which ones to avoid week six create
your product here I guide you down the London real product success path first
we will find out what value you can offer to your customers then I will show
you how to properly package it and lastly we will create your Minimum
Viable Product which is a fancy name for the best kind of product with the least
amount of effort that people will actually pay for week seven sell your
product this is where the rubber meets the road folks now you will present and
sell your product by hosting your very own online webinar I’m going to show you
the exact triggers that we have used to close hundreds of our customers on our
webinars and here’s the best part if you did all of the work in the previous
modules your prospects will already want to buy from you even before you start
the sales conversation here is where the money will start to roll in and the
feeling is exhilarating week 8 launch your business this is it you’ve built
all the necessary pieces of an online business and now it’s time to launch you
will identify strategic relationships and your network and influencers inside
your industry then I will give you word-for-word templates on how to reach
out to them in order to 10x your business lastly you will create a
blueprint for your next 12 months with a long-term vision congratulations you
have your own business in addition to this you also get my
bonus module accelerate your year here I will go deep into the end-to-end
ecosystem how to optimize your online funnel and show you a be testing
strategies to maximize your business success here’s a summary of everything
you get on the business accelerator 8 video modules containing the latest
cutting-edge techniques tools and insights on how to go from no idea to an
online business 16 hours of live video calls you will interact with me
face-to-face on a live call twice per week here I will give you private
instruction and answer questions and follow up under progress our private
email address dedicated to answering any question about the course within 24
hours and lifetime access to all the video modules if you fall behind during
the course you can pick up any time you want but most importantly I am offering
you accountability you will not just sit around and watch videos I’m going to
make sure you actually do everything we teach by including weekly check-ins and
24/7 help me and my team of London real business coaches will support you
throughout the entire accelerator if you get stuck we are here to help you our
trademark accountability document your progress will be followed in real time
on our accountability system together with all the other accelerator students
access to the private business accelerator facebook group where you can
connect instantly with a group of like-minded students many of whom will
become friends for the rest of your life lastly I’m offering you a free ticket to
our live weekend graduation events in London here you will meet your
classmates go deeper on course material and crystallize your plans for your
business this includes free admission to our super focus group interviews at
London real studios a group dinner on Saturday night and a walking tour of
London with the class and the team on Sunday but just so you know this event
is optional you don’t have to attend in order to complete the Business
Accelerator and that covers the entire course but to top things off I’m also
including a no man or woman Left Behind 60-day money-back guarantee if for any
reason you don’t feel like I have given you the value I promised I’m offering
you a 60-day 100 percent money-back guarantee no questions asked I’m that
confident in this course all you need to do is complete all the course work on
time and attend all of the live calls if you do this and are not 100% satisfied I
will give you a full refund but once you join you will see that I
leave no man or woman behind I will make sure that you get over the finish line
kicking and screaming if necessary that’s the beauty of our accountability
system it’s the reason why this course has the highest success rate of any of
its kind it’s the secret sauce that gives us incredible stories like this
one let me introduce you to Claire Lim my name is Claire I am 22 years old and
I’m from Hong Kong here on the business accelerator program because I’ve decided
to open the first movement studio in Hong Kong meet Claire a 22 year old
movement and dance teacher from Hong Kong who wanted to turn her passion into
a business and live life on her own terms
she decided to invest in her future and join the London real business
accelerator a live and interactive eight-week
mentorship and accountability program designed to make her business dream a
reality together with over 60 entrepreneurs in
14 time zones around the world Claire undertook a radical life
transformation learning how to publish videos of herself
know their social media platforms create digital products and actually sell them
on her own webinar with two live interactive calls per week she was
coached and mentored by me Brian Rose the founder and host of London real
following our blueprint of eight world-class
video content modules a private Facebook group and our trademark accountability
documents all while under the supervision of experienced team leaders
from around the world I have begun a ten day vlog challenge presented to me by
Brian Rose I’ve had spurts extreme motivation and passion and like going on
hyperdrive it’s some sort of superpower but it was the global community of her
fellow classmates and entrepreneurs who also built businesses that was the
hidden value of the whole experience I think it’s how everybody’s in
different parts of the world everybody there for each other it took hard work
but Claire was soon recording huge wins while she also built the foundation of
her business by the end of the course she was celebrating major success as she
reached out to partners and reported her own webinar and it really worked at
about 1,700 views and I don’t even have a thousand Facebook friends and it
worked because I felt like I was talking to people you know in connecting and
helping and providing value you know and also I made so many friends with people
on the course and it’s been a real honor hey but altogether it just becomes a
real family and I’d really like to spread the message that other people can
be doing this especially other young people you know stepping up to be
entrepreneurs if you do love what you do and you can immerse then look out for
the next course seriously today Claire has turned her dream into a reality
and built a profitable business by opening Hong Kong’s first movement dance
and meditation studio now she has both a sustainable lifestyle and lives her
passion every day doing something she truly loves while inspiring motivating
and leading people in the movement revolution so by now you’re probably
wondering what’s the price for the Business Accelerator well if you were to
get an MBA from a business school you’d have to pay about a hundred thousand
dollars then figure out how to apply everything on your own
once you graduate the good news is the Business Accelerator doesn’t cost
anything near that we could charge fifteen thousand dollars for the course
and paying that much for a business that can earn you many times that every year
would still be an amazing deal especially since it also lets you live
your dream lifestyle but we also wanted to make this
affordable to everyone so we cut the price as low as we could for something
with this much personalized attention so we have three levels of investment the
standard package for which we also have a 12-month payment plan the premium
package and of course the inner circle the standard package gives you eight
video modules sixteen hours of live calls with me and my London real
business coaches access to our private Business Accelerator Facebook group our
private email address with a 24 hour response time lifetime access to all the
modules and workbooks a London real coach based on your business model and
one ticket to our graduation weekend with the Premium Package
you receive everything from the standard package plus a one-on-one video kickoff
with me to assess your business ideas and plans for the future
my private email and Facebook chat for the course during the entire eight week
period and the big one you get to smell the leather with your own one-on-one
interview here at London real studios sitting in the chair opposite me this is
a huge business asset that you can have to land customers and give you access to
partners and really jack up your social proof and lastly for the people who want
to go all-in I’m offering the inner circle package where I will personally
mentor you for six months after the course is complete not only that you’ll
get access to my inner circle group of exclusive driven entrepreneurs who are
hungry to make a change and take their businesses to the next level here we go
big so if you want to build that seven-figure business this is the
package for you so now is your chance to click the Buy Now button and join our
business accelerator to put things in perspective where are you going to find
an offer like this anywhere else if you join a typical digital course that’s
what it’s going to be digital no people the problem with a digital course is
that everything is down to you you’re on your own which massively increases your
chances of failure why leave this up to chance instead join our accelerator
where you have your own business coach who keeps you accountable and a group of
like-minded entrepreneurs who will embark on the same journey as you of
course you could decide to do it alone but if you’ve seen my three-part video
series then you’ll know how hard it was to build London real from the ground up
all by myself it took me three full years to even make a dime it’s romantic
to think you can do everything on your own but honestly if you study how the
best in the world succeed they all had mental
Bill Gates Steve Jobs Mozart Albert Einstein and Alexander the Great these
were people who learned from the best I too have been privileged to learn from
many of the best in the world by inviting them into my studio I stand on
the shoulders of giants and if it wasn’t for them I might still be broadcasting
from a tiny little studio with just two microphones and spamming my episodes on
all my friends Facebook walls but I transcended I opened myself up to people
who had already achieved what I wanted I learned from them and built London real
into a global media and transformation company because of it
during this course I will be your mentor steering you every step of the way so
click that button and bye join my program you will not regret it and one
more thing when you look at the times we live in today it has never been easier
to build a business in the history of mankind your product idea can be tested
for less than a hundred dollars your website can be set up instantly your
customers can be rapidly found through social media and with the Business
Accelerator you can get there in record speed without having to make all the
amateur mistakes that I made the truth is that the biggest thing holding us
back is our own minds the moment we want to do something bold we have a hundred
small little voices in our heads telling us to do the exact opposite we see
someone create a successful business and we immediately find reasons why we
cannot do it oh yeah that person probably has money good looks great
connections it’s luck I grew up as a science geek became a banker and then
created London real it has nothing to do with luck good genes or talent it has to
do with the willingness to just go for it the same goes for any big London real
guest that comes into the studio I have learned that they have the same
fears as you and me but they are directed by a different story instead of
waiting for the right time to do something like start a business they
make it the right time they make the decision to plow ahead at full speed
fears and self-doubt be damned and these people are not special
we’ve all met people who are driven no matter what their age IQ or background
maybe your inner game is the key to your success over the years I’ve seen so many
people with the potential the energy and the know-how to make it happen
but they were paralyzed by the story they were telling themselves let me go
over some of the most common ones I hear I don’t have a business idea well guess
what you don’t need one to start this course during our first modules we will
dig deeper into who you really are what idea will fit you and what market to
pursue we’ve included multiple exercises worksheets and resources to help you
find the right business idea including the market opportunity map and your
golden triangle instead of having to venture out there on the internet and be
dozens of articles with contradictory techniques on how to find an idea we
have actually done the hard work for you by designing easy practical tools that
will get you started and accelerate your progress will this actually work
I spend thousands of dollars on digital courses every month in order to get
myself and the London real team to the next level there are some amazing
products out there but there is one thing they all lack accountability you
see most of the digital courses out there are exactly that digital you sit
at home alone and watch video modules sound like fun
not to me I believe in teaching the old-fashioned way so when you sign up to
one of my courses you get to see the whites of my eyes on two one-hour calls
every single week you get to participate in these live zoom calls with the
members of your class many of whom will become your friends for life
I track your progress and push you to be the best and I’m not a big fan of
excuses so if you want to watch some videos go to YouTube but if you want to
actually change your life sign up to our business accelerator well when I founded
London real six years ago I started with one youtube subscriber I
didn’t know what I was doing my family and friends didn’t care and I was
honestly nervous about what my former colleagues in banking would think of me
since then London Rail has had over 50 million
views held interviews with some of the most amazing people on the planet and
now has a product ecosystem with multiple successful courses I’m truly
able to say that I’ve created a business I’m passionate about through that
experience I believe anybody can get what they want if they commit starting a
business isn’t easy and the first step is always the hardest but once you
completely decide to go all-in everything else becomes easier and I
will be here to guide you every step of the way I don’t have any time do you
have enough time to be successful most people who complain of not having
enough time in their lives suffer from bad routines and an ungrounded mind set
the Business Accelerator gets rid of all of that so many people spend hours of
the computer starting on one task half completing it
before jumping to another never knowing the roadmap to building a successful
business I will give you a clear methodology allowing you to focus your
valuable time on exactly what matters you will see results with as little as 5
hours per week although just like anything else it’s simple the more time
you invest the more results you will see successful people have the same 24 hours
in a day as everyone else they just use that time differently and if you want to
learn how then join us now because I’m not sure when I will do this again or
how involved that will be the next time but I have a little surprise bonus for
you if you join me today you’ll get access to the London real library you
will get the exact workbooks word for word scripts and templates for every
single module including how to reach out to influencers contact blogs write your
first blog posts and more not only that inside you will also get case studies
from previous successful graduates and how-to tutorials for every step of the
way so click the Buy button and join me on this course I have big plans for this
class and I would love for you to be a part of it don’t settle for anything
less than an incredible life you have so much to offer the world even if you
don’t see it yet so if you’re ready to escape the 9 to 5 and build a business
it pays you to do what you love and hit that button and join me I’ll see you on
the inside you you

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