The Black Garden explained! Destiny 2 Shadowkeep | Myelin Games

The Black Garden explained! Destiny 2 Shadowkeep | Myelin Games

What if the Garden is the Traveler’s antithesis? What if the Awoken can find in that Garden
a new place of balance, an equipotential between the darkness and the light? As the light brightens the shadows deepen—
Welcome back Guardians, today I wanted to provide all the information I know about the
Black Garden from Destiny 1 and Destiny 2, and I also wanted to present a theory about
the Black Garden and Prince Uldren. When researching this video I also stumbled
across an Osiris Prophecy from Curse of Osiris that I believe relates to Prince Uldren and
the Black Garden, which is excitiging, because as many of you know, Bungie hid a fair few
secrets in the Curse of Osiris DLC, such as the Telesto lore tab which had a hidden message
which spelt out, Crow Untrustworthy desires power. So… I am going to tie all of this information
together to help prepare for the new Black Garden Raid in Shadowkeep. As usual, the artwork at the beginning of
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this latest Destiny 2 lore episode. [INTRO]
I want to start with a bit of a re-cap of Black Garden lore from Destiny 1. So, in destiny 1, when we first meet the Exo
Stranger, the Exo Stranger warns us of the Black Garden, and it is mentioned multiple
times, that the Black Garden is the birth place of the Vex. In the Destiny 1 mission, A Stranger’s Call,
we have the following conversation with the Exo Stranger. Exo Stranger: No. I was not forged in light. But I believe where our paths cross ground
could break. Have you heard of the Black Garden? Ghost: We’ve heard the legends. Exo Stranger: The greatest threat to us all
lies there, where these machines are born. Find the Black Garden. Rip out its heart. Only then will your Traveler begin to heal. Guardian: Can you help us find it? Exo Stranger: My path’s my own. I can’t. Ghost: If we’re going to find the Black Garden
we need to see the Awoken. The grimoire card of the same mission, reinforces
the Black Garden as the birth place for the Vex, A Stranger’s Call grimoire card reads,
“The Ishtar Collective studied the Vex with all the instruments and power of the Golden
Age. And we must understand the Vex if we are to
survive. There are tales of the Black Garden and the
Darkness that lives at its heart. If this is where the Vex are born, then finding
it is of the utmost importance.” – The Speaker In addition to being described as the birthplace
of the Vex, in destiny one, the Black Garden was quite synonymous with the Darkness itself,
the heart of the Black Garden was the Dark Heart, and often associated with the Darkness. For example, in the Awoken mission in Destiny
1, when we first meet Prince Uldren, we have this conversation. Guardian: I am a Guardian, from Earth. We’re searching for the Black Garden. Uldren Sov: Why? Guardian: We seek to destroy the Darkness
at its heart. The Black Garden mission also reads,
“We got the Eye. We found the Gate. We charged the Eye. And Ikora gave us her blessing. For what that’s worth. Nothing left but to face the Darkness at the
heart of the Garden. I’m with you, Guardian. All the way down.” – Ghost
When we complete the Black Garden mission and destroy the heart of the Black Garden,
your ghost says this, Ghost: We’re back, on Mars. The shroud of Darkness is lifting and Light
returns to the Traveller! The Speaker is calling us home. Even later in Destiny’s release, the Taken
King, still reinforced that Darkness is within the Black Garden. IN the Taken grimoire card Ikora Rey associates
Oryx’s Taken abilities with that of the Black Garden, and we know that Oryx got his
ability to Take from the Darkness itself. Have a listen, and I will explain a bit more,
the Taken grimoire card reads, I have been talking to Eris about the Taken. She agrees that what we observe — the apertures,
the starlight, and of course the Taken entities — is not Hive magic. If Hive arcana is a metaphor, this is the
meaning; if they make appeals, then this is the judge. Oryx wields this power. But Oryx did not make it. We face the same flower we met in the Black
Garden. When it says, Oryx wields this power but did
not make it, it is referring to how Oryx met with the Darkness and learnt the power to
take, and then when it says that this power is the same flower that we met in the Black
Garden, this is a reference to Pujari’s vision of the Black Garde, where he met a
ghost-shaped flower. In my opinion, saying that Oryx’s powers
is the same as the Black Garden flower, is basically associating the Darkness with the
Black Garden. The are a few more things that we know about
the Black Garden from Destiny 1, we also know that it is not bound to space and time. We are told that by our ghost when we enter
the Black Garden but also the Sol Divisive grimoire card says this,
Beyond the towering Meridian Bay gate lies the Black Garden, adrift in time and space. And within the Garden dwell the Vex of the
Sol Divisive, frozen in rapture Pujari also describes the Garden like this,
The Garden grows in both directions. It grows into tomorrow and yesterday. The red flowers bloom forever. Lastly, to round off the Destiny 1 lore; Black
Garden recap, the Black Garden was also meant to be linked to and related to the Vault of
Glass, somehow the Black Garden was meant to assist the Vex in the Vault of Glass. Have a listen to the Black Garden grimoire
card, it reads, “At last, the Heart of the Garden has been
destroyed, its stranglehold on the Traveler released. Our Light brightens. But the power of the Vex is not broken. Look into the Vault, Guardian, for it is said
to hold powers the Progeny were meant to bring forth.” – The Speaker
It addition, we know that the Vex worshipped whatever they found at the heart of the Black
Garden. The Sol Divisive grimoire card reads,
Legends and scant field reports all indicate that the Divisive Vex behave religiously. Why would a hyperintelligent, time-spanning
thought mesh exhibit religious behavior? The answer seems as obvious as it is chilling:
if the Vex found worship and devotion more effective than any other behavior, they would
adopt worship. Whatever the Vex found – or made – in the
Garden, it transcends even their power. So, to summarize, the Exo stranger warned
us of the Black Garden, described it as the birthplace of the Vex, described the Darkness
at its heart, it doesn’t exist in space and time and it was somehow linked to the
Vault of Glass, and what the Vex wanted to accomplish with the Vault of Glass. The Vex also worshipped the heart to somehow
use its power. NOW, take all this with a grain of salt…
because some of this is about to change with the Destiny 2 lore that was introduced in
Forsaken. If you are new to Destiny and you are confused,
it is OK, this is exactly why Destiny 1’s story was criticized, we never really understood
how all these different elements related to each other, we didn’t really understand
the significance of the Black Garden… and technically we still don’t. BUT when Forsaken released we have a ton of
new lore about the Black Garden and Prince Uldren, and once you understand that, you
can actually go back to the Curse of Osiris DLC and read some of Osiris’s prophecies,
which NOW make sense. So let me talk you through all this information,
the prophecy and how it may relate to Shadowkeep’s raid. The lore book, The Forsaken Prince, was released
with Forsaken, and is essentially broken into two parts, the first part describes Uldren
entering the Black Garden for the first time, and the second part describes the events just
prior to Forsaken, with Fikrul’s resurrection by Uldren and Uldren’s corruption. I think the structure of this book is very
intentional and pivotal for this theory. So in the first half of the lore book, Uldren
convinces a Crow, i.e. an Awoken agent, named Jolyon to venture into the Black Garden. At this stage, nobody has been into the Black
Garden, that we know of, although I suspect Mara has, because she knows a lot about the
Garden, and despite people not visiting the Black Garden people know of its existence,
and Queen Mara Sov has forbidden any Awoken to enter the Black Garden. One of the first things you will notice in
the lore book, is Uldren’s complete character change, the way he speaks, he is jovial, cheerful
and very much not the Uldren we know. Have a listen to the first entry, The Length
of a Chain Part 1, it reads, “Jolyon, my man,” Uldren Sov whispers, “you
and I are going to take the Black Garden.” “Oh yeah?” Jolyon Till the Rachis, famous among Crows,
sniper, scout, and teller of tales, lies full-sprawl prone at Uldren’s side. The scrubbed-down length of a Supremacy rifle,
snugged against his shoulder, nearly doubles his height. “I heard you and I were gonna float Saturn
in a bathtub.” “I’m serious, Jol.” Can you imagine Uldren saying, yo, my man
to anyone! Once again, I think this is very intentional
and important for this theory. So keep this in mind for later. So, despite the Queen forbidding any Awoken
to enter the Black Garden, Uldren and Jolyon attempt to enter the Black Garden. The gate to the Garden is on Mars, like it
was for us. It is at this point where we get our first
explanation to why the Black Garden is referred to as the Vex’s birthplace. As Prince Uldren and Jolyon approach the gate,
The lore entry called Through the Gate reads, Out of that aperture emerges the behemoth
silhouette of a Vex Gate Lord, metal and mind crashing together, self-assembling, ready
to defend this secret place. The Vex are born here, in the sense of baptism:
consecrated to the service of some terrible purpose that the machines found within. So this lore entry basically says that the
Black Garden was not the physical birthplace of the Vex, but it is more like the place
where they were baptized, reborn so to speak. This is important for Shadowkeep, because
it begins to separate the Vex from the Black Garden, the Vex didn’t make the Black Garden,
they were not born there, they found it, they worshipped it, they tried to use it, but the
Black Garden is its own entity. Ok, so, Prince Uldren and Jolyon trick the
Cabal on Mars, into destroying the Vex Gatelord and that is how they enter the Black Garden
through the Gate on Mars. Once inside, they discover the vex have been
trying to tame the Black Garden. Uldren describes aspects of the Garden that
have circuit boards and microchips, and this is when the Vex are referred to as the Gardeners. Have a listen. They move down the length of the chasm, green
mist swirling overhead, ankle-deep in a wet compost of flower petals and rich black soil. Wide, flat beetles with arching horns wrestle
in the earth. Uldren flips one on its back. The beetle has no interior: seen from below,
it is just a hollow shell. Jolyon pulls up a fern, and its roots are
the branching metallic threads of a circuit board. Tiny squirming things shaped like wet microchips
mill in the exposed soil. “I don’t like this place,” Jolyon whispers. “We should get back to the surface…” He means the Garden’s surface, the manicured
sectors of red flowers that stretch away toward a distant mesa. But it’s far too Vex up there, Uldren thinks. They’ve been in here, gardening, moving earth,
making walls, building their ancient constructs of stone and light. Trying to tame this place. Now, this is not the first time the vex have
been referred to as Gardeners. In Pujaris vision of the Black Garden he too
refers to the Vex as the Gardeners. Have a listen, the Legend: The Black Garden
grimoire card reads, There are gardeners now. They came into the garden in vessels of bronze
and they move through the groves in rivers of thought. Now, this is a little bit confusing, because
Rasputin calls the Traveler the Gardener. In the Warmind comic book Rasputin calls the
Traveler the Gardener and in the Ghost Fragment Mysteries grimoire card I believe Rasputin
once again calls the Traveler the Gardener. I do not know the significance of this, if
any, why the Vex and the Traveler are referred to as Gardeners BUT at least, within the context
of the Black Garden, the Vex are the gardeners. They are trying to tame the Black Garden. Uldren and Jolyon continue their journey into
the Black Garden and they discover a Cabal expedition force and also the heart of the
Black Garden. Uldren communicates with an injured Cabal
that they interrogate, and Uldren communicates through a translator device. The Cabal says that the Vex abducted them,
and how the Vex are trying to interact with the Garden, and become vessels for the power
of the black garden, the On the Hunt entry reads,
The Vex are singing to see how the Garden changes their song, and even this conversation
has fertilized the air. “Why are they here? What do they want?” “They come ‘ere to pray, ser. They’re makin’ vessels ou’ of themselves. They’re the wors’ things ever to be, ser. They ‘ate existence.” “How do you know this?” “Oh, frum the seeds, ser,” the Legionary says. “Do yeh see them?” Of course, we see this come true in the Destiny
1 campaign, we see the Sol Progeny absorb this essence from the heart of the Black garden,
the vex are trying to become a vessel for whatever is at the heart of the Black Garden. After saying do you see the seeds sir, the
Cabal soldier, then removes its helmet, killing itself and revealing a horrible truth, the
Black Garden planted seeds in the Cabal soldier. Have a listen,
“Oh, frum the seeds, ser,” the Legionary says. “Do yeh see them?” And without hesitation or second thought,
he punches the emergency medic release on his helmet. The pressure seal breaks and a ring of black
gel sprays out, hissing. The Legionary slumps over. His helmet tumbles into his broad lap. Beneath the layer of gel, the whole surface
of his skull has the pitted texture of a strawberry. Thousands of tiny seeds glisten in the Cabal’s
flesh. Uldren brushes the skin in fascination. “Uldren,” Jolyon radios, “I really don’t like
the expression on your face.” “This place has secrets,” the prince murmurs
back. The bone mic feels cold and inorganic, poorly
mated to his flesh, compared to the warm, close-packed pits of the Legionary’s deformed
skull. “So many secrets… They grew in him, Jolyon. The Garden grew its secrets in him.” So, in my opinion, this shows that the Black
Garden can infect beings, can plant seeds in things, can physical change and harm you. Going to the Black Garden is dangerous. To further this point, I want to remind you
about how Pujari’s vision of the Black Garden created a cut in his hand that never healed. The Legend: The Black Garden grimoire card
reads, When my Ghost raised me from the sea there
was a thorn-cut in my left hand and it has not healed since. When Prince Uldren leaves the Black Garden,
and returns to Mara Sov, he begins to have these wild hallucinations, almost like he
has been infected by something. Mara Sov demands for Uldren to answer if he
saw the Heart of the Black Garden, but she cant get a straight answer from him. The Lore entry After the Heart, Part II reads,
“Uldren.” Mara, shaking him. She does not ordinarily touch anyone. “Did you see the heart?” It seems the most natural thing in the world
that a garden should have a heart. “The Vex infest the place,” he says. “It gives them something they crave. It… grows them toward what they want to
be.” “You didn’t answer the question,” Mara says
coolly. It’s a perfectly sensible observation. It’s the strangest thing Uldren has ever heard
her say. “Whatever the heart of that place is,” he
says, pacing, “it’s a seed, I think, a seed left behind to grow. Like a… a node of Glimmer. Or…” The idea strikes him as a thunderbolt. “Or a tripwire. Bait to attract those who seek out and destroy
what they don’t understand.” Bait for Guardians. Bait to mark some milestone in the Traveler’s
recovery. Now, this passage was really important, it
helps to confirm that the vex are chasing and trying to obtain the power from the Black
Garden, but it also introduces this idea, that the heart of the Black Garden is a seed,
something left behind to grow. But what is it? Well, I think it is a seed from the Darkness,
it is the Darkness itself left to grow and establish. Uldren actually starts to think the same way
and even says this to Jolyon, in the lore entry called Jolyon, it reads,
What if the Garden is the Traveler’s antithesis? What if the Awoken can find in that Garden
a new place of balance, an equipotential between the darkness and the light? As the light brightens the shadows deepen—
Uldren is basically saying, what the Traveler is to the Light, the Black Garden is to the
Darkness, the Black Garden is the direct opposite of the Traveler. NOW this is where our theory can finally start. If the Heart of the Black Garden is a seed
of the Darkness, and can infect anyone who enters the Garden, what if, this was the source
of Uldren’s corruption. When he first ventured into the Black Garden,
a seed was planted in him that slowly corrupted him leading up to the events of Forsaken. This would also explain Udlren drastic change
in personality, prior to entering the Guardian, Prince Uldren was jovial, was humuours, was
likeable. Remember that in Forsaken, Prince Uldren has
the Darkness literally in his eyes, he has been corrupted, and we never quite knew how
Uldren was corrupted. That being said, there are two in-game dialogue
lines that hint at Prince Uldren being Taken by Oryx, or at least partially Taken by Oryx,
and this could have happened when the Awoken battled Oryx. Alternatively, Riven was also causing Uldren
to have halluncinations BUT I don’t think Riven was causing his corruption, but more
taking advantage of his corruption. What I want to suggest as a theory is, what
if Uldren’s original corruption started as seed, as a darkness seed planted in him
when he first visited the Black Garden, and that seed did not blossom until Forsaken. Now, I am going to talk about the Osiris prophecy
which may have predicted this very shortly, but the other reason why I say Uldren was
corrupted by the Black Garden, comes down to the structure of the lore book, the Forsaken
Prince, like I said at the beginning of this video, it has two parts, the first part talks
about Uldren visiting the Black Garden, and the second part is when Uldren is corrupted
and revives Fikrul literally using the Darkness. Was the book structure like this to link these
two events together, to say to the reader, this is how Uldren started the journey, started
his corruption, and this is how it ended. Remember that Uldren’s corruption is represented
by the Darkness clouding his eyes, and have a listen to how Uldren’s eyes are described
in the Severance lore entry, it reads, “Ah,” Uldren says, careful to keep his voice
light. “Yes. Of course.” The itch in his eyes resumes, and he discovers
that he has a new desire. A new thing he fiercely wants. Now, of course, Uldren had the Darkness drained
from him when trying to free Riven in Forsaken, and then we killed Uldren, and then Uldren
was resurrected. So we may never know if Uldren was tainted
by the Black Garden when he first visited the Garden, however, thinking about Shadowkeep,
thinking about the raid in the Black Garden, thinking about how Uldren has been revived
but has not appeared in game yet, there is definitely a lot of potential for Shadowkeep
to unravel how Uldren was corrupted by the Darkness in the Black Garden. Regardless, to Prince Uldren and the black
garden, I think with the information that we currently can be used to predict what will
happen in Shadowkeep, my bet, is that it is the Darkness is in fact at the heart of the
Black Garden, and the Darkness will choose its champions for the Shadowkeep raid, basically,
very similar to how we ended the Destiny 1 campaign all those years ago, the Black Heart
used the Sol Progeny. If you have not seen my video about Osiris’s
prediction of the Darkness, watch that, because that fits nicely with this theory. Osiris basically says in the new comic book
that the Darkness will choose its champions. So, finally, talking about Osiris, when I
was researching this video I stumbled upon an Osiris prophecy that I don’t think people
have been talking about, and it relates to the Black Garden. So the Traveler’s Judgement 5 lore tab says
this, How to interpret the Lost Prophecies? The theory in vogue right now with the Followers
of Osiris is that the first five verses refer to the Black Garden, the coming of Ghaul,
the Traveler’s awakening and Ghaul’s subsequent defeat. Now, obviously we are interested in the first
lost prophecy about the Black Garden. Now you can read the Lost Prophecies as either
an item, or you can also find them on the flavor text of the Curse of Osiris weapons. The Garden Progeny 1 which contains the first
prophecy, reads, Two siblings cleaved by time and space, reflections
never found alone, The ending of the eldritch race—a path long seen but never known. This makes sense, two siblings, i.e. Mara Sov and Prince Uldren, cleaved by time
and space, i.e. the Black Garden is not on any map of time and space. The weapon is called Garden Progeny, Progeny
means descendant, i.e. this description is about the descendant of the Garden, is Uldren
Sov the descendant of the Black Garden, did he carry the seed of Darkness? Of course, the second line is extremely interesting,
the eldritch race? I have no idea… is this the Darkness race
itself? Is that what the Heart of the Black Garden
was trying to restore? I don’t know… BUT I can tell you, researching this video
got me very excited for the Shadowkeep raid within the Black Garden, and I hope it helped
you to understand more about the area. And with that, that concludes this latest
destiny 2 lore episode, if you would like to support the channel but cannot think of
a comment you can leave the word, seed, to represent the theory that Prince Uldren was
implanted with a Darkness seed that blossomed during Forsaken. As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is
myelin games. Peace.

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  2. Ever since Year 1 of D1 I've been convinced that the Black Garden was inside the Traveller itself. It doesn't have a sky. It has a ceiling as if it's in a sort of dome, and the fact that the cracks we see in the Traveller after it awakens in D2 emit a similar color to the atmosphere of the Black Garden only reinforce the theory. Also in D1's original story the Hive were draining the Traveller's light by siphoning it from a Shard, and when we destroy the Heart of the garden our Ghost tells us the Traveller has immediately started gaining its Light back. What better way to corrupt the Traveller than from the inside right?

    Also Myelin's theory about the Garden corrupting Uldren is interesting, but I don't think it's true. The transformation described with the Cabal in the Garden is VERY different from being Taken like how the Techeuns were. He was also very singularly driven by the goal of freeing Riven, whereas the Cabal was essentially a slack-jawed idiot. The legionary seemed infected by a parasite, but Uldren was straight-up brainwashed.

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    The other is The Black Garden (Which I think was brought about by the war between the Hive and Vex in the Books of Sorrow) as before Oryx took Quria and gave it to Savathûn Quria had ordered a sect of Vex to worship a Hive larve they had stolen during the war and this Larve might be the dark heart as the Vex in the garden have worshipped the heart for millennia and it might be the larve that they stole and started worshipping under Quria as Qurias plan for worshipping the larve was to gain power from it which i think happened with the three big statue bosses near the black heart.

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  18. This whole theory could also link to dark guardians in Destiny 3! Maybe when we destroy the garden, the darkness will seap out to any exposed guardians, allowing that guardian to choose which element to follow.

  19. I like these theory crafting videos. Back to interpretation vs solid facts. But if the Prince was seeded by darkness for so long wouldn’t it have devoured the light within? And if so would there have been enough light for a ghost to recognize and revive him?

  20. I honestly think after Uldren's first trip into the garden, one single seed planted into him then that seed watered by the shock wave from Oryx's power then shortly after growing in him, edging him to the darkness's err more so Riven's pull. Ironically I think we will see Uldren or at lore wise read about him in connection with the garden even after his resurrection and mind wipe. Would love to see Bungie come up with a compelling story that he(Uldren) is feeling pulled or faint memories of being in the garden feeling both at home and yet scared of it because something lurks beyond the bed of ghost flowers.

  21. So ur saying that going back to the Black Garden my heal the Traveler? I mean i hope so because o belive that the characters that we recently have lost might have a chance to come back… Such as the FACTIONS lol

  22. Have a look at the cut scene in D1 during the black garden mission when the stone Minotaurs come to life, it’s very reminiscent of oryx taking of another creature..

  23. Considering Shin Malphurs stance and Uldrens corruption then subsequent resurrection as a guardian…. I think these darkness-infused subclasses could actually be a thing soon enough! ;o

  24. > guardians reach the black heart after slaying a mountain of Vex.
    Black heart: Ah… finally you came, little specs of her light… I have waited for you for so long.
    >gaurdian shoots black heart.
    black heart: ofcourse i did not forget… as always here is my first tribute…
    >black heart explodes… and a boss named "first tribute" appear
    >fight insues… we defeat it….
    >black heart: and so it begans… i hope you enjoyed this tribute… ill bring more…… soon we will be together again, my love.

  25. THIS is why I keep playing Destiny. The ever-unfolding lore is what keeps me interested. I'm excited to return to the Black Garden for sure, but I'm even more excited about the implications made by the fact that we're returning there. Are we finally going to meet Uldren again? Are we gonna catch a better glimpse at what the Darkness really is? Are we ourselves going to start on the path to becoming Dark Guardians? Shadowkeep holds a lot of potential and I'll definitely will be looking to you, Myelin, and Byf as we grow closer to and finally get into Shadowkeep.

  26. On Nessus there a vex artifact that you can investigate and your ghost tells you there more then one garden … black garden then your ghost tell you it can’t tell if there being rebuilt or destroy

  27. Is it only me, or Black Garden "growing both into yesterday and tomorrow", "heart of Darkness" and field of roses give Dark Tower vibes?

  28. Do you think fikrul was the first version of what a dark guardian could be ? We’re brought back through the light he was brought back through the dark he was brought back twice by uldren and then by darkness ?

  29. Love your vids! Maybe you could try some different Destiny music though? Hard to listen to the same track for 20+ mins every video.

  30. It is interesting that we got a transmat effect called the "Eldritch Effects" for the season of Opulence. Looking up the word eldritch was quite enlightening and allowed my imaginationto rememberthe original Destiny 1 concept art. Very cool!

  31. Thanks for the video. I did wonder if the 'two siblings separated by time and space' might refer to Elsie and Anna Bray. Might that be an alternate reading?

  32. It would be great to see the Black Garden as a patrol destination and a raid location kinda like how the Dreaming City is but perhaps not as grand in size. Hopefully the storyline of Shadowkeep leads us to unlocking that space much like how things occurred in Forsaken!

  33. My take: Uldren got seeded in the Garden (and Mara had suspicions for his change in personality over time, which is why she didn't let him know of the bank heist plan), Riven just happened to be in said Garden. Riven being Ahamkara, may have somewhat planted that with a seed "wish" into Uldren without him knowing it. Oryx's pulse thing at start of Taken King acted like Fertilizer to the seed in Uldren, and his thoughts clouded up with the way that went, drove him further to the madness/darkness, Riven attached like a signal from a transmitter and took advantage of that growing darkness. Then Forsaken happened. And now he's resurrected clear headed but able to tap into both light and dark. (I also imagine the original Destiny scene before the game was redone that never made it "Why is the City after me?", when he was "Crow" will be reused…)

    It's funny how the word Eldritch race/horror are starting to show up more in Lore/Armor things. Also Eldritch Effects is a nice transmat.

  34. You missed the portal there? That’s weak man. Still fun to watch that part in third person though, so thanks for the footage.

  35. Eldritch means sinister or ghostly so the Eldritch race I think is refering to the formless one. Love the channel!

  36. Hmm.. So in speculation of course.. The black garden heart is the antithesis of the traveler and Uldrin having the seed of darkness and resurrected by a ghost of the light, becomes the balance ? It seem the plot only thickens from here, I look forward to it.

  37. What if the Darkness in the heart of the garden and the Traveler are the two siblings that the book was talking about? And what I they are both part of an old race but eventually split apart

  38. Your last quoted lore line had me think outside the box a little. "Two siblings (Light/Traveler & Darkness/Black Garden) cleaved by time and space, reflections (I took this as reflections of thier own nature the Light has Guardians and the Darkness has it's Taken or manipulated races.) never found alone, the ending of the eldrith race (I took this as not a direct naming of a race but more of a hint. Eldrith depending on its use could mean old/elder race which the light and dark are among the oldest in terms of the Destiny timeline OR Eldriths direct meaning a dark/twisted race ending) – a path long seen but never known (every guardian/agent of light wants the darkness gone and since races have been used by both the light and darkness since before the lights use of humanity it would literally be a goal long fought for by guardians but as of yet unknown or if we go back to the elder race idea both sides light and dark want the other gone so this could also mean the light could be ending as we have played through a spot in the game where you go into the future and there is no more light. These are my thoughts anyways. My interpretation leaves some wiggle room for either side and with the developers okay going to some dark spots I could see a darkness ending BUT there is also hope in the darkness winning but thats a whole new post.

  39. If Uldren's theory is correct…

    Well the Black Garden isn't a Vex creation so, I'll agree with you. If the Heart was meant to tell the Darkness how strong the Traveler was getting, how strong will the Darkness be in response?

    If it's true, they are playing smart. They're watching and they know about us and what we've done. This gets confirmed if what Toland is talking about was the Deep.

    The lore card for Garden Progeny is interesting to me. Part of me wants to believe otherwise, but my brain is going to the Darkness and the Light. Everyone follows the Light and the Darkness has allies. Never found alone… But it has next to no ties to the Garden. So I don't know.

  40. I don't think we should call Uldren a Guardian until he comes to the Vanguard. Until then I think he should be considered a "Risen"

  41. Is it possible that the eldritch race was the battle of light and dark of the traveler and the heart of the black garden?

  42. So does this mean our guardian was infected with seeds of darkness while in the black garden or were we impervious to it?

  43. Does anyone think Lord Shaxx will be a champion of darkness? He is large enough to be a boss character, and is the only Guardian on the wall that wears his helmet. Is he hiding something?

  44. In typical bungie fashion they've left us breadcrumbs of this story the entire time. Im willing to bet your close to the lore and story of it and I cannot wait to see what happens with shadowkeep!

  45. Just a thought… "The same flower…" as in, taking bends the will of the Taken to the one who Takes, compared to the same flower of ghosts brainwashing the Risen into service of the Traveler.

  46. Uldren is like Saren in mass effect 1 Being taken is like being indoctrinated Saren was indoctrinated Uldren was taken

  47. Just wanted to say that you and byf are one of reasons that I love this game so much. The way that both of you explain the lore is so captivating, it is as though you both are bards to a reality that is part of our true reality. You both are are why I play this game. Thank you.

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