The Best Mod I’ve Ever Downloaded – Skyrim Mods – Week 237

The Best Mod I’ve Ever Downloaded – Skyrim Mods – Week 237

So as we all know, Skyrim is about six-and-a-half years old now I’m kind of curious when did you start playing Skyrim was it like 2011? Or did you jump on it after its fifth release? Leave that down below. Now this week proves that Skyrim modding is still Getting better I was unsure, that my channel was done after 2013 and here We are 2018, Nexus is filled with high-heel mods, but alongside those heels, is the greatest mod I’ve ever downloaded. I’m so proud of the modding community roll the intro First up we have the most endorsed mod this month from the creator of one of my favorite retexture mods ever Ancient Dwemer Metal, comes Voltage. Now I’ma just be straight-up honest with you guys. I was really hyped about this mod, great mod author and huge Endorsements, but I cannot for the first time ever tell the difference between Vanilla and this mod, besides the fact that this one is obviously blue and not purple Which I guess is more immersive to everybody but Emperor Palpatine? But wait a second lightning can actually have nine Possible colors. I guess it just depends on who you would rather be Emperor Palpatine, or Thor But wait a second, after even a carefuler examination Some of the bolts coming from the center of the vanilla hand, appear to be slightly girthier Where as Voltage, Never seems to get quite as girthy as some of the girthiest, vanilla has to offer and in addition Voltage also seems to have about two times the sparks and particles coming off of it and upon even further research Using a spell that’s not even in the vanilla game We can really see that perhaps at a closer look, that it might really be a pretty big difference, so in conclusion Hey, it’s pretty good So we now have interfaces to see the health of everybody We have interfaces to see how much damage we do to everybody, but you know what we don’t have an interface for? The level of sloottiness one possesses, that is a valuable Numbered metric we need to know asap just kidding, because we already know Camilla would be at a hundred. Camilla is a whore! This is Display Enemy Level. Am I exploring into areas that are way too difficult for me? Who is the strongest enemy in the group that I should target first? Should I even bother fighting this guy? All of those questions will be answered and more. I mean haven’t you ever wondered what level Ulfric is compared to you? Dang, Ulfric’s level 50?!, and Jorlief’s only level 1?!, and Yrsarald Thrice- Pierced is level 20?!, Galmar Stone-Fist is level 30?! No No What?! This is blowing my mind. Oh, it’s so good to know I feel like I’ve learned so much “Jorlief, I want to send a message of..” What?! Einarth is level 90?! Holy shit! Arngeir what the hell? He’s so high level, that I can continually shock him, and it does so little damage that he does Oh, I’m sorry ouch Alright guys, ow I, I’ve learnt my lesson I’m sorry please guys just Ow! Oh! Alright guys seriously, stop now Oh come on! Oh, oh, I got out! Gonna get the hell out of here! Okay please. I’m so close No No Ow! Ow! (sobbing sounds) Next up, we have a brand new weapon But not just any brand new weapon. It’s Sir Radzig’s sword. Whose Sir Radzig? Sir Radzig’s from Kingdom Come Deliverance And not world of warcarft, which is what this next mod author usually makes weapons for, this is Sir Radzig’s sword, by John Skyrim. And you can find it at the Whiterun barracks. Now, if you haven’t played at KCD before, this is an incredibly Important sword. You and your father craft this at the very beginning of the game in a beautifully made, ten-minute cutscene “Magnificent!” “Indeed it is”. Shut your whore mouth Trace, nobody’s talking to you I’m sorry And then you spend the rest of the entire game trying to get the sword of Sir Radzig, that’s why the game is called Kingdom Come Deliverance Sir Radzig is waiting for the deliverance of his sword true story. Now you never really get too close to the sword in KCD But I can tell you without a doubt, that John Skyrim’s version is a lot more detailed I mean the average user of the sword is probably just gonna see this You know looks like a sword but what you really have to do is drop it on the floor, use the camera command, set your field of view to 20 and then start moving forward Closer Closer You better make sure this zooms and in as much the goddamn Hubble telescope! Only then can you truly truly appreciate This weapon mod. This is the carpet by the way at this level of zoom. I feel like a biologist looking for microorganisms Feels like that episode of South Park where they zoom in on Clyde’s hair and find villages of fleas But I’m just looking at details of a sword. I went up to FOV five to really see the details Guys we’re running out of FOV’s you know that right? But this is why I love Skyrim modding, they take the best weapons of every other game and make them even better in a 2011 game. Next up we have the mod that I so humbly declare as The best mod ever made To give you some background, Smartos made by Haem Projects, the only mod of theirs i’ve ever reviewed was The Staff of Shalidor, the home within a staff. It was creative. It was beautiful, but now they’ve undertaken a much larger DLC-size project Project AHO. It is so Amazingly epic that you must pronounce to them that your body is ready for Yargol gro-Shak, to knock you out Abduct you and bring you to the great city of Sadrith Kegran, a hidden settlement of the great House Telvanni Built on a ruined Dwerven city, whom still hold on to traditions such as Slavery. That’s what you get to immersively experience, being sold off in a Telvanni slave market The original soundtrack that probably comes the closest to Skrim’s original OST than any other mod ever, playing in the background The sheer visuals of the room itself, all the NPC’s in the right positions, the scripted events, the most lore friendly elf Voices I’ve ever heard Just left me in pure awe. The last time I’d ever seen a scene Go this smoothly was yeah this one, the beginning of Skyrim You’re now a second-class citizen called an Enwar, and you wear an amulet that, “locks your will, restrains your mind Suppresses your emotions”. As soon as I was able to walk. I could not resist just looking at everything, a feeling I don’t normally get with DLC-sized mods. Immediately, I found new beverages, books describing the city’s lore and even chess pieces that I could collect and Presumably play chess with and a whole ton of items That I had no idea what to even do with at that point With most DLC-size mods that are so stretched thin that they forget about what’s really important And that’s detail and exploration This is the first DLC mod that I felt rewarded for exploring and poking my nose everywhere I mean I talked to a mudcrab and paid him off for a part of a secret code Which I have no idea what to even do with? But that’s the exciting part. A Khajit comes up to me with Absolutely brilliant voice acting by the way. And offers rumours about local citizens, For gold. Hell yeah, I’m gonna get that gold! My slaver mentions an area I shouldn’t go to, hell yeah you know I’m going! I picked up a Dwemer lever on a desk and it set me on a new quest to find out where That lever attached to. I finished the mod But I feel like I haven’t seen half of what the mod even has to offer. Now the goal isn’t as simple as just Freeing yourself from slavery It’s really more about Determining the future of Sadrith Kegrann. You see in the middle of the city is this giant mushroom called The Talen-t Which powers the city and also mutates the local fauna, making the city looked really really dope and underneath it is this giant Dwemer ruin, Where the Dwemer once mined Aetherium, a powerful resource that the Dwemer could have used to conquer all of Tamriel. Kind of like Wakanda and Vibranium, and finally somewhere in all of that is the Aetherium Hyperspace Observatory. Now without ruining the story too much, the goal is to power the AHO Using the aetherium without destroying the Giant’s mushroom in the middle of the town. Depending on how you go about it And who you side with, the ending of the mod will be different But either way you will get the AHO as a player home, a player home that allow you to travel to any Dwarven ruin, filled with never-before-seen Dwemer crafting stations, vending machines for Rodeos Interchangeable holograms, different colour settings, this is the Dwemer home you never asked for but you were so happy you got Everywhere you go in this mod, your met with pure beauty, every time you think you’ve seen the most beautiful Vista in Skyrim, he hits you with another one and another one and Another one and another one, until your mind blows up And you declare this, the best mod ever made and that is it for this week. I really hope you enjoyed that last mod as much as I did Thank you guys so much for watching, and I’ll see you guys next time Peace. Looking for some cheap games, check out and use the code MXR, to get three percent cash back, link down below (in the description).

100 thoughts on “The Best Mod I’ve Ever Downloaded – Skyrim Mods – Week 237

  1. I just installed this game for the first time a couple days ago. Now to figure out how to work Vortex and get the mods to work properly.

  2. I started playing in like 2012 or 2013 back on the 360. Ahh good times.

    Black ops 2
    And Minecraft.

    No worries back then

  3. i felt project aho was a little broken couldn't find this or that had hard time justifying the time when i couldn't find something even though it points right there.

  4. i still havent played Skyrim, i have played Oblivion for about 1000 hours and i really want to jump into Skyrim but my PC is old and i cant run it

  5. Its cool to see all the skyrim mods but i have to watch these videos on mute because this guy is such a fucking tool.

  6. 6:02 Wait, what? I wasn't given a warning lmao I wanted to just pause the game and I exited speech with the Orc and he knocked me tf out

  7. I made a profile on my friends Xbox since my parents wouldn't let me play it, they said it did bad things to women we said only in mods, so we convinced them to let me play and I got it Christmas 2011 good times

  8. I honestly thought this was gonna be a joke, either a terrible mod or a ridiculous sex mod. But that actually looks amazing.

  9. Alexstraza has reached the maximum scale of beauty. It’s really creeping me out, how can an animated character (from a Bethesda game no less) be so perfect looking?

    I can see no way this can be furthered!

  10. Just got back into it first time I played was 2011 christmas and started using scripts right away until about 2014 just got back into the game because your content already have 52 mods and counting

  11. I started playing Skyrim since 2011. Since i just recently got into PC gaming, your videos are a hilarious way for me to figure out what mods i might want to add.

  12. I started back in 2011 with the base vanilla model on the xbox 360. Now i've downloaded over 200 mods on my PC version ready for a whole new experience, thanks to you.

  13. My friend told me about skyrim back in around when it just came out. 2011? I believe. Then I went and bought the collectors edition box. It was my first game in that genre. All I used to play was spyro and scaler on original xbox.

  14. been playing Skyrim since 2011, and I have never gotten bored of it. By far my favorite game of all time, and when I got a pc in 2018, playing Skyrim modded out just made everything so much more enjoyable.

  15. Everyone involved in AHO should legit become their respective role in game development. This is high tier resume material right here. The music composition, the voice acting, the level design, the story writing, the scripting, everything is so so good. You guys are going places man

  16. i played this mod as an argonian so the part where you said 'without destroying the mushroom' … that's just precious. cool that the mod considers this though 8)

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