The Best Car Mods Anyone Can Do

The Best Car Mods Anyone Can Do

rev up your engines,
today I’m going to talk about three of the best car modifications you can do to
your car yourself, now I’m not going to be talking about super expensive stuff, like
putting on a turbocharger, where you got to spend a whole bunch of money, then
you have to have a mechanic reprogram the computer to make it fit, I’m talking
about stuff that you can do yourself that really makes a difference, now the
first thing I’m going to talk about is brakes, so I’m using motorcycle brakes as
an example, now when you’re driving your car around, your entire car all that
weight is kinetic energy in motion and when you have to stop the vehicle, all
that kinetic energy is turned to heat by the brakes and that he has to be
dissipated, and on motorcycle since you only have two wheels and they’re really
fast, it’s very important to dissipate it as fast as possible, hence you have
drilled rotors so they dissipate heat better, so if you really want to put an
upgraded modification on your car, you can get drilled or slotted discs to put
on your car and it will stop much better plus it’s an easy job you can do
yourself, now the second really good mod you can
do in your car, are your tires, you want to have the right tires for how you want to
ride, drive and corner, now I’m not talking about foolish modifications, like
if you have 16 inch wheels putting 20 inch wheels and stuff, that ruins the
vehicle really, I’m talking about using quality tires that are the right ones
for your driving experience, realize that a large part of the shock absorbing
system of your car is actually your tire the rubber sidewalls come and go, they
give and your car’s going to ride a lot better if you have the correct tires for
your car and let’s say you live in a rainy place like Seattle, you want to get
good rain tires, they actually have tires that have treads that are deliberately
designed so that they expel the water off to the sides and work much better
in rainy environments, and if you have a really fast car, you have to get speed
rated tires that can take the speed and will be able to take all the power of
the engine without the tire slipping, and here of course you got to decide how far
do you want the notifications to go because you can get really grippy tires
that are super soft, but then it’s like an eraser, as you go down the road you’re
going to wear those tires out fast and really soft ones, they can wear out
in five six hundred miles, so you don’t want to go that far, just realize that tires have a lot to do with how your car rides, I’ve had
many customers in the past say, Oh Scotty thanks for telling me I need new tires
because boy when I put on the ones you suggested, the car rode so much better,
didn’t skid anymore, and it handles like a dream now, and all they did was change the
tires, the last good car modification has to do with the cooling system, the
radiator in your car, now for a long time radiators have been made out of plastic
and aluminum, this car is 26 years old and it’s still got a plastic aluminum
one in, but when I was a kid radiators were better, they were all solid metal
construction like on my motorcycle here the radiator is all made out of metal, even the
tanks are made out of metal everything’s metal guess what, metal
dissipates heat better than plastic and it lasts a lot longer, and modern radiators are
thinner, they have less surface area some of them are one row, some of them are two row,
but most of them are just one row, look at this radiator it was a four row,
they work a lot better, so if you want a modify your cooling system,
put on a better metal radiator and one that’s got more rows, it’s going to
last longer and cool your engine better realize when they’re building modern
vehicles, they’re often not building them to last as long as possible, you can
reverse the trend yourself by modifying your own car, just make sure you use the
right modifications like I’m talking about and not goofy things like raising
them way up in the air, putting on huge tires, or anything that is claiming it’s
going to make your car work better but actually it makes it work worse,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair video,s remember to
ring that Bell!

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  2. I see a similarity between Scotty and Columbo. They both talk about their wives but we never see them.. 😂

  3. I definitely get brakes, tires and wheels can improve handling, but a cooling system upgrade?

    Maybe if the existing rad goes bad but if you haven't done all the "complicated" mods like adding a turbo, why would you fix something that is completely sufficient?

  4. Scotty hates low profile tires. Yeah, we know bigger wall gives a better ride, but some of us ppl want cool looking tires to idk.. make your car look cooler. We know we have to sacrifice some comfort for aesthetics. C'mon Scotty, not everyone wants a '93 celica with 215 85 15s.

  5. Drilled rotors are not a good idea for daily driven cars. They crack easier, they don't break as good for single time breaking and wear out faster.

  6. Drilled or slotted discs do not "stop better" in normal driving situations. They prevent brake fade in a high heat or stress situation, such as a long downhill or racing situation. If you vent your discs and expect more powerful braking you will be disappointed.

  7. I'm about Scotty's age, and I disagree as to the older metal radiators… of the 60's and 70's we were constantly dealing with leaky radiators, pouring in that horrible stop leak stuff, and they generally sucked. From the 90's and up, I have had no radiator issues whatsoever, actually the only frequent repairs are heater cores, which are yes, metal! Today's radiators are far more reliable than those older metal models. My last several cars, ranging in age from 1997 to 2017, I have driven a sum total of 640,000 miles with not one radiator issue or failure.

  8. Transmission coolers are one of the best investments to make. Heat kills ATF which kills your automatic transmission.

  9. Whoa, whoa, whoa!!! Slotted rotors will not make your car stop faster! In fact, just the opposite; because there is less surface area. On the other hand there are some benefits to slotted rotors. They do dissipate heat faster; which makes them ideal for racing. But unless you're racing, or warping rotors on a regular basis from your driving style, don't bother. Also, the most common cause of warped rotors besides braking too hard too much is unevenly torqued lug nuts.

  10. No disrespect with this question but, I have a 2017 toyota camry and I don't race around with my car. The car stops fine never have issues with the brakes, tires, i'll buy new ones as soon as they wear down to the point where I need new ones, and If the car never over heats, why would I need all these mods? I live in Calgary Alberta Canada by the way and do alot of highway drive to Kananaskis, Banff, and Jasper winter and summer. Can someone please tell me why you would spend the extra money when everything stock does just fine.
    Thanks in advance.

  11. If you a have a cheap shitty bicycle and you put very good tires on it and great brakes it will become a much better ride.

  12. Good advise about tyres but better advice is actual tyre pressure . And advising the local handy man to drill holes in the brake disc's can open up a real can of worms in just balance alone . Cheers from Down Under in Australia .

  13. Rotors are not drilled to dissipate heat better rotors were drilled because outgassing from the pads used to affect brakec performance. drilling them out actually lets them dissipate less heat because there's a smaller heatsink. Can also make the rotors more susceptible to cracking

  14. Hi Scotty.
    I have a lot of respect for you, so please don't feel like I am trying to blast you like some sort of internet troll.
    But the whole "more cores is better" comes from a time when radiators were primarily made from copper and brass. Copper is great for heat conductivity however it is weak comparatively to aluminum, the tubes could not be made very wide before they began to balloon under pressure. I believe the industry standard for copper radiator tube is 1/2 in. In order for the tube to be wider it would also have to be much thicker to avoid ballooning. Thus in order to make a radiator that had superior heat dissipation manufacturers stacked more cores to allow for more surface area. And while this works to an extent it also significantly increases drag across the cores reducing air flow, creating what could be considered a rule for diminishing returns.
    Newer aluminum radiators from reputable brands (not cheap Chinese eBay radiators) are usually made with 1.0" tubes ( industry-standard for aluminum radiators) and there are many companies that make radiators with 1.25" tubes. I have even seen performance radiators with 1.5" tubes.
    I would say that a quality aluminum radiator with a dual 1 inch core would be better than any 4 core radiator back in the day of copper-brass.
    I am running a dual core radiator with 1.25 inch tubes on my LS3 powered truck. I couldn't get that thing to overheat pulling my trailer up a 10% grade in 100+ degree last summer.
    When it comes down to it a radiator from a trusted manufacturer made from quality materials is going to perform far better then a radiator purchased based on how many cores it has.

  15. I have been told that Semi-Trucks are designed for about 1 million miles of use before "major" drive train servicing. If true, any practical mods, (other than timely maintenance), that would help us get near that kind of longevity?

  16. Hey Scotty,
    I have a 2014 Civic SI sedan, manual transmission.
    I was hoping you can give me a good recommendation?
    For context: I live in Oregon where it rains a lot but I still want to have some performance aspect out of it as well.


  17. hey Scotty, thanks to you and your videos, I am able to educate customers better every day at my job. Yes I work at an instant oil change place (used to work in major chain garages). But, I follow your advice seriously. Thanks to your automotive experience and dedication to quality content, I can now pass along great information to the average person and do my part to help people maintain their vehicles.

  18. where can i find, either a drum to disk kit for the rear brakes on my 86 w250 or new backing plate ? Rust never sleeps and i had to patch both sides last year. dana 60 bendix brakes .

  19. I added roof racks to my Honda Pilot so that I can take my canoe to the lake. Also added a hitch to take my fishing boat to the lake. Mods that work.

  20. 3 best cheap car mods:

    Drilled or slotted ventilated disc brakes. Try to find the biggest ones that still fit properly on your stock rims to dissipate heat better.

    Use quality tires that properly fit your car’s rims and environment. In rainy environments, look for ones that can move rainwater more quickly.

    Modify your cooling system with metal radiators with as many rows that can fit on your car.

  21. 1. Get drilled or slotted brake rotor discs to put on your car (DIY)
    2. Get the right tires based on how you ride, drive and corner.
    3. Replace your radiator with a metal one that has multiple rows

  22. I turned my Altima in a infinti g35. It's still a Nissan though 😔 jk. Nah I love my g35. 2008 32k miles. It's the best car I've owned yet. I owned a 2013 Honda civic and that thing was just slow as hell and CVT transmission nope!

  23. That is a VERY VERY STUPID trend of putting those oversized rims and skinny sidewall tires on a car it's not safe and makes the car ride like it's on wagon wheels on a gravel road

  24. One would imagine that drilled and slotted brake discs would have less stopping power with less contact area between the pads and the disc – even if it's marginal.

    Another problem is that increase in surface area would allow for a lot more rusting. Again, if the damage is marginal, or even negligible, it still creates more problems.

    Just a thought but a car with inter slotted/ drilled surface rust may have that rust dislodged at speed.

    If the driver brakes while that rust is coming off it may get compressed between the pad ans the disc.

    One could only surmise, I would argue – correctly, that such would lead to increased wear of the disc.

  25. Scotty whats the best tyre size for my 16inch alloy wheel in a honda fit.. looking for comfortable ride i have 205/45 now.. pls reply. Thanks and God bless

  26. Best upgrade i did to my car was take out the stupid k&n air filter and got and oem one. More power too. It was great

  27. The holes in motorcycle rotors aren't for heat dissipation though they will help that a little. If you want better gas mileage don't load up your trunk with a Scotty.

  28. You’re completely incorrect when it comes to drilled rotors. They don’t use drilled rotors on race cars anymore. They used to use them because the older brake pads emitted a gas that needed to escape or it wouldn’t fully allow the pad to press on the rotor.

    You should use vented rotors with a plain face which most vehicles already come with. If you want extra stopping power maybe try slotted rotors but they’ll chew up your pads faster and cannot be turned by a lathe so you’ll have to buy them every brake change.

    The high end cars have slotted rotors because people think they look cool. That’s literally the only reason.

  29. In a newer video you said a drilled disk is not a good idea unless you race your car, and you would need to change them sooner due to the holes, causing the disk not to last that long. Usually you contradict yourself in your videos. I enjoy them nonetheless. And what happened to your old intros???

  30. Hey Scotty. I had new brake pads and hardware to replace the old pieces in my 2015 Dodge Charger RT. Here it is less that 1 year latter and when I brake I hear a high squeaking sound. Why are they already squeaking? What should I do. I the brakes work fine but the noise when I slow down is really annoying and embarrassing. Thanks man, love your show. Damion from Charlotte NC

  31. I have drilled rotors on my lexus also installed new 18inch adohan wheels and continental tiers had to roll my fenders since my car is already lowered when it was made

  32. A little confused here. On other episodes you state that drilled and slotted rotors have less surface area and less thermal mass so they are not better. Here the story flips. What gives?

  33. Is it even possible to get better radiators for common cars? Because most of the listings I find online are either exact aftermarket replacements or just high performance racing ones 🤷🏻‍♂️

  34. Hi is there any way that u can contact me? I have a very serious n emergency question amd i dont know what to do anymore and nobody can find an issue please help

  35. Scotty sorry bud got to disagree drilled rotors are pricey and honestly I don’t think it’s worth it. If u wanna upgrade the brakes get a multi piston caliper or bigger rotors. And if you want you use the standard brake setup then just get performance brake pads. They help a lot

  36. If you live in Seattle do yourself a favour and move. Also best car mod ever is forced air induction, Scotty will tell you no as he did in the intro but man that power is FANTASTIC!!!

  37. The 3.0 Ford vulcan six cylinder engines were terrific in their day. Easily the best and most reliable V6 Ford had back then. It was the first fuel-injected V6 they had that was not a converted (from carb to injected) engine. Built from scratch by Ford too. They are solid, famous for long life, easy to work on and parts aren't a nightmare like with some other Ford engines. The Ranger with a 3.0 is a great choice. Five stars for Scotty's review.

  38. drilled rotors are in fact worse on a street car,same with slotted rotors.the benefits
    from slotted and drilled rotors is negligible unless racing or doing serious performance driving.
    it seems like you are batting a thousand with all of you "so called good advice" headers being bad was frigging hilarious

  39. Yep, got me a triple core, super flow rad, and since then it will drop that temp needle like a rock. I can sometimes see this when it begins to warm up in the mornings, when the thermostat opens. Many years later I began to have heating problems. I blamed the thermostat. However, what happened is, over the years some oil kept spilling when I added oil and over the years it dripped right onto the radiator because there was a weep hole where it spilled from all the times I filled with oil. I had about a square foot section of the rad that was clogged with grease. Degreased and washed that off and I'm back running cool again.

  40. ……….. that's what I say too…." the tyres are an important part of the car's suspension,, putting ultra low profile tyres on makes you feel every bump and they're expensive and dangerous cause if partly deflated and you try and take a corner hard which is bad driving anyway then if rim digs into the road it can cause car to flip over….I hate alloy rims.

  41. ………My neighbour in days of copper radiators had a business repairing and making radiators and he once explained to me that radiators used to be at least two inches deep but slowly it was found that bulk of heat transfer occurred in first inch of radiators..This means the heat transfer fins needn't be any greater than inch deep ,three inches being common. Maybe though with lower conductivity plastic and aluminium it's possible an axtra inch could help but I'm going for a wider radiator by repositioning lights and installing more sensible lights.

  42. Scotty, you know the western / central new york weather… I’m going to have to commute from syracuse to utica daily for work for a while… whats the least expensive yet best quakity and best fuek economy AWD vehicle to commute on the thruway during the winter with that has an automatic transmission? Im thinking a used rav 4? What would you do? Reliablity and awd and fuel economy are the concerns here. Thanks!

  43. Buy slotted rotors. Don't buy drilled rotors. The holes create stress centers on the rotor where the heat difference can get extreme enough to crack the rotor over time. Race cars can use drilled rotors because they replace rotors and pads every race.

  44. would not advise buying drilled and slotted rotors. even realy good quality ones. not worth the money. don't last as long, don't stop as well. more surface area = better stopping, only use these disks if your trackin the car. not worth the money for every day road car. wont see any benefits. p.s I set fast road cars up for a living.

  45. I always buy a seperate set of wheels and dedicated studded snow tires for canadian winters but never bought drilled rotors for any vehicle yet.
    Seems like a race track application
    same for rads, in canada not really applicable except on tow vehicles

  46. I've talked to many mechanics and been in many car forums.

    Drilled and slotted rotors offer less surface area for the brakes to bite into when you hit your brakes.

    It's less effective with "performance" drilled and slotted rotors. It's a money grab.

    I'm surprised Scott doesn't know this. Actually I've never seen anybody publicly say these were an improvement to a vehicle and not a fool's bet.

  47. Metal DOES NOT dissipate heat faster. It also retains heat longer and gets hotter..thats why intakes are made of plastic and rubber not aluminum. Even k&n is switching over their aluminum designs to composite plastics

  48. If you have a Suby 2.5 throw some NGK blue spark plug wires on it and you'll be amazed at the difference from stock. I don't know why but they really do make the motor have a greater throttle response.

  49. Best tires Im running right now for my 05’ eclipse GT are Yokohama Avid Ascend GT’s. Allows me to make corners at 30-40 MPH No problem and have lots of surface area and are decent for weather

  50. Hey Scotty I have a turbocharged civic sport hatback 2019. I want to increase power and acceleration. I don’t step on it much but I wish I had q little more turbo affect. I made the mistake of putting an aftermarket muffler on. But I want to know from you what will give it power I know intakes won’t really help after watching one of your videos so… what will for this.

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