The Best Apple Watch Apps You’ve Been Missing Out On

This video is sponsored by SquareSpace. Whether you need a domain, website, or online store Make it with SquareSpace. Hey, It’s Chris! I’ve really been looking forward to making this particular video because every time I run into a really awesome Apple Watch app which is not all the time, by the way, they’re tricky to find then I make a note of it, and when I save up enough then I turn it into an episode. This one is going to be really great I really think it has the potential to change how you use and think about your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is one of the important devices in my life, Apple or otherwise. I wake up with it’s alarm, the reminders keep me on task, the Siri watch face always knows what I have coming up. I use it to control audio on my TV, Homepod, and Airpods. It’s always pushing me to burn more calories. It’s my favorite way to text. I use it to get directions and I mean the list goes on. Yeah, the Apple Watch is great out of the box. Literally, it’s amazing but, adding the right apps to the powerful computer on your wrist can, in turn, make you just a little bit more powerful as well. Now, when you think about Apple Watch apps you probably think about health apps first, which is fine. I don’t blame you, this is a very health and fitness focused device. But, I get really excited about Apple Watch apps that are more about productivity and actual content. So, those are the kind of apps that I have rounded up in this video with one exception. Before really getting in to it, there are a few things I want to talk about, I want to talk about the state of Apple Watch apps in general cause it’s interesting. Also, I want to catch everybody up on all the great Apple Watch apps that I mentioned on the channel so far, so I gonna hit those really quickly and just to let you know I’m going to put the time stamps to everything that I am talking about down in the description so if you want to skip right into the apps that you came for, please feel free to do so and at the end of the video, I am gonna answer some of the questions that you guys just submitted while I have been sitting here recording this video. Are you guys wondering about the shirt? Mustard’s Last Stand? If you ever come to Colorado, especially if you are vegetarian you have to go here. Good Apple Watch apps are kinda hard to find, even for me. If you look in the Official Apple Watch app store in the Apple Watch app on your Iphone, you might think, “Wow, there’s really not that many Apple Watch apps out there” but, some of the best apps aren’t the ones that are featured in the official store. Okay, well, if they aren’t there then where are they? Well, every now and then you may run into a good one featured in one of the Apple blogs, or you can find some on an Apple Watch subreddit or you might be able to find some more on a community site like Product Hunt. But, they are kinda scattered all over the place. Unfortunately, several official apps have been disappearing off the platform recently. Like there’s no more official Twitter, or Instagram apps, for instance. Although, there are some good alternatives and I am going to talk about one of those down below. But even though it can be kind of hard to track down some of the new and unique and maybe non health and fitness focused Apple Watch apps, and even though some big companies are pulling their apps off the platform, there are still some really great developers making some thoughtful and useful apps. But first, let me just mention six of my favorite Apple Watch apps that I have already covered on the channel, there’s a lot more. I’m going to link you to the videos where I have covered all of them, if you want to check them out, down in the description. Because these are just essentials that you need to know about before we get into the new apps. Nano, gives you a pretty incredible Reddit experience right on your wrist. I mean seriously, it’s kind of mind blowing. Drafts is basically known as the fastest way to record notes, on any Apple device, and on the Apple Watch that’s really no different, it’s one of the best Apple Watch apps, of all time. Cheatsheet is super unique. It lets you set a mini note as a complication on your watch, so your important info is always at hand. Hindsight is a great way to track how long it’s been since you did anything. Drink a cup of coffee, or worked out, whatever. It’s fast and it’s amazing. Numerics is a business data platform that helps you track important numbers and its great to get those numbers on your wrist. I use it to track YouTube subscribers and other important YouTube metrics. Finally, Just Press Record is amazing for recording audio very quickly. It’s saved my butt many times. So let’s get into the new apps starting with Bear, which is a note taking app you might have heard about before that recently added Watch support. It’s one of the most fully featured Apple Watch apps I’ve ever seen. It really makes great use of everything Apple lets you do, which is actually kind of constrained. Now even though I have been very dedicated to Apple’s own Notes app for years and you should check out my Apple’s Notes video if you haven’t seen it yet. I recently made the switch to Bear, because I love the interface and all the options and the look, and a big part why I decided to try it out is because it works with the Apple Watch and Apple Notes doesn’t. Bear on your Apple Watch is very straightforward. The first thing you see when you open it is a new note button which will let you dictate a new note. If you deep press into that button you’ll also get an option to scribble a new note. Just in case you are in a place where you can’t talk. Underneath that you will be able to scroll through your ten latest notes which stay saved at all times. So that’s cool because you will be able to see whatever it is you have been working on most recently. If you have any pinned notes, which pins a note up to the top of the note list, then those are gonna show up here too, but it does count towards your ten note limit, so if you ten pinned notes that’s all you gonna see.

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