The Australian Department of Podcasts

The Australian Department of Podcasts

Here at the Australian Government, we’re always listening. To Podcasts And thanks to the dedication of podcasters to the true crime genre we’ve been able to identify three key issues. Which is why we’ve decided to overhaul the entire system and replace it with the Department of Podcasts. By 2019, every crime will be assigned a charismatic journalist. A moving instrumental piece. And sponsorship from one of the following brands. With over 7000 crimes commited in Australia every week, we believe this intiative will really boost the podcast economy and provide a safer, more exciting new experience for victims who’ve suffered crimes both petty and heinous. Yeah, I’ve solved a lot of crimes with my podcast. Missing Doris, Crying Banker, Hidden Money. Jan’s Slaughter was very popular. t’s heavy stuff, but it’s an incredible feeling when an individual’s pain finally goes viral. When my daughter went missing three weeks ago, the police were really hesitant to launch a nationwide investigation. That’s when I stepped in to help Rachel get justice and within weeks, ‘Dude, where’s my daughter?’ had millions of downloads. All my friends are hooked on the podcast. We can’t wait to hear if my daughter’s found. Especially me because she’s my daughter. Initially I was skeptical of this podcast department, but then 36 of my judgements were overruled by podcast investigations. So I’m stepping down. I’m going to let them fix this broken system. Plus they’re so addictive. We hope you’ll get on board with this new initiative as Australia introduces a new model for a better legal system. And better audio content. We’re excited to roll out, the Department of Podcasts. Because true justice… Is a podcast. Is a podcast. Is a podcast. Is a podcast.

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  1. Ahaha! So good. I have just rediscovered podcasts and that comment about a 'charismatic journalist' and 'the following sponsors' feels too true.

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