The Art of Energy Management – Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

19 thoughts on “The Art of Energy Management – Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

  1. If any of you are interested, check out the book Power of Full Engagement 👍
    The 4 energy sources for next episode will likely be…
    1) mental
    2) emotional
    3) physical
    4) spiritual

  2. Nailed it right on the head! Now where do I find the time to do my energy audit?  Thanks for doing these podcasts!

  3. What do i do when im under someone else leadership, and can always create the rhythm for my peak production and fulfillment? Hope this makes since.

  4. Thank you!
    I am always exhausted at the end of my shift. I sleep well at night and eat well. I have been baffled.
    So exited for next class!

  5. I used to be exhausted and depressed all the time, but then I subbed to Craig Groeschel and found Jesus and I couldn't be better!

  6. @PolstonTax did Craig Groeschel’s leadership podcast with 15 of our 17 managers in our management meeting this morning! We have been doing one of the leadership podcasts each month and have applied the nuggets gained to grow as leaders. This morning we did the podcast on the Art of Energy Management and gained a great deal of insight on leading nearly 120 employees. This podcast was also the catalyst for discussing the responsibilities that energize us and the responsibilities that drain us. Thank you for these leadership podcasts.

  7. • Great message, ideas and tips… thank you…definitely going to integrate some of this into my daily schedule 🙌😇

  8. Ok..maybe I am off base here…this is brilliant. Are you a student of Steiner and temperament? This is exactly what I teach to my Waldorf homeschool program students. I have needed someone to help me apply it more to me and my temperament.

  9. This was super awesome. Was making my notes as I listened and when you sent in the questions at the end, I realised I already had them answered. Thank you Craig. With love from Nigeria

  10. This is such amazing teaching! The building blocks I've been needing! I'm definitely going to be watching again and taking notes. I will use this to build me up and then I will be better able to build up my team! Thank you so much for this!

  11. So good! I’m grateful for your guidance and willingness to help us find the balance needed to be better leaders.

  12. All of this sounds very helpful and wise. I look forward to doing an Energy Audit.  BUT…question: the goals outlined here imply a lot of being able to control your day and schedule. What if much of your job is about responding?  If you are frequently interrupted from tasks that have been started, and you're expected to juggle many balls at the same time? It seems that it would be much harder to adhere to your energy peaks…?  Curious about others' experiences… Thanks!

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