The Actual Process Of Fate Being Fulfilled | Dear My Name | Part Two [Final] (Click CC for ENG sub)

The Actual Process Of Fate Being Fulfilled | Dear My Name | Part Two [Final] (Click CC for ENG sub)

I’m going to confess
to the girl I like. Me too. I’m going to confess
to someone I like. (Dear My Name) Ji Woo, look here. You said you wouldn’t shoot
my face. Stop it. I have to do an interview. Help me out. How does it feel for your name to sparkle for the first time
in five years? At first, I was disappointed
that he doesn’t have my name. It feels awesome. Do you like it that much? What do you like so much? He just suddenly… (Jae Ha Yoo) How did you know
about my hideout? Your hideout? It just looked pretty. I’m impressed you know that. Others think it’s scary. It looks beautiful
from the inside. Do you go there often? Yes. This is a secret. Only I know about that place. What a pity. Now, I know about that place. I’ll make an exception. Since when… were you named? It was in middle school. I was lying down
on the tennis court. You remember in detail. I do. It was an unforgettable moment. Five years, was it? You must’ve waited
for a long time. You’re wrong. I’m still waiting. Still. You don’t know
how this feels, do you? What a pity.
It’s a nice feeling. By the way, why did you ask? -Well…
-If it’s because of me, you don’t need to worry. I guess
fate breaks down sometimes. I’m hungry. Do you want to ride in the back since you’re hungry? “Do you want to ride
in the back?” Hey. He grabbed your hand and rode the bike? Isn’t it obvious, then? But he didn’t actually
grab my hand. He probably just wanted
to befriend me. That’s why he touched you? Then he’s definitely a playboy! I mean… Place your hand here. He grabbed it and said, “Do you want to ride
in the back?” He made my heart skip a beat. It’s hot in here. Hey, the playboy is here. What were you giggling about? It’s none of your business. Gosh, at this rate,
you guys should just live together. I should go home. Hey, good luck. Why did you buy so much? Sae Rom, you’re having dinner
with us, right? No, I need to go. We’re having stir-fried pork. -Yes!
-Your stir-fried pork is the best. But I really can’t. -I’m meeting my ex.
-What? Why? What was that reaction? Why would you meet your ex? I don’t think you know,
but there are steps to breaking up. She’s meeting her ex? How could she say that
in front of her boyfriend? Fine, he’s too handsome
to get over. I’m leaving. Hey, Sae Rom! Are they not in a relationship? Should we have pizza,
your favorite? Yes, pizza! Do you like pizza? I didn’t know that. Why are you following me? Don’t meet him. I get that you’re worried, but I’m meeting him for closure. What if you get hurt again? How many times has it been? By now, you should know
how to avoid them. What you’re doing
isn’t being nonchalant. It’s really pathetic. Then what do you want me to do? I want to meet my soulmate,
but he’s nowhere to be found. I feel like the only way
to find him is by pretending to be nonchalant
when I’m actually pathetic. I wonder if I’d be going
through this had I been named. What? Do you think those who are named
have no worries? There are countless options
in our lifetime. It’d be nice if at least
finding your soulmate was easy. What if it’s easy but you just don’t know it yet? What? That’s your problem. You try to find the answer
in all the wrong places. You need to look around you. What are you saying? Never mind if you don’t get it. So what’s the answer? -I don’t know. Don’t follow me.
-Wait up! I want to be alone. Goodness. Wake me up in ten minutes. You can sleep for 15 minutes. All right. 20, it is. You’re wrong. I’m still waiting. Still. If it’s because of me,
you don’t need to worry. I guess
fate breaks down sometimes. I’m sorry. I thought you were sleeping. I like this song. Hey. Why are you drinking alone? I guess I’ll have one can less. Thanks. I’m going to confess
to the girl I like. Who is she? It’s a secret. Come on. Me too. I’m going to confess
to someone I like. Who is it? Well… Remember what we talked
about last time? Right, we talked
about men liking men. Actually… That’s about me. What? I’ve never thought of it. But I realized
the important thing is about liking that person,
whether it’s a guy or a girl. I found myself liking him. Thanks for this. What? Does he think Ji Woo is a guy? Let me help. It’s okay. I can manage. You might trip. Are you this kind to everyone? No, I’m not good at being kind. Being kind isn’t a game.
It’s not about being good at it. I’m good at playing games. Was that a joke? It truly felt strange. My heart fluttered for someone else other than my dream soulmate. You are kind. By the way, I have a question. Dear my name whom I’ve been waiting for without realizing it… Just like the name
engraved on my arm, I think I’m broken as well. What do you think
about a guy liking another guy? What? Ji Woo, could you tie my apron? -Okay.
-Hurry, hurry! Come on, now. -Feed me some snacks.
-What? Feed me. Here. There you go. So that was it? Yes? I’ll look for it
and let you know. There was a secret
I didn’t know. No, there were two secrets. It was too late
when I had found out. I’m going to confess
to the girl I like. Who is she? It’s a secret. I found out that the person
I thought was a guy turned out to be a girl. How should I address you? Just address me like
you’d address your brother. What do you think
about a guy liking another guy? What? I found out everything. But because of that, I can’t do anything. Bad morning. Bad morning. Is no one home? They all left just now. Did they go together? Yes. Han Gyeol went to work
on his graduation project, and Ji Woo is helping him out. Hey. Why is life so hard? -I know, right?
-Never mind. Sae Rom is the worst. I confessed to her. -Lucky you.
-Not at all. I’m pretty sure I was rejected. It’s much better than me
who can’t even confess. Sure. I may have sounded
too vague. That’s understandable. But still, we’ve spent
so many years together. She should’ve understood me. Right, but it was impossible
to understand. Never mind, she may
have feigned ignorance. What’s the point
when I already said no? I’m such an idiot. Such an idiot. -What?
-What? Me? What did I say? You said I was an idiot. Come out. I’m in the park
in front of your house. I’ll be back. Okay. Bye. Go. Everyone leave me. Ji Woo,
what are you thinking about? Thanks. No problem. What’s gotten into you?
You’d always complain when I asked for your help. But today,
you volunteered to help out. Just because. I’m not comfortable
being home these days. It was much better
when it was just us three. Should I tell Jae Ha
to move out? What? Don’t be so startled. I don’t know whether
you’re sharp-witted or slow-witted. What do you mean? Never mind. It’s just that I’m jealous. I found out that someone close to me likes someone I like. I’m going to confess
to the girl I like. Give me a sip. Goodness. Beer sounds good. Jae Ha, where are you going? I’m about to have dinner. Do you want to have it together? Jae Ha. Did you confess yet? You were going to confess
to someone you like. No, not yet. That’s a relief. I haven’t either. Why is that a relief? I should do it before you do. So… I like him. But he likes him. But he likes… (Ji Woo, Jae Ha, Han Gyeol) Come out. I’m in the park
in front of your house. What is it? Why are you here? No one’s here. Not even Ji Woo. I wanted to see something. Me? That was sudden. I thought you had rejected me… That’s it? Sit down. I really wanted to watch this. Hey. What is it? Their performance will end
in five minutes. So give me an answer
in five minutes. Was that a confession? Well… That was… Answer me. So… That was… Well… Hey. Are you stupid? Stop trying to keep your pride. Your time is over. You missed your timing. Waiting for your soulmate is like having a crush
on someone for a long time. And I have a crush on someone else other than my soulmate. No one’s home. No. Ji Woo went to school. I don’t know
where Han Gyeol went. She went to school? At this hour? Well… She liked that it was empty. She’d go there whenever
she had a lot on her mind. I heard
it was going to rain tonight. I missed my timing. Just like forgetting to bring your umbrella
on a rainy day, have you ever missed your timing because you were acting
like a fool? Yes. Right now. Han Gyeol. You weren’t home. I knew you’d be here all alone. If you knew I wanted
to be alone, you shouldn’t have come. Han Gyeol. The person I like likes a guy. Isn’t that funny? It’s a lie. Mine… Mine is right here. But I realized
the important thing is about liking that person,
whether it’s a guy or a girl. I found myself liking him. I was completely shocked. I was utterly rejected. Gosh, you two… So what’s your plan? I’m not sure. Maybe I should root
for his happiness. What should I do?
I don’t like men. -How did you…
-I like you more than him. This is a way for me
to regain my timing. This is the only thing I can do as of now. I like you. The guy my soulmate likes… He likes me? I missed my timing. Is it truly over? Look at how startled you are.
Your eyes might pop out. Don’t play jokes with me. I’m serious. Han Gyeol, I’m named. I know. So what? What do you mean? I’m named. And there’s someone I like. And is he your soulmate? No. I thought he was, but I was wrong. Nevertheless, I still like him. So, you started to like him
because you thought he was your soulmate. If that’s the case… (Ji Woo Jeong) If I do this,
will you like me too? Did I like you
because of your name? Or did I like you
because it was you? Since when… were you named? It became clear. I like you, Jae Ha Yoo, because it’s you. It doesn’t matter if my name is engraved
on you or not. I like you as a senior and a friend
whom I’m close to. The same goes for him. I didn’t like him
because of his name. Because even when I thought
he wasn’t my soulmate, I still liked him. Are you named? You’re not? What do you mean? Well… I’m unnamed. Once. You were going to confess
to someone you like. I should do it before you do. Twice. Were you ever like me? Just like forgetting to bring your umbrella
on a rainy day, have you ever missed your timing because you were acting
like a fool? I’ve missed my timing twice. Is it truly over? Not yet. I still have a chance before it rains. Do you hate me
for refusing so firmly? I can’t help it. I want our friendship to last. That’s why you’re hurting me? Are you a pervert? Jae Ha doesn’t like me. It’s not me. It’s you. The name engraved on my arm… (Jae Ha Yoo) My soulmate. I’ve been looking everywhere for this guy
who’s before my eyes. Jae Ha Yoo. I never thought I’d find my soulmate. I’m glad I’m not late. She’s my destiny. What? I like you. I really do. And your name is engraved on me. You have my name? I’m sorry
I didn’t tell you sooner. But it felt like
it was now or never. This was something
I had asked myself as well. (Jae Ha Yoo) My name disappeared. Would you still like me? Yes. That’s not why I started
to like you. And this was my answer as well. At 21, I finally met him. I found my dream soulmate. There were several times when we had met before. Who is he? It’s a stranger. Why are you blushing? I don’t know. Come on. Tell me! Who is this? It’s a stranger. She just got in the frame. Had we not met each other, How did she get in here? we’d have never known. It was a pure coincidence. Dear my name. Where have you been all this time? Why are you here? I have something to say. What is it? So… You have five minutes.
I have somewhere to be. There you go again. How am I supposed to say this if you rush me? So… Be patient with me. What’s the point
in helping him talk when he’s a fool, to begin with? Sae Rom. So… Do you want… Let’s go out. What? I was going to let you say it, but you’re being such an idiot,
and it’s frustrating me. I’m not the patient type either. Really? Are you serious? Are you serious?
Are we going out? Who knows? What do you mean? You didn’t give me an answer. I asked you out. Are you stupid? It’s obviously a yes. Whatever. Hey, do it again. (Three months later) Only I should be the one
who sees it. Kiss me. All those years, looking for a soulmate,
have passed. And now, it’s winter again. And by my side, there is Jae Ha, my soulmate. Don’t hurt him! In this world where
your soulmates are chosen, someone has said that
your decisions don’t matter. However, I don’t believe that
fate exists without making any decisions. Just like those who love
without knowing their fate… Just like how
we loved each other when we knew we weren’t
each other’s soulmates, we will continue
to make decisions in this world. We were destined. And we will continue to be so. Dear my name. (Dear My Name) (Thank you for enjoying
Dear My Name.) (Jae Ha Yoo) (Jae Ha Yoo) Are you named? No. My soulmate is a guy. So the new tenant is… They can’t live
without each other. They’re having a blast in there,
screaming like this. Wait here. Everything happens… Just find a guy who likes you. Wake up, Jae Ha. Yes, pizza! Are you sure you’re not just unaware of it? I’m going to confess
to the girl I like. I wanted to see something. I like you.

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