The 10 Most Evil Children In History

The 10 Most Evil Children In History

(creepy piano music) – Most often, we reserve
what we consider to be the most evil acts in society for adults, But some of the worst
crimes ever committed were not committed by adults;
they were done by children. Rarely ever spoken of, there are some kids that committed crimes so bad it’s going to send a chill up your spine. Well, prepare yourself
to dive into the mind of the most twisted
children that ever lived, because here are the 10 most
evil children in history. Number one is Graham Young. Graham Frederick Young
was, at only 15 years old, dubbed the serial poisoner in England. Born in Neasden, northwest
London, on September 7th, 1947, Young’s obsession with poison started long before he was ever caught. He tested a number of poisons
on his family and friends, making his father, sister, and even a number of his
classmates at school violently ill by putting it in their food and drinks. His first murder took place on April 26, 1962, on Easter Sunday, when his stepmother died
after consuming some tea that Young had added some chemicals to. Young’s aunt suspected him right away, and the teen was arrested and admitted to the Broadmoor Hospital. However, after serving
less than nine years in the institution, Graham was
released in February of 1971, after which he went on a killing spree, poisoning 70 people and
killing two of them. Young was again arrested
on November 21st, 1971, and eventually died of a heart attack still a prisoner on August 1st, 1990. Number two is Paul Gingerich, Chase Williams, and Colt Lundy. When a child decides to go down
a path of murdering someone, sometimes they need a little help. Indiana high school freshman,
15-year-old Colt Lundy, with the help of two of his friends, shot his 49-year-old
stepfather, Phillip Danner, four times in the chest,
killing him on April 20th, 2010. Lundy’s friends and co-conspirators were 12-year-old Chase Williams, who was on the lookout during the murder, and 12-year-old Paul Gingerich, who also shot Danner at Lundy’s side. The three boys murdered Danner because they planned to run
away and they simply feared that he would catch them and stop them. At only 12 years old, Paul
Gingerich was the youngest person to be sentenced as an adult
and was given 25 years in jail. Lundy was given 30 years. And Williams, who stayed
outside during the killing, was given six years in a
juvenile correction facility. The first two boys are
still in jail to this day, while the third was recently released. Number three is Edmund Kemper. At only 15 years old,
Burbank, California, youth Edmund Kemper was arrested
after he shot his grandmother and then his grandfather
with a .22 caliber rifle, killing them both on August 27, 1964. When asked why he committed the murders, he chillingly replied,
“I just wanted to see “what it felt like to kill Grandma.” He added that he only
killed his grandfather because he knew the old man would be angry over the death of his wife, and the boy wanted to
avoid getting in trouble. Kemper was diagnosed as
a paranoid schizophrenic and was sent to the criminally insane unit at the state hospital, where
he served only five years. After convincing his psychiatrist
that he was rehabilitated, Kemper was released on
December 18th, 1969, his 21st birthday. However, instead of becoming a respectful good member of society, he decided to viciously murder six women, dismembering them and keeping
their heads for trophies before then killing both
his mother and his friend. After that event, he turned himself in, explaining that the reason
for his murder spree was the revenge against his abusive mother that was ultimately completed. Number four is Jesse Pomeroy. Back in the 1800s, a 14-year-old
named Jesse Harding Pomeroy became the youngest person convicted of murder in the first degree in the state of Massachusetts’ history. Between late 1971 and early 1972, several young boys were
lured into secluded areas of Charleston and brutally beaten, often left with mangled faces
and horrible permanent scars. Then, after moving to South Boston, Jesse continued carrying
out these violent actions. But then, in March of 1974, Katie Curran became his
first murder victim. Jesse kidnapped the 12-year-old
girl and killed her, hiding her remains in an ash
heap in his mother’s basement. But it did not end there. After a four-year-old’s
body was found mutilated, Jesse was arrested and Katie’s
remains were discovered. He was sentenced to life in prison and was nearly hanged before
the governor gave him a stay. Jesse Pomeroy died at the age of 72, still an imprisoned man, on September 29th,
1932, of natural causes. Number five is Michael Hernandez. While some teenagers lose their
temper and attack in a rage, others like Michael Hernandez wait patiently for their shot at revenge, making lists and planning
their actions carefully. At just 14 years old, Hernandez
wrote a list of people that he wanted to brutally murder and began his mission to complete it. On February 3rd, 2004, after
luring a 14-year-old classmate named Jamie Gough into the boys’ washroom at their Miami, Florida, middle school, Hernandez proceeded to stab him 42 times and left him to bleed out on the floor while he simply went back
to class with an attitude that suggested that nothing was wrong. Fortunately, the teen
serial killer wannabe was caught before he could
take out a second victim. But the list in his pocket
and later his own confession revealed that he had no
intention of stopping with Jamie. Disturbingly, the list even
contained his own sister’s name, who Michael was ready to murder in addition to his friends
and other students. He was given a life sentence
with 30 years tacked on for attempting to kill another student who luckily refused to
enter the bathroom with him. Number six is David Brom. Arguments can escalate quickly and often lead to physical violence. But the thing is, when you’re arguing with an evil psychopath,
no matter what age, things can get even more out
of hand much more quickly, especially if the person
that you’re arguing with is anything like David Brom, who, at only 16 years old,
single-handedly murdered most of his immediate family with an ax. Around 11:30pm on the night
of February 17th, 1988, the teen had a bitter
argument with his father in their Rochester, Minnesota, home, an argument that left David so angry that he decided the next morning to take an ax to his father. Chillingly, according to David, his father kept getting back up, so it took an even larger
number of blows to kill him. Immediately after, the
teen struck his mother, then walked into his
11-year-old brother’s room and killed him. When he came back, he found
his 13-year-old sister standing over his injured mother and brutally beat them both to death. Strangely, just hours later, he asked a female friend
to skip class with him and confessed all of his crimes to her, after which he turned himself in. Brom was arrested on February 19th, 1988, and was sentenced to 53 years in prison. He will remain in prison until 2041. Number seven is Kipland Kinkel. Born on August 30th,
1982, Kipland “Kip” Kinkel was a troubled boy who was
always easily frustrated and anxious when he was in school. He did very poorly in
his educational pursuits, repeating the first grade and even was eventually diagnosed with a learning disability. By the eighth grade, Kip was
hiding guns in his bedroom, shoplifting, and had even
been caught ordering books on how to build bombs. Then, on May 20th, 1998,
15-year-old Kip was arrested and expelled from his school
in Springfield, Oregon, after a stolen gun was
found in his locker. Upon returning home
after the interrogation, the teenager pulled a
gun from his collection and shot his father, Bill, in the head, soon after shooting his
mother multiple times, killing her as well. But it gets even more disturbing, as the next morning Kip brought
his entire gun collection to his former school and
opened fire in the cafeteria, killing two students and injuring 25 more. Luckily, fellow students
managed to subdue him until the authorities
arrived and arrested him. When he was questioned, Kip claimed that heard voices
instructing him to kill and that he wanted to die. He is currently serving
his 111-year sentence. Number eight is Mary Bell. Born on May 26, 1957, to
a 17-year-old prostitute in Newcastle, England, Mary
Bell was the constant victim of abuse from both her mother and her mother’s various clientele, an abuse that she inevitably forwarded onto others smaller than her. On May 25th, 1968, a day
before her 11th birthday, Mary strangled Martin
Brown, a four-year-old boy, in a rundown neglected
house in Scotswood, England. Afterward, both her and a
friend named Norma Joyce broke into a local nursery and trashed it. However, unfortunately,
the police declared this to be simply a prank and
dismissed the evidence. Then, on July 31st, 1968,
Mary, with Norma’s help, strangled a three-year-old
boy named Brian Howe in a wasteland near the
nursery that they vandalized, with Mary doing unspeakable
things to his body. Mary was convicted of manslaughter
on December 17th, 1968, declared a psychopath, and
was locked up for 12 years. However, she was released
in 1980 at the age of 23 and was given a brand new
identity to avoid the spotlight. This means that she could literally be anybody, anywhere, at any time, perhaps even your neighbor. Number nine is Amarjeet Sada. In 2007, at only eight years old, Amarjeet Sada claimed the terrible title of the youngest serial
killer in the world. Born in Begusaray, Bahar, India, in 1998, Sada’s family was very poor and they lived in a small village. In 2006, the young boy murdered
his six-month-old sister, taking her from her crib
at the local primary school where her mother had left her so that she could run errands. He brutally murdered her and
buried her in a shallow grave before casually returning home
as if nothing had happened. When he was confronted by people that suspected him of
potentially murdering her, Sada freely and proudly
confessed to the killing, even personally leading
villagers to the grave. He was arrested on May 30th,
2007, but when questioned, simply smiled and asked for cookies. Unbelievably, under Indian law, he was released after
serving only three years and is now freely on the street
to do what he pleases again. And number 10 is Jon
Venables and Robert Thompson. On February 12th, 1993,
two-year-old James Bulger was drawn away from the
protection of his mother while they were shopping in
a New Strand Shopping Centre in Bootle, Liverpool, England. The two who abducted him
were two 10-year-old boys named Jon Venables and Robert Thompson. They hurled stones and bricks at him and even dropped him several times. Believe it or not, those
are the only actions that I can comfortably list off from the many relentlessly brutal actions that those two evil teens took while literally torturing
their defenseless victim. The ordeal cost the infant his life and he was so horribly beaten
that the actual cause of death could not be determined. The two boys were charged with the murder on February 20th, 1993, and
caused such a community uproar that their families had to relocate and change their identity. Both Jon and Robert unbelievably spent just eight years behind bars before eventually being released with their identities also changed. The only thing that
remains of their history is their record as the
youngest convicted murderers in modern English history. Who they are today is a complete mystery. They could even be someone that you know. So, those were the 10
most evil kids in history. I want to know what you
think of these cases in the comments below. Are these the worst cases
that you’ve ever heard of, or do you know of an even more twisted one that should’ve been on this list? Let me know. Happy Friday the 13th. Remember to subscribe to my channel because I release new videos Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. If you want to watch more, you can press or click either
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