The #1 Thing I See You All Struggling With

The #1 Thing I See You All Struggling With

– Fire away, I’m listening. – Branding.
– Branding. – Something’s off with the
front end of the business we’ve never been able to nail it so– – You haven’t generated enough demand? – Correct. – Cool.
– Lead gen has been a struggle. – Okay.
– Forever, so like lead gen’s
mostly been me speaking, matter of fact you and I
spoke on a stage together about 10 years ago, (mumbles) event.
– Oh, that’s awesome. – Yeah, so it was pretty cool but, something’s off with the message, something’s off with how
we’re presenting ourselves out there, and it’s– – Let me ask you the things that I see all the time
with this business model, and let’s see if any of em’ stick. – Yeah.
– All right. – I believe that, the reason I wrote Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook is
because of this business model. I just think that people inherently, like a dog sniffs another dog’s butt, I believe that humans are animals and they inherently understand that you’re trying to get
them to buy something. And I think, I’m not even kidding, what scares me is how
excited I am to deliver this sentence because 84% likely chance that this is actually your answer. If you literally, from your speaking to the content you put out on the internet, if you literally just decided that every time you put out the content what your actual goal is is for all those entrepreneurs to show up at your funerals
versus coming to your coaching, truly in your fuckin’ souls, I think your business
would change overnight. I’m being dead fucking serious with you. There’s a million of you, everybody’s trying to
get everybody to pay them – Yeah.
– for information. There’s a fundamental reason that I’m me. I genuinely don’t want
anybody to buy 40’s, my sneakers, why? I genuinely do not. If they choose to, I spend every minute making sure that it’s so much more valuable than what, if people understood
how much better empathy is as a $20 wine than every other wine they could buy, they would shit. What people think is that I’m trying to extract value out of my community and that they’re doing me a favor. I’m doing them a fuckin’ favor, I’m being dead serious with you. That’s why I build humongous businesses, I believe that the
content and your speaking, I go to all these conferences. – Yeah.
– I don’t really watch anybody else speak because
I have no time so I fly, you know I’m extreme, fly in, take a shower at the hotel, run over 15 minutes, do some email before I walk onstage, do my fucking thing, be out, go. – Yeah.
– But whenever the serendipity of me consuming anything happens, right? Somebody begs me to switch slots, I’m just walking to the back getting miked while somebody’s on stage, like normal shit, right? – Mm-hmm.
– Every time I’m like nope, self-serving, everybody. From the fancy fucking
executives in Silicon Valley to the lowest common denominator, lowest funnel I’m a spam dude and buy my product in
the back of the room, from fuckin’ the top CEO that’s on CNBC, to the fuckin’ guy who’s
selling illegal substances just tryin’ to rip off
the fuckin’ most desperate and insecure, they all do the same thing. – I took your advice on
giving away the best for free. – Yes.
– And I started a podcast a little over a year ago, – Okay.
– and it’s now superseded our marketing as far as where
leads are coming in from. – Go figure. And I promise you brother
just on some intuition shit, you’re not at 100% giving yet. You’re too good of an
entrepreneur to like, what I do incredibly well – Mm-hmm.
– is take emotions and put em’ on, I’m
like completely detached while being unbelievably attached. So when I’m in content mode, somehow I don’t even remember
that I’m a businessman. – [Man] You’re just giving? – Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook
was one of the great things that I accomplished in like, I love analogies as you probably know, it nailed it for me. Like, when you’re throwing a
jab you’re not trying to knock somebody the fuck out, you’re just not. You’re setting up. I’m unbelievably comfortable
when I have something to sell to be like, “Buy this.” But every other second
I’m 100% pure giving the best advice, and I have no, bro, the amount of value
I give to my audience in return to my monetization should put me in the hall of fame of loser
businessmen of all time. It’s just that the karma’s enough for me to build monsters
’cause that’s how much value I’m actually giving. I’m actually providing
billions of dollars in value that I should be able to catch, but I’m not getting a tenth of that. – Yeah.
– But that’s okay, it will change your funnel. Even you know, even the podcast format
forces you to be a little bit more selfless. – Right.
– It’s just the format of it, right?
– Right. – Like what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do, QVC the whole time? You’re not gonna do that.
– No, no. – So just the, the reason
it’s working is the format of the content strategy is forcing you to give a little
bit more than a normal one off video or what
you’re really, people know. And you know what the problem, and ready for this? The problem is there’s people like me now who are giving
so much valuable content for free that it’s getting harder, it is. Now, nothing beats access and one on one, – Yeah.
– but you need to take this to heart. I believe that the reason
the funnel was never great is because people sense selling. I don’t know what else to tell you. – I 100% agree with you.
– Good. – [Woman] And believe you, we’ve not had a successful experience with any kind of funnels
no matter who we’ve hired or what the advice we’ve received was. – It’s inherently bad, and its because you’re too, I’m gonna tell you something
that may blow your mind, there’s another reason that
it hasn’t worked for you, deep down you’re just too good. The only people that win with funnels are the ones that are willing to go there. Got it?
– Interesting, yeah. – That’s all. It’s what made the question so fun for me, im like, “Oh, nice people.” (both laughing)
I’m being dead fucking, I’m being dead fucking serious with you. I know its a interesting observation, I’m really good at what I do. I know exactly what’s happening here, the reason you’re not good at funnels is the reason I’d be the
worst at funnels of all time, you’re half pregnant like so many others. Deep deep down, you’re too good. The only way funnels
work is if you’re willing to go all the way there. You can’t be dark gray, you
have to be fucking dark black, and you don’t have it in you. So now you’re half pregnant,
and half pregnant’s always bad. So now I’m saying hey guys, since you’re solidly gray, how about
going all the way white? Because the only people
that win in monetization against other people
are the people that go oh this is unbelievable,
you’re wearing all black and you’re wearing all white. This is fucking amazing!
(Man laughing) I can’t even believe this, this is like, like you couldn’t have done– – She’s black. (laughs)
– Usually he’s the black and I’m the white. – That makes sense to me
by the way, and you know? ‘Cause I peeped his tattoo, and I wanna know all his backstories. Anyway, this is fuckin’ amazing. The only people that win in monetization are all the way black, all the way white, the problem is all the way black wins for a short period of time and those people corrode
inside and they die bad. And the people that are white, don’t make as much upfront
but they’re the ones that build statues, and that’s it. So I think you should
go all the way white. – [Woman] So you’re advice
would be to build on our content marketing strategy?
– At scale that brings the most value for real, not
93% give the best advice, 100. Know that access is the
value, not the information. There’s nothing that you’re saying that isn’t available on
the internet for free. – That’s 100% true.
– Yep. – I know. What matters is what’s
happening here right now, the serendipity of you
guys wearing a black and white outfit and me
using it as an analogy and it clicking. The me, you know like it’s
just the feelings in here as much as my content’s
been valuable to you in any shape or form, we’re right here right now, it’s different.
– Yeah. – Access is what they’re gonna pay for, so give away all your
best advice like I do. I always say and to the day I die, and nobody will fully understand it ’cause it’s fucking a little heady, “Watch what I do, not what I say.” I’m giving, it’s crazy I’m giving everybody the keys, they just don’t see it ’cause its hard to do what
I’m telling people to do ’cause everybody’s in the middle. It’s hard to be all the way black ’cause your soul’s gotta be such garbage that you have such selfish wants and needs that you’re willing to take money from the most desperate
and it’s super hard to be all the way white ’cause you have to have so much talent and so much patience for it to play out. – [Man] And you’re one of the few people to tell the truth about the hard work. – I agree.
– I mean everybody’s trying to–
– At my own expense, I have people that are my deep friends casting judgements on me that I’m pushing too much hustle, and
it’s bad, and burnout, and, “You’re bad Gary, you’re hurting” like, I have my own feelings
getting hurt, but work ethic is part of the equation.
– It is. – But if everybody
listens to me that’s just one of the ingredients, I also talk before you make the meal, your restaurant is self-awareness. Fuck that it’s one of the ingredients, your fuckin’ menu, your
restaurant is self-awareness. Like if it doesn’t make you
happy, you’re gonna lose. Like, there’s nothing
wrong with working hard when you’re happy, I’d
rather do this than golf. I’m sorry that I don’t wanna rock climb and I’d rather go garage
sale-ing and sell stuff, like its my passion. It doesn’t have to be everybody’s passion, but your answer is
extremely obvious to me. I promise you, you can do a bunch of other meetings and they’re gonna be very valuable, this is the fuckin’ answer,
you’re half-pregnant ’cause you weren’t willing
to go all the way black. So now I think you should
go as white as possible, that’s the truth. – Okay.
– That’s the truth for so many, make sense? – [Man] Yeah, absolutely. Completely, thank you very much. – I never make a piece of content thinking what’s this gonna do for me? Think about that, and I’m being dead fucking serious with you. I’m the best salesman that hates selling, it’s called leverage. – That’s for sure.
– It’s a lot more fun when they come to you than when you’re begging for them to buy. – Okay.
– The only people that people go to are the ones that
already brought them value. – [Woman] Yes, that’s been our experience.
– Yeah, we know that. – For sure.
– We have customers for years. – [Woman] That’s why are
podcast has taken off, it’s just 100% value. – And now like even in the micro of it, like make sure that that’s not
91, do you know what I mean? – Yeah yeah.
– Because if you go to 100, you can’t believe what
happens between 91 and 100. And in the macro my
intuition is 70-30, you know? Just the nature of like what
you’d have to do to survive and sell, right?
– Right. – Needs to be as you know, that’s it, whatever shade gray you
are, lean more this way. – [Man] Okay. – Even though you should
probably be switching shirts. – [Woman] We usually are.

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