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  1. I love y'all! I live in South Georgia and it's nice to see y'all go back to where y'all come from, as living in a small town in South Georgia, the shenanigans we did a really kind similar to yalls stories and It bring back so many memories. Thank y'all so much for sharing yalls stories. It makes me so sentimental about my hometown. Thank y'all for being y'all and keep on doing all y'all do and inspiring all to follow your dreams!

  2. Will the books get translated to other languages? Would love to get it at a nearby bookstore.
    Also is there an e-book version?

  3. You guys really do have a beautiful friendship. The documentary episodes made me laugh and cry and were some of my favorites that you've ever done. They're full of heart, and for me that's what made them mythical. You guys bring so much joy wherever you go. Much love and mythical blessings from not-quite-yet-frozen Minnesota tundra 😛

  4. I thought the book was wonderful! A few great laughs, some suspense, and an interesting plot! If you haven't read it yet, go get a copy!

  5. I've never had a super special moment with friends. I feel like I never got to explore like kids are supposed to do. I'm still young, though. Hardly a teenager, at least in my mind, and maybe I will get that special moment that will be nostalgic later in life…

  6. Alright, you guys finally convinced me, with your return to your hometown and sharing your childhood with us. I bought your book!

  7. Wow 😢🥺butifull I can’t wait to read the book I think it’s just amazing you have a lasting friendship together I’m about to film a movie with my best friend our first ever and it is a horror film we are going to be done on April I’ll send the link soon but bravo 👏🏼 that’s awesome 😎

  8. I grew up in Texas and I grew up in an environment like this and I missed home so much. Thank y’all!!! It was so amazing. Ps Rhett looks good with his longish hair and beard

  9. Wild, I live further down the cape fear, in the Wilmington area. Grew up kayaking across the river and camping on an island in the middle. It also gets low enough to fully walk across. Of course, closer to the coast so you see sting Ray's instead of moccasins

  10. You guys are lucky. The forest I spent my childhood now has houses on it. Those places might not look great or the same but they are special

  11. Loved this documentary so much. And I’m so proud of you guys. I’ve been a fan since what, 2009/10 and seeing you grow has been incredible. Love you both!

  12. This was great. I wish there were more. You guys should try to make a documentary of some kind again.
    A lot of this is so relatable.
    We used to have these mythical places too. Like there was what I think was a huge concrete septic tank… or I don't know what it was, really, but we called it the tank, and would pretend it was an alien ship.

  13. I loved this series but I really enjoyed the novel. I read it so fast and could not put it down. You guys are awesome! Keep doing what you're doing!

  14. I feel like it's time you guys released looking for Miss Locklear on YouTube best childhood series that you guys have going it's so fascinating

  15. Bought the book, it's the only book I own and I absolutely adore it. Wonderful job guys, thank you so much for all the wonderful entertainment you have given us!

  16. I watch good mythical morning and more not only because it has become a daily routine for me, or to watch you suffer from the most nastiest foods imagnable, but for the company you guys give me. For the entire crew that it. You make me feel happy that you went so far as to show us mythical beasts the age of where Rhett and Link has grown up. You guys make me feel like I'm family, and the entire mythical crew as well. Thank you for the hard work you guys do, and I sincerely appreciate it from the bottom and most deepest of my heart. <3 Have been a fan since the Will It popsicle and still a fan to this day.

  17. I really enjoyed this series of episodes. I've been finding myself getting tired of the food videos, and this has been a breath of fresh air. I've always been more of a fan of their conversational style you usually find in older episodes (and Ear Biscuits), and this was a great evolution of that style.

    Great job!

  18. Okay, the More is where the comments I was looking for can be found, I’m a(mostly silent)devoted fan of quite a few years, and y’all are the best…but this series? I don’t even know what to say! So satisfying and special to have some visuals to go along with the backstory. Thank you, y’alllllll!!!!!

  19. Yall seem so confused about your own book, if i order it i hope i dont find myself as confused 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  20. My table's kinda loaded with life and post-grad in general so unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to read TLCOBC (yes, that's what I'm calling it) at this exact moment but I can't wait for the holidays. I'm sure many MBs can feel the heart and soul that you guys poured into this book, especially with this mini-documentary series. It's funny how you guys came full circle for this creative journey. I'm sure this book would birth some of the most creative artworks as well and I'm really looking forward to that. Can't wait to read it! Love you guys!

  21. The cow pasture, the rocks, the river, and the island in the middle was everything i always imagined when hearing you guys talk about! which just confirms for me that you guys are as awesome as i think you are

  22. Even though I drive by all those places every day. I’m still amazed when they talk about it like I’ve never seen it.

  23. The Cape Fear River was a big part of my childhood as well. I grew up in Erwin (a.k.a. Denim Captial of the World) and the river still brings back fond memories of hot summers and swimming with friends.

  24. I really enjoyed this. I am also from Buies Creek. My Parents moved there in 1974. I graduated from Campbell in 1975. Our House was on the Cape Fear river. I had alot of friends there. Still keep up with them

  25. The most significant milestones of their childhoods are signified by “the river,” “the tree,” and “the rocks.” Oooooooooh… I understand significance is in the eye of the beholder and can be about the little things but these episodes were like a drab, sleepier, version of Dawson’s Creek.

  26. Just wanted to tell Rhett, Link and all the GMM Staff how much I love yall. You make everydaya little brighter for me so ThankYou!!

  27. The link from main episode to this GMMore lists it as private. I had to go to GMMore Channel to get to this video. Just FYI.
    I enjoyed this mini series of going back to old haunts.

  28. I enjoy pretty much everything y'all create, but this docu-series has been a personal favorite! Thank you so much for sharing your childhood and friendship with us. Loving the book so far!

  29. Rhett and link should do an invention video, they invent something and have the crew invent stuff.maybe rate the crew's inventions and see of they can improve them or one up them or something

  30. Your friendship is so inspiring and you have done so much and I'll be here and look forward to the rest. Thanks for sharing your story and selves with all of us. <3

  31. It's pretty cool you used your childhood to creat a more detailed fictional story. The creator of the Simpsons has admitted to using real people in his life to create their characters. Steven King too.

  32. I had to come back to this docuseries and the Mores because I just really liked it. I’m trying to get my family to buy the book for me for Christmas.

  33. I loved going back with you to see where you came from and what your friendship was like when you were kids. Thanks for sharing.

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