100 thoughts on “Testing the WEIRDEST 5 Minute Crafts Clothing Hacks

  1. the dead fish stamp is actually how japanese fishermen would show how big their "catch of the day" was. think todays tinder fish boy, but like hundreds of years ago. its called gyotaku

  2. WHY did they choose to go with the plot of a guy hating pants, instead of… geez…. I don’t know… the weather being hotter than expected? As every human in existence have tried. WHYY

  3. Ehhh, I own that dress and it’s actually pretty supportive on its own 🥴 I wear a DD and of course you can tell I’m not wearing a bra bc nipples BUT it holds my boobs in place decently without the bra 😂

  4. My son had a teacher why did the fish print for a father’s Day believe it or not it turned out fantastic it was washed no smell

  5. The cost of the supplies alone is more than just purchasing the clothes you want. The clothing hack literally requires you to buy a plain white tee, at that point buy a tee with a nice design and move on with your life.

  6. I do want to point out that tons of women in the US and abroad actually are kidnapped and human trafficked everyday and we should all be aware of that

    *Edit- not that that stupid bra wire hack works or helps anything, it doesn't

  7. Craft Number 1 would’ve been better if you did a more simple design. Hence why all of theirs were simple cartoon. Craft number 2 needed a metal cookie cutter plus yes you needed a black or dark color shirt. Regardless they need to specify these things in their videos. That’s my problem with 5min craft. They don’t give enough info. Love you and your channel though!!!

  8. The guy who hates pants I believe he is the creator or owner of 5 minute crafts the company that makes 5 minute crafts is based on the island of Cyprus.

  9. lol 😂 no hate at all, but when you test hacks, you have to follow them EXACTLY. they used metal cookie cutters, and you used plastic and assumed that small details like that don't matter. But they do. So ya lol, when you test a hack, you gotta make sure you use exactly what they used, not just similar things. 🙃😉

  10. You can tell you just spilled tea on yourself and outlined it! It doesn't look like a country at all! Looks a lot more like an outlined splash than a country! XD

  11. the bleach one probably didnt work if those shirts had a high density of polyester. bleach loves organic materials like cotton. It tendst to leave color on polyester and just degrades the material. you have to use special instructions to bleach polyester.

  12. i think your problem with the 1st one is that you didnt pull it tight enough. Once you get the outer ring on but not completely tightened you would have been able to pull it to be tighter which i think would have helped you with all the other steps.

  13. OH MY GOD when I was like seven I went to summer bible camp and we were learning about the miracle with the bread and fish and WE STAMPED SHIRTS WITH FROZEN FISH AT ARTS AND CRAFTS TIME LMAO WE REALLY DID THAT

  14. The “dead fish shirt” is actually a traditional Japanese method of printing that fishermen used to use in the 1800s to record their catches. The art is called “gyotaku” and is still used today as t-shirt designs which is fairly common to see in Hawaii.

  15. How did the bleach one not work?! I've accidentally ruined so many of my clothes from bleach splashing on me when I'm bleaching my shoes or washing dishes that had bleach soaking inside. 😩😭😒
    And I actually liked that trousers to shorts hack 😂 … Try troom troom hacks next pls. It will be a journey I can promise that.

  16. For the bleach one…look close at their dinosaur examples…they look sorta like they are colors not just white. It’s like the crayon “magic” trick everybody learned in art where you color with crayons in different color on top of each other then cover it all in black crayon, then take a pencil and write or draw in the middle of the blob& it turns out rainbow lettering-I think that’s right

  17. This was hilarious! 😂😂😂😂 5mins Crafts does some real dumb stuff with toothpaste, I mean really dumb.

  18. I would say the bra falling out of the dress when you took it off was an issue with the type of glue you used, not the hack. Some cloth glue needs to be ironed before it become permanent, some just doesn't work, so maybe try a different glue?

  19. The bleach mystery is that you have to use a 100% cotton shirt. If the shirt has rayon or spandex it won't work. But please don't come for me if it doesn't work 😉

  20. Talk about blonde WOW how simple can someone get. I betcha some dumass pays this dumass to act like a dumass. Omg

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