Tasting Every Flavor Of Sour Patch Kids

(cockerel crows) (tiger roars) (wheel clicking) – Welcome to Good Mythical More. – What’s the word? Let’s introduce ourselves
to a new word, Link. Today’s word is defervescence. – Defervescence. Like, well effervescence
is when something’s bubbly, so when it’s defervescence, it’s when it’s like,
‘No you bubble first.’ – Yeah yeah yeah.
– No, you bubble first. – Right, I was thinking that it’s… – I’m gonna bubble, but
no you can go first. – I was just thinking that
it was a bubbly person who’s constantly inviting
other people to have their way, but doing it in a very
bubbly convincing way. It’s a defervescent person. – Deferensh… deferentially bubbly. – Oh, it’s the lessening of a fever. – Oh, defervescence. – Oh, I’m experiencing defervescence. – Boring! – And that’s a good thing. Learn something new every day. – Did you know this, Sour Patch Kids make all types of other flavors, which we’re gonna try. And then they have like
a collab with Go-GURT, and with this, whatever
this Ghost stuff is which you said you know about, so you’ll have to explain
it in a few minutes. So we’re gonna try these
different flavors, mate. Because in normal Sour Patch Kids, what are the flavors? – Sour, a little bit more
sour, a little bit more sour. There’s blue raspberry. Red berry. – Yep, that… – That’s the only two in this one. – All right, those two correspond
with the actual flavors there’s probably orange, and
then there’s a green one, which I don’t know what
flavor that actual green is. – I’m gonna go with uh, – Oh you’re gonna start with the Go-GURT? – Red berry. – Okay, and I’ll start with the, I’ve never had a Go-GURT. Easy open, tear here, it says. – We went through a
Go-GURT phase in my house. But, Jesse would get very upset when I would have myself
some Go-GURT time. When they were not intended for me, they were intended for the children. – I bet you’d eat three
at once, wouldn’t you? Now, it’s just, it’s yogurt in a tube. – On the go. – It’s yogurt on the go. – Go-GURT. – Go-GURT. (Crew Laughs) – Wow. This is good. – What’s the catch phrase? Go-GURT, suck it punk. (Crew Laughs) (Slurping) – Mmm that’s pretty nice! – Damn, that tangy! – I mean, I’m having to hold myself back, it’s like, you put a
little Go-GURT in my mouth, and I just can’t stop. So, this is taking a lot for me to stop. – Oh yeah! – I know we’ve got a lot… – Oh you’re not going? – You’re not gonna finish it? – This is tough not to finish, man. (Rhett Mumbles) – Mmm mmm mmm – You’ve gotta roll it
so you don’t miss any. Yeah, roll it. – Can’t you just suck it? – Sucking only gets you so far. – You gotta roll it. – I give that an A. (Link Mumbles) we usually don’t do that,
we don’t do letter grades. – Is there probiotics in this? – Heck yes, it’s yogurt man. – Not all yogurt has probiotics. – I mean it’s gotta have some. – Just shut up and eat yogurt kids! – This has gotta have live and
active cultures in it, right? – Are you looking for words, or are you looking for the
actual live and active… That tastes good! – Cultured pasteurized, but pasteurized is usually not good for cultures. – So let’s try these strawberries. – Honestly I don’t know. – These are resealable, so you don’t have to eat them all at once. Ooh, look at that, that’s
purdy, that’s purdy! – This is just strawberry? – Just strawberry. – I just like the flavor
of this stuff man. I really do. – It’s not sour. – I could sit around on
really comfortable furniture, watching really bad television,
eating this kind of food. – I would not say… – If we didn’t have this job,
that’s what I’d be doing. Thank you for helping me. – I know, I’m to channel
your energies into things. Like doing it on the show,
I mean you’re doing it here. – Yeah yeah yeah. I’m a part, I’m a part. – This makes it okay. This makes it healthier. – Which one do you… – I prefer, I prefer real
Sour Patch Kids over that. – They didn’t taste as sour. I know, that happened to me. – I feel like it takes the edge off it, and I want the edge. I like to live on the edge. I’m riding on the edge of
this particular universe. – All right, so now, these are from… – Do you know that we’re constantly moving forward in time
at the speed of light? It’s like we’re at the
front of a roller coaster. Everybody’s just like, cool with it. – Don’t panic. Don’t point it out, I think is the key. – You’re constantly moving
forward at the speed of light! (both screaming) But it’s just time. – It’s just time guys. – You’re just riding the
arrow of the fourth dimension. (babbled screaming) Some people do, some people do make noises
as they go like that. I passed a guy on the
freeway the other day, who was making a similar noise. And I was like, ‘That man is embodying riding the fourth dimension.’ (Babbling Screaming) I was like, ‘I’m not slowing down.’ – Now, these are called Big Kids. They’re twice as big
as a normal Sour Patch. – [Rhett] Yeah they are. – So it’s like you’ve got
one Sour Patch up here. – [Voiceover] Those are Big Kid’s Heads. – They’re what? – [Voiceover] Big Kid’s
Heads is the official name. The head is a different
flavor than the body. – Sure is. It sure is. – I like that. – And their head is bigger! – I’m not used to eating
candy like this, man. I don’t go home, sit on my couch… – This is a great afternoon. – Eat candy. – We don’t allow any of this in my house, that’s why I’m going crazy right now. – Hey Rhett, check this out. – What? – Freakin’, Sour Patch Exploder! – Exploders? – They’re Gushers! – Is that a Gusher? – With a splash of sour flavor. – Is that happening in
our universe right now? – It’s a freakin’ Gusher! – I feel like I’m in a different universe. – Right, let’s get into this! I didn’t even know that
this was right here! Look at that! (Rhett Groans) Oh my gosh, because Gushers have gone! Gushers have gone away. They’ve gone the way of
the dodo, haven’t they? – They haven’t got rid
of Gushers have they? No, they wouldn’t do that. No no. – This is odd. – The purple one wasn’t good, sorry. – Did I eat a purple one? – Isn’t that, oh. – Yeah, it was purple. This is, that one… – Why’ve you gotta do that when you’re eating with your buddy? Don’t spit in your hand. – I didn’t spit in your hand, buddy. (Rhett Laughs) – You used to come over to my house and, take my Gushers. – Did I eat a red one? Yeah. – Everything except the
purple one is very good. – I don’t like the red one either. The problem with these is
that they’re not Gushers. Gushers, if it ain’t broke, don’t imitate it and try to make it sour. – Are you saying that other people can’t put liquids inside of other foods? – It doesn’t work, unless it tastes like a
Gusher, it doesn’t work. – Gushers were shaped like diamonds. Remember that? They had, like, facets. – Yeah. – Faceted, Gushers were faceted. – You know why, Rhett? Because they were valuable, man. You could trade those stuff at school, you could get, you could get like… – Hold on, that’s what you
were doing with my Gushers? You were trading for things? – Yeah, get someone to do your homework, get someone to drop you off… – How many Gushers does
it take to write a paper? – At the convenience store after school. – How many Gushers to write a paper? – Seven Gushers, gives
you a nice, B+ paper. I don’t advocate cheating. – I wish I could go back in time. Because Gushers, you’ve
gotta have Gushers. – All right, the last one we’re gonna try, is the Sour Patch Kids
Freeze lemon variety mix. – We probably should
have started with these, because they’re frozen. – Oh they’re not frozen. Why are they called freeze, man? Let’s take a look at those. – What I, what? – Now, it says that they’re
supposed to be encased in ice. At least that’s what the,
what this picture here says. – Does it say they should
be put in the refrigerator? (moist chomping) No, it has a cooling sensation. It’s like Bengay. – Yeah, whoops. – Adult (mumbles) – What the heck has happened to my arm? Look at that. – Your patches are becoming part of you. – I mean, it’s melting on there. – Yeah, you’re never gonna smoke again. – Tastes great after
you’ve been eating ushers. (Laughs) Gushers – Okay – Oh goodie. – You want some amino acids Link? – So, it… – Do you want a Ghost? – What is this, what is Ghost? What is amino acids? – Well, – Is that… – Oh you’ve got so many questions, I mean, let me start, well Ghost. I mean let’s go back to the beginning. So, some people believe that you have like a spirit or a soul that continues to exist after you die. – Okay. – Some people believe that
those souls or spirits go to be somewhere else. Some people believe that in the journey to get to somewhere else, like maybe, say a good place like heaven, or a bad place like hell. Sometimes those spirits can get trapped. And then sometimes those spirits can interact with us in spooky ways. We call those spirits ghosts. – Okay. (crew laughs) – This brand decided to
name themselves Ghost. Then this brand, which sells
body building supplements, – [Link] Now that part. – Decided to release something called BCAA which stands for Branch Chain Amino Acids, which is something that
you need to get swole. And uh, – So you can stand up to the ghosts? What’s the correlation? – Yeah, I think it’s
so you can kill ghosts. – But it’s for children, because it’s marketed as Sour Patch. Why aren’t you letting go of it? – Because I want, I’m interested in it. I’m explaining it, man. – But let’s mix it up. – And we have some at my house. Because we believe in ghosts. And we believe in being swole. (crew chuckles) So, you take a scoop, now
are you ready to get swole? Sometimes all it takes is one scoop. – Okay. (Crew Laughs) That’s how supplements work, right? One scoop makes you swole. – Now is this for children you think? Children shouldn’t be taking like… – Well my teenage… – Muscle. – The reason I know about this is because my teenage son, who claims that he does all the research, you know. He has it. He’s trying to get swole. – It’s not a pleasant color. – It’s not gonna make your, like, testicles shrivel up,
or anything like that. (crew laughs) It’s not that kind of thing. It’s something that naturally
occurs in your body. But then you take it out,
put it into a nice package. Hey, listen man, you need to (growls) you gotta go hard! You can’t sip it, you gotta slurp it! – It’s supposed to taste
like Sour Patch Kids, man. – Slurp it like Janet! You gotta take it all down,
you can’t think about it! – My stomach already hurts man, I’m not shoving all this down
there to float around in it. – Okay, well… – Are you saying you feel good? – Only one of us can get swole. (glasses clinking) (labored breathing) (crew laughs) – You’ve done it man, you are
gonna be cramping later dude. (Rhett grunting) You’re gonna be cramping. – Did my chest just increase in size? Look at that, I’m pulling
my buttons a little bit. That was definitely not
happening before I drank that. (crew laughs) You see that? Look, look look! You can almost see skin,
you can almost see skin! (cheery music) Yeah, Ghost hit me up,
I’ll be your spokesman. – [Link] Freshen up your wardrobe with all new Mythical
and GMM graphic tees, available now on mythical.com

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