Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Review — Audio Interface for Live Streaming and Podcasting

Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Review — Audio Interface for Live Streaming and Podcasting

– In this video we’re checking
out an audio interface that can take your live
streams, and your podcasts, and any audio content to the next level. Coming up. (techno music) Hey what’s up guys, Sean
here with THiNK Media TV. Helping you go further, faster in media. And we’re here at the TASCAM booth at NAB checking out the MiNiSTUDIO
Personal and MiNiSTUDIO Creator. Now this is a super cool
device really intended for podcasters but also streamers. Maybe you’re streaming to Facebook Live or Youtube just doing
training or teaching content. But there’s a real use
case for definitely gaming, maybe you’re doing stuff on Twitch. This will take your streams and your content to the next level. Let’s check out what it does. First of all it’s an audio interface. So you would plug this
into your computer via USB and it’s also gonna run your speakers, and give you a place to
plugin your headphone jack, and things like that. But then it takes things
to the next level. What you have is you’ve got a
device that has a mic input, and so you could do a phantom power mic like the mic that’s hooked up here. You could do an instrument or you could also just do a
mic with no phantom power. You also have three
channels of sound effects and you could bring those sound effects in on the software
upload any sound effects. So if you wanna do an air horn and go, (imitates air horn)
(air horn blows) or you want it to add a crowd noise, or a little audio music from, the intro to your show, you can do that. You also have a lot of cool things. You got the headphone jack on the front just to monitor your own audio. You also have a headphone and mic input. So if you’re a gamer, you
could have your headphone, headset with a mic on it, really easy, right on the front there. You also have an input for a phone. So let’s say you wanted
to do a phone interview, somebody calls in on whatever phone. You can just plug that
in, interview that person and cleanly mix that entire
audio with that device. It also wouldn’t even have to be a phone, it’s an 8-inch jack. So if you pulled in
audio from another laptop off Skype or somewhere else, you could plug any audio
you want into that jack and make it a part of your mix. On top of that you could also
add effects to your voice. Now sometimes this would be
kinda quirky if you added echo or major voice go a pitch
lower or a pitch higher. But again maybe you’re gaming and you wanna do some
quirky and creative stuff, that functionality is definitely there. Super cool. And then you have an easy mode that we could see in the software here that just keeps things simple. But if you want to take it to advanced, you can just click over to the expert mode and do a lot of micro nuances
and adjustments to your audio. Making things very, very pro. One of the cool features of the TASCAM MiNiSTUDIO is ducking. Meaning, let’s say we’re
doing some gameplay, and people were hearing the audio of it, they were hearing all the music from it. Well when you start talking, it’ll push that audio down
so they can hear your voice. Then when you stop talking,
it’ll bring it right back up. And it does that just
intuitively with the MiNiSTUDIO. And so as far as the price goes, this is the Personal version
and this retails for 149 USD. And for this one you only
have the one microphone input. You also have a built-in
mic on this particular model and there’s no outputs
for, say, studio monitors or anything like that. But then on the MiNiSTUDIO
Creator version, which is definitely the
version I would recommend, you have two mic inputs and
you can get that phantom power. So let’s say you had two mics
for a podcast show in studio. You could have both of
those locally plugged in, still have all your sound effects. But then you also get
those outputs on the back for studio monitors and it’s
a little bit of a bigger unit. And so that’s definitely
the one I’d be checking out, the MiNiSTUDIO Creator. So as far as my final thoughts go, live stream is the hot thing right now. There’s a ton of opportunity to be streaming your
content over on Facebook, over on Youtube, of course
on Twitch for gamers, and something like this is a great tool. One of my favorite standout
features is the simple fact that you can hear your computer audio. So not just the sound effects, not just the ability to control
what happens to your voice, but that if you play a Youtube video, if you play a WAV file or a music file or anything that’s on your
computer, you can include that. And what’s so weird is
that, that’s a new thing. Like nobody really in
the industry has that. And I’ve used other audio interfaces if I’m doing live streams and I want people to
hear what I’m hearing, that’s what you get. You get a solution to let
whatever you want to share and creatively share your
message on a podcast, on audio, or definitely on live streaming. So this is something that we are paying a lot of attention to and I’m excited to really integrate it into our workflow to do some really creative
things when it comes to audio. Question of the day. What do you think about the MiNiSTUDIO? Let me know in the comment section below. So thanks so much for
checking out this video. You can click here to subscribe so you don’t miss any of
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the description as well. Until next time. THiNK Media TV is helping you
go further, faster in media. Keep crushing it and we will talk soon.

74 thoughts on “Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Review — Audio Interface for Live Streaming and Podcasting

  1. This is brilliant! I've been live steaming on YouTube for the past week now putting out 5 minute abdominal workouts that you can do in real time with me and the audio has just been terrible! I've had music playing from my computer while using my computer webcam since I am still under 1,000 subscribers and this piece of equipment sounds like it can lower the music volume automatically while I'm speaking; is that correct?

  2. This is brilliant! I've been live steaming on YouTube for the past week now putting out 5 minute abdominal workouts that you can do in real time with me and the audio has just been terrible! I've had music playing from my computer while using my computer webcam since I am still under 1,000 subscribers and this piece of equipment sounds like it can lower the music volume automatically while I'm speaking; is that correct?

  3. I was just looking at adding a podcast to my brand that I am working on and I was looking for a kit to get started. I think this is definitely worth the price and then I would just need to get some mics. Thanks for the great content!

    Is there a specific mic you would recommend. Not necessarily entry level but somewhat affordable?

  4. This looks incredible. Definitely checking this out for some future podcasting and livestreaming. Great and thorough as always, Sean.

  5. I love hearing about the new new. How would you use this for live stream on Facebook etc? With laptop only? I didn't know if this would work with a smartphone. 😃

  6. Tascam interfaces are quite good, i got the 2×2 but not i'm looking foward to get the Mini studio.

  7. Great timing on this! Pewdiepie gets a ton of questions about his audio interface during his livestreams.

  8. This looks good. I will most likely buy one. I'm still using my Tascam 4 Track Cassette from the 1990's now and again. http://www.retrothing.com/2010/03/no-more-4track-cassette-recorders.html

  9. The device is really cool; especially the convenience features.

    The only thing I find a little lame are the sound effect buttons. I like the idea but only 3 buttons seems super limited.

    I would want 6 to 10; Enough to have 3-4 buttons that are staples and a few others for rotating sound effects/clips.

  10. Really interesting product. Price is awesome for streamers. I would worry about the preamps so i wouldnt be trying to use any high end mics with it. Might actually pick this up for myself

  11. Think Media tv can you please do a video on the Canon rebel t3i? it's an old camera, but I'm looking in to buying one as a first DSLR (and I'm a kid)

  12. I think this can bring my channel to a whole new level. I will be definitely be checking it out.

  13. Awesome video Sean ! Cool product with a ton of uses. Just looking for an audio solution like this so I'm glad you included an amazing link.

  14. If you don't want a setup like i have (Mic EQ Compressor Mixer Audio Interface 2 Soundcards) and are starting out this sounds great.

  15. Very cool device. I have a podcast and you can edit stuff in but sometimes I want to generate a reaction from other hosts and guests by bringing in other music or as you say audio from other sources and this would make it so easy and intuative.

  16. Looks cool! I'm doing two local recordings for my podcast because my brother and I live in different cities, but this would definitely be an improvement on the decade old Crate CMX32 I left with him. I use the Tascam DR-40 with an AT4040 for my end and my audio sounds MUCH better. Price point is GREAT, plus I'd love to get a Creator for local guests on my end or game streaming I might still do one day.

  17. Hey Sean! LOVE the content, big fan. Wanted to thank you guys for the channel…lots of great tips have been taken on board! Love the look of this product, was wondering what the quality of the product is as an audio interface. The benefit of using this as a all in one live stream solution but also being able to hook up to my DAW for voice over work is very interesting. Also, do you know if theres an SD slot in this unit. That would be cool to record direct to SD for voice work. Thanks a mil and keep up the great work. Peter, BC. Canada

  18. As a podcaster I see where they're going….BUT it's not quite there. It feels like an audio board for people who don't want the "hassle" of setting everything up themselves and just want it all to be as easy as possible (this goes for the "pro" version as well. It just lacks what seems to be basic kinda things you need to get professional quality- but not a bad option or price for newbies. Watch the Podfather, himself, Adam Curry- he's going to be launching an option in a somewhat similar vain to this but with the options true podcasts would want (and, yeah, it's gonna run about $500 so it SHOULD be a bit better than this option).

  19. Awww mann. this is good for an audio interface, but my mic and headphone are USB plug and play.

  20. I already have an audio interface, but could use a sound effects piece are there any stand alone sound effect boards for those on a budget?

  21. I saw a review video where the guy said he couldn't get the ministudio to work in OBS in conjunction with the 'desktop audio' track. It created a massive echo. If ya'll did an OBS setup video for livestream gaming, I'm sure that'd help a ton of people.

  22. so does the cell input work where you can take a call and they can hear you ,, i mean you say that but other reviews say otherwise can you clearify

  23. More podcast content please! I'm a podcaster who's been investing in equipment in a home studio.

  24. getting closer to a good product with this one… Please make a hardware mixer that looks and acts like Voicemeeter Banana.

    honestly wish i could design the perfect mixer for live streaming. it seems they will never get it right!?

  25. This is definitely on the wish list. One question, I do a podcast. How would I integrate this with garage band so I can record my live show and then be able to share it later on Podcast? Thank you! Keep up the great work and Preach Jesus!

  26. Can I live stream with 2 Yeti's? My Wife and do a LIVE show and I want to control each of our voices separately. We love the Blue Yeti and I was thinking of picking up another one. Just not sure how to get them both into my Mac and broadcast them Live? Any thoughts?

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  28. anyone knows how can i remove playback when i try to discord with somebody (windows) PLEASE HELPPPPPPPP

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