Target Brand Taste Test

Target Brand Taste Test

– Can we tell the difference
between Target and name brand? – Let’s talk about that. (fun theme music) (fire blazing) Good Mythical Morning. – Link, I have a riddle for you. – Okay. – What’s red and can trap
you inside of its devilish confines until you’ve spent
hours and all your money but you forgot to get the pair of
socks that you meant to get in the first place? – I’ll say based on the
title of this video, Target. – Yes! – Target is the second largest
retailer in the world and they have a whole slew of their
own signature generic brands that amounts to a billion dollars a year – What? – For Target. From foods, to toiletries,
to all things in between, Target’s got its own version
that claims to be just as good as the top selling name brand. – Okay. – But is it? Today we’re going to put
that to our own test. It’s time for Target Your
Freak On, Target Your Freak On, Hope You’re Not Wrong,
You Sure About That Pick? – Holla! Okay, we’re gonna be presented
with two items and we’re going to taste them, feel them,
touch them, whatever can be done with them. – Oh, yeah. – We know that one is a Target
brand and we know the other brand of the other one but
we don’t know which is which. – And we have to choose. – Which is the Target brand. – The loser will have to endure
a surprise punishment at the end of this thing. Let’s do it. Round one.
– Round one. I’m excited for this because
– Yeah. – Fruit snacks are my jam. – I know you love fruit snacks. I go over to your house and
you be swimmin’ in ’em, man. – So one of these is Welch’s
and one of these is Simply Balanced, which is Target’s organic brand. In a strange twist of
fate, Simply Balanced is actually more expensive. It’s 59 cents per pouch while
Welch’s is 43 cents per pouch. – Because they’re organic. – Yes. – These are organic. I mean, you know just as well
as I do that this mushy stuff over here, this goodness. That’s Welch’s, right? – I would think
– Oh, that is good. – That this has all kinds of
artificial coloring to get it to be so unnatural.
– That’s a good point. – Which will make me
think that it’s Welch’s. – These are a lot more bouncy. – Oh, I like these best. Mm, that’s some good stuff. – It takes longer to get to
the actual flavor in these and you may choke in the process. – It’s better than fruit though, you know? – Oh, fruit is for losers.
– That’s what I always said about gummies. – Gummies for winners. – Kids should be eatin’ the gummy fruits. – Fruit is for losers
– Right? – I’m telling you. – Fruit is not for losers,
okay, gosh, guys, gosh! – Mm. – But the gummies are better
than real fruit (chuckles). – These taste more like
candy next to these. These taste more like
fruit even though they feel more like candy. – They’re both good but those are better. – Let’s put our hand over what
we think is the Target brand, that’s how this goes. – [Stevie] Okay, here we go. Three, two, one. – Ooo! – [Stevie] The Target
brand is on Rhett’s side. – Yeah, Simply Balanced. – So, these are Welch’s, man? – Yeah, man. All that artificial stuff. This is organic, that’s why
it looks like somebody just mushed some fruit up. Round two.
– Round two. Alright, it’s not delivery, it’s Digiorno or it’s not Digiorno, it’s Archer Farms. – Yes. – It’s funny how they look so different. The price is not that different. 6.80 for Digiorno and a
little less, five bucks for the Archer Farms. – That’s pretty substantial
if you buy a lot of pizzas. – I guess you’re right. A dollar 80 more. – I know I just love pizza.
– I mean, this one looks more like a delivery pizza than this one. If I got a pizza this small
delivered to me I’d say go back to the store and get me another one. – What’s that black thing? – I never fell for that, “It’s
not delivery, it’s Digiorno” ’cause the pizza sizes are different, man. – What’s that black thing? – [Crew Member] It’s a
burnt piece of cheese. – Not an olive.
– Burnt piece of cheese. The judges have weighed in. Link, it’s a burnt piece of cheese. This is tasteless. I mean it’s not bad.
– Odorless and colorless. And pizza-less. – It’s not bad but it needs more toppings. – We just tasting the cheese, man. It was pretty tasty.
– This one looks more traditional. – It needs salt. – Oh, this one got lots of salt. – It doesn’t have a lot of
toppings, got a lot more bread. There’s a lot more bread height. – They forgot the marinara on that one. They forgot the marinara. Look, there’s no marinara.
– Did they forget the marinara? – [Link] Where’s the marinara? – They got it on this one though. – This one’s better. I mean, I would’ve felt sure
that Digiorno’s better but I think that’s Digiorno. And I think is Archer Farms. – Well. – One thing’s for sure, this
one is better to me and to him. – “One thing’s for sure,”
they’re both pizzas. – [Stevie] Alright, here we go. Three, two, one. – What? – [Stevie] The Target
brand is one Rhett’s side. – (laughs) Yeah, man. That’s all from the farm right there, man. – So, okay. – I been to Archer Farms. Round three.
– Round three. – Alright, it’s time to get swole, Link! – (laughs) We gon’ get swole? – Yeah! – Alright. – Protein power. – Body Fortress whey. – Yeah, Body Fortress
whey is the name brand. For 32 ounces you gotta pay
23.91 or you get Market Pantry whey, 32 ounces, 15.79. So, that’s a big difference
and your body is important. Your body is a fortress. – This morning I tasted my
smoothie and I was like bleh, something’s missing and
I had left the vanilla protein power out. – Oh, so you comin’ straight
off of a fresh tasting. – I’m telling you that, makes… – Do you use one of these? – No, I have not tried
either one of these. – Body Fortress seems so–
– Try this one. I mean it’s just like, super– It’s got lots of graphics on
the outside to make it seem like it would be high quality. – It’s got an X and there’s
not an X in body or fortress. You know it means business. That tastes okay. – Taste like just regular
old protein powder to me. – It doesn’t taste great. Doesn’t taste that creamy. This one tastes totally
different than that one. – Whoa. What a different direction
that this went in. – This one’s creamier. This one has an almost overbearing
vanilla flavor compared to this one. I mean, this one’s like subtle and sad. It’s meek. There is no Body Fortress
happening over here. – This feels pasty. It tastes pasty. This feels like they put
some extra R&D into it. – Mm! – You know what I’m saying? I can taste the R&D, I
can taste the sweat of the researchers and the developers. – I’m swellin’ up just tastin’ it. – Okay. – [Stevie] Ready? Three, two, one. – (buzzing) Bur. – [Stevie] The Target
brand is on Link’s side. – Yeah, that was clear. – Clear winner.
– That was super clear. – Maybe worth the money. Of course I don’t know what’s in it. Could be bodies. Round four.
– Round four. – Alright, now we’re to my jam. Canned tuna. (laughs) No, I don’t love tuna. But I do have a theory that – You have a theory? – They take the same tuna from
the same ocean, do the same stuff to it, put it in the
same can and then they just put a label, either with a Charlie
the StarKist fish on it, or – This is controversial
– They put one that says Market Pantry on it. – You really think that’s how it works? – Yeah. – [Rhett] Well, I mean, evidence
by just the look of these, you might be right. – They look exactly the same. So, Target’s Market Pantry
cost 82 cent for a can. And the StarKist tuna, 98 cents. – This isn’t chunky. This has been eviscerated. Did you chew this up and
spit it back in there? Is that what happened?
– Yeah, I asked them to do that. – Is this baby birded? – [Stevie] One’s a Target
employee that did and it the other one’s just… – Oh. Mhm.
– Charlie himself was like (gagging) I’m really trying to taste
something even though I don’t like it. – Tastes like the inside of a can. – No, it tastes like the inside of a tuna. – Yeah, well that’s the part I like. I eat tuna like this quite a bit. – Now, if you guys tell us
that the labels that you ripped off are actually cat food this
is not funny but believable. I just blew on that like it was hot. I was like. I don’t know why I did that. – It’s totally different. – Oh, wow. That’s a lot better, isn’t it? – The taste is super different. – That tasted like a tuna. I don’t even like tuna and I
like that better than that. – It still has a canned after taste. And now that I look at
it, this is like light. That’s darker. – And this is dark. – But hold on, what is that? – [Rhett] There’s like a feather in there. – [Link] There’s a feather. – Oh, this is a bird. This is chicken. – We’re eatin’ freakin’ bird.
– We ate a freakin’ chicken. – Is that a feather or… – Somehow, how did a
chicken get in the process? Is it a feather? – [Link] Hey, when in
doubt throw a chicken out. – Who’s more likely to put
a chicken in their tuna? (crew laughs) – It’s the chicken of the sea. Charlie. – [Stevie] Alright, you ready? – Uh, hold on. – Uh, I know. – Okay, yeah. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – Oh, you’re taking a risky. – [Stevie] The Target
brand is on Link’s side. – Oh, nice, yeah. – So the better tasting thing. – Yeah, it tasted more canny. – You know what, I was wrong. – I went with the dark. – Different stuff in the cans. Round five.
– Round five. Well, here we are, Link. Two guys, two bottles of lotion. – Yep. And they’ve placed the
lotion in generic containers – Yeah.
– Which neither one of them originated in. – Right. One of them is Up and Up. That’s the Target brand. That’s 10 cents per ounce and
the other is, is it Jergens? Is that how you say– My mom always said Jer-gins I thought. – Jer-gins?
(crew laughs) – No, she didn’t. Maybe I thought that’s what she said. – Jergens Ultra Healing. – Jergens, and that’s 27 cents per ounce. One of ’em is three times
as expensive as the other. – 10 cents an ounce for the
Up and Up Advanced therapy. – We can’t cross contaminate
so I feel like with just one hand with one lotion
and the other hand with the other lotion. So I’m going right hand for this one. – [Link] Should I have gone
left hand ’cause I just did. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That way we keep it straight
’cause then I’m gonna do left hand. – You don’t need that. Here, just shake. Shake man, don’t rub yet. This isn’t a massage,
this is a business deal. – But hold on… – This is a milky business deal. – I feel like it’s being contaminated now. – Here. Left handed business. – [Rhett] Oh. – Get that right on the mind. – Oh it’s so squirrely. – [Link] I need a little bit more of this. – Oh, wow, they smell totally different. – So, the one on the
left has a floral hint. Smells like grandma. – The one on the left is slipperier. – The one on the right
smells like an aunt. – This smells therapeutic. – Yeah. – And that’s called Advanced Therapy. – Mhm, so it’s aunt-ish, right? Are you with me? – This is so confusing at this point. – No, it’s pretty simple to me. Grandma, aunt. (crew laughs)
– Hold on. – Target, the other one. Jer-gin. Aunt Jer-gin. Aunt Jer-gin’s gonna bring
her meatloaf over tonight. (laughs)
– I’m so confused. – And I don’t mean the dish. (laughs) – Okay, alright, I’m ready, I’m ready. – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. – Target. – Yeah. – We’re in agreement that
the grandma is Target. – [Stevie] The Target
brand is one Rhett’s side. – What?
(buzzing) Really? Well, Advanced Therapy’s
doin’ a great job. – Way to go Target. – This is Target. Yeah, that’s Target. – Way to go, Target. – I was wrong. – You smell like an
aunt and not a grandma. Round six.
– Round six. – Alright, Rhett, you’re in
the lead but with this lamp round I can tie it up. – Anything can happen. – I know lamps (laughs). The Target Threshold lamp
is an economical $80 but the West Elm lamp is $280. So $200 difference here.
– This is big difference here. – When it gets to be that
much of a discount I get real tempted to hit that bullseye. – Yeah, well this one’s
taller, right off the bat. If you’re paying for girth and height… – Yeah, this is bigger. – You got lotion all over your hands, man.
– Got a little lotion on it. I hope that’s not the
West Elm one (laughs). – [Rhett] I’m looking
at craftsmanship here. – There’s brass stuff here on this one. And look at this ornate
thing and then there’s none of that there. And then the cord is just
falling down and this cord has like a hook. A clever little hook that hides the cord. – But this is taller. (laughs) This is a big man’s lamp. It’s stark white. I mean,
– The detail. – There’s two ways to see these details. It could be that this is like
a special little feature and it adds craftsmanship.
– About $200. – But it could also be that
Target, they can’t afford a piece of wood that long and
they gotta bracket it together with something else. – Oh, that’s a good point. – [Rhett] (laughs) You
know what I’m saying? – This could be like, we only
take the West Elm scraps and we piece ’em together.
– Right, this could be scrap wood. – Now, when I look at it in
person I think this one looks higher quality but then when I
look at it on the screen like you guys are, I’m like,
I don’t know if the $200 is justified. They look close enough to me
if you’re not looking at them side by side even though I
wouldn’t know that this one looks a lot cheaper than that one. I would go with that one.
– But I’m a wood man. – [Link] Oh but I didn’t even notice this. – [Rhett] Yeah, look at that bracketing. – [Link] There’s a bracket down there. – [Rhett] Let me smell this. (crew laughs) – What kind of wood is it, Rhett? You’re the wood man. – [Rhett] That’s walnut. (sniffs) That’s maple.
– Walnut more expensive? I can’t tell which one’s more
expensive because that would be giving away too much. – This is tough. But it wasn’t tough until
you said the thing about… It is two pieces of wood.
– Smells pretty cheap. – Dang, Rhett. I think you’re right. – It’s smaller and shorter (laughs) – I think you’re right ’cause I literally think this
is two pieces of wood and that’s why that costs $200.
– There’s only one way to find out, Link. Are you ready?
– Alright, guys. Three, two, one. – Target. Oh, shoot
– The Target brand… – No, no, I’m changing my answer. I gotta go for the win. – [Stevie] Is on Link’s side. (laughs)
– Yes! – So I was right. – No, you were wrong, this is Target.
– No, Rhett was correct. – (laughing) The Target brand. (crew laughs) I was right, man. This is West Elm, this
is high dolla, sucka. – But I like this one.
– It’s bigger and taller. I went back to my reasoning.
– This is better. I don’t see the dangle cord. This is so much better, Target. – Congratulations, Target. And congratulations, me. – And you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m John Ottie and I
just finished speaking at One Year Adventure Novel
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    Rhet uses the GREEN straw for shake 1, but BLUE straw for shake 2.
    Who set this up..??

  3. Target, 2nd largest Retailer in the WORLD!
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    Also, Links theory on the tuna is right. I work in a cookie factory and we make the same shit for like 7 different brands. Its all the exact same.

  4. Link’s theory is completely accurate in a large number of industries (at least definitely in the uk). For example over here most of the supermarkets’ bakery sections’ muffins are made by one company called Speedybake. There may be tiny differences in recipes but hardly anything, they’re mainly just packaged differently!

  5. Some Archer Farms things are great, others are terrible. Their pizza is ass, but their premade macaroni and cheese is better than all its competitors. They also make really good sweets there, their best generic goods are all at the bakery. The only way to tell what's good and what's terrible is to just try it all at least once. I think I also liked their chicken but it's been a while.

    As for cans of tuna, you can notice the cheaper brands or non-brand generic cans don't taste as good, but you know why? Salt. That's literally all it is – one adds more salt than the other. Sometimes the price difference is so small that basically the money you save by buying the cheaper one, is just barely more than the money you'd spend on the salt they use, so really you're just better off getting StarKist.

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