Poppy Harlow here. None of that sk*nk, Gloria Borger GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR And you’re watching Pew News. Good evening. I’m Poppy Harlow, and you’re watching Pew News, the most reputable news source in the planet Remember Tana “Mongo”? Remember her? H E F * * K E D M E W I T H A T O O T H B R U S H “he f**ked me with a toothbrush!!!” No, you don’t remember that? Say n*gger (flashbacks) Well, she decided that she had so much fun at the convention that she was gonna create her own called “Tanacon.” It was going to be the best! It was you who put this together, and no disrespect to you but like you’re the last person (Tana: No I…) who I’d think who’d arrange a conference. Tana: I could not agree more!!! Like I was- Cut to live footage of the event. REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND “I wasted 150 dollars on Tanacon. It’s one hallway, one big concert room, and no activies.” “No creators are walking around like promised, we stood outside for 4 hours just to be treated like animals.” Tana: Anything wrong or bad or whatever if there’s bad security about it, it’s me. It’s on my fucking face Dude: Yeah, your name is the conference Tana: Literally, so I mean, I have been putting my heart and soul into making it as perfect as you can And oh boy, it was perfect. (chuckles) All the big celebrities were gonna be there as well! Tana: So I mean, right now, our lineup right now consists of so many insane creators, the ones that we have publicly confirmed right now are along the lines of – there’s SO many, seriously Tana: But um, me, Bella Thorne, she’s doing it, she’s amazing UUAH, UUUAH! BELLA THORNE?! Never thought I’d hear that name again That foul Nickelodeon kid, who wouldn’t even say PewDiePie’s name on the Teen Choice Awards! Never forgive. Felix something something sooomethiiiing….. You know what, be here if you wanna hear the rest of your name AAAAH! I’m not even PewDiePie, and I am super offended. (laughs) “she is so mean i feel bad for felix” I know!! So mean! What did I do? She’s friends with Tana, you can’t even say her name. “Mon-go” Alright, who else is gonna be there? Tana: And we have Shane Dawson, we have all of Shane’s- Shane! okay “I guess a convention just can’t be thrown in a month…not realistic” “I genuinely support Tana Mongeau for trying something like this but at this point i don’t think it’s safe” Who else made an appearance? Tana: Ricky Dillon! An OG crea- Ricky Dillon, who tweeted out “Ok sorry jokes aside what’s going on with tanacon?” “I have panel at 3, is it still happening?” (laughs) UHH, so, apparently, they booked a lot of people from Vidcon to come to Tanacon which are both happening at the same time, I think they’re both in Anaheim, I’m not sure, I don’t care enough to find out Uhh, but apparently they- they- they booked people that were supposed to go on the same panel at the same time over at Vidcon and Tanacon But even if they wanted to come, it was basically impossible because it was just too much of a mess There were supposed to be all kinds of food at Tanacon, “What kind of food would you want to eat with her?”
Tana: Oh my god, that’s hard! Tana: Everything! I love the way she eats like fried chicken- (laughs) People tweeting out: “There’s no food. There’s no water.” (laughs) “We been standing in line for 4 hours.” But you know what there was? Who needs food, and water, Especially when It’s hot outside, you’re standing in line with no cover, You know what you can get instead? Condoms. That’s right. Not just any condoms! I know, It doesn’t sound that great, But listen to this: It’s TANACON -doms. (shakes head) My only regret in life, from birth to now, is that I wasn’t able to attend TanaCon. Where you can pay $70 to get a condom. Tana: I like to think of it as something younger This is a convention for something younger Here’s some condoms everybody. “TanaCon! Yeah, ‘con’ is a good word for it.” “First, you put it at a venue that can only hold A THOUSAND people max,” “Then you tell your fans that the gift bag is gonna be worth quadruple the ticket price,” “But your gift bag is only a smartphone grip, a wristband, and a CONDOM.” “The only thing I need protection from (snap) is yo lies” (laughs) Another thing about TanaCon was that the tickets were going to be free you know, finally a convention that *everyone* can enjoy Very noble cause Tana: You know, perks and stuff like that
Dude: You have different levels, right? Tana: Yeah, exactly, exactly, we have free-
Dude: General Admission Dude: VIP
Tana: We have Featured Creator and Featured F**KING Creator Dude: Is that what It’s called? Featured F**KING Creator?
Tana: Yes, literally, see- Tana: Featured Creator is the free ticket because everyone’s a Featured Creator at TanaCon Tana: And Featured F**KING Creator is- yeah
Dude: That’s nice Tana: Yeah, ah- 100%
Dude: Everybody’s a Featured Creator? Tana: Exactly, I want that inclu- inclusivity, would that be the word?
Dude: Yeah yeah yeah Tana: Feeling, you know? The problem is, when you make something free, a lot of kids will be there (laughs) Maybe too many kids than what Tana had initially estimated “This is the Meet-n-Greet check in line” “This is crazy… what-” “So you end up right here, but you start way back here” “I… am loss for words… TanaCon, this one crazy” Jesus Christ So the event was too small to hold enough people, people were left queuing outside for 4 hours to get in despite even have to pay for tickets cause you could pay for the more “exclusive tickets” but you still had to stand in the same line as everyone else that just came for free. Which then led to the event inevitably shutting down. Girl: Are you apart of the event? (Yes) Do you know what’s going on? (It’s been cancelled) The whole events been cancelled? (For today.) Okay. (Tomorrow It’s back up and running,) (2 different venues for more space.) Okay, what’s the other venue gonna be? (It’s gonna be announced tonight, probably on Twitter) Okay, through Tana’s twitter? (Most likely, yeah) Okay. (people talking) (people talking) I’m just waiting for the elevator to clear out (people talking) (people talking) Guy: Fuck that! Girl: No refunds! People yelling “refund” “Give us refund” REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND RE- This reminds me of that Instagram Model Island Convention or whatever where you’d pay a- a large amount of money to meet celebrities, you’re sold this idea and then it just got out of hand or it’s too poorly managed. This is certainly not the first time a convention has gone to HECK Tumblr had their own convention, the notorious Tumblr convention that HAD A BALL PIT! A ball pit!! What?!?! (laughs) Guy: There’s a ball pit!?! A ball pit! What? Yep- Safe to say, it was a disaster. Now, apparently, they’re gonna do another two extra days uh to… make up for it. I don’t know how that’s gonna make anything better at this point, because you’ve already get the TanaCondom! What else could you possibly want? If I got a TanaCondom, I would just leave, because I- that’s all I want. These greedy kids just want more and more and M O R E! Now, you may be wondering, “Why did Tana do a convention? Why didn’t she just not go to VidCon?” Well apparently, she had a long beef going on with VidCon. She wasn’t given a “Featured Creator” pass which is given to the people on VidCon, the creators, to, uh, get special access uh- around the convention. They can enter back stage, they get their own, uh, meet-and-greet sorta stuff… And to be fair, I don’t know, probably who, 80% of these people are. I fee- if you ever wanna feel disconnected from YouTube, just check who’s going to VidCon. And you can just be like “What?! These are the featured creators?” “I don’t know who they are.” I mean, obviously some I know. It feels like the YouTube Rewind videos. It’s not what YouTube is. It’s what they want it to be. And VidCon, you know, they pick who they wanna have as a featured creator, because they don’t want probably more controversial creators like Tana “Mongo” to attend their event. Which then leads to her coming to the event and then fans swarming around her. which leads to safety issues and she gets kicked out, and apparently this happened year after year. She got fed up, “Why can’t I just get a Featured Creator pass?” “Cause I wanna meet my fans” So, eventually she just got fed up and she said “okay, I’m just gonna make my own TanaCon.” So the whole idea behind it, I’m totally all behind. I don’t like VidCon. I think it’s nightmare. I think it’s literally Hell on Earth, and I wouldn’t wanna go there. And especially the fact that they don’t pay anyone to go there. The whole premise of VidCon is that you get to meet YouTubers. That’s why people are paying $200 for tickets. None of that goes to the actual thing that drives for the sales of the tickets. And It’s kinda like- it’s this weird guilt thing where “Oh, you’re not going to VidCon? Well then you don’t care about meeting your fans.” When clearly, YouTubers are just being used by these com- companies. But then again, VidCon does offer you a venue for you to meet your fans in a safe environment. Or at least that’s how they say it is (laughs) Tana: But there’s yet to be an influencer really doing like a big American, like, in California like convention with- Dude: But why not?
Tana: all these big YouTubers How come no one’s done it? Tana: I don’t know and I don’t know why it’s- Lemme explain why: because it’s really hard to pull off a convention. I think every single convention – their first one, has been a disaster, because you need that experience, you need to build it successively (Is that what it’s called?) S U C C E S S I V E L Y Every single year, make it bigger and bigger and bigger, you can’t just immediately jump to 15,000 people. You gotta start very, very, very small. And if you sell tickets on the premise that it’s gonna be free, obviously if people didn’t even get the tickets, they’re gonna show up anyway. Which is what happened, and it got outta control. So, I hope she takes whatever she learned, even though I meme’d this whole thing, uh, and she does it next year! And maybe name it something less r*tarded. So long VidCon, it’s been real. (crowd yelling) This is the reason why I don’t wanna go to VidCon. People screaming at you is just obnoxious. So long VidCon (slow-mo) There’s no reason- no reason- why anyone should treat me more than anyone else. I don’t want it. I find it annoying. If I can’t talk to another person without them getting past the barrier that somehow I’m a big YouTuber, then I don’t wanna talk to that person. It’s just a waste of time. I hate promoting this whole idea that you have to act all- cause this is taught behavior. This is not in our DNA that we should somehow react this way for people that we think is “celebrities.” It’s just so idiotic. I hate this whole concept of “fame” and “worship.” Why? Why is that a thing? Same reason I don’t like getting recognized a lot of times anymore, because people just start screaming. And they make a big scene. And I’m just there like… “Why are you yelling? Just stop. I just- now I don’t wanna be here.” (laughs) If people meet up and just talk like a normal person, it’s so much more pleasant, and it’s just fun, and it’s just cool. And, I hate how this whole idea of worship is being promoted through this VidCon event where people just run around like f*cking Neanderthals and yelling “AHHHH!” because they saw someone famous and they hope to see someone famous on YouTube. It’s just so stupid. I hate it. F*ck all your conventions. That was a lot of time on one topic, Felix. Yes it- I mean Poppy. Yes it was. Moving on, however, to the next story. The World Health Organization included “Gaming Disorder” as the latest version in its Disease Classification Manual. We’ve talked about this before, but now it’s finally been made official. World Heath Organization, W.H.O, has announced “gaming disorder” is a thing. It’s a real thing. Now I’m kind of on the fence on this. I don’t really know where I stand to be honest. I really do see both sides. A lot of people are questioning this move, scientists specifically, saying “there was lack of good quality scientific evidence about how to properly diagnose video game addiction.” Also arguing the point that “we’re essentially pathologizing a hobby.” “What’s next? Tanning addiction, dance addiction, exercise addiction…” But no one is having a conversation about them. And I kind of- I really do understand this point. Why is gaming specifically being targeted here? It seems like it’s just a very popular topic right now. But, why is gaming getting- taking the whole beating?Essentially, it’s an addiction, yeah, but why is “gaming disorder” a thing? I was heavily addicted, I have no doubt about that, I just- I denied it for many, many years. You know, saying that “oh yeah, I really need it when I travel away, it’s so important.” Whereas I wasn’t sort of really confronting the issue itself. (laughs) So… (laughs) what? The World Champion winner of Snooker says he was addicted. That’s how he got World Champion… You could say that anyone that tries to get an Olympic medal- “Oh you’re just.. uh you’re just addicted…to training.” “You’re training every single day!” (laughs) “You don’t even let them have games at all?” “I have so far managed to resist-”
“How old are they?” “They are 6 and 8.” But I- I really do question the, uh, how sensible it is to invite something that we know is very addictive. Computer games are very addictive. So with Fortnite getting so popular, especially with young kids, a lot of parents are discussing this right now as well. It’s obviously a very popular topic. This women saying that she doesn’t even let her kids play video games at all, and she sorta says it proudly as well, and, I’m not a parent, I don’t know what that’s, uh, what it’s like to raise kids and make them follow your, uh, lead, but I think disallowing kids from doing something.. that probably everyone in their school is doing, is a terrible idea, and I guarantee you these kids are sneaking out to just play with friends and such instead. And I think, from personal experience, that if you’re not allowed to play video games, you’re going to over-compensate that at a certain point. Hello everybody, PewDiePie here. (laughs) I personally wasn’t allowed to play video games as much as I wanted to, when I grew up. I think if anything it just took me longer to realize myself that I don’t want video games to be the main focus in my life, because I wasn’t allowed to play as much as I wanted, it sorta made it like, it turned into all the focus, even when I wasn’t playing. So it didn’t really make any difference. But then again, you have people on the complete other end of the spectrum where people are dying from gaming binges. Girls as young as 9 has to go to rehab, because they wet themself to keep playing. Obviously you can be addicted to anything, and people do get addicted to gaming. Classifying it as a disorder, however, specifically gaming disorder, I don’t know if that’s necessarily helpful. I think the most effective thing would to be to teach kids “Okay, work first, play later.” At least that’s what I’d do if I had kids. I know I asked this question last episode, but, I think teaching kids that attitude at a young age “okay fine, you can play video games, you can do whatever you want as long as you do your work first,” right? Makes sense, right? I don’t know, I’m talking like it’s- as if I know everything about parenting. Clearly I don’t. What do you think? Leave a comment down below and let me know. (popping noise) That was oddly sexual. (pop) The final news- (laughs) is just a random meme. All he needs to tag is #BlackOps4 and #CallOfDutyPartner and the rest can be his words Call Of Duty, why don’t you pay me? I promise you, I can do better than this. (laughs) Whenever I have to do a sponsored tweet, the client always sends like “okay, can you do this sorta wording?” and I always change it up completely, because I don’t want it to sound like I’m a robot or I am- I am a lawyer or someone completely different. But, Deandre Ayton, he really took it to the next level. (laughs) This is not the first time this has happened. We have, uh, ‘Desean, can you please tweet this for the ESPYs party for tonight: “Chillin’ at the @ESPYS #NokiaPreParty. It’s awesome.”‘ Or this dude on Instagram ‘Excited to head to (city) and join the (team name).’ (laughs) Deandre deleted it and tried again. “Awesome time yesterday with the #BlackOps4 crew. Thanks for having me #CallOfDutyPartner” Meanwhile, I’m promoting **** games, everybody. Thank you, that was it for Pew News! (PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW ) Hope you guys enjoyed watching, if you did leave a like, I’d really appreciate it. These episodes uh- do get, uh- f*cked by the YouTube ad system so please, any support that you can give, I highly appreciate. Namaste. This has been Poppy Harlow. Poppy out. (pop) (outro music)

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