Talking Bull With Max Verstappen and Alex Albon on the Podcast

Talking Bull With Max Verstappen and Alex Albon on the Podcast

– What are we doing? – This is our first podcast together. This is very romantic isn’t it? Is this gonna be, is this YouTube? Hi YouTube. Okay, this is very romantic, first one. – Can you–
– You like it, don’t you? – Can you remember when we first met? – I think it was
somewhere in a hotel room. (laughs) – Maybe. – (laughs) No, I guess it was– – I actually remember it. I remember the first
time I tested with you. – Oh well, I was driving
under a different name. – Maybe, yeah, yeah it would have been. Was that The Conquerer?
– Yeah. Yeah, I was driving
under a different name. – Yeah yeah, because it
was you, Nick, and I. – Yeah. – I was in Mick Barrett
Racing, that was my team. – And I was like severely overweight. I was like fat, like crazy. – What happened? – I grew, pretty much. – And lost your baby fat? (laughing)
– [Alex] And lost my baby fat. Same as you actually, have you
seen photos of us together? – Yeah, yeah I was very chubby. – Yeah, I know, I know.
– Yep. It was all muscle though. – (laughs) Stocky kid. (laughing)
Okay. Yeah I remember it. It was not that romantic. I remember your two minutes, you were already quite
quick, in that test. And I was like, “huh.” – We don’t like being slow. – No like, he’s like 11 years old. And I was like, “Yikes!” – Yeah, I was actually.
– Yeah. You were the pink–
– Yeah. Quite small. – Max, you ask the next question. – Alex, how many brothers
and sisters do you have? – Is that the question? – Guys, I mean honestly, what is that? What is that for question? – Well I have three sisters and a brother. I have a big family. We’re all quite close, even in age. I’m the eldest. That’s about it really. I think that’s–
– That’s it. – I don’t know.
– You don’t have any– – I don’t wanna say too
much information, I guess. – Right, okay well that’s fine with me. – Okay I got my next one. Have you ever needed to pee in your race suit during a race? I mean have you ever needed to pee in your race suit regardless?
– Well, I, I had to, like, I had to go to the toilet, that’s basically, I guess,
what they’re after, but– – While during a race?
– Yeah. – Have you wet yourself in a race? – No no no, I didn’t, but I
really had to go to the toilet. But the problem was, yeah it was in F3 actually, in Norisring. So already, before the race, I had to go to the toilet, but the thing was, I think at the time, I was watching DTM in the hospitality. So I was almost too late for the race. – So I had to run back–
– Priorities. – I had to run back, put my
suit on, jump in the car, but I had to go to the toilet
but I couldn’t, of course. Started the race. And then we got, we had a red flag. So then we stopped and I said “Can I go to the toilet?” And they were like, no no no, they’re gonna restart
in, like, five minutes. So it was, in the end, like 15-20 minutes. – That’s the worst right?
– Yeah. – Because when you’re not driving that’s when you think about it. – You know what I did? I just started the car a
little bit earlier than normal, so because of the vibrations of the car, I didn’t have to go to the toilet. (laughing)
It’s very odd but, yeah. That’s what, and then I was
driving and it was actually fine but then, I was on the podium, and I really had to go to the toilet, so I tried to do it as
quickly as possible. Well I didn’t pee on the podium. (laughing) But of course afterwards, I had to, run to the toilet.
– People thought you were spraying champagne, actually you were spraying your own piss. – That’s what you say, (laughing). – Okay so there you go. If any of you want to, (laughter)
if you didn’t know, and you needed to wee in a car, just sit on some vibrations.
– Well, it can happen. It can happen though. – Turn you volume up in your car maybe, listen to some Skrillex. – No just rev it, rev it.
– And then, or rev it, there you go. – A few more vibrations in there– – Top tips of the day. – Alex, who is the tallest
F1 driver on the grid? And who is the shortest? – Well I think I get the claim to fame. – Are you the tallest?
– I am the tallest. – Are you?
– I think I am. – How tall are you?
– I am 186.5. So that’s, like, almost six–
– Point five! – The point five– – Not point four?
– Is basically to beat George, ’cause George would be–
– Is 186? – He’s 186, yeah. And, yeah, I mean, it’s not great, it’s not great being a
racing driver at that height. Everything touches,
knees touch, arms touch but I’m used to it now. I’ve done this since–
– Yeah, I mean, you’ve been tall for a long time now. – There we go. So, it’s weird for me to have
a lot of space in the car, like when my legs are too straight, or my arms are too straight, it actually feels quite strange. – Well you don’t have that
in the Red Bull do you? – No, I definitely don’t. – Shortest? – Shortest would be… You know, I always, in my head, always thought Lando was tall–
– Well, I guess Land– – Was short but he’s not
actually that short anymore. He’s kind of had his
little growth spurt in F1. – [Max] He’s still not very big is he? – He’s not big, no. – And who is the shortest? Does someone know? – It would have been Massa for sure. – Before?
– Yeah. – But I don’t know, I actually– – Lando is not the shortest anymore. It would be someone like, hang on lets do a quick scan. It would be like Bottas. – No, I think Lando is shorter. – Or even Lewis might be the shortest. – No, no no no no, I
think Lando is shorter. – There is, we’ll find it, we’ll find it. But I don’t think he is. – Okay.
– He’s taller than him. – Okay. – Okay, are you better
at singing or dancing? Actually, this is quite relevant. – Singing, singing. – Cause, obviously. – Karaoke, yeah. – When’s the last time you did karaoke? – A very long time, I have to go again. Yeah, I’m going to do it here in Tokyo. – Oh really?
– Yeah. Let’s see, maybe I can have a career– – I have heard you are a good singer. Actually the last time we did sing was– – Oh, yeah, but I was not prepared. – No.
– You know, you have to warm up your voice. – And your mind.
– Confidence. You need confidence as well. – So no dancing? – No.
– Not a dancer? – No, no, no. No, I’m not so flexible in the hips. (laughs) – [Alex] Yeah, actually, I remember you telling me in Singapore. You didn’t show me though,
that would be weird. – That would be very weird. Let’s not, let’s not do that. – Alex what sports did
you play growing up? – Sports. I played quite a lot of sports actually. Football, rugby– – You played rugby? – You know I was actually
quite good at rugby. I broke so many bones though. So, I broke these four fingers. So, someone, I used to play for my school, which they were, nationally,
they were quite good, at rugby. And I was a forward which is, like, one of the dangerous places or the one’s where you
make all the tackles, so. And someone did, like, a tackle to me and all these four fingers
kind of went to the right. And I was like, this was, this
was when I was racing you. This was when I was in 2010. And, do you remember one race
I had, like, an arm thing? Anyway.
– Yeah was that? Wait, was that in the beginning
of the year or the end? – I think it was near the end. I did it twice, I had two casts with you. But anyway, the, the– – I should have known. I would have grabbed your fingers again. (laughter) – So, yeah, the nurse gave me, like, the– – Oxygen!
– Helium? Yeah sorry, oxygen I think it is. And then, like, they pull your– (Max groans)
Fingers back. It was disgusting. It was so painful. Cause after the first one they say “Oh, it doesn’t hurt.” So obviously they do the first one, but then you realize it does hurt and then you got three more fingers to go. So, it’s just, It wasn’t that fun.
– You can’t write. So I stopped, I obviously
stopped doing that kind of stuff. Because–
– Yeah, I understand. – Its not very clever. – No.
– But, yeah. – And I don’t really think
you have the posture to do it, to be a rugby player.
– Yeah? No, I think, not anymore. – No?
– No. Maybe, see, when I was that age
I was a bit more stocky, so. Maybe now I’m more like a… – Well you could go into basketball. – Basketball?
(laughter) Even them, the guys are
big in basketball, like, they have a lot of muscle. – But they’re also are very tall. – They are, so maybe just high jump, that’s all I’m good for. Okay, your rap name is
the last thing you ate with lil in front of it. – The last thing I ate? Lil chicken nugget.
– What’s your rap name? – Lil chicken nuggets? Lil nugget! – [Both] Lil nugget! (laughter) – Lil McNugget! Can we call him, can we, can that be– – Lil omelet? Oh no, no, that’s not
the last thing I had. I had an omelet and soup. – [Alex] That doesn’t
sound as good though, does it?
– Lil tomato soup. – Lil souper, Lil– – Lil omelet.
– Lil omelet. That doesn’t have the same– – No, lil McNugget.
– Lil, lil McNugget. – Okay, okay we go for that one. – Lil McNugget?
– No, I think lil nugget is good. – Lil nugget, sure. Okay, what would I be called? I had poached eggs. Lil poacher. (laughter)
Lil poacher. – That’s not good, lil poacher, lil egg. – Lil egg, lil eggs. (laughter)
(sighs) This is an interesting one. – I’m waiting.
– It can be as, philosophy called, no
no no no, philosophical? Or, as you want, do you think they will be
racing in space one day? Kind of like F0? – I don’t care, how about that? – That’s the blunt answer (laughs). – I really don’t care. – You heard it here first. – Yeah, is that a good answer? – That is a good answer.
– Is it, yeah? – I mean, and the podcast
doesn’t have to last as long, so. So we’ll move on.
(laughing) – Should we just answer on
everything, I don’t care? (laughing) – Okay, what’s my next question? – What is the most–
– I don’t care. – Okay, well then, we skip that question. (laughing) – No, no, ask it, I feel bad now. – It’s all right. What is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you? Be open.
– I’ve had this question before.
– Be open and honest. – And I, I was saying that, I don’t– – You peed yourself in front of the cops. – I get embarrassed on a daily basis, I do embarrassing things all the time. – Okay. – So I don’t get that
embarrassed any more. I feel like– – Right, but back in the
day when you were still, were getting embarrassed? – I remember in middle
secondary school, middle school, wherever you’re from. My friend was like throwing me, like, a rugby ball or something. And I had my backpack on, and so, it was, we were kind of like
pretending to be in the NBA? No, NFL. So he throws the rugby ball, and I’m like, like,
trying to run, like that. And, I–
– Looking at the ball? – Looking at the ball obviously,
not seeing where I’m going. And landed, kind of hit the bin,
the bin was kind of like, against the wall?
– Okay. – So I ended up, somehow, putting my arse into the
bin, and literally, like, my arms and my legs were sticking out of the bin.
– Out of the bin? (laughter)
– And I was like, kind of, like, stuck totally in it. Like, that’s like, That’s
quite a strong memory, but apart from that. What is the craziest gift
you’ve ever received from a fan? – Craziest gift? – You get a lot of gifts. Some cool stuff as well,
I see some cool art work. – Well the funny thing is always here in Japan normally I get teaspoons, and I don’t even like tea.
– Solid. (laughing)
Okay, cool. – All right. We’ve seen some of your drawing skills, did you study art in school? – Well, it was mandatory. – Oh, was it?
– You know, it’s like, one of them subjects
that you have to do, so. – Okay
– Yeah, I guess so, and I did it–
– Well yeah, if it’s mandatory, yeah, then, then– – Yes.
– Then you study it. – What is the first thing
you do after a race? – I take my helmet off. No that’s actually not true
I take my gloves off first. – Yeah, of course. – No, that is not true. – You take your headrest off– – No I–
– You take your steering wheel (laughing)
– No, I don’t! You turn your engine off!
(laughing) All right, next–
– Technically, technically
– P1, 10 seconds, P0. – Technically speaking,
well, after the race– – Yeah, that’s after the
race, starting your engine. – No, the race is when you
cross the checkered flag. – So, well then, I go off
throttle, after each race. (laughing)
– The most in-depth answer to such a simple question. – Yeah, okay.
– Crazy. – Alex.
– Take, take your throttle off, there you go. – Yeah, well, I’m taking
my foot off the throttle, – There we go. – I’m not taking the throttle off. (laughing)
– Jesus. Okay, okay, okay. – All right, guys. I think its a very
strong performance here. – (laughing) It is, it’s– – Yeah, I think we should
start our own radio show, in the morning.
– Oh that would be good. – Well no, actually, no,
– Talking. – I’m not a morning person, so we should do it in the evening. Or the night, whatever you want.
– Sure, okay. – So this was our first, I mean very sophisticated podcast. Did you like it?
– This is, I liked the production value. I liked the TV screen. I liked the Red Bull can. I’m not sure why that’s there, the blow horn.
– That’s so you– – It looks kind of like, sexual? (laughing) – All right. That was it, that was our
first sophisticated podcast. And, I hope you liked it. – Make sure to like and, – [Together] Subscribe! – And what else do you do on YouTube? Is it and share? No, thumbs? – The–
– A like? – Yeah, thumbs up, like. Like subscribe.
– A like, right? Okay, I’m really, not, I’m really not used to this–
– For the latest racing content.
– YouTube stuff. – There you go.
– Okay you did well. Really good job.
– Thank you. – Yeah, nice work, nice work. (cool music)

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