Taking the Knee: Players, Owners, Trump, & You | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

Taking the Knee: Players, Owners, Trump, & You | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

Football season is upon us, and apparently,
this means it’s time to talk politics. I wish we could separate sports and politics,
or pretty much everything and politics, but somehow politics has infected every facet
of American life. Inserting politics into virtually everything
we consume is a really bad sign as to what direction this country is heading. That isn’t to deny the feelings of the players
who take the knee, but it is to acknowledge why people watch sports in the first place. People turn to sports, video games, and other
entertainment to escape politics and the cold hard realities of life. Now, it seems everywhere you turn, politics
has reared its ugly head. If you don’t take a side and scream about
it, or at least tweet about it, then you’ll be tossed in as racist or anti American, depending
on who is leveling the charge. When our momentary escapes from reality…like
sports… are taken away from us in exchange for more political fighting, we should all
take a step back and asses what’s really going on here. OK, so let’s start with Trump. Trump kicked this whole controversy off on
Friday night at a speech in Alabama where he said that NFL owners should get rid of
players who don’t stand for the national anthem, saying “Get that son of a bitch off the field
right now, he’s fired. He’s fired!” Now let me be crystal clear here: calling
a football player, or any other citizen a son of a bitch under any circumstances is
not the type of language I’d like to hear from the highest office in the land. As a free speech supporter, I do have major
concerns about the chill factor around free speech when the president makes comments like
this. Personally, I’d much rather have a president
who could share his own personal beliefs on a matter, while still affirming the right
of every citizen to protest, while and also acknowledging private companies can tend to
their employees however they see fit. That’s how this exchange is supposed to work
in a free society. The president can say whatever he wants, the
football players can do whatever they want, the teams can respond as they see fit — and
you, too, can use your voice to share your feelings on it all. So again, to be clear here, even if Trump
isn’t saying or tweeting statements just as I’d like him to, he has the exact same right
to free speech the rest of us have. Now, if he tried to instruct federal agencies
to punish players or football teams teams for exercising their right to free speech,
we would have an illegal act and an impeachable offense. As far as I can see, he didn’t do that, though
he did intentionally inflame the situation by getting as close to seeming to use government
authority to silence people without quite doing so. Understanding that Trump said something, but
didn’t sign an executive action on it is an important distinction though, because words
are not action, even when those words are uttered by the president of the United States. And it’s worth mentioning that these protests
started under Obama, so while Trump has added fuel to the fire, the seeds of these protests
had already been planted. Now onto the players. It is 100% within the players right to exercise
their free speech as they say fit. While I personally would never kneel during
the national anthem, it is completely within their right to do so. And for those of you who think kneeling during
the anthem is unamerican, or not the player’s right to do so, imagine for a moment what
kind of country you’d be living in if people couldn’t protest peacefully. You may think that these players are misguided
or mistaken, but imagine the society we’d be living in if the government could force
people to stand for our national anthem. What else could the government force us to
do against our will once we’ve given it that power? Of course, the players exercising their right
to free speech must understand that their actions might have consequences as well. This is the implicit exchange we all must
make to live in a truly free society. NFL teams can fine or suspend players as they
see fit, and nobody has an inherent right to play in the NFL. By the way, nobody has in inherent right to
work at Google either, but I didn’t see many of the people who are standing up the players
right now also stand up for fired Google engineer James Damore when he voiced his opinion on
Google’s diversity program. Interestingly, Damore was fired for doing
exactly what the company had asked him to do….attend a diversity course and then share
his opinions on it. So to recap, Trump can say what he wants as
long as he doesn’t use his government influence to silence people, players can do what they
want knowing there could be repercussions, and teams can deal with players however they
see fit. So now onto you, the public. If football fans don’t want to buy tickets
or watch the games because of the protests, well at the end of the day, even the great
American pastime of football is just a business — owners and management have the right and
the duty to do what’s best for their business. If nobody is buying tickets, watching on the
games on TV, or buying merchandise, then there will be nobody to see the protests in the
first place. This is the beauty of capitalism. Everyone from the president to the owners
to the players to the fans all have the ability to exercise their speech as they see fit. And if their speech isn’t enough to make a
dent in a cause they believe in then they can still support a cause, or not, with their
hard earned dollars. This is freedom actually working right in
front of our eyes and virtually all of the media is making it seem like this is the end
of civilization. If you stand with Colin Kapernick and the
other players, then feel free to boycott the NFL. If you don’t like the American flag being
disrespected by the players, then boycott the NFL. I’d rather just watch some football, or in
my case basketball, but you have the capacity and right to do whatever you want. To be very clear: I 100% stand by these players
doing whatever to protest or not if that’s what their conscience tells them to do. I also stand by their employers to do what
they feel is right for their business even if I don’t agree with it, and I do not want
the government to pass any law which would impeded on the rights of the players or any
sports organization. This position doesn’t deny anyone’s grievances
or feelings, it actually maximizes personal responsibility which is the cornerstone of
a free society. Like I said before, while I’d love politics
out of sports and sports out of politics, it now seems that our president and our media
isn’t going to let this seperation happen. I basically never watch Sports Center anymore
because it’s an endless blotter of crime stories and politics with game highlights tossed in
for good measure. What those of us who want to respect our fellow
citizens and the law can do, is to discuss the situtaion within the framework of what
it truly means to be free. Nobody has been fired because of their speech,
athough Kapernick does remains a free agent…which goes back to that consequences thing… no
law has been passed to actually silence anyone, and we all have an equal chance for our opinion
to be heard. While many would point only to the evils of
our political system, this story is actually showing the strength of our democracy. Don’t like Trump’s statements? Don’t vote for him. Don’t like the players who sat for the anthem? Don’t buy their jersey. Sick of the whole damn thing? Find something better to do than drink beer
and watch football on Sundays. All of the discussion and debate around kneeling
for the anthem and honoring the country is healthy as long as it doesn’t turn into violence
and tyranny. Calmer heads can win this game as long as
we stand for the principles of free speech and the right to a peaceful protest, even
when we don’t want to. The second we set aside our principles we’re
just picking a political team and rooting for our side as if it were a football game. For now, though, I’ll pass on picking a team
and remain a free agent in the marketplace of ideas.

100 thoughts on “Taking the Knee: Players, Owners, Trump, & You | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

  1. Dave you always have good and reasonable talking points. My only comment would be that we as employees would not be allowed to protest during our work hours. We would have to do this on our own time. These footballs players are getting big buck to work and play ball. They should do their protesting on their day off.

    He said "Wouldn't you love to see an NFL owner say Get that son-of-a-bitch off the field, He's Fired !"
    Hard to hold a valid argument with a false premise.

  3. I saw news on it in school yesterday(9-28-17) and I can't believe how biased students were. Because of the clips my teacher showed the class they support the NFL pllayers without any balanced evidence, I don't support the players and when I said that I was called a racist even though I know more than they do. I'm with you Rubin, but I think it's important to use facts towards an opinion if you know it's going to get attention. I felt similar towards Charlottesville(for some reason people are comparing the two) everybody there had the right to protest but I was looked at differently then too because I said it was okay for a white group to protest because they believe they have issues that need to be addressed(I'm talking about all of them there by the way). Why is there a double standard for both sides?

  4. Sure the president and players have the same rights, one just has vastly more responsibility, and is employed job to represent all the citizens of america, and the others job is to run a ball down a field. I think one is a little more 'free' to protest as they please.

  5. I'm Canadian, when I'm at an oiler game you fucking stand for the anthem, i love my country, and when the Mic stopped working we all sang the American anthem, for respect for our neighbors. If you have no respect for your homeland there are many other places on this earth, maybe the grass will be greener or maybe your a fucking idiot

  6. When was poltics NOT in sports? Or, is it just now it's in your face. Perhaps civil injustice cant just be comfortably ignored on Sunday's anyone.. BTW – It appears maybe someone at Google knew something about good ole James before we did.. But he sure did show us, didn't he?….

  7. Having any prescription about what to do during a national anthem or in front of a flag, even discussing it extensively, is ridiculous.
    Americans have a choice. Either they will get rid of this stupid naive militant patriotism and start catching up with the rest of the civilised world. Or, if they keep their reactionary ways, they will keep falling back socially.

  8. Trump has a right to say it but to call for business to fire people because of a political stance, who does that again? I don't even need to say it. I love how peaceful protest seems to be met with more outrage than violent ones.

  9. I disagagree. Your "free speech" is limited in your workplace. A busdriver spewing his chosen propaganda (pick whatever) in the PA system while driving had passed sn unacceptable limit. Stopping the bus, keeping the doors locked and do the same would be worse. A McDonalds employee wesring a Burger King cap at work would also be beyond tje limits. But in their own time they are free to read propaganda in many places or eat at BK. I also think a president encouraging owners to fire players are beyond the limit to some degree (harder to dras a line between private and work here), and owners and players intimidating Villanueva to not stand is way beyond the limit of free speech.

  10. All I know is when James Damore got fired for writing a memo he wasn't entitled to his free speech. Google was a private employer. They had every right to fire him at their whim. Now when some football players protest the national anthem and it offends their customers and the team owners start talking about taking steps we are suddenly supposed to be worried about their freedom of speech. Somehow the NFL has to respect the First Amendment, but Google doesn't?

  11. I believe in the 1st amendment. However I believe that if players are dressed in game uniforms, then they're at work and they're on the clock. You can demonstrate your protesting cause any other day or time but not while youre at work getting PAID. I mean go ahead and hold a sign and protest and March to Washington or write a blog or create a movement heck I will be standing next you supporting your cause. But do it on your own time not the Fans time while getting PAID. If you have something to say then say it and do something about it, but don't disrespect the flag and the people who lost their lives for you…they lost their lives so YOU have the freedom ….the freedom to KNEEL and disrespect this flag.

  12. The president of course, can say whatever he wants as he's entitled for his own opinion, on the other hand, he is United States of America representative, so americans, you're screwed

  13. The freedom not to stand for the national anthem is as important as the freedom to stand. Democracy and freedom are often messy and uncomfortable, but far better than the alternative.

  14. I'm disappointing by the misinterpretation David! He was impersonating NFL owners. The exact quote is: "Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owner, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say 'Get that son of a bitch off the field right now' " Big difference compared to what you said. He didn't call anybody son of a bitch! He's imagining the kind of language an NFL owner would use. Please report more accurately without the spin!

  15. There's another wrinkle to this issue, though …

    As a Libertarian, a HUGE football fan, and a dyed-in-the-wool capitalist, I believe in allowing the market to make it's own corrections.

    Since the (N)o (F)un (L)eague is a (legal) monopoly, any union grievances or player sanctions go to the Federal and Supreme courts. That automatically involves the government getting involved in free speech (should the league decide to nut up).

    I agree that the players have a right to protest, but speaking as a man who's eldest son came home draped in a flag, I see their protest (and Kaepernik's own words) as a slap in the face to the millions of veterans who served this country and gave the ultimate sacrifice for these gutless pieces of human flotsam to behave in such a petulant manner.

    I have cancelled my Sunday Ticket subscription (it's hell, being a JETS fan in Northeast Pennsyltucky).


  16. Football players don't have the right to protest while on the clock. I can't think of a company anywhere that allows employees to protest while working.

  17. What good is standing if one is compelled to do it because it is is not heartfelt? It is akin to someone making you worship a god that is not your god. (Any inanimate object that people pay homage to is an idol. It is an act of worship. Those who say they believe in God are idol worshipers. Those of you who say that you are Athiest, have not thought this out). While the outside appearance of those standing or kneeling gives solace and comfort to those compelling them, it does not change what they feel on the inside and they will forever despise you for making them violate their conscience for the gods of money.

  18. I fought for the players to have the right to protest… even by taking an offensive knee during the Anthem. I also reserve my right to think that those players are unappreciative jerks for doing so. I see the few minutes that it takes for the Anthem to be played as a time when everyone involved in a sports event (child's game) to reflect on the men and women who stand a post to keep them safe and those who will never see another game. It's not about a flag, it's about those who have been buried under it.
    I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised seeing as most of our citizenry will only go as far as a hurried "Thanks for your service" before turning their back and continuing on.
    I do take a certain amount of professional pride in the fact that most American citizens have no clue of the horror of war or the sacrifices made for their liberty and freedom. It means that we did our jobs well.

  19. This isn't about the anthem or the flag. It's a protest about the disproportionate amount of African Americans being murdered by law enforcement in the US. It was started by Kapernick who had the bravery to possibly (as it turns out, definitely) curtail his playing career to bring light to the incredibly important issue of race and discrimination in America, namely by the police. People think because Obama was the first black president and that a person of color can become successful and earn a lot of money that all of a sudden racism disappeared and everything is rosy in the garden…except that isn't the case. As Shannon Sharpe put it when the n word was spray painted on LeBron James' house, he might be the most recognizable athlete in the world and possibly the greatest ever, but because he's black nothing he does will ever be good enough to some. That's a sad indictment of today's society frankly.

    The reason the anthem/flag is viewed as the sole purpose of the protest is because of that fucking buffoon in the White House changing the narrative. That's what's being lost in the media and here as well. It's about race relations and police brutality in America. The point of the protest has been misunderstood.

  20. You being so 50/50 in the long run is going to hurt you. I hear the right saying that their will be no fans but maybe their will new liberal fans. I know a lot of conservatives because I live in Texas and they so happen to like the cowboys. Will liberals now become NFL fans to protest the right and Donald Trump?

  21. Trump's original comment began with "Wouldn't you like to see" (these NFL owners fire these sob's) Dave Rubin is misquoting him. "Wouldn't you like to see" is expressing an opinion. Not mentioning that part of Trump's statement is misleading and not good reporting on Rubin's part.

  22. Dave What rights do football coaxhes in football have after serveral have be fired when bowing with their team before the game ?

  23. Great video, Dave, but one thing bugged me. I am unaware of anyone anywhere suggesting our government pass a law requiring people to stand for the National Anthem. Am I missing something or was that point just a red herring?

  24. I keep hearing how it's disrespectful to vets. But the only people I hear making that argument aren't vets themselves.
    As a vet. I support their right to protests and find it more disturbing that they're protesting a misguided fantasy spawned of misinformation. I'd really like to hear these people challenged about how what they're protesting lacks substance or any grounding in factual basis rather than the respect I may or may not be shown by them protesting. Dissent is patriotic but so is being knowledgeable about the facts of the causes you take up.

    That's my 2 cents.

  25. Dave, when you say that you "wish we could separate sports and politics" you are saying that you think politics should exist outside civil society. This is nonsensical. Surely the way we consume sport is just as much a reflection of our values as other aspects of civil society such as the role of government, art, labor laws, or foreign policy?

  26. I know you dont read these, but I will comment at you anyway. No. An employee has NO right to express PERSONAL OPINION while at work…even in the break room. Even if that opinion is a common held belief. The opinion of the EMPLOYER is the only OPINION an employee can express without fear of Employer retribution. The NFL, and most if not all Sporting events where paid athletes compete for our pleasure, have a long standing rule stating, "all players will stand and respect the National Anthem and the Flag of the Country they are in". This isnt new…its been a rule since the Olympics over 2000 years ago. So even if the player were correct..the US is a white fascist society where blacks are targeted and laws are in effect which keeps blacks and minorities from achieving success, they still are not authorized to kneel unless the EMPLOYER..the Teams OWNER… agrees to violate the rules of the Sporting event. Employees have NO 1st Amendment right while at work…ZERO…None…nadda… zip…goose egg… I cant express the amount of no 1st A right any clearly… you are 100% WRONG Dave. Yes, I get that you feel a person has the right to violate a rule of employment and pay the price…and that is from a failed ethical value system. You have an SJW seed inside you, where you feel you have the right to hurt other people, mainly people you dont agree with.

  27. Politics has always been a part of sports. Look at the segregation fights in the 40's 50's onwards. Jackie Robinson, Muhammed Ali etc.

  28. Capitalists also have the monopoly on opinion so no Capitalism and Freedom don't mix, unless by Freedom you mean Slavery, since you are a Jew, you of course mean slavery

  29. How is saying aye cops stop killing us the same as what the guy at Google did one is trying to save people the other was an asshole lol

  30. The sports aren't taken away though, right? They don't just cut away for the hours to the casters talking about politics, right? I've never watched the sports in any meaningful length or regularity before, but is it really suddenly all politics? Can't you just ignore the first 5 mintues and get the same effect?

  31. If political figures use their voice to talk sports than athletes have the exact same leverage to talk politics. As simple as that. The kneeling wasn't a big deal until Trump riled up his base almost to save face for what he did with the dreamers and letting them stay instead of deporting them all.

  32. Whoa there Dave Rubin, that quote of Trump you gave was misleading. He actually said "Wouldn't you like to see one of these NFL owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that S.O.B. off the field right now, out, he's fired. He's fired!" It was actually a really funny statement and I appreciated the ruggedness of of it. I don't fully understand why this statement offends you and others. The only reason you put forth is that a President shouldn't speak this way. But, why not? It wouldn't be a problem if people didn't get offended. Alas, people do get offended and that can make the issue divisive. I do acknowledge that in that respect, it could be a problem.

  33. So true. Every word. Love Dave's level-headed views. Whatever we feed, grows. It's the Law of Attraction. Don't like it? Then stop paying attention to it. Simple as that. Thanks for posting.

  34. Words are actions. That is why you SPEAK them or WRITE them.
    However, they are not thee actions they conceptualize.

  35. Something you should have mentioned: the President can say whatever he wants, but precaution is needed. His words have meaning and consequences

  36. As a life-long football fan, I just don't get the controversy… I watch football for the game, I do not care about any pre-game activities except ceremonies honoring legendary players or great rosters from the past. Other than the Super Bowl, I cannot remember any game broadcast that showed the National Anthem and a Blue Angels fly-over. I can't remember if any player knelt in the last Super Bowl nor do I care. It seems like Trump & the media are colluding to create a fake controversy. I also found it funny how Trump wanted that ESPN reporter fired after he had railed against the Google engineer being fired. Funny how so many "Free Speech Advocates" absolute support for speech ends when they hear speech that conflicts with thier own ideology and politics. This is the first video in a looooong while that I totally agree with Rubin; for once he is intellectually consistent.

  37. Players can protest, fans can boycott, owners can fire (eating a few salaries, if necessary, may help the bottom line in the long run). There's no sympathy for racist actions on the field. Funny how players are just now making up what taking a knee "really" means since NFL is being hit in the pocketbook. New made-up ways to "honor" our flag / country. That won't work & it's too late for some insincere apology. Want a better world? Go out and make a positive contribution.

  38. Dave, I disagree with you on this issue. The president does not have free speech rights. The first amendment protects you from government punishment for expressing speech. Does anyone really think that president, who is the head of the government, is in danger of being punished by the government, of which he is the head, for his speech? No.

    Conversely, the President took an oath to defend the Constitution, which includes the Bill of Rights. When he goes out and calls for players to be fired because of their speech, he is not exercising his first amendment rights. As the head of the government, he is interfering with the first amendment rights of the players in violation of his oath of office and his duty to defend the rights of individuals to exercise free speech.

    While you are correct that owners can fire the players if they want to do so, they have repeatedly asserted that they do not want to do so. Therefore any attempt to pressure them to do so by the government (Including the president) is a violation of the spirit of the first amendment.

    As for James Damore, i actually think that the government policies are also behind this movement as well. The whole idea of the EEOC and being able to sue a company for creating a hostile work environment is an attempt to control speech through backdoor means. If you feel that you are in a hostile work environment, take your concerns to the management. If they are not responsive to you, maybe the problem is that you are too easily offended. Or maybe it's time to find a new job. Either way, the government has no business getting involved in the internal workings of private businesses.

  39. lol this guy whined when YouTube demonetized some of his videos and said he might have to self censor his material…now he says NFL owners have right to censor the actions of their players.. See if it harms him it's censorship and bad… if not well the owners have the right to censor the action of the players on the team lol Flip flopping much?

  40. Dave, as a conservitive, I may not agree with much of what you say, but I'm glad there are still people like you that have some common sense. You're the voice of reason. Love your videos!

  41. Excellent point made by Dave Rubin. Black players can kneel during the anthem (without any repercussions) but the Google developer (a white male) gets fired for saying men and women make different life choices when asked about his thoughts on diversity. It's the exact same thing.

    The world bends over backward to appease black people and women. Not one NFL player has been fired for kneeling during the anthem. Meanwhile, no race and no gender takes more criticism for all the problems in the world today than white males. It's such a load of sh*t.

    NFL owners need to grow some balls and suspend these losers. I mean why not? The world already blames the owners anyway. The black players are protesting you (rich white male NFL owners). Get rid of them.

  42. As someone whom identies as a liberal-conservative I am for free speech even things like "hate speech" someone wants to say they are KKK and want my community burned to the ground fine, players want to prptest fine. WHAT I AM NOT okay with is to protest before a game because LIKE IT OR NOT THAT IS THEIR JOB!!!! They portray the persona as these super-human Americans that represent perspective states or regions of the USA. So to break out of that and protest I have a prpblem with you ARE PAID to PLAY FOOTBALL YOU ARE PAID to represent a team from certain areas of the US with ENTAILS YOU SHOULD stand with the anthem. If this was off season and players were displaying their issues then fine I don't care. BUT there's a time and place for everything kneeling before kickoff is NOT the time nor place

  43. Hmm. Unsubbed. Too much fence hugging and horrible arguments for your position. Taking a knee is not a political stunt idiot. That's like saying MLK marches were political stunts or sitting in the front of the bus rather than the back is bringing up politics. People trying to protest mistreatment is not them injecting politics into something….

    Does taking a knee cause problems? Sure. To quote Obama, "protesters taking the knee should recognize the pain that may cause someone who lost a spouse or child in combat and why it hurts them to see someone not standing, but it's also important for people to think about the pain protesters taking a knee are expressing about someone who may have lost a spouse or a child that may have been unfairly shot or killed."

  44. Not standing for the National Athem is the ultimate form of patriotism. If you refuse to understand this, there's nothing I can do for you.

  45. girl please. yes, politics is everywhere. and protests are meant to be visible. and being a sexist and protesting racism aren't the same thing.

  46. Rubin, your heart is in the right place but the legal situation is a bit different than how you framed it. NFL players are on the job as soon as they reach the stadium. Standing for the national anthem falls under their conduct clause although not directly stated to cover the national anthem until now since it was rewritten a week ago. Freedom of speech does not apply to the workplace: https://www.hrexaminer.com/is-there-free-speech-at-work/

  47. Yea everyone can say what they want but imagine for a second your called in to your sons school to speak to the principal and while your sitting there he gestures to a receptionist and says tell that bitch not to bother coming back. Yea theoretically its his right but his office and position dictate or require a certain level of decency and responsibility, especially considering that he is an authority figure and role model to the students.

  48. THE NFL BOYCOTT IS WORKING!! These Stupid Moronic NFL Players don't realize they are putting themselves out of a job! Ticket Prices have dropped from $130.00 a game for the nose bleed section last year. To $10.00 a game for those same seats this year! Fox had to put out a casting call and pay actors to fill the seats for the Rams game! The NFL is going to go bankrupt and it was all self imposed! No more tax dollars for the NFL ever again!! I live in So Cal and have friends in SAG and they get casting call notices to fill empty seats all the time for NFL games all over the country all the time!!
    They are just trying to hide the facts that the NFL has lost over $500 million dollars in lost ticket sales this year alone! They have lost over $200 million dollars in paying sponsors this season alone! The NFL is also losing the $1.5 Billion dollars in tax payer subsides to be paid to the NFL this year alone! Ticket prices have dropped from an all time high $130.00 last season for the nose bleed section to $10.00 for those same tickets today! At some games they have people walking up and down the streets near the stadiums to give out tickets to get people into the games! In fact sales for Super Bowl tickets is so bad (normally sold out by now) that they are giving Super Bowl tickets away in order to fill the stands! The NFL will never be the same if they survive! You can't piss off 43 million paying fans (Trump Supporters) and expect to survive financially! There is already plans to start a new Football League in the US so as to give the NFL some much needed competition! One of the rules will be they cannot hire convicted criminals! I look forward to the NFL tanking! Jaguars have already filed for financial protection under the US bankruptcy court on Dec 3rd, 2017! https://www.business2community.com/sports/jacksonville-jaguars-nfl-team-declare-bankruptcy-take-knee-protests-fake-news-01971582 They are just the first to go belly up and they wont be the last! The Jaguars management has said it is all because of the Anthem Protests and the backlash from the fans! THE NFL BOYCOTT IS WORKING!!! In addition to the Jaguars other NFL Teams that are looking at declaring bankruptcy this year are the Chargers, Colts, Saints, Panthers, Cardinals, Dolphins, Jets! If the NFL is doing so well why are 8 out of 32 teams declaring bankruptcy?? ! It's soooo bad that they are giving tickets away to the Super Bowl (normally sold out by now) so as to fill the seats for the TV audience! The Super Bowl has sold out for the last 25 years! This will be the first time they will have empty seats at the Super Bowl in this Century! One team has already declared themselves bankrupt; 7 more have already filed documents! Only 24 more to go! THE NFL BOYCOTT IS WORKING!

  49. Hey guys, can you explain something to me? How can you as Americans be against the taking a knee protest when its SO American? If you simply put the reason of the protest aside – i understand why some people might disagree with it – you should still not be against protesting the flag or anthem since thats part of what makes American free speech laws great. I would love it if I lived in a country with similar free speech laws as USA

  50. I used to live and die with the NFL but when they protested against America and our veterans. I stopped thinking of the NFL the same way. The NFL demonstrated their loyalty to our half black Homosexual radicalized Moslem President BARACK Hussein Obama. When they did that I and many of us fans have washed our hands of the NFL. BOYCOTT till there's no more NFL!!!

  51. When the NFL said fuck you to AMERICA and our veterans. America said fuck to the NFL. The NFL can love Obama but the fans hate him. So the players can have Obama and the fans can say goodbye NFL!!!

  52. "I'd like to separate everything from politics". Do you think politics exists only because, you brain-numb stupid?

  53. Freedom of speech never exist for the middle class or the lower class only for the rich and Powerful AKA old Europe laws if you get what I am saying. taking a knee is disrespectful but we supposed to have a freedom of speech. I forgot when you are black it's no freedom of speech. it's either do what I say or you die. 50% of whites respect with the NFL for what they done for taking a knee you get penalized or get fire and they respect that. 49% of Hispanics respect with the NFL is done for the any player taking a knee you get fired or penalized for taking a knee. 22% of blacks respect when the NFL have done if you take a knee you get penalize are fired the majority of those blacks are military black vets self-educated blacks hating people. the crazy thing is the Hispanics respect that but how Donald Trump disrespect them 🤔 my black people stay in our Circle and motivate us to come up fuck the world. the world love our culture but hate us at the same time. America never had a freedom of speech what they do to us black people eventually they do to the rest of American citizens. everybody going to take a knee then. sad thing is freedom of speech will be taking away don't start crying when it's too late. America never had a freedom speech Just racism and divide. black people defeat racism and keep us divided that's the best way to gain power fuck the world. the world do not love you and is not your friend. Donald Trump is a businessman Buy Low sell High sell you dreams but actually trying to get and help the rich get richer. 🤔

  54. Imagine being so privileged you can't even handle having a guy kneel during the anthem without feeling offended. Dave, you massive baby.

  55. These players in the NFL will never beat America!! The NFL can go back to Kenya with their beloved BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!!!

  56. Oh fuck off, comparing the President to the common person and saying that the same "freedom of speech" applies to both is so disingenuous. When the Head of State of a country consistently talks in a provocative way, intentionally insults individuals/groups of individuals (not just talk in a condescending way, but actually throwing insults and profanities), that's really unacceptable as opposed to a common person doing those same things.

  57. Sell that ugly-ass ashtray in the back and get a tripod that keeps your god damn camera straight you incompetent manchild.

  58. Dave Rubin is a fucking idiot. It just shows that some of these right-wingers who cry about free speech only give a shit about their freedom of speech and become little snowflake bitch boys when anything offends them.

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