Taking a Break from YouTube (Ft. Bethany Mota) – Off The Pill Podcast #23

100 thoughts on “Taking a Break from YouTube (Ft. Bethany Mota) – Off The Pill Podcast #23

  1. Other YouTubers: putting 8 ads in a ten minute video

    Ryan: puts 3 ads in a 1h video

    YouTube turned to shit over the years. Ryan is the only YouTuber I know that keeps my hopes up xD

  2. dear ryan, can you please give us the next episode of Anime in real life if you can still remember, I want to see the flashback. If not then oh well thanks

  3. i love the og youtubers like ryan, bethany, jenna marbles, etc. they seem more genuine in this new age of youtube douches and sellouts. of course their age and maturity play a part but i mean vitaly or whatever his name is still a douche so.

  4. Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you."

  5. Notice that all the beauty YouTubers with any sense of maturity have abandoned the platform altogether. Says a lot about the industry as a whole

  6. DEAR RYAN: do you remember when you were the most subscribed youtuber in 2011 then in 2018 pewdiepie was the most subed now T-Series is the most subed

  7. ryan u are making way to many of these off the pills videos look at ur views ur normal videos get over a mill but ur off the pill vids get less than 500k

  8. 100,000 views! dude , u had MILLIONS of views when u did dear Ryans…its been SIX days…😱😰
    Love ur vids tho…

  9. If you’re a real og Bethany Mota viewer, she had a hair bow business back in 2009 and I bought them all hahah omg how time flies 😂

  10. Another good OG Beauty YouTuber to bring on the Podcast is JLovesMac1. I always wonders what she’s been up to since she hasn’t been posting videos on YouTube.

  11. Ryan is the only person to put 1 ad in his 1 hour video
    I can already imagine Morgz making an hour video with 50 frickin adds

  12. Bethanyyyyy it's been yearsss you were the coolest YouTuber everrr i love youuuuuuu soooooo muchhhhhh cuz you inspire me in lots of things like DIY and cooking ahhhh

  13. I just want to give Ryan a hug when he was talking about the whole 'taking a break' thing. But then i can almost hear him saying "that's not gonna help with anything" hahahaha… It's so true some ppl just burn out but do not have the luxury or their situation is such that they just can't take a break.

  14. I’m home schooled and that’s not how it’s like for me. I start school at a certain time and finish at a certain time, it’s basically public school except I have no friends

  15. Truly appreciate this interview – it's nice to actually hear from Bethany how she's actually been doing and feeling x

  16. The first time i watched bethany was in middle school, and now im a third year college student.. Still loving her old videos

  17. Ryan Higa your pz9 admit it you betrayed YouTube I thought you were fighting hackers but you are a hacker I hate you you will never ever talk in a good voice pz9 I hate you

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