Taco Bell Drive Thru (CS:GO Animated)

Taco Bell Drive Thru (CS:GO Animated)

I want two Dave’s doubles, one medium, one without mayo – I’m not fucking done – Hold the cheese on all of ’em, except for two. Sir…we don’t serve Big Macs …I’m not done. *random muttering* Three large medium tacos, With 15 cheeses… …all pepper jack. Sir, I just want to clarify something here…sir, sir…you said 15 types of cheeses Then you said only pepper jack That’s right. *stuttering* IS THERE A PROBLEM? Are you stupid?! No wonder you’re working at a fast-food place! You fucking dumbass No fuck it, I’ll go to Wendy’s. Sir, no. Sir, we really need– I’m going to Wendy… I’m going to Wendy’s… IM GOING TO WENDY’S. Don’t tell me I can’t fucking eat at Wendy’s. …I’ll have one taco Okay. And um… Can I get a uh… A drink I’d like a drink. A drink? What would you like to drink, sir? What are my options? We have 7-Up, Pepsi… uh we have root beer… uh ginger ale Uh… Sprite, we have that strawberry lemonade as I mentioned… uh regular lemonade as well. And then we have our signature line of Frosty’s. Alright… can you, can you repeat that? *Laughs in the background* I didn’t hear you 😛
*more laughter in the background* Sorry, let me uh let me turn my thing up here… uhh…hold on…uh Okay, uh…we got the uhh…Pepsi, yeah okay Pepsi, 7-Up, ginger ale, uhh…root beer, uhh Sprite, uhh the strawberry lemonade, regular lemonade and then the signature line of Frosty’s. *from behind Swagger’s car* Hey asshole, get outta the line! ..Yea, yea, sir– *gets cut off* Fuck you! Sir! Sir, was that to me, sir? I HAVE A GUN! *panicking* *from behind Swagger’s car* Honey, uhh drive away he’s got a gun Uh.. Sir? SwaggerSouls: Strawberry lemonade
Cashier: okay C: Ok, you want the strawberry- yeah ok uh-
S: Do you have it? Do you have strawberry?
C: Sir we have the straw– I don’t want it. I don’t want that *laughs in the background*
Alright, what do you want sir? Why are you laughing at me?
C: No. *laughs in the background*
I have a gun you didn’t hear me No, I heard you sir. Good; and now I want you –I want you to repeat something for me.
Okay I didn’t quite hear you on the drinks. Do you just repeat the last? Yeah, we have uh.. Pepsi, 7Up, Sprite, root beer, Uhh, ginger ale, and then we got the strawberry lemonade- What was the one three items ago? Three items ago? It was the, uh, ginger ale Okay, see I’m not really that thirsty. I’ll skip on the drink, okay Ok, alright, would you like to eat sir? A taco please Taco, just a taco? yeah What would you like on that taco sir? What do you put on tacos? Well, we got the chicken or beef your choice there, and you got some sour cream as well You got the milk and cheese which I? What brand? What sir the cheese No the sour cream. Oh the sour cream. It’s just a basic water straight out of Mexico. You know. Will I get diarrhea? I mean, depends on how much you have of it. That’s it now I’m coming with a gun *Laughing in the background* *panicking*Guys! He’s coming in with a gun! Prepare the fucking defences! *In background* You just hear gunshots *Actual Gunshots* JESUS CHRIST! He’s shooting-
Oh my God!
*Hyperventilating* Where’s the manager? *More gunshots* *Laughing in background*
This sounds so good.. that thing with the uh.. Sir, don’t kill me… please Can you repeat that list one more time *laughs in the background*
*more gunshots fired* Hi, oh, this is the regional manager, is there problem in here? *more gunshots*
*more laughter in the background* *outro music playing*
Thanks so much for taking the time to read the captions, it means a lot to us knowing that our work wasn’t a waste, anyway, have a good day!

100 thoughts on “Taco Bell Drive Thru (CS:GO Animated)

  1. ayyy leave a like if you enjoyed! You have no idea how long this took to make.
    Finally stopped using SFM and started using a real program. The final render was around +24 hours lmao

  2. Will this give me diarrhea?
    Depends on how much you have of it
    That's it, I'm coming in with the gun

  3. no one:
    no one in this whole world:
    no one in the universe:
    me: they ended it at 4:20 to represent weed!

  4. As a Taco Bell employee, I can confirm that this is 100% what it's like to deal with people on a daily basis, including the gun threat part.

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