Taco Bell Deep Fried Crunchwrap Taste Test | FUTURE FAST FOOD

100 thoughts on “Taco Bell Deep Fried Crunchwrap Taste Test | FUTURE FAST FOOD

  1. I love Josh’s shirt. I miss that early gen/colored PS logo. I do appreciate how sleek it looks now but the old bright logo was so fun. NOSTALGIA!

    Also this looks so dope Josh. Part of me wants to try making this with shredded chicken or something. I’ll finally have a reason to use the MSG I have sitting in my cupboard from a spice company sale.

  2. Josh was an absolutely perfect hire. I sometime click on a GMM video just because he’s in it. Solid solid choice

  3. Is there a recipe for this? Without the jokes about what else is gonna happen in the future? And the part where it tells you the ingredients you need?

  4. "JOSH JOSH, he's our man… if he can't do it, WHO CARES! We love him" – Me: chanting in my head as I watch!

  5. That moment when you realize this video was made in the future, after storming area 51 and capturing Glorp-Glorp.

  6. 6:20 that will actually be Microsoft and Unit 8800.
    Look up ElectionGuard.
    Microsoft bought an Israeli intelligence agency front company and together they have designed our new election system that half of states have already gave the go ahead.

  7. Down with the sickness is one of my favorite songs so that "down with the thickness" joke made me happy 🙂

  8. I love how Josh(arguably a taco Bell groupie) breaks down why taco Bell is both addicting and disgusting at the same time

  9. the number 9 is my regular im so glad josh agrees that the crunchwrap supreme is the most perfect item on the menu <3 i feel validated lol

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