SYSK Favorite Episodes – 5/5

SYSK Favorite Episodes – 5/5

– Okay, one for me,
Plasma Waste Incineration. – We did that? – Yeah, we did and it sounds
so eye bleedingly boring that the title of it is please listen to how plasma waste Incinerators work ’cause it sounds terrible,
but it was so interesting. Remember, like you can
take diseased livestock and just shoot it with this plasma gun and disintegrate it into nothingness and it’s the future of
like waste management. But the future is today at
a plasma waste facility. – You just reminded me of how
much we love waste management and the landfills episode– – Yeah, that was good. – Was great. – Those two tied together pretty well. – Yeah, no one ever thinks about how a landfill actually works. You just drive by one
occasionally and go ugh, but kinda once you know
how it works, I mean, there should be less waste
in landfills for sure, but the way they’ve devised the system is pretty ingenious.
– It is. – It was neat to learn about. – Those two and our composting suite, or composting makes the
waste management suite. We have one of those. That’s what happens when you have 1,000 episodes.
– That’s right.

6 thoughts on “SYSK Favorite Episodes – 5/5

  1. I love you guys so much. You inspire me to be a better person. I have a looong way to go until I'm half as good a dude as you gents are. Hope you guys go at least 1000 more!

  2. I avoided this title for so long when listening to you guys on my PodCasting app. Once I did listen to it, it quickly became one of my favorite episodes! IT'S SO FASCINATING. I've listened to it several times over and try to make my co-workers listen to it. It also showed me that I shouldn't rule podcasts, books, movies, etc out by the title alone.

  3. ive been listening for a few months. You pair are as interesting looking as you need to be. I'm a fan, so please continue your work. funny story, today i somehow clicked on my iphone to playback faster than normal. as i was driving i was unable to safely investigate, also i thought maybe you guys had compressed the remainder of the episode to fit into the time slot. , then i figured it out and slowed it down too far. it was funny because you sounded wasted. lol.

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