100 thoughts on “Sweet Spicy Food vs. Spicy Sweet Food Taste Test

  1. 1:20 is my absolute favorite part. Lol. Link is all like "I acknowledge your beard" and Rhett is like that's all I needed. For you to express gratitude towards my beard.

  2. I think you overdid the sushi, my favorite sushi place has milk rice rolls, cooking the rice in milk and covering it in cinnamon and adding a splash of jelly. And that way, it is actually lovely!

  3. I did sweet sushi for desert a couple times mixing fruits, nuts, raisins and cream cheese for the filling and using rice paper wrapers insted of seaweed. I really liked it.

  4. 4:40 link is right, the wya you eat ramen is you get some soup in your spoon then put some noodles on the spoon and eat it all in one bite.

  5. Could you pleeease please please start uploading the recipes of the most life changing foods so that we can taste them too? Pleeeeeaseeee.

  6. Chicken desserts aren't very common, but tavuk gogsu is a popular dessert in Turkey made with chicken. Shredded chicken pudding.

  7. I swear that at least half of those would be appetizing, if the crew did not make them disgusting on purpose, especially the slurry and sushi.

  8. When y'all go on about how it's a privilege to be there and eat delicious food, I ain't gonna lie, that put a smile on my face.
    Also, chicken recipe pls.

  9. Why didn't he explain how to make the sweet wasabi? wasabi is a horseradish, it's spicy by nature, so it can't be actual wasabi with just sugar added.

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