SUSPECT Is a YouTube Channel Now?! | Cat Vlog, Episode 1 | Guilty Party: History of Lying

SUSPECT Is a YouTube Channel Now?! | Cat Vlog, Episode 1 | Guilty Party: History of Lying

– Hello, internet! Not sure who exactly I’m
addressing, but here I am. My name is Cat Carlson,
and wow, I can’t even begin to imagine a more
uncomfortable format for me. This is a face for radio, not camera. Sure we don’t want to do this assignment in podcast form, Professor? Even though my face may not
look like it, this is a project for a seminar I’m actually
really excited for. This semester, I am in
Professor Moynihan’s History of Lying class. I’ve even got my lie journal to prove it. I’m just gonna let the significance of those words sink in for a minute. Am I a vlogger now? For those of you who get
it, like, get it, get it, you know how exciting this is. And for those of you who don’t get it, this seminar is taught
by a legendary professor who’s literally redefining the
way humanity approaches lying on both a macro and micro level. Through Professor Moynihan’s course, I’m hoping to learn more
about deception analysis and apply it my side
hustle, the podcast Suspect, which I co-host with
my best friend, Allie. We talk about investigation
techniques, serial killers, cults, pretty much anything
we find suspect as hell. And not to mention, we get to bring in incredibly smart human beings, like, actually really cool people, and they offer up some really good intel. You should check it
out, and if I’m allowed, I’ll put the link in the bio. Okay, was that too self-indulgent? Am I just a really
great vlogger after all? This is all to say, I’m excited to get into the minds of
psychopaths this quarter. Don’t be weird about it. Oh, and the critical part
about this assignment is to tell you, my loyal, devoted,
definitely there fan base, or just classmates, where I
was on the last night of term. It really shouldn’t shock you. I’ve told you about my
face suited for dark rooms, and you know I love psychopaths. I was at a movie alone. I know, great alibi, right? It doesn’t leave a lot of
people to corroborate my story, but it’s the truth, I
go to most movies alone. Not something I really like to advertise. It doesn’t really have
that cool kid ring to it. But here I am, vlogging about it. Cool, cool, I think that
pretty much sums it up, then. Thanks for watching?

81 thoughts on “SUSPECT Is a YouTube Channel Now?! | Cat Vlog, Episode 1 | Guilty Party: History of Lying

  1. She seems excited to be figuring out who's the guilty party. Seems like a bit of a lie. She wasn't even talking about the assignment, her alibi until much much later in the video. Seemed to be advertising her podcast more. I'll still check it out though. It's a bit early for me to take anyone off my suspect list.

  2. For someone who doesn’t makes vlogs you’re doing pretty good…… maybe you have a vlog on a secret channel! 🤨 what else are you lying about?

  3. You are absolutely adorable. The podcast is really really awesome and I’m excited for the next episode! Would you mind telling me what movie you saw?

  4. Likes to talk about murder and crime,
    Watches movie by herself,
    Is awkward in front of the camera.
    I have never related to someone so much, I like her

  5. I dont like going to movies alone also cat…it makes me feel like someones gonna kill me! Anybody ever had that feeling?😂😂😭

  6. Well it’s actually a pretty solid alibi if the employees at the movie theatre recognize you and know you were there that night

  7. This is probably your first vlog in the class, so, you have a right to be a little nervous. Your alibi is understandable. Many people go to thd movies alone. If you did, you should still have your ticket. Or you remember the name of the theater you went to. So, why didn't you show it in this vlog? Or mention the name?

  8. Shaking your head and saying that's the truth, conflicting body language you've got there Cat, you sure you're ready for this class?

    Edit: that's the only thing I have to say because I like Cat sorry not sorry

  9. I like that you didn’t have some long winded explanation. For now, you’re at the bottom of my suspect list.

  10. But Cattttttt, QUESTIONS:

    Just because: I know nobody trusts each other's version of the story of what happened that night, but I'm kind of tired of people just pointing fingers and saying "they're just lying!" I mean really?
    1. Alvaro said he can prove you were there that night, along with Erika (dmed me on discord). How can you disprove his words? Although I must say, he hasn't given any proof, and Erika also claims him a lier (she also has a different version of the story). However, at her interrogation, the interrogator said more than one person claimed that they saw her. Thoughts?

    2. If nobody was there with you, how can YOU prove your alibi? I mean Alvaro claims to have many eyes around the school thanks to the Cauldron. Your alibi sounds too convenient if I'm being honest.

    Not accusing you of anything 👍🏼

  11. Hey. I have a question. When will be the upload schedule for episodes, and have you finished filming or are you in the middle of working on the show?

  12. So Cat was at a movie alone and Erika was found in the ashes. Alvaro would you like to explain how you saw both of them outside of the building the night of the fire?

  13. with all the firestarting stuff i have to stop myself from making endless 'a series of unfortunate events' references

  14. She seems too normal compared to the others. She's not crazy or obsessed with vanity or quiet and awkward and her parents don't own the school… I don't know, thinking from last season, it could be her because the one we didn't really expect was the one who did it.

    Based on this, however, if she did see a movie and still has the ticket, then that can be passed as alibi and it's probably not her… But also didn't Alvaro (however you spell it) say he saw her near the building? Why didn't she explain that?

  15. I listened to a little bit of the first episode of the suspect podcast and around 9:35 the guest speaker said something interesting,” …someone sets a fire and burns a location down because they disagree with whatever stance this organization has, but again fundamentally these are people that don’t want to play by the rules, want to express their anger and hatred in the form of violence…” Do with this information what you may but it’s surprisingly relevant to this situation.

  16. I don’t see any real reason for her to have started the fire, unless she had a personal grudge against Margo? She knew her semi-well, right? …come to think of it, have any of the suspects actually said they know Margo well? Weird…

  17. she's like this annoying "just your regular girl next door" type of protagonist and I feel like if she's not the guilty party she's just gonna be boring af

  18. I hate that i can only watch the videos and not listen to the podcast all because i dont have a freaking iphone. Nice inclusion, Cat

  19. acting like doesn't know what filming a vid is, and slaying, andrea's job is amazing, so amazing that i almost wrote cat forgetting that a real person was behind the character #guiltypartysweepstakes

  20. I believe Cat! If she was lying about her alibi and making something up why would she bother choosing such a weak one?

  21. Love Cat cause of how relatable her personality is to mine. You will most likely catch me watching movies alone all the time but I don't care lol #guiltypartysweepstakes

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