Supreme Food Court Ft. The Try Guys

Supreme Food Court Ft. The Try Guys

– Do you swear to eat
the food, the whole food, and nothing but the food? – [Try Guys] Let’s talk about that. (groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Summer! – And please welcome our
good friends Ned, Eugene, Keith and Zach, AKA The Try Guys. – The Try Guys! – Hey! – First of all, congrats on your new book, The Hidden Power of Effing Up. – Thank you.
– You did it. – We didn’t bring a copy
but we appreciate that. – Okay, it’s approximately that tall. All right now I agree, there
is a lot of hidden power in making mistakes, but
today, the stakes are higher when you make a mistake
because you may have to eat that mistake and
it will not be a steak. – Oh no!
– Oh no! (Rhett laughs) – Yes today– – Oh no!
– Oh no! – There you go. – You’re being handed the
power of the highest court in the land, it’s time
for Supreme Food Court. – All rise for the honorable
Supreme Court Food Justices, the Try Guys. (Link claps) – There they are.
– No applause necessary. Hello counselors, you may be seated. Now here’s how today’s
proceedings will work. You’ll each be given a different terrible, gross, disgusting food and
your job is to convince us that we should eat it. Now the loser is going to
have to eat it themselves. We’re each gonna vote on it. – Now–
– I like him. – Because I am the
second youngest Try Guy, I will be your Chief Justice
of the Supreme Food Court. That means that my vote
is worth two votes, and again, if we don’t vote on your food, you will have to eat your own food. – Let us hear case number one. – Counselor Link, you are
arguing for lard of the flies, which is a block of lard
peppered with flies. Counselor Rhett–
– Oh no. – You have been given
the cat food on the right which is of course cat food
atop a slice of raw bread. Counselor Link, you may
begin with your argument. – Your honors, it’s an
honor to be before you today with this literary
masterpiece, Lard of the Flies. – Mm-hmm.
– But right off the bat, I would just like to remove– – Oh my. – I would like to remove
the mystique associated with this dish. This is just animal fat with insects on it which since the dawn of man,
is what humans have eaten so this is an opportunity
for you to get back in touch with your roots. And speaking of opportunity,
every single day of the week you guys are
known as the Try Guys. Great name by the way, but today, you have the opportunity to
be known as the Fly Guys. (Try Guys clapping) – I do love it when things rhyme. – Yeah you can put that on
a t-shirt, I don’t know, it wouldn’t even have to
have a dinosaur on it. I mean it could.
– Watch yourself, Counselor. – It could, I rest my case.
– Wow. I feel like I had a bias before
that and now I’m not sure if my bias has been swayed. – Well let’s find out, Counselor Rhett, it is time for your argument. – Your honors, why feed on fatty flies when you can fall for a fancy feast? – Wow.
– I enjoy that, that almost did it right there. – Alliteration.
(crew laughs) – Well try this on for size. As Link pointed out, every
other day of the week, you’re known as the Try Guys but today you have the
opportunity to be known as the Rye Guys, hey-oh!
– Oh I like that, oh. Also rhymes. For some reason I don’t
like it quite as much. – I could stand up here
and talk to you about how the cat food is a complete
protein which it is but I won’t. What I will do is ask you a question. Have any of you ever had
a case of the lard farts? – Please tell us more. – Well let me just say
if you go down that path, you stand a chance to lose
friends and loved ones and I am speaking from
personal experience. – You’re here. – Most importantly, and lastly, you guys just left Buzzfeed. You really wanna go back to Buzzfeed? – Wow.
– Wow. – Wow, now there’s a pun
that I can really lean into. – Gonna be hard to argue with that. – That was a tough closing argument. – Ah!
– Man. – Wowie, wowie.
– That was good. – Objection, leading the judges. – But he hit us where we live. (Rhett laughs) – Well I think we’ve heard enough. It’s time for the Supreme
Food Court Justices to vote. – I think we gotta start down
there with Justice Zachary. – Wonderful arguments on both sides. We’re still doing the accents? – I don’t think I could
stop it if I tried. – Both wonderful arguments.
(Rhett laughs) – [Eugene] No you can drop yours. – I’ve always wanted to try cat food. That’s just a personal
thing, I’ve always wanted to try cat food so I’m gonna
go for the cat, the kitty cat. – Smart choice. – I vote for the attractive one. – [Keith] Oh I know, you’re voting for me. – [Ned] You votin’ for the bailiff? The bailiff? – Who you votin’ for? – Gonna give it to the flies. – Boom.
– Justice Ned. Keep in mind, no matter what
you choose, it will not matter. (laughing) – That’s how it works.
– His point is entirely up to me but go ahead and
just tell ’em what you think. Maybe you can sway me. – Maybe I could sway you. I’ll speak directly to you.
– Okay. – Now Counselors, when I
perceive both the arguments very well thought out and
exceedingly good on puns as well as knockin’ our former employer, but I have had crickets and I
know that bugs are the future of this world. I vote for lard of the flies. – Ooh!
– I must say that both of you did an excellent
job stating your cases. I think regularly I would not be attracted to either of these things but I’m a little bit interested in both. That being said, I am a man of delicacies. – Delicacies?
– Delicacies. So I have been explorin’
the realm of pate recently. – No.
– That’s what I been thinkin’. – And often pate is served on rye bread and I do think ultimately cat food is just a low quality pate. My two votes are going to sway it and I am going with cat food on the rye! – Oh, objection.
– Meow meow meow. – You can’t object, you’re on the staff. – I’m objecting.
– That’s what I thought, it looked like pate and I’m
like I can get behind that. – [Ned] It does look like a tasty pate. – Wow, it is layered on there thicker than it looked from here. (Rhett laughs) From here I honestly thought
it was a much thinner thing. – Just a bite, just a bite. – Well Ned don’t hog it to yourself. Pass it down. – Oh we each takin’ one. Oh there’s underfood on this one. – Oh ho ho boy, I got
some underfood as well. – Before you dine upon that– – I’ve made a mistake.
– I’ll just take a nice. – Ugh!
– Oh that was a big ol’ bite. – Oh yeah.
– Really committed. – Creamy, right? – Do you feel the farts yet? – You know, it wasn’t that, ugh, bad. – Would you take a bite
of this and just tell me if I made the right choice? – No. – I’ll tell ya, I’m
holdin’ this in front of me and the smell is very strong. – It does smell like cat
food but this is our, we made our bed, now we gotta puke in it. – You mean you made our bed.
– Yeah well, I did but I am the second youngest Try Guy and that’s how it goes so
let’s on the count of three just take a big ol’ bite. – Oh boy. – One, two, three. – Creamy.
(Keith gags) Yum, this is good! – What?
– Oh yeah. Thank you for lunch
guys, I appreciate that. – Anytime. – Now it’s time for our final hearing. The case of the actual spongecake which is a spongecake that Rhett will use as an actual sponge versus the cobbler’s cobbler which
is a peach cobbler served out of Link’s old shoe. Oh my. Counselor Rhett, please prepare your dish. – [Keith] Oh that is dirty water. – [Zach] Oh it’s takin’ a little bath. – Oh my.
– May I prepare your dish over here as well?
– Yes please. Prepare your dish.
– All right. Peach cobbler, oh wow.
– Oh no. – Oh wow.
– Oh right in the shoe, right in the shoe. – [Zach] Oh lordy lord. – Nice and juicy.
– Is it warm? – [Link] I don’t know yet. We’ll find out. – Don’t you dare.
– No no no no– – Don’t you dare.
– No no no no no no no no no no! – Is there no decorum
left in this courtroom? – [Ned] You got, oh! – Oh my!
– Oh ho ho ho ho. – Oh my!
– Oh no! – That’s great. – Feels great. – Counselor Rhett, you may
now present your argument. – The only bad thing
you can say about cake is that it’s too dry. (chuckles) Not an issue with this particular cake. And sure there’s some dirt on the cake. But listen, every fruit or
vegetable you’ve ever enjoyed come from what, came from the dirt. Think of this as a farm to
table back to farm cake. Something people in Los Angeles would pay a pretty penny for. Now, when you eat this foot
cobbler that my friend has, you’re not just eating the cobbler, you might as well be
sucking on his crusty toes, nibbling on the back of
his dry, flaky heels, getting into that toenail fungus. – Right.
– And I didn’t wanna do this, I didn’t wanna go here and
I am sorry ahead of time, but I would like to inform the bench that Counselor Neal has herpes. – [Zach] (gasps) Toe herpes. – [Ned] Oh my goodness. – Whoa ho ho, follow me here. You know what they say, herpes on the mouth, stay
away from down south. And in this case down south
means all the way at the feet. – South pole. – Your honors, this
decision is a piece of cake. – [Keith] Wow, wow, he’s good with words. – He’s really good.
– Have you heard him talk before?
– Silver tongue. – My God, my God. – Counselor Link, it is
time for your argument. – Okay.
– Don’t put weight on it. (Rhett laughs) Oh my God. (yelling)
Oh my God! – Squishes.
– My God! – [Ned] Oh, have you no
sense of decorum, sir? – Guys you remember Fruit by the Foot? (all laughing) This is frickin’ literally
Fruit by the Foot. – I’ve heard enough.
– That’s all we need to hear. – [Keith] Pretty good. – All we need to hear. – But I do have more. I’m going to address the hygiene
associated with this dish. I want you to rest
assured that these peaches were thoroughly washed before
being put into the cobbler. (laughing) Rhett’s just raises a lot of questions. First of all, what is the dirt? What is in the water? What is going on? Why on earth would you want to taste this? There are no questions
associated with what is erupting out of my shoe. – [Ned] Oh my God. – [Zach] Oh yeah. – In the end, guys,
it’s just peach cobbler. – That’s probably the strongest
part of your argument. – All right, all right, it is now time for the Supreme Food Court
Justices to cast their votes. – Counselors, you both made
wonderfully compelling arguments but as one hot ankled man to another, I gotta respect those feet. You’re really pullin’ off that look, so I’m going with the foot food. – (claps) Boom.
– Wait what? – He voted for the cobbler.
– Wait what? – Yeah you heard him. – This really comes down
to if your foot is cleaner than that table. – Right. – And from what I’ve seen and heard, I’m gonna have to go
with the cobbler cobbler. – Did you see it squish out of his show? – Do you see the suspenders? – I scrub hard.
– Counselor Link, I have no doubt about
your personal hygiene but when that peach cobbler
squished out of that shoe, I lost my stomach. (Link chuckles) I cannot in good faith
vote for the peach cobbler. – Oh!
– I’m sure it’s delicious. – Yeah well Justice Ned, I’m
glad you cast a single vote for the spongecake.
(laughing) Because mine is worth two
and of course that means I could sway the cobbler
cobbler but I’m not going to. I vote for the cobbler cobbler! – Oh yeah, you did?
– I did! – [Link] Yeah! (laughs) – Sorry.
– What? – I wanna know how warm his
foot was in this cobbler. – So warm.
– I thought we for sure had a five to zero–
– Let’s go ahead. – Ned, how often do you
get to eat out of a shoe? – He squooshed his foot. – (chuckles) All right. (chuckles) All right. – This has literally been in his foot. – Yep. – Now while you guys are
gettin’ loaded up over there, I’ll just prepare–
– I want you to take a bite, oh yeah, dunk it in. (moans) – How does it taste? – I’ve had better cake
but I’ve had worse cake. – At least it’s not dry. – Middle-of-the-road. – Well let’s eat the foot peach. One, two, three. – It’s gonna taste good. – It tastes a little
off, only a little bit. – Just a little off.
– I can’t quite put my toe on what it might be. (chuckling) – It’s warm in a different
way I’ve never experienced. – Well guys, it has been an
honor to present these cases to you even if I am enjoying
this overly moist cake. – I concur, you’re sweet
peaches and you know your worth. – Go pick up your copy of
the Try Guys’ new book, The Hidden Power of Effing
Up which is available now. – Thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing! – Now you guys say you
know what time it is. – [Together] You know what time it is! – Open up, Eugene. – Today I’m here at the Harvard Law School where I just wrapped up
my first year of studies. Couldn’t have gone
through it without y’all. It’s time to spin the
Wheel of Mythicality. – A Harvard man.
– Oh my goodness. – [Link] Bring it in, spin away. – Click the top link to watch us create the supreme supreme fast food meal with the Try Guys in Good Mythical More. – And to find, oh you gotta
spin harder than that. – Oh sorry.
– Give it a good go. Did you know your
clothes can tell a story? Well check out Post-Apawcalypse, a Mythical storywear collection
now at

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  1. hey guys…. congrats on the book way to go I'm proud of you all ya really deserve it great video it's awesome and to you Rhett and Colin I 💜and miss you both

  2. i cant even watch this anymore…
    the first round i was like "yeah, ok sure", but after the water and links foot, i – i just cant…

  3. Am I the only one who could kind of see Rhett and link being mentors or role models to the try guys? They both took risks to start their own company, while managing a production team, and making predominantly comedy videos. There are so many similarities except that Rhett and link did it first and while YouTube was still basically the Wild West of the internet.

  4. I need this to be a continuous segment of the show with the try guys. I’ve never laughed so hard, I love everyone so much.

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