Support Easy Stories in English on Patreon!

Support Easy Stories in English on Patreon!

Hi, I’m Ariel Goodbody and I make Easy
Stories in English, a podcast for English learners. In the podcast I write short
stories for learners, so the language is simple, and I record them with a slow
clear voice. I think stories are the best way to
learn a language. Stories are all around us. We tell stories to our friends, we
watch films and TV shows, and we read novels, so it is a natural way to learn.
The problem is, most stories aren’t for learners, so the language is too hard, and
there are some stories for learners but there isn’t very much. That is why I
created Easy Stories in English, but I make the podcast in my free time, so I
can’t do that much. That’s where Patreon comes in. Patreon is a great website. On Patreon you can support creators with money and you get
rewards. So if you support Easy Stories in English, you can get, for example,
exercises with every episode, an extra episode every month, free classes and so
on. I really really have lots of dreams for the podcast. If enough people support
it I can make it my main job, and maybe in the future I can do two or three
episodes a week. So if you enjoy listening to the podcast please support
us. You can do that at That’s Thank you for listening. Bye!

2 thoughts on “Support Easy Stories in English on Patreon!

  1. hello. I'm a Vietnamese. I just knew about your website several days ago. I started with beginner level and felt like easy for me to understand the stories. I become like I have an idea that is why don't you creat a youtube channel about teaching english.

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