Super Cheap Microphone For Twitch – Tonor Q9 Microphone Package

Super Cheap Microphone For Twitch – Tonor Q9 Microphone Package

Okay I think I literally found the most
budget-friendly awesome mic to get you started on your adventures for live
streaming on Twitch YouTube mixer Facebook gaming or any type of content
creation and it’s the Q9 microphone from toner and this thing can crush it for you
let’s go! Hey it’s me its Wild coming at you for my stream support playlist where I’m bring you the best tips and tricks and even product reviews like
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out so the Q9 toner microphone is a studio
USB microphone that may be one of the best entry-level microphones to help you
all get started on your adventures so what’s in this box well let’s take a
look at what the Q9 can offer you the Q9 a studio microphone from toner is just a
basic 2.0 USB microphone which means it’ll work for pretty much everyone out
there it has a unique built-in professional noise reduction audio
decoding chip which works exceedingly well for crisp audio has a recording
sample rate of 16 bit at 48 kilohertz with a very high sensitive capsule that
produces clear sound and even can pick up low noises perfect for all you ASMR
streamers out there and has an LED indicator for when it’s on for the badge
that can make you adjust the volume controls to go up down or even long hold
for the mute feature the cool thing about the Q9 microphone from toner is if
you’re a beginner out there and you’re lost in the wide world of audio and
trust me you’re not alone it is a plug and play unit literally plug it in it’ll
be detected and you can start recording your voice right away and that’s worth
its weight in gold all right all right enough blabbing from
me how does the thing sound well let’s dive right into it and here you go
this is my voice coming through the Q9 microphone from toner and as you can
obviously hear the sound is very clean and crisp and it’s due to that sensitive
capsule that’s inside this microphone now the q9 microphone is a very unique
microphone because it’s not an omnidirectional microphone which means
it would capture sound coming from all sides it’s kind of more of a cardioid
even though they don’t label it as one and what that means it’s gonna try it’s
best to pick up sound coming from the front whoa negating sounds from the side
so actually I’m going to turn this microphone so you can see how the sound
will be as I adjust it excuse my hands as I touch some things
here but as I start to rotate the microphone and I start all the way
around till I get back to the front and I start to sound sound different at the back and not rotate to the front now you should be able to hear things as
it’s clearly as I’m speaking into the front of the microphone
now the q9 microphone isn’t the best cardioid microphone out there but it
gets the job done this microphone is kind of unique with the fact that at
this price point it comes with actual volume controls allows you to move the
volume up or down so if I grab the microphone here and I’ll show this in a
close-up if I hit the volume up you’ll notice my voice starts to get really
really loud and as I start to adjust this down I’m gonna look over here at my
levels everything starts to get really quiet Now I have to find the happy balance hopefully that’s not blowing anybody’s
eardrums out and if you do a long hold on it it’ll actually go into a mute and hold the volume back in and you can
see you unmute the microphone pretty cool feature that I like so what are the
pros and the cons of the Q9 microphone from toner the biggest Pro is the price
for 50 USD this thing is the complete package and yet it’s a package you get
the microphone you get the boom arm you get the shock mount you get the slip on
pop filter and guess what you get in a additional pop filter that you can
attach to the boom arm to put in front of the mic in any direction that you
want and you get all of that for 50 bucks which is why I would highly
recommend this as like a gift to somebody who’s getting into streaming or
podcasting or recording their voice of any situation whether it be music or
anything like that this is a dope beginner mic complete package this
microphone is the complete package so let’s talk about the package you get the
nice scissor boom arm here that you can use to move in any direction and it’s
just a cheap basic one but trust me it gets the job done so it’s nice to have
that for sure the shock mount is also a basic one but if anything would move or
anything shakes in your house a lot of this is gonna take up all that vibration
sound and not really annoy the streamer or annoy the audience out there the two
filters that come with are awesome you can pick and choose whichever one you
want if you don’t want this one on you can put the other filter in front of it
and that way you’re good to rock and roll as well but it’s nice the fact they
have this complete package now this microphone is not without its
faults even though it’s clean and crisp it doesn’t offer a good rich bass tone
but to be honest that’s something that’s very miniscule that eventually you can
upgrade on your microphone or you can even introduce a mixer or amp that’ll
help you out with that in addition I don’t know if I’m the only person that
noticed this but if you use the shock mount it is in the way of trying to hit
the volume up or down buttons they should have made this unit about one
inch longer so that way it sticks up a little bit higher cuz and if I’m trying
to mute something or make adjustments I’m just hitting the crap out of this
thing and it kind of gets in the way but again that’s a very minor thing all
right now it’s up to you let me know what you think of the q9 microphone from
toner you think it sounds good how does it compare to other microphones within
the price point of 50 USD let me know your thoughts in the
comments below because I love learning from all of you out there and I like to
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4 thoughts on “Super Cheap Microphone For Twitch – Tonor Q9 Microphone Package

  1. Interested in the Q9 Microphone from Tonor?
    Click through the amazon link ( ) and use Coupon Code: Wild4Games15 – Save 15% on checkout! Get it while the offer still lasts 🙂

  2. don't be afraid of the lack of bass. use Voicemeter or Audacity software and you can do tweaks to increase the bass and other things. both software are free and if you don't know how they work there are tutorials on youtube.

  3. You just saved me more stress. I bought this about 3 weeks ago to start my streams (before I found your videos).

    I was getting very frustrated with my sound and nearly gave up on this mic. I kept wondering why I sounded like I was in a cave, heavy echo.

    After watching your video, about 3 1/2 mins in…. I found my answer. I didn’t know the mic was directional like that. Again

  4. The microphone sounds really good! I'm surprised at the sound quality for $50. I just started streaming regularly and after seeing this review, will definitely consider buying this. Keep up the good work on the vids dude. Your tips have been really helpful for me!

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