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  1. Wow I really hate everything u like;) but doesn’t matter, because I like to watch ur videos. (Not ur Podcast, have to check that out) u shouldn’t get angry with colitis btw.

  2. Hi, I love you videos! Do you have a Goodreads list where you have what you’ve read, are currently reading, and what you want to read?

  3. Would you ever consider streaming a let's play on your youtube channel? Doesn't have to be live, but if the oppurtunity arises, I am sure many of us would be interested!
    PS: Loving the doing it podcast! x

  4. We don't learn much about English history in Scotland. Luckily my mum's a Tudor buff and taught me a lot about that time period. I really want to see Six at some point.

  5. I sent you a DM on instagram in answer to your question… If you ask people to DM you, it might be a good idea to read them :p
    In short, I may know the ideal person to do the designing for you, and she can REALLY use it too !!!

  6. This month's books I've read: The Zoo Keeper's Wife. True story set during the 2nd World War in Warsaw, Poland. Great read. The Girl in the Spider's Web. First in a new trilogy of books following on from the Millennium trilogy by Steig Larson. Lisbeth Salander, our amazing punk hacker is back in a new mystery. Brilliant. Loved it. Also currently reading your new book Hannah, The Hormone Diaries. Almost halfway through. Loving this too.

  7. Love Death and Robots had so much nudity in the show, I thought for the longest time that the show was actually called Love, Sex and Robots.

    My brain's fucked.

  8. Have you watched Katherine Ryan's stand up comedy? Her new Netflix special has an extended bit about a feminist view of Hamilton that's pretty funny. As a hamilton lover you should check it out.

  9. Hi Hannah! Literally noticed your channel last week as a recommended, and am hooked! Great content, super funny and helpful! Thank you 🙂

  10. Evelyn Hugo was my favorite book that I read last year and it has also been a jumping off point for…I don't know, a new personal soapbox, I guess? Namely: I don't think representation counts as a spoiler. I understand that with this book part of what's going on is an exploration of sexuality and a character who doesn't actually know her own sexuality at first, but when the representation is good (which it is here!) it only strengthens the story if you know what she's wrestling with. And generally speaking, in a story where a character's identity is a "gotcha" the representation is probably pretty terrible. IDK, I just find that it typically comes from a place of privilege to be so well represented when people try to treat identities as spoilers. tl;dr Evelyn Hugo is great and identity isn't a spoiler & I'm gonna die on this hill probably.

  11. My current book is actually Doing It, it's been on my list for a while, but books in general have had a hard time making it to the top of my budget recently, so finding it in the library was pretty neat, really enjoying it and it's helped to reawaken my ability to read non-fiction non-fiction after uni, which is pretty great. TV wise I've finally just started Fleabag, which seems great, I'm rationing out Queer Eye 4 for when I feel most able to give it all the attention it deserves and my friend and I have somehow accidentally talked each other into a Glee rewatch, which is a wild ride.

  12. I hope you are doing well now, you looked so stressed and unwell in this video. Take care young lady life is too short, plus you are doing really well, better than many at your age. 😉

  13. YES! Love Death & Robots is the best! I gone to school as a 3d animator and I was in awe of how great the animations were.
    Charity stream: Child's play

  14. Hey Hannah Witton I just finished “The Hormone Diaries”. I learned a lot. Thanks 🙏 so much for educating me.

  15. I read americannah after your 'how to decide which book to read next' video and enjoyed it soooooo much. I kept on exclaiming out loud to the amount of things I related to

  16. Holy Shiiiiiit Dead to Me was one my mom and I started and (because we both couldn't stand the dramatic irony) had to skip several episodes and watch the last two before we could finish watching the middle. The suspense is set up just so FUCKING well and I want to teach it in a class it's so good.

  17. Have you seen money heist on Netflix? I think you might like it 🙂 if you watch it be warned you will binge.

  18. I did my undergrad dissertation on Americanah, loved all of it! I chose it nearly on a whim, so when I actually got a copy I was like, 'oh shit its over 400 pages', proceeded to only take me 3 days to blast through it xD

  19. Love, Death + Robots is absolutely fantastic! Some of the shorts were breathtakingly beautiful and very funny! And the one with the guy in the spaceship really fucked me up lol.

  20. Music. I'm addicted to Retro Wave music.
    Some youtubers like Digital Gravity make amazing mixes between old '80's-90's movie clip and Retro Wave music.
    The Midnight, Kalax, Timecop1983, FM-84 and many more. Amazing bands.

  21. Loving these so much, i really want to read now!
    Also, have you seen one day a at time, the Netflix show? it’s talking about themes like; mental health, queerness, equality through comedy!

  22. I'm so fed up of hearing about Lucy and Yak being so great when the largest size they make is 16-18 UK. I asked Lucy and Yak 6 months ago about if they planned to extend their size range and all they said is they "might in the future"… This is obviously nothing against your enjoyment of their clothes personally X

  23. Noooo the trainers looked brown and I’ve been looking for brown trainers for ages 🙁 WHY ARE THEY ORANGE

  24. I think you'd really love 'In at the deep end' by Kate Davies – lots of sex, sexual awakening, good laughs – 10/10 possibly best book of 2019?

  25. I love how you've been wearing a pair of Gazelles thinking they were cheap knock-offs the whole time hahah wat

  26. 5:50 if you’re into art/animation you probably already know there’s more animation out there than Disney anyway lol

  27. thanks for the recommendations! If you liked Americanah you should read Half of a Yellow Sun by Adichie as well. The book is gorgeous and gives so much insight into a tumultuous time in Nigerian history.

  28. I recommend checking out Blown Away on Netflix. It is a glassblowing competition and it is amazing! Also I'm a glassblower so it is cool to see a show that just shows everybody how awesome glassblowing is!! I hope you check it out!

  29. I thought I’d got so mixed up for a second bc when you said Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, I was thinking Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle and I was so confused as to why your plot was completely different to mine 😂

  30. Fun fact about Love + Death + Robots, so the order in which the episodes are presented to you is based on your Netflix watch history. Proved this by bringing it up on my account and my best friends account. The line up was COMPLETELY different.

  31. I'm definitely going to pick up that first book, sounds right up my street! I tried to watch Love Death and Robots but the first few episodes shown seemed quite male gazey and so, getting suspicious, I looked it up and…out of all the animators/directors contracted by the two male series leads, there was just one female filmmaker listed for the series, out of eighteen shorts. I know expecting equality is expecting too much, but maybe more than 1/18 would be nice. For a series exploring different styles and ideas, it was an odd choice not to include any stories from a woman's perspective. I didn't feel the need to finish watching the series anymore after looking into it.

  32. I also preferred Conversations with Friends, the narrator in that one is bit of a snob, but both books are really engrossing.

  33. Six and Come From Away are incredible – two of my faves too! Loved this video, as always. Oooo 25th August is my 3rd wedding anniversary; I know how I'll now be spending it 😂

  34. I am surprised you only just got round to Love Death and Robots, I thought it was really amazing in terms of just creativity and animation. The different styles were just lovely. My one gripe was that there is A LOT of aggression towards women.. death, mutilation, rape? It really leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

  35. I've actually been discouraged from watching Love, Death, and Robots because it has a reputation for being very sexist, so I'm glad it's not apparently?

  36. hey hannah! really love the lucyandyak clothes but i never know what size to get as a short bean. what size are you getting and are the pants length wise okay? we are similar sized 😀

  37. I just have to say i LOVE your book recommendations. I guess we've got a similar taste in books because every one of the books I've read on your recommendation was great. Also I discovered some books before they even were published in Germany ("The Power"). "Conversations with Friends" was already on my to-read-list, so there's that. I even find myself coming back to your favourites videos when looking for a new read 🙂 So: Please keep these coming! (for your channel demographic: 29, Germany, work in publishing as an editor)

  38. Do you watch Peter Monn? He said recently that "Seven Husbands" is one of his favourite books ever – I'm now even more intrigued! He has a Book Tube channel called Peter Likes Books – if you want to add to your "To Read" pile 😄 My pile is towering and always full of books, graphic novels, comics, manga and scanlated Asian fiction, if you ever need random recommendations 😁😘
    Stay awesome & thanks for all that you do xoxo

    Edit:- Grammar correction

  39. Another current favourite of mine is the Shagged Married Annoyed podcast. You should check it out is you haven’t already 💓

  40. I really didn't like conversations with friends unfortunately, but i'm going to give normal people a go soon

  41. I spend most of my time on Twitch now. I've found tons of great musicians on there. Not only can you watch them live but you can chat and request songs live. CallsignScarecrow is one of my favs. CharliePlaysGuitars is an incredible R&B/Blues musician. So good.

  42. Dead To Me is so good! And I loved how the series ended. Have you seen Fleabag? I think you'll like it 🙂

  43. Adidas Gazelles are the most comfy shoes ever!! I have them in light pink and my converse have basically become redundant since haha!! Loving your podcast its so good! To give a wee suggestion I think Olly from Years and Years would be a great person to get on there to talk about different topics he's actually such an inspiration and really nice in person apparently

  44. I love watching your videos hannah so entertaining I enjoy every minute there interesting & comical at times…..they always energize me and it's thoroughly satisfying to watch

  45. I recommend Tuca and Bertie on Netflix for a wacky animation style and fun female friendship. I think you'd like! X

  46. Feminism has destroyed whole generations of young women. A few decades ago, all these single-childless career women wouldn't have to freeze their eggs at age 40. Instead, they'd be happily married, surrounding by fat children, and looking forward to having grandchildren. Instead, these young girls are throwing away their fertility for useless college degrees, silly jobs, and years wasted on the carousel. Many will NEVER get married, and will spend their old age, alone and depressed. Very sad state of affairs.

  47. I'm absolutely dying to see Come From Away! So glad you loved it!
    Have you watched Good Omens or Grace and Frankie before Hannah?

  48. You should really have mentioned that Love Death and Robots ‘sex’ is mostly sexual violence towards women. I liked the series but yeah, a lot of sexual violence (all towards women)

  49. Hannah, seriously, only disney makes animations???
    So, you've never heard of Japanese animations, often called Anime.

  50. There, i followed you on Twitch and turned notifications on.
    I don't really like watching people play games, but i like live streams.

  51. Suggestion for other footwear brands that are good for feet (and still really stylish): Asics. Wife loves the Gel Kayano running shoes and they love her feet, and are well shaped for her foot shape and have good arch support; recommended by podiatrists and some osteopaths from what I remember hearing from her. NOT cheap, but try catching the end of a range sale online for much more affordable prices – and they last well, so not as expensive over time as they seem.
    btw, Hannah, love the little NASA space themed earings. Don't do earings myself, but if I did, I would defo have some of those (or even if my wife had a special space interest, I'd gift them to her so I could still see them regularly…)

  52. You misspelled Americanah in the description so at first I couldn't find it on Goodreads 🙈
    Love these kinds of videos! It's so lovely to hear someone talk about things they're passionate about plus you give great recommendations (already know Dead to Me and it's so good)

  53. I have been teaching Americanah for the past 2 years and I have to say it is amazingly written. Really loved it. I would know, I am a huge Harry Potter fan 😉🌸
    Love your videos

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