Successful Fashion Designer Podcast with Sew Heidi

Successful Fashion Designer Podcast with Sew Heidi

it’s hard to find fashion designers and
industry insiders having honest conversations about fashion. Maybe there
are reasons for this. Not wanting to offend your current employer and risk
losing your current job. Not wanting to offend past employers and risk losing
those contacts and networks. Not wanting to speak negatively about the fashion
industry and discourage others from pursuing it. And maybe thinking that it’s
just you having a hard time in the industry and everyone else must just be
killing it, right? Whatever the reason I can guarantee you that the last one
isn’t true. You’re not alone. I’m not alone and The Successful Fashion
Designer podcast is proof. Heidi hosts this awesome podcast where fashion
industry professionals have really honest conversations. I’m talking
brutally honest conversations about the industry. The good, the bad, the ugly. It’s
amazing to hear this. If you’re new to the fashion industry and want to learn
more from insiders you’ll want to listen to this podcast. There’s a lot of good
advice for those starting out in the industry. Or if you’re already in an
industry insider and want to learn more about specific niches in the industry
it’s also very useful. For example I’ve been a fashion designer for almost 10
years now. I’ve worked in USA and internationally for brands and I started
my own brand. But there’s one thing I haven’t done much of which is
freelancing. I’m interested in learning more about remote fashion design
freelancing and there are a few good podcast episodes that cover this topic
where Heidi interviews a few freelance pros. I recently listened to episode 35
how to build your career as a contract fashion designer and work from home. And episode 16 how to get freelance fashion design jobs using up work. The mailbag
episodes are a great addition to the podcast. Heidi takes a handful of
listener questions and answers them in these episodes. I like hearing listener
questions because some of them are my questions as well and it’s just
interesting to hear what conversations are happening right now in fashion
design. These mailbag episodes are like an advice column. Kind of like Dear Abby
but in a podcast and specifically for fashion designers. One listener wrote in
saying she works for a company that doesn’t treat her super well no benefits
and has a long commute. She got an interview
at a design company much closer to her home but she feels guilty quitting her
current company, that in her words, “hasn’t really treated me the best” and wonders
if she owes them anything. I found myself thinking you don’t owe them anything. You
deserve better. Find a company that appreciates you. Like I said it’s like
Dear Abby but instead of intimate relationships the focus is business
relationships and design. If you have questions you can send them in to Heidi
and she might answer them in a mailbag episode. Some other topics you can expect
to learn about are Fashion Startup Business: when should you quit your day
job? Fashion Startup Advice: designing manufacturing and selling your own
designs. Surface Pattern Design: creating art from music. Fashion Showrooms: are
they right for your brand? Fashion Design Career Advice: 10 easy networking tips
you can use today to get ahead. Heidi and I had a conversation about a year ago. You can check out my interview with Heidi linked below in the description. I
talked about overall my experience in the fashion industry including tips on
pursuing fashion design as a second career. The difference between working
for mass-market compared to luxury brands. Design job creativity and lack of.
And the general notions about fashion design compared to the reality of it as
a career. I’ll link my episode below so you can check it out. But for real check
out the whole podcast there are so many great episodes with knowledgeable
seasoned fashion industry professionals. If you have questions about the industry
I’ll bet a lot of them have already been answered in this podcast. Comment below
and let me know what you think of the podcast. Check it out join the
conversation with myself and with Heidi so that we can form a community of
fashion designers.

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  1. I am always looking forward to Heidi's posts. Disclaimer: I'm old and had at one time career goals in fashion design; it did not happen. Now, I have so much fun listening to these podcasts to discover the nitty gritty details I missed out on. Lol!

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