Subscribe to Podcasts in iTunes 12

Subscribe to Podcasts in iTunes 12

In this video we’re going to talk about
podcasts. Right now I’m looking at iTunes and it’s
the latest version of iTunes, itunes 12. And you can tell that because the icon
is now red instead of blue. Now normally you would
think of iTunes as a music store you go and see
the latest music and download through the iTunes Store any music that you purchase. But what I
wanna show you is that there’s also what’s called a podcast section. If
you don’t know what a podcast is it’s basically like an internet radio show that’s
constantly updated and there is what’s known as a feed or subscription that you have with any given podcasts.
You can receive the latest version whenever it’s published so what I wanna
show you is a little bit about podcasts in and how you would subscribe to them in
iTunes. Now you can go through the iTunes Store and click on any one of these and you can
subscribe to them and they’ll be added to your podcast list. But you might discover a podcast from a website so for instance if I go to my Safari web browser NPR has a few
podcast that you can subscribe to. So lets choose fresh air and get down to
the way that you would actually subscribe to this. Now there is a couple ways that you can do it you
may be given a real simple button to click on. So if I click on iTunes it should tell
me that its gonna go to the iTunes program and if it is already open it’ll pop forward. I can choose subscribe and it asks you
if you’re sure. I’ll say subscribe and then it will be added
to my podcasting list. If I click on my podcasts I should see
the podcast that are available to me and right now all we have well we’ve got some other ones. But we
have NPR program listed here. If I want to subscribe to our podcast
what we call manually and you might be given a link to a podcast feed. Now this is the link to the feed and it looks
like a standard web address starts with HTTP and so on. I’m gonna copy
that. Just open up a new tab in Safari and then
I’ll paste that link. Safari doesn’t necessarily
know what to do it kinda knows what it is, it recognizes it as a
feed… what’s called an RSS feed but there is
no application associated with this, with Safari. I could go and find a feed reader. But
thats we don’t really care about that because we don’t really necessarily wanna see anything in this
in this space what we want to do is go back to iTunes. And I’m simply
gonna go to the File menu and choose subscribe to podcast. Now before I
do that I want to go back and get rid of my
podcast that’s here so that we do this all over
again. So i’ll click on the NPR fresh air program. I’ll right click and choose delete and
say to delete again. And I’ll move all the files to the trash
and then I’ll go back to the File menu choose subscribe to
podcast. I’ll paste in that URL, click on OK and it recognizes that as a iTunes for a podcast feed and I’m
ready to listen to it. And it’s actually
downloading the first or the latest program that is available on the fresh
air program. If you wanna see more of what’s
available on that feed you can click on the feed button. And you’ll see all the shows going back
several weeks or months even. And you can download any one of these, so it goes all the way back to October 11th. And you can click on the cloud download
icon, and you can actually download any of these episodes that you are interested in
listening to. So that is how you subscribe to an
iTunes feed manually. Thanks for watching.

6 thoughts on “Subscribe to Podcasts in iTunes 12

  1. Thanks for the tutorial.  We expect everything to be intuitive these days but occasionally we still need help from people like you who kindly take the time to post tutorials like this.

  2. I wish that you had addressed the vexing problem of downloading all podcast episodes.
    Many of the podcasts have as many as 50 recordings. Subscribing gets you the most recent one. If you want the rest is there a way to do it without having to click on each of the remaining 49 ?

  3. WOW … as a podcast user from the very beginning, I am dissapointed with Apple.  even the ease of subscribing is gone. VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!!

  4. I hate this new version of ITunes.  Mainly because I copy and paste the podcasts so I have something to listen to on walks or when I am in the car.  Now there are some things on the cloud and others not.  When  I delete something off my playlist does it also delete it off my stations and my podcasts, or do they just sit there for ever.  Are those podcasts still taking up space even though  I haven't actually downloaded them to my playlist.

  5. Hope some one can answer this. First of all I cannot refresh some of podcasts that I listen to. I don't want to delete the podcast because then all the ones I have not listened to will not download again, just the most current show. I sometimes put podcasts on my phone to listen to while walking. When I go to I tunes media and click on podcasts. all the shows that are on my playlist are not in the file, just a few shows from each podcast. On my old computer I used to be able just to cut and paste shows on to a flash drive or on to my phone. With newer computers you have to go into ITUNEs media instead. Is there some way around this.

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