Subaru How-To Guide: 7-inch Infotainment System – Radio

Technology does not stand still and Subaru continues to push the envelope of in-car connectivity with the new generation of infotainment systems. Welcome to the series of videos about your new Subaru 7-inch infotainment system. If you need further detailed information regarding this system, please refer to the multimedia system manual or download a digital PDF copy from the Owners Resource section of Topics in this video series include:
Controls & Settings, Radio, APPS, Media, Phone, GPS Navigation, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. So, let’s get started with this video’s topic, the radio. To access the radio, either press the Radio button below the touchscreen or select the Radio icon on the home screen. On the main Radio display screen, a list of radio sources can be found on the left, such as FM, AM and SXM. For AM or FM radio, the main display area shows channel number and audio information, if available. To the right of the screen are three icons, Scan, Replay, and the option to turn HD radio on or off. The scan function cycles through all available channels. The replay function allows the pausing and rewinding of live radio, depending on the available length of the recording. Press the button and the Preset icons at the bottom of the screen are replaced by rewind, pause, and fast forward icons. Here, a favorite song can be paused or rewound to be enjoyed again and again. If live radio is once again desired, simply click the Live button to return to real time broadcasting. To return to the presets, press the Preset button. There are three pages of presets available with six per page for a total of 18. To set a preset, select the desired station by using the Scan icon or turning the tuning knob. Once the station is selected, hold down the desired preset location until an audio beep is emitted and the station information is updated. To view the presets on other pages, press the arrow to the right to scroll through the various pages. Presets are not specific to radio band, so channels from AM, FM, and SXM can all be mixed together in the preset list. Those with a Sirius XM radio subscription can select the SXM button to browse hundreds of satellite radio channels. The overall layout of SXM is similar to that of AM/FM, but more information is displayed in the center screen, including the station logo. The icons on the right of the screen also differ slightly and include Browse and Direct Tune in addition to Tune Scan and Replay. Browse enables channel selection to be filtered through Presets, Categories, or the Game Zone. Direct Tune makes it easier to select a specific SXM station by entering the two or three digital channel code. This concludes the how-to guide for the radio on the 7-inch infotainment system. We hope you enjoyed the video and better understand Subaru’s new generation of infotainment systems.

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