Strange Podcasts You Won’t Believe Exist Ft. Zach Braff

Strange Podcasts You Won’t Believe Exist Ft. Zach Braff

But I do have
something I need
you guys to check out. – Okay.
– ( thuds )( music playing )We are back and
we’re still hanging
out with Zach Braff. Now Zach, you play
Alex in “Alex, Inc.,” and you’re
a guy who quit – a normal life
– Yes. and became
a podcast networker. – Hmm.
– Yes. He worked at
a radio station. It’s based
on a true story, and he quits
and starts his own
podcasting company. And his very first show
is one about a guy who knows nothing
about starting a business,
starting a business. But he knows stuff
about podcasts. He knows a lot
about podcasts. – Okay. We do one of those.
– Well, we’re assuming– we’re assuming
that you’re a
very method actor and you now know
a lot about podcasts – because you’re playing Alex.
– Yes. That would
come in very handy ’cause we’re
gonna play a game about whether or not
you can recognize a real or a fake podcast. – Okay, I’m gonna kill this.
– We each have paddles. And this will comfort you,
because if you’re bad at this, – just know
Link will be worse.
– Okay. You know your role,
is what they say. You guys are playing
against each other, and you win a Golden Podcast
if you get more than Link. And by that–
it’s just a gold cast. – That’s really all we could– –
– Aww… Probably can’t even
get your foot in there. – Plant a plant in there.
– I just wanna say out loud that if I win,
I don’t want that. – ( laughter )
– Okay, if you win you have to force
Link’s calf into it. If I win, I’m gonna give
that to some nice member
of your beautiful crew. Okay, here we go.
We’ve got “Chameleon Breeder”
podcasts with Bill Strand. “Bill Strand,
an accomplished
chameleon breeder”– That’s convenient.
“Spreads knowledge
about his passion which is
chameleon breeding.” Episode titles include
“Handling Your Angry
Chameleon,” “Reptiles and
Your Relationships,” and “Chameleon
Fecal Exams.” – Whoa.
– Real or fake? – Wow.
– It’s basically how to get your chameleons
to have sex, and how to examine
chameleon poop. – Mm-hmm. Fun, fun, fun
all the way around.
– Yeah. Put that on a repeat.
You know, that button – where when it ends,
just start it over.
– Yeah, yeah. You can’t get enough.
You know, the internet
is so weird, – You’re tellin’ me.
– that I’m gonna go with
that that has to be real. Yeah, I think it’s fake.
A little too detailed. And it involved poop,
which is Rhett’s type
of humor. – It’s real!
– I knew it. Here’s a picture
of Mr. Bill Strand.
Look at that guy. Zach:And those guys
just humped, so they’re tired.
– Rhett:Yes, they did.
– Link:Those aren’t even
– Those are leaf insects.
– I think they’re just pins. – I think he’s into pins
and bandanas.
– Brooches. All I know is that
Zach, you were right.
Link, you were wrong. – I feel good about this.
I’m gonna win this game.
– Question number two. “Get ready for
‘Wine and Spirits
with Monica the Medium.’ In this bi-weekly
podcast, Monica connects
with dead people while gabbing with
guests over some Chardonnay. Episodes such as
‘Love Is In The Air,
And So Is The Spirit,’ are what keep people
listening in for more.” But is this real,
or fake? So she gets drunk
and talks to dead
people about love. Yeah, it sounds like
it’s probably real. But then he already
did a real one,
could it be fake? This is what’s happening
in my brain. Are we supposed
to talk it out? You’re doing the C-student
test technique. You know how
on some game shows, they tell
you to talk it out? Like on “Who Wants To Be
A Millionaire?” You should definitely help me. Oh, yeah, I’m helping you. – Link, use your own lifeline.
– Would you listen to this
podcast if it were real? No, but I might send it
to my friend and be like, “Can you believe
how ridiculous this is?” I’m gonna say
that it’s fake. I have a reason why
that I’m not gonna tell you. – Oh.
– Oh, okay. – It’s real, man.
– It’s fake. – It’s real!
– Damn it. “Monica Ten-Kate
is a 23-year old
medium who can totally
talk to dead people
and is not lying.” – Link:Totally!
– Rhett:There she is.– Zach: Oh, my God.
– I’m sure my Korean War
POW dead grandfather would be thrilled to have
this drunk millennial
talk to him. Right! Wow, that was
a complicated sentence, – but I followed it.
– ( laughter ) – You guys are tied.
– Okay. Next we’ve got,
“‘Should I Get This
Checked Out?’ A lively health podcast
hosted by Dr. David Sawaki, an internist,
and Dr. Kenneth Hubert,
a dermatologist.” – A doctor intern?
– An internist and
a doctor. – They’re both doctors.
– Of course, I knew.
Of course. “They take call-ins
who graphically describe
their body questions in episodes like,
‘Genital Skin Tag
Christmas,’ – ( chuckles )
– No way. and ‘Rashes, Rashes,
Everywhere.'” Real or fake? – This is fake.
– This is fake because you said
“Genital Skin Tag.” But those exist, brother. That was my nickname
in high school. ( laughter ) Yeah, well, I’m not telling you
anything you don’t know. All right, you’re right.
It’s fake. – But you wish it were real.
– But I do have something
I need you guys to check out. ( laughter ) Seriously, that is
a good idea for a podcast. – Yeah.
– Well, start it up. And Genital Skin Tag Christmas is playing at Coachella
this year. ( laughter ) All right,
question number four. We’ve got
the Potterotica Podcast, a clean, fun podcast
that chronicles the best
of the best in NC-17
erotic fan fiction all set in the world
of “Harry Potter.” J.K. Rowling must be proud,
but is this real or fake? – When you first said it–
– So I have so many questions. Okay, yeah. I thought he was
talking about erotic pottery. Yeah, like in “Ghost,”
when they made out
around the thing. Yes. We were thinking
the same thing. – It’s totally not that.
– We must start this podcast. Let’s do one about “Ghost,”
and the erotic pottery. Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, so it’s erotic NC-17
fan fiction for “Harry Potter.” – For “Harry Potter,”
and they read it to you.
– Yeah. – It sells itself, doesn’t it?
– I mean, even if it’s fake,
I kinda want to hear it. – ( laughter )
– He’s in. I mean, I’m in.
I think it’s real. Fan fiction
exists everywhere. Putting it in a podcast
is the easy part. And, you know, I know
there’s a lot of people that get freaky
with “Harry Potter.” Yes.
You guys are right. – Okay, we agree.
– Yeah, I knew. I’m listening
to that on the way home. – Here are some episode titles.
– Oh, my God. Look at that! Rhett:
Here are some episode titles.
Zach:That’s exactly how ripped
Radcliffe is.
Yes, exactly.
“A Field of Naked Malfoys,” “Ron’s Tiny Problem,” “The Vibrating Broomstick.” Unfortunately, there’s not
an episode called, “Hermione
or Her Hiney.” ( laughter ) Gosh. Missed opportunity
there, guys. Call me.
I’m full of these ideas. You guys are tied
going into the final round – Both: Okay.
– I’m ready. Let’s agree to disagree. So that someone
has to take this cast. I don’t want the cast,
so I might lose on purpose. That’s another level
of psychology. Let me introduce you to
PodCasing the Joint: How To Steal Anything,
the anonymous how-to podcast that spends every week detailing
the best way to shoplift, pickpocket, and burglarize. The host goes
to great lengths to clarify that this
is all theoretical, but I’m not sure
it’ll hold up in court. Is it real or fake? I think– well, sorry.
I’m not gonna tal– I’m not gonna
talk it out anymore because I helped you
last time. You’re getting competitive. I’m not gonna do
like they do on
the game shows. He wants that cast.
Hold it up, let him sniff it. I don’t want
to sniff that cast. Then you don’t know views,
my brother. – I think–
– It kinda stinks inside. – Right, exactly.
– Has someone worn that? Well, they had to form it
around somebody’s foot. – Okay.
– I think– I think it’s fake because I feel
like people would sue them. It’s real.
I mean, it’s anonymous,
you know, dark web. – You gotta go deep?
– Deep. You gotta go deep.
You can only hear this podcast
on the dark web? – Congratulations, Zach!
You win!
– Yes! – Look at how happy he is!
– I lied about not wanting it! I do want it!
I do want it! – Yes, thank you, Zach.
– (singing “Lion King” opening) – Thank you, Zach, for playing.
– Thank you. You can catch Zach starring
in his new show “Alex, Inc.,” premiering Wednesday, March 28
at 8:30/7:30 Central on ABC. Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – Now you say–
– Say, “you know what time
it is.” You know what time it is. Hello, my name’s Damba,
and this is Goops. We’re from Bogor, Indonesia, and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. We got a cat
watching our video, Rhett. I wish I could say
I cared. Click the bottom link to watch
this episode from the beginning. And click the top link
to watch us try to guess our Mythical crew members
by their laugh alone
in “Good Mythical More.” And to find out where
the Wheel of Mythicality
is gonna land.A treat for your ears
is our Ear Biscuits podcast,
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you get podcasts.
Treat yourself.

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