Stossel: Trump’s Deregulation

Stossel: Trump’s Deregulation

We have undertaken a historic effort to massively reduce job-crushing regulations. Sounded good to me, but the media says Trump is wrecking America. This is a very big deal. The Environmental Protection Agency just rolled back Obama-era climate rules. He singlehandedly led the world down a dark path. His proposal is literally insane. We’re told his deregulation is an attack on the environment, that workers health, safety, and pay are casualties, and even that Trump is trying to kill us. Now Trump has cut regulations This is where we were in 1960. He promised to shrink the regulation rulebook back to the size it was 58 years ago. We will have a great regulatory climate. One. Two. three. [applause] The day he got elected, you saw the stock markets swing up. Grover Norquist runs a group that fights for lower taxes and fewer rules. Trump sent a message to business: we’re not going to crush you, and that’s caused growth. That was the beginning of a recovery. In the 48 hours since Donald Trump was elected to the Oval Office, the stock market has rallied, reaching new heights. And the Trump administration has repealed lots of rules, for example… Waters of the United States. We’ve got to protect waters of the United States. Sounds good. They were including little trickles, the kind of ponds that spring up when it rains a lot one night, and then it goes away the next day. They were using it as land control. Land control can crush people. Jill and Jack Barron were encouraged by Idaho officials to clear a drainage ditch, but when they did that, federal officials went after them, fining them thousands of dollars. 37,500 a day Until the Barrons had to sell their home and move into this trailer But now thanks to deregulation, they can use their land again. Good. But other repealed rules sound important. The names for all these regulations are written by the regulators. They’re advertisements for themselves But unlike many advertisers, regulators don’t list the side effects Some people have had changes in behavior, hostility, agitation May cause unemployment, may reduce wages, may raise the cost of energy, may make your car not drivable. [CAR NOISE] Well, its drivable, but smaller because the Obama rules would have forced car makers to nearly double gas mileage, and more people are killed in smaller cars Should the government tell you what kind of car to buy? Should they? And that’s what the regulation does. Now California regulators have made a deal with 4 automakers to keep the Obama rules, in effect telling Californians, some cars you cannot have. Net neutrality for everyone Trump’s FCC also ended “net neutrality” rules. They were going to turn the internet, which is a free, largely free, and open operation into a government regulated utility monopoly When Trump repealed that, people said he was Handing the keys to the internet over to a handful of multi-billion-dollar corporations Bad things were going to happen. They were going to charge you to do this, that and the other thing. The companies would send your emails slower than somebody else’s. None of that’s happened. None of it. None of it. None of it. The 2 for $5 mix and match deal from McDonald’s is back. Many regulations were repealed that few people know about. One would’ve treated franchise companies like McDonald’s as one single business. Why? The trial lawyers want to be able to sue all of McDonald’s, not just the local McDonald’s, if they spill coffee on themselves. And the labor unions wanted to unionize all of McDonald’s, not just the one store. That would have been a disaster. That was ended. Deregulation. It’s when we remove those bad rules so that corporations can maximize their profits. Ha ha! People think Trump is destroying the workplace and the environment. If you get your news from late night comedy shows, you think that deregulation is bad for the economy and bad for the environment. In point of fact it’s good for the environment, it’s good for jobs, it’s good for people having more wealth. But we want the air to be cleaner. The air is getting cleaner. It’s dramatically cleaner. It is. Mostly because of EPA rules passed decades ago… and every time someone replaces an old car with a new one the air gets a little cleaner. Now climate change and whether we can do anything about that is a separate debate, but when it comes to clean air Trump’s undoing of Obama’s ever-stricter standards just returns us to the rules in effect during the Clinton and Bush years. Were you coughing then? No, but the media won’t tell you that. President Trump has liberated American factories from the scourge of pollution rules. [coughs] Lost in the coughing is the unfortunate fact that Trump is adding regulations too! It’s all about “made in America” Now government agencies have to buy more American made stuff. That sounds like a good idea, but it’s a dumb idea and I wish he hadn’t done it. That is not deregulation. That is regulation. Stocks tumbling today Markets that rose when he was elected have dropped as Trump’s tariffs punish American companies that buy steel and consumers who want things like washing machines and solar panels. There is a challenge. Trump is a protectionist in many ways. And then I can always do much more or I can do less, depending on what happens with respect to a deal and tariffs are taxes and regulations on the border, are regulations on consumers, and frankly it hasn’t cost our consumers anything. It costs China. The good news is, the vast majority of the regulatory acts by a factor of many have been deregulatory and they have been tremendously helpful And yet with all this publicity about Trump deregulating, he hasn’t done that much. He’s done a great deal more than anybody in recent history, maybe even more than Reagan did. We have cut 22 regulations for every one new regulation. Think of that one He exaggerates, as usual. The real number is about 5 repealed for every new one passed. But that’s still pretty good. He’s loosened all these rules. It’s good whenever excessive regulations are cut. Regulations are like taxes. They take choices away from … the government takes your money. You don’t get to decide what to do. You have to go work more hours, spend less time with your family, less time of things you want to do. They take your time. [Thud] They cost us money, [Thud] deprive us of opportunities, [Thud] they take our freedom. [Thud]

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  1. Proposed Constitutional Amendments
    1. All laws must be automatically rescinded within 10 year of date of enacted.
    2. All laws must be written in one clear, concise sentence with no "and","if then" or "in addition to" type language.
    3. All laws must be made by congress, with no agency, regulatory body or department governing U.S. citizens.
    4. All laws that do not meet the previous 3 proposals will be automatically repealed within 20 years of enactment.

    For those that say that this is impossible or crazy, I say, if Congress can't review and audit our laws within a 10 year period, then obviously the federal government is too big. Let the majority of governmental power go back to the states, where it belongs.

  2. Every president says stuff like that. He's been in charge for 3 year already and the only real thing that Trump did was give more money to terrorist or is that an actual job in the US? Trump gave more aid to Israel which is in the top 3 in several sectors so why would you give money to a country that already is able to perform better than most countries financially? Politics and people believing this orange man are very sad and a joke..

  3. Dereg even more Trump! I'll vote for you again. Keep shrinking govt. and I don't even care what your Twitter rhetoric is.

  4. Meanwhile they are regulating the trading of cryptocurrencies after already investing, costing me. There are tax friendlier countries out there ✈️

  5. Sad that reason content has changed to illegal immigration protectionism. I'll always watch stossel but hope they come to their senses about immigration.

  6. Can't believe they put '5G internet infrastructure exemted from environmental review' as a good deregulation, anyone that researched the subject would know it is really risky business and should be regulated for the health of our children.

  7. You are so wrong about Net neutrality, it's not even funny. It really makes me think that instead of being non-partisan presenter of truthful information, all you're trying to do is to constantly tell us, how great it is that giant corporations can make even more money without any sense of accountability! There are dozens of examples where internet providers treated consumers or other business unfairly and often people can't do much, simply because there's only one internet provider in their area. Or if there's two of them they're both equally shitty.

  8. Eliminated regulations on the internet, and now Google is a nefarious spy/traitor and influencing elections. What is the connection there?

  9. Was doing well until the FCC, Net Neutrality protects free markets online from the ISPs who would dominate it with their monopolies.

  10. Liberal: It is not regulated by the government and so it must be evil…
    Same Liberal: Why are all the businesses moving to Texas?

  11. Usually when they say it protects the consumer it has the opposite effect. I was outcasted because I pushed hard against net neutrality. People didn't realize how bad it was.

  12. "None of it." Uhh, my brother can literally point to the machine that does it for the ISP he worked at. It deliberately throttled users with minority or undersirable traffic demands and prioritized users with mainstream traffic demands in order to pretend that they could guarantee the level of service they advertised. They were told to tell anyone who asked that they don't do traffic-shaping. My brother would literally answer the phone and be forced to tell someone that even though the machine was right next to him and it was absolutely the cause of the customer's issue. For example, many years ago I recall that a patch for World of Warcraft changed the network packets just enough that their equipment no longer recognized it and prioritized it. Of course, they got hundreds of angry calls from people about how they could no longer connect reliably, even though it really just meant that the game was being treated like any other less-popular or unrecognized game. Imagine if they had specifically interfered with it like they did with BitTorrent traffic!

    I'm paying for the pipe and they are restricting what I can use my pipe for. Sounds like it's still their pipe.

  13. both regulation and deregulation is bad, deregulation caused the 2008 crisis and to much regulation will fuck up even more the economy reality is not 2D….

  14. I have no issue with hitting China with tariff's to protect American industries. China has virtual slave labor of employees in dorms for 50 weeks a year, only allowed to visit family including children, over the Chinese New Year. They have manipulated currency for decades. China has done everything possible to make importing products near impossible.

    China is NOT a trade partner. China is a nation focused on going to war with the USA economically. The truth is they need us far more than we need them. We must pay a little more and make crap elsewhere. China though in a trade war sees millions of people out of work with the instability that brings to their communist ruling party.

  15. 4:05 source on any of this??
    Actually driving any car gets the air dirtier. Because it's still an addition.
    I'm happy to give you a free hearing but you provide 0 sources other than a guy who just wants less gov PERIOD

  16. For all y’all who don’t like trump, vote for him for the economy, he’s done great on that! We don’t want to return to the Obama era of economic stagnation where the entrepreneur and business is hammered

  17. Regulations to protect the internal economy HAVE to be taken. We already have DECADES of "free market" to look back on and it's not good. Because it's actually a free market. China uses slave labor. India uses child labor. We do not here in the West. This is not a free market. And that is a good thing. A market regulated to ensure the basic standards of human safety and protect against exploitation is what we should aim for. But this market cannot compete against a market that removes these regulations. So protecting it is required.

  18. I mean I know my dude Stossel was saying the disussion about climate and the neccessary(!) regulations concerning that are for another day. But how can you present a vid about Trump's deregulation and just sideline the most important issue of this century
    Also nice Union bashing there, yeah I totally believe that guy that taxation is theft and regulations take choice away, the choice to…to do what? Your examples include beauties like ''repealed clean power plan'' and ''repealed emission limits for new coal power plants''. Yeah I remember, it is the god given freedom of every man to…actively harm the enviroment, when cleaner and long term cheaper alternatives that create more jobs if it wasn't for government subsidies, are also an option.

  19. Regulation is like a hammer. It is a tool. You can use it to bash skulls in or you can use us it to nail wood together. Both views of "All regulation is bad" and "All regulation is good" are navie.

    "Nothing happened since the repeal of net neutrality."
    Yes, you have been saying that since it happened but the majority of the time but it hasn't been in effect. It has to be reflected in the federal registry first before anything can happen. Now that they can do something, they know that we are watching and that congress can still overturn. Most likely they are going to do it slowly like how you boil a frog. We know they want to make the internet into cable 2.0 because that is exactly Portugual's internet is run without net neutrality. Further, they have done something, as evidenced by those "late-night comedians" you dismissed. How is that they are more factual than a supposed journalist? You didn't deal with them at all just dismissing them out of hand. How about Verizon throttling fire-fighters during a wildfire? They were stupid enough to do that for-profit no-matter the bad PR. How about when T-Mobile blocked Google wallet before internet neutrality was repealed to promote their payment system called "ISIS"(This was before ISIS existed)? Or How about when Netflix was throttled by Comast(before the repeal, again)? Pointing out that these FACTS come from a comedian does not change anything bout the truth of that.

    I would love all the ISP to compete against each other but that is not going to happen. Because the same "repeal regulations FCC" put in place a regulation that prevents municipal networks. They all still get to keep all the local monopolies. The biggest joke that NN was repealed so that there would be more investment into the networks but that is down since the repeal. The real solution is doing the same thing FDR did for electricity. Invest and build-out by the government to bring broadband to rural areas. Let cities have municipal broadband, and ISP will bid on building and maintain that network and bid for backbone connections. The cities will own the "last-mile", and the people will have a choice between the municipal network or have ISPs connect them. That will bring true competition.

  20. I am so grateful for Mr. Stossel and his mind! We are so lucky to have this man bringing the public these insightful broadcasts loudly proclaiming all the enormous benefits of freedom and liberty! Keep up the amazing work, my friend!

  21. Marvelous video, Stossel. I was so terrified that I would see a video only praising Donald Trump for his efforts to deregulate without addressing his many flawed restrictions on free trade. I try every day to convince more and more people in my life about the power of the "philosophy of freedom", and videos like these make that easier. Keep up the effort!

  22. Norquist, what about the increased deficits under his administration?


    GOP loves to pretend to be fiscally conservative, while piling on the debt as quick as Dems do, if not faster.

  23. What de-regulation is doing for Brazil, under Bolsinaro

  24. Strange how he dosent talk about any regulation that actually helps people.

    Like net neutrality, if the internet was regulated like a public utility. It would be far better for everyone.

  25. I love less regulations, but rolling back the Dodd-Frank regulations? I love to see my portfolia grow faster, but I love that less than I love not having a great recession.

  26. I disagree on tariffs. You see China is not a friendly country. If China invades Taiwan and we enter WWIII, you wouldn't do business with China after that would you?

  27. Grover Norquist and Newt Gingrich are the bastards that sunk President Bush's second term, screw that pair of shystie bastards.

  28. Yeah but the problem is that the people he appointed to run these regulation agencies are former employees of the very companies they’re supposed to regulate. Basically, it’s a corporate takeover of the federal government. If that isn’t corruption, I don’t know what is

  29. I dunno man, I mean it's not like the Republicans just rolled over and let them regulations get put in place; there's always a lot of sick and dying people or critters going on long before we get one of them regulations to begin with y'know. You can't fish the Mississippi anymore because of those damn de-regulated flying carp infesting it and Trump done cut all the containment on that so kiss away your favorite fishing hole soon now too entire Great Lakes area. Invasive species running rampant now that Trump done cut the breaks on that shit.

  30. Every time Stossel mentions tariffs, he implies that they are bad. The problem is, protection against unfair foreign intervention is merely a protection of the free market principle and not of American business. If China subsidizes their steel and we impose a tariff on it, all that has happened is that (roughly speaking) the Chinese communist government is paying us tribute. They haven’t subverted our factories or benefited them. Like cocaine smuggled in beanie babies, they send us money hidden in their steel. I’m ok with that line. Stossel should be too.

  31. So let me get this straight. The regulations are good if they were passed in the 70s but they are bad if they were passed under Obama. Is that what I am getting here???

  32. Much of what we have for regulations must go, HOWEVER we could use some additional regulations that prevent scumbags from cheating on capitalism. Hiring foreign when they should be hiring American, for example, or doing things like selling AI to the Chinese so they can threaten Congress. I'm looking at YOU Google! We need additional regulations that keep Universities from being leftist indoctrination centers. We also need regulation of Big Tech when it comes to free speech. Even one incident of unequal application should cost a billion dollar fine.

  33. The Net Neutrality point misses the issue. Net Neutrality was necessary because of other regulations at the state level, which granted statutory monopolies to internet service providers (especially cable companies) that led to numerous abuses, such as charges for using their service that didn’t cause any marginal cost (ex: data caps, to bandwidth caps), prevented completion so that in essentially all areas its unlawful for a competing cable company to operate as opposed to phone companies, active filtering and monitoring of users actions and then selling that to advertisers (Verizon especially). What’s the market solution to these problems? There isn’t one, cause of state monopoly laws that grant exclusivity. The FCC could have preempted those rules (and that’s what they should have done), but the Net Neutrality rule was the other way, and it needs to be understood in context.

  34. 3:34 The lady that spilled coffee on herself got 3rd degree burns because McDonald's required franchises to server coffee at 180 F. The franchise was not at fault. Therefore corporate McDonald's should be held liable. It was anything but a frivolous lawsuit.

  35. Like negotiating with North Korea, deregulation is one of those issues where if you support it you should oppose it. Meaning: if you think it is important for this to happen and you truly care about it, the last thing you should want is for it to be done by a senile moron who screws up everything he touches. Just sit tight and wait for President Amash, or some other intelligent person, to set some rational priorities and then get down to the business of deregulating our industries in a logical, planned way.

  36. When assessing Trump's deregulation report card, one must examine which repealed regulations are significant and which are minor. The same applies to any new regulation Trump enacts. It isn't unreasonable to expect that one new regulation is more degenerative than the five repealed regulations that accompanied it. I have heard other prominent libertarians say as they tally up all of Trump's taketh and giveth policy procedures, Trump's record on regulation reform amounts to a wash.

  37. I simply DO NOT TRUST the Corporatists who run this country to not effectively deregulate us into China– where people are dying in elevators and BUILDINGS just collapse.
    Some regulations exist for VERY good reasons.

    With respect to net neutrality, "none of it has happened!"
    This culture has a VERY short-term memory.
    The elites know they can push further in another 4-8 years and people will have forgotten.

  38. Seriously.

    At 4:20 they say the air got cleaner because of epa rules passed decades ago.

    Wouldn't epa rules be classified as regulations? So regulations were good in that circumstance?
    Please explain

  39. “He exaggerates…” lies. The word you meant to use was “lies.”

    If a toddler with a pistol stops a home invasion, you still want to get the damn gun away from the baby once you’re done applauding.

  40. Colonrado (Colorado) has become more like Colonfornia (California) by adopting the Golden Showers State's emission laws, and on top of that are going to force new car dealers to stock somewhere between 5% – 8% of their inventory in EV's whether the dealers can sell them or not by the mid 2020's.

  41. I agree with everything but net neutrality. Just because something hasn't happened yet doesn't make it false. In Portugal and other nations you have to pay a fee to your ISP to use a certain app. I personally believe that internet is integral to free speech, and to allow corporations to control speeds for different websites depending on content, is clearly unconstitutional and dangerous.

  42. Stossel.. nice one sided report… with a lobbyist.. way too go… just one example.. USA not even top ten in download speeds and affordability… think that is going to change now? why? when corport's can sell slower speeds at higher rates… yeah corporations!

  43. I agree with everything in this video except the criticism about tariffs. First, if no country had tariffs then we shouldn’t either, but they do. Second, we import more than we export so tariffs imposed by the US don’t hurt us as much as they hurt the other country. Third we already have low unemployment and the usual argument is that tariff wars hurt our employment but not in this economy. So, under other circumstances tariffs are bad but under these economic circumstances they are great!

  44. There should be a law that for every new regulation they pass they have to remove 3. Then they'll have to decided which ones are worth it and which ones are not. Not just abuse power.

  45. I would actually prefer regulation on internet and have protections for it rather than leaving it up to the providers. Seeing what has happened to wireless/telcos, the internet could be ruined.

  46. Glad to see you're still with us. I was worried that Mrs. Clinton had saw your shoot, shovel and shut up episode…and took some arkanside action out on you.

  47. If Trump is good for the economy how do you explain tariffs? They never work without us paying for it. If he wants to help then stay out of the way and leave us alone. Now he could help by 1) end capital gains do people can hang on to their money, 2) end inheritance/death taxes, 3) end corporate taxes which we pay for anyway, 4)sunset the IRS 33% each year while simultaneously decreasing spending/budget
    by the same amount

  48. I'd like to see a video where Stossel points out the ways libertarianism can be harmful just to be a devils advocate.

  49. The cost of tariffs is far broader than the benefit of the deregulation we got. I'm hard pressed to cheer for his deregulation while he pushes mercantilism out of the other side of his mouth. Deficits and trade wars are the only things going into the history books for this president… Along with a million incoherent Twitter rants. Sorry. I'm not settling. I want deregulation, lower taxes, much less spending and free trade. I know it's a lot to ask for.

  50. Reminds me of when I visited my Dad in Germany… An inspector stopped by to check the moisture content of his firewood… If it was too high, he would have gotten a ticket. Showed up at his house unannounced to inspect the property… All because of "pollution"

  51. Honestly I think the Republicans and libertarians got hijacked on the net neutrality thing.the thing about net neutrality is there was initially an argument saying hey there a common-carrier either there are common carrier or they aren't. That was net neutrality.then the hijack became hey do you want the government controlling it through a federal bureaucracy or do you want big corporations and all the left us were like EA the government and all the libertarians and the Republicans were like "and no the corporations". that was a false dichotomy and neither of those represents net neutrality both of those are controlled internet. Net neutrality is a very simpleconcept if you want to be a publisher the curator content than you're liable for your content if you don't then you must treat all content equally in order to get common-carrier protection from liability that simple no regulation required just a simple rule about liability. that and contract law is relevant when companies are violating their contracts with their users again no new regulation required . simply enforce contracts through ornate action in the courts.

  52. “Repealed emission limits for new coal power plants” nothing good can come from that one in the long run. What, more dependent coal workers? It’s to bad they choose a dying career.
    And your argument about “were you coughing then under the Clinton -Bush era” is plan ass retarded. So many more factors go into the increases in pollution. A law to limit the how much we pollute surely did not creat that. Don’t mix up causation and correlation, dumbass

  53. Since the beginning of time, one human has wanted to control other humans. Its animal instinct. President Trump is rolling back this control. President Trump is freeing the people. The regulators create regulations simply to justify their jobs. The people have no means to fight back. Thank you President Trump!!!! Made In America helps ensure that people are employed. Employed people pay taxes. Employed people are taken off welfare and food stamps. In other words employed people contribute rather than become a burden on the taxpayer. The side effect is higher prices for Made In America. Do you want cheap products or full employment? There is no free lunch. You can pay $.02 more for your iPhone cord or you can pay for other peoples welfare and food stamps. The choice is yours.

  54. TRUMP has done, and is doing, much better of a job than many of the past presidents combined! We need less “career politicians” and more working Americans in those offices. It appears most of our politicians are WHIMPS and just IGNORANT to what their constituents actually want and need!

  55. China has been stealing US intellectual property without penalty for decades. In addition, they block US products and US companies in China, while selling here in the USA. The Tariffs are long overdue.

  56. Great vid, great vid indeed. Although, I'm slightly disappointed because it was a bit one-sided. The thing I love Stossel's work is considering both points of view.

  57. This one sided, I thought this was reason tv and you interview the most militant anti regulation person that forced a pledge of alligence against taxes and denounced those who didnt take it.

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