STOP spending so much time in YOUR head | 99% of YOUR thoughts are USELESS

STOP spending so much time in YOUR head | 99% of YOUR thoughts are USELESS

I know something about you without even knowing
you. I bet you spend A LOT of time in your head. You know, thinking, worrying, stressing, freaking
out — call it whatever you want. I call it a preoccupied mind. And with what? 99% of all of your thoughts are useless. What’s up, everybody? Tanvir Ahmed here. Welcome back to another video. And if you’re new here, step out of your
head. All my life I’ve been obsessed with practical
things. Practical philosophy, practical knowledge,
practical books, practical work, and practical advice. The greatest weapon against stress is our
ability to choose one thought over another. Pragmatism believes that the mind is a tool. Your mind should work for you, not against
you. People who don’t master their mind, don’t
believe it’s possible. They say: “I can’t help but thinking these
things.” Well, you can with enough practice. It’s a skill. In other words: You have the ability to decide
what you think. Or, to choose NOT to think. And that is one of the most important and
most practical things that you can learn in life. Before I learned that skill, I would spend
hours and hours inside my head. Just think about how much you think. I’ll give you a few examples. “I wonder what my boss thinks?” “What happens if I screw up and lose my
job?” “Does she love me?” “I think he doesn’t care about me.” “I just keep failing.” “Why does my life suck?” “Why is my life awesome, and other people’s
lives are not?” “What if I get cancer?” “I don’t care about my job. Is there something wrong with me?” “I can’t finish anything. What’s wrong with me?” And the list goes on. That is all REAL shit. That’s stuff people are actually worried
about. You know what those thoughts do to you? Guilt, anger, suffering. I just have one question for you: What’s
the practical use of your thoughts? Yes? I’m waiting. Still no answer? Exactly. Thoughts have no use. 99% of them that is. Now the question is: What are the 1% of thoughts
that are actually useful? There are just 2 kinds of thoughts that are
actually useful. 1. Thinking about how you can solve problems. A problem is just an unanswered question. Put your brain to use and think about how
you can solve problems. There are a lot of those on this earth. 2. Understanding knowledge. That mean this: Try to internalize knowledge
and think about how you can use that knowledge to improve your life, improve your career,
improve your work, improve your relationships, etc. And that’s it. You can ignore every other thought. If you’re constantly thinking, it’s because
you haven’t trained your mind yet. You HAVE to get out of your head. If you don’t, you’ll go mental. Everyone will. No exception. Also, you’re probably thinking so much that
you’re missing out on life. Did you notice the sunshine this morning when
you woke up? Or the raindrops? Did you notice the smell of your coffee? Did you feel the texture of your cereals? If your answer is no, you definitely need
to get out of your head. Stop thinking and start feeling. Now, you might think: “How do I train myself
to stop thinking useless thoughts?” And the answer is awareness. That’s where it starts. Every time you start drifting off, become
aware of it. Just observe your brain. Step outside of yourself and start observing
all the crazy stuff you’re thinking about. Don’t judge. Don’t think you’re stupid. If you do that, you’re thinking again. Nope, what you want to do is say this to yourself:
“Ah that’s a cute thought. Now, let’s get back to reality.” If you can change your mind, you can change
your life. Are you back to reality? Do you feel your ears listening to the words
coming out of my mouth? Do you feel your phone in your hand? Are you thinking about how you’re going
to apply this information to your life? Great. You’re USING your mind, and it’s not the
other way around. Now, keep using that brain of yours. Because I’ll tell you this: It’s the most
powerful tool on earth. That’s it for me guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you got something out of it. I hope you liked it. Hit that like button if you did. Subscribble and hit the bell if you haven’t
already. And I will see you in the next one.

8 thoughts on “STOP spending so much time in YOUR head | 99% of YOUR thoughts are USELESS

  1. It's really a great vedio tanvir. You style of presenting idea is just awesome I liked it. Thnxx and eagrely wating up for our next vedio

  2. Found your channel from Jay Shettys video where you left a comment. This is great advice you give!! I will definitely be checking out other videos on your channel. ‘Don’t believe everything you think ‘ I am a recovering over-thinker and over-analyser , and I am feeling a lot better as a result <3 Watching this video I am reminded of this quote ‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful secant. We live in a society which honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.’ AMEN 👌🌍

  3. This was the video I needed, I saw your comment on Jay Shetty’s video and thought I’d stop by and see what your video is all about. I’ve had this unhealthy way of comparing myself and having negative thoughts. I think all the thoughts that you mentioned and the list goes on. There’s no practical use of those thoughts. Thank you for clarifying and reassuring the 1% of thoughts, like solving problems and understanding knowledge, which are more meaningful and beneficial to life. 🙏💕

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