Stitcher Podcast Radio – Android App Review – Frackulous 213

I am a big fan of podcasts, and will deliberately
take the most convoluted route from A to B so I can spend a few more minutes on the bus
enjoying them. Stitcher is an app that’s available on the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm
Pre and Android, and is designed to deliver your favourite podcasts to your ears as a
kind of playlist, so they just keep coming. Open the app and you’re invited to choose
some favourite topics, so that it can automatically create a playlist for you. You can also browse
through topics, pick from specific sources or even search for a certain podcast. It’s
at this point that you realise it’s a very very US based selection, although there is
a BBC channel that houses the best of their content. Once you’ve chosen what you like,
you’ll see the feeds under favourites. You can edit these to change the order, and once
you’ve got a playlist you’re happy with, just press go and sit back and listen. Thumbs
up or thumbs down will allow Stitcher to further customise your list, by ordering your playlist
for you. All in all, it’s pretty smart, and at free, it’s pretty cheap too.

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