Steven Universe: Future’s Intro – Podcast episode 264

Steven Universe: Future’s Intro – Podcast episode 264

GC13: Hello all,
welcome to the Lunar Sea Spire Steven Universe fan podcast. This is episode 264,
and today we’ll be talking about the intro for Steven Universe Future. I’m GC13, David: and I’m David. GC13: So we’re doing it, we’re recording an episode about 20
seconds of intro. David: I think this is probably the most packed 20 seconds of
Steven Universe we’ve ever had to discuss before so it will definitely be
longer than a 20 second discussion. GC13: I mean yeah even without going
frame-by-frame there’s so much excitement around not just the intro but
about the news we’ve heard to go along with it. For those who aren’t keeping
fully up, Steven Universe Future is not season 6 of Steven Universe. It is a
quote-unquote “new series.” They’re calling it a limited series, so longer than a
mini-series, but they still know about how many episodes they want to make outta this bad boy, and they have a story they’re gonna tell us. David: The thing that I’m
interested to know and every fan I’m sure is interested in though is the length of
this quote-unquote “limited series” because there’s on one side of the
spectrum an Infinity Train length limited series. 10 episode doesn’t feel
like enough to cover hardly even the, like, what, five different villains we see
in this new intro? And then somewhere longer than that, well, I’m not exactly
sure what the upper limit would be, because everything I’ve seen in recent
history on Cartoon Network that’s been called a limited series is not very long.
You know I’m thinking of the multiple eight episode rounds of specials that
they did for Adventure Time and then of course Infinity Train. So if this is
going to be something different, it’s something completely new, something
entirely new, but of course Cartoon Network has always
taken risks with formats with Steven Universe. It’s been where they’ve flexed their
most experimental arm before, weirdly enough between the Steven bombs and the
movie, so I’m interested to see how long this is, because there is a huge promise
of story just in these 20 seconds. GC13: So if you haven’t been
keeping up with the news releases, this is apparently going to be the end of
Steven Universe. Once when Steven Universe Future is done and it’s going-
they say, you know Steven gonna be doing, helping a lot of people out with
their problems- but then he’s gonna run out of those and he’s gonna have to
start fixing his own problems. David: I loved how absolutely
awful that sounds for Steven. That made me think a lot about how Steven’s journey
kind of did feel complete after the movie so it made me wonder what else he
has to deal with internally. He’s already accepted his identity as Steven and not
his mom but it does seem like problems from his mom continue to linger on and
on, so it’s either related to that or there’s some other new insecurity or
personal problem that I can’t really think of at the moment that Steven’s
gonna have to deal with. GC13: It will probably develop over the course of the series. David: And yet the most important development already happened because, finally, Steven
is in dark mode #2019darkmode. I’m so happy that
his shirt is now black. I think there’s a little bit of controversy online, some
people like it, some people don’t. I’m definitely on the side that loves it. GC13: I mean I absolutely loved Mr. Universe back when he was rocking the black shirt/
gold star, so I mean I liked them, I liked the blue shirt from the movie, but I mean
you got to go with the original, right? David: Well let’s face it, it probably has a
canonical reason too, which is: all of the merch that was the red stars were maybe
the smaller size shirts that Greg had, and now, Steven needs the larger black
shirts. GC13: I mean, so, I’m just, I’ve been staring at this screen with the bad
guy line up. Like, we got like we got from earlier and prior theme songs, but,
so everybody, everyone’s seeing Jasper like, right there at the front line there,
and I’m wondering, “Are these all people who will be continual antagonists, or,
what I’m thinking, are these people who come to have some crisis that Steven has
to avert?” Like, you know, Jasper is, you know, doing okay. And by doing okay, I mean
tamping her feelings down, tamping her feelings down until it they just explode
out, and then her eyes start glowing and Steven has to “Friendship” her. David: Yeah, I mean, just in this still, we see at least two
characters that we are already- well, one of them we think of as redeemed, and the
other one we’ve at least seen as okay- White Diamond appears to be going nuts
in this, and she’s very pink in hue, but, it’s very, you know, it’s inarguably
White Diamond because it’s White Diamond’s hair and White Diamond’s cape. But
something weird’s going on with her, and I’m not really sure if that view of
White Diamond is actually in the Steven Universe “Future,” or in Steven Universe
“past.” Makes me kind of wonder how White Diamond could really have it crisis of
her own here. But Jasper, we saw her in “Change Your Mind” as, at least being in
the healing pool, and I don’t know, I mean, she could have unresolved feelings, but,
think about the fact that two years passed between that scene and then the movie,
and (GC13: Yeah…) Jasper wasn’t a problem during the movie, I mean, maybe she could have
fled Earth sometime right after “Change Your Mind” and just hasn’t been seen by
any of the Crystal Gems or Steven in a while… I don’t know. But it’ll be
interesting to see if she’s the one rounding out- rounding up- all of these
other villains or if they are mostly fine and like you said they are suddenly
having problems Steven has to help wrap up.
GC13: Yeah, Jasper is a mystery, but I will point out that White Diamond’s nose is
glowing and looks like it’s shaped about the same as Jasper’s nose so… David: That is a- GC13: Maybe they fuse? Like, they could bring out all sorts of awful stuff in each other. David: Fusing is a theme in this, because of course we have the horrible conglomerate
of cactus Stevens that I’m not sure how that got created. It makes me think a lot
about the shard experiments that we saw, obviously, pre-cluster, and to think that
some Gems Jasper or anyone else wants to start doing biological experiments, you
know, on organic life, is totally creepy and gets me really excited. We also see
that it looks like Ruby and Aquamarine fused. I can’t think of who else would be
this Aquamarine with brown hair that we see. And then of course, there’s two Lapises in the background which aren’t fused here, but with everything else
going on, seems like fusion might be a theme again. GC13: And then of course there’s that big guy I don’t know what his deal is. I saw at
least one person kicking around the idea that maybe that is Steven, but I see more
people like, “ah, no, no, this guy’s totally like Sneeple-type stuff, mind controlling
the other people,” and, you know, his eyes do glow differently than theirs, so that,
there might be something to that. David: There’s no gem on it that we see and of
course I’ve always wanted something that seemed like a Cluster-level threat, or
something that required the Cluster. I know that the enemies of the Gems and
and those kinds of questions about the Gems are probably still not going to be
addressed in Steven Universe Future, but, but yet, that giant worm, crazy-horned
creature makes me think that maybe we’re gonna see some kind of space demon that
is unrelated to the actual Gems, biologically anyway…
It”d be interesting. GC13: I mean, I’d be down for that. David: Right? I would be so down for
that. And it looks like since it’s in the background and it’s the largest thing, it
might be the Biggest Bad of the bunch for this epilogue. GC13: I mean I, basically, I’m
super keen to learn about all of these guys, but, you know, probably the biggest
thing the thing that excited me the most about seeing this intro- you know what it
was? David: Spinel? GC13: They put Spinel into the intro,
yes! David: Absolutely, I have, no, ide- I mean, like we just talked about with episode length, I
can’t, we need so much more development on Spinel now, right? And, it
seems like her presence, it’ll be really hard for her just to be a background
character without fans feeling really sad about it, because we want to see her
grow so much, and she was obviously a fan- favorite character, of just producing so
much fan art after the movie came out. So, between all the villains they have, in
spinel… GC13: She is such a scene stealer, yeah. David: She’s, like, small in the intro, just on
Yellow’s shoulder or whatever, but I feel like every time she shows up on the
screen, she’s going to produce decades worth of fan art and fan animation and
squealing, so yeah. GC13: And then, of course, we have the Nephrite crew down there. David: Oh, the uncorrupted Gems just bring me such nostalgic waves of all of our old
monster-of-the-week episodes, and now they’re actual people that will have
voice actors and we’ll get to see some kind of character development from them.
Really interested to see how Stephen and the other gems interact with them,
especially since most if not all of them are old Crystal Gems except for, well, the
Nephrites that you mentioned, who were obviously, yeah, Homeworld soldiers GC13: But they’re happy to kick it on Earth, that’s where they’ve been kicking it for the
past 5,000 years. David: Yeah those interactions are gonna be
really interesting and yet, I’m not sure how it all connects between all these
villains and the possible fusion theme and also the theme of Steven finding
personal growth. There is a ton to juggle, and, you know, maybe in 20 or 30 episodes
they can do that in a satisfactory way. If it is really closer to that longer
length that’s really exciting because we just get another little epilogue show. GC13: Yeah, and probably another another big thing that tons of people have been
excited about: Nanafua has upgraded her personal security detail. David: (laughs) Yep, that
integration of Gems and humans has come to a perfect conclusion with Ruby guards
finally getting to have their purpose be more meaningful than the terrible
scouting job we saw them do back in, you know, season 3. GC13: I withdraw all objections
to Nanafua taking the job of mayor just so that we can have the Rubies be
doing that guard position on her intro. David: Well, I don’t know what objections you
had because I always thought that Mayor Dewey was not a good mayor, so
basically anyone was a good replacement- GC13: He was the best possible mayor, like, do
you think Nanafua would have been out there with that garden hose
during “Ocean Gem”, David: (laughs) GC13: No, she would not have Only Mayor Dewey loves his town
enough for that. David: I appreciate a man who can throw away all common sense and
embrace the impossible and, you know, go against all the odds and believe he can
fill up the ocean after it’s gone. That is an inspirational mayor, I do agree
with that. GC13: (sighs agreeingly) Yeah, I mean, just, it just warms my heart seeing you know cuz we always
have them passing by the Big Donut in each intro, and just warms my heart to
see all the Gems there now, Ronaldo and PD hanging out. David: Like, even
Onion’s space on top of the Big Donut has finally been taken by the ice monster
that we saw. GC13: The mysterious, mysterious gem David: mm-hmm GC13: That’s okay he’s creeping out
underneath the table now. David: Yeah we probably won’t have any crazy
revelations about Onion this season but I would love for that to be thrown in, in
Steven Universe Future, an explanation for why Onion hasn’t grown, but I think
they like keeping Onion mysterious and weird. I hope they take that further
slightly this time. So also that animation looks hot-hot-hot
in this intro: do you think that the overall production quality is going to
be higher on this limited series? GC13: Well I mean, if you have story borders who, a lot
of them at least are getting very experienced with their roles, and if you
have budget to kick around to get more, more hours at the animation studio, then
you could go crazy. David: That’s what I’m hoping for like between the movie and
now if Cartoon Network had you know given this thing, this little project, a
little bit of a monetary boost, that’d be really cool. They might have only done it
just to make the intro look cool, but man, the intro also looks really cool. The
whole rotating camera that they do for the, you know, Steven and the Crystal Gems
running just looks beautiful and obviously, I mean, the way they just pop
up saying “We, we, we, we, we” looks really great. GC13: And of course since
I’ve been listening to so much of the “Steven Universe: The Movie” soundtrack:
(singing) “Familiar, why is this is so familiar?” I mean, it’s just, the movie came out a
month ago and I already feel super nostalgic for it because the soundtrack
is so good, so, obviously, this is great. David: It’s only been like, what, a month? But now
hearing that song I’m already like, “Oh wow, all those warm memories of the
Steven Universe movie…” and I’m sure we’ll be thinking that every time we see this
intro play. I do like that they chose to use a different song instead of the
original. I mean, as much as we all kind of wanted a new intro for a while of you
know “We Are the Crystal Gems” again with, you know, Lapis and Peridot added, I think
this version gives Steven Universe Future a good,
different feel. And of course Peridot’s inclusion of re-singing the the title again
at the end is wonderful. GC13: Yes that’s Peridot right there really. David: Yes! GC13: So, all in
all, I mean, that’s, I mean, obviously, we didn’t get a time that the new limited
series is going to be coming out, but dropping the intro on us was a pretty
good way to generate some hype, so hopefully it comes out sooner rather
than later. I mean, the original series started airing in November- that would be
thrilling if they were to start airing Steven Universe Future on perhaps the
sixth anniversary of the first episode of Steven Universe… question mark? David: I mean, that would be wonderful. At worst though, I think, what, the longest hiatus we’ve
ever had in Steven Universe was only eight or nine months at worst, right, so
we should be expecting Steven Universe Future to drop at least in
spring of 2020, but at absolute latest fall 2020. But I don’t expect it to be
that far. GC13: I’m gonna predict right now, that Cartoon Network does something for the
anniversary of Steven Universe’s first episode. Either they start airing Steven Universe Future… [surprising noises] “Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming
series!” and air the first episode. Or they at least put the first episode up on the
app. They got to do something. David: I think at this point Cartoon Network has also
proven that they care about this show and they have given it so many
opportunities, and obviously let the crew kind of do just about everything that
they’ve wanted, so I think that Steven Universe Future is going to continue to
get a decent level of love and respect from Cartoon Network, even if it isn’t in
the traditional way that we used to expect- of regular airing slots and stuff.
It might all be a lot more digital promotion, and, you know, really relying on
that app and stuff. I really don’t know what other ways Cartoon Network is
reaching out beyond its app if it has any other kind of YouTube or like, I
don’t follow the Cartoon Network Instagram or anything to see how hard
they push those avenues, but I’m assuming they’re gonna do it pretty hard for this. GC13: Basically they post the same stuff to Twitter and Instagram and they’ll post
clips of stuff to YouTube David: Also we’re getting that- ooo- in the meantime, even
before this series comes out, we’re gonna get that art book which commemorates the
end of the era of the old Steven Universe. That will be something to look
forward to in the meantime. GC13: But yeah, hey, with with Cartoon Network having the
eight o’clock timeslot back from Adult Swim for a little while they have
started putting the Steven Universe reruns in there on Saturday, at least. So
that’ll be nice. Hopefully, hopefully that kind of builds up an expectation and we
can get some good premiere slots soon. David: Yeah it almost seems like that’s in
anticipation, like, airing this almost Shonen anime-type, you know, epilogue
series, and doing it at the normal time that Adult Swim or Toonami would
start. That’s cool. GC13: What are we gonna call this, are we gonna stick with “Steven Universe Shippuden” like we’d all been anticipating? I saw one person propose “Steven Universe: Alien Force” and I kinda like that. David: I don’t know if I’m ready for Steven Universe to have all the bastardizations that Ben 10 had, but um, you know, I liked Alien Force. GC13: So I guess we’ll just have to feel that one out guys. Join us next week
though, until then, I’m GC13. David: And I’m David. Don’t forget to leave us a like on
YouTube or a view on Apple Podcasts. GC13: Later everybody Ken: Our opening and closing music is by James Roge. For more Steven Universe fan-related conten, visit Thank you for listening.

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  1. I'm kinda dissapointed in the fandom…
    I saw a video from NYCC and when Rebecca told the fandom there wasn't a season 6 you heard the people just raging and when Rebecca said but there is one more thing.
    The fandom just goes: ohh.

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