100 thoughts on “Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

  1. When he talks about death and his cancer, it really hits hard knowing he died so young of that same cancer a few years later. He still had so much to offer, and he gave us so much.

  2. Steve Job's speech – a timeless masterpiece that we can still comment on and praise it. Tim Cook's – unemotional and tedious with comment's section disabled. Indeed Apple has changed over the last decade.

  3. Watch this and you'll ended up realising that all the education and teachings that you learned in schools were garbage.

  4. I hope gradually, colleges, universities, academies, all the school boards and schools will learn partially from this speech. We don’t need a lot of these random classes to further progress what we want to do. It’s just wasting a lot of outlet time and money. Let us go to classes that we want and need for what we want to do. The “4 priority” classes should only be optional unless other wise needed for the trade we are going for. End of story.

  5. I was crying during the whole speech. This is a REAL life story and everyone should know that the values of yourself depends on your own, not your fancy privilege

  6. I still cherish my practice-year with apple-computers, kind regards, greetings Steve and others

  7. I heard about this speech so many times..
    I read the book so many times…
    And at the i watched this video too…
    But I miss you sir.
    The world will get its own share of intellectuals but it won't get a foolish like you who always graved to be hungry.
    Thankyou SIR.

  8. Steve Jobs it's obviously a scumbag only really cares about money a well-developed the technology it's ruining this world you see the Unabomber was right that technology is the devil it creates more problems than it's worth the people are so lazy they would rather sit around on Facebook all day

  9. That 2 billion company has turned into 1 trillion company today Apple all along grew up ..Steve Jobs Heaven hearing …

  10. This video was taught as part of my syllabus course during my MBA. I still follow this video for a motivation dose. Anyone else watching it in July 2019?

  11. Steve Jobs Gibi Düşünmek https://forestofnoreturn.blogspot.com/2019/07/kitap-yorumu-steve-jobs-gibi-dusunmek.html

  12. You are very good but i still learn about college:)))because this is my way in to the future.
    p/s this is my opinion

  13. Sometimes life will hit you with a Brick in the face
    ,But do not lose faith ,You got to find what you love ,the only way to be truly satisfied
    is to do what you believe is great work and the only way to do great work is love what you do.

  14. Sometimes life will hit you with a Brick in the face
    ,But do not lose faith ,You got to find what you love ,the only way to be truly satisfied
    is to do what you believe is great work and the only way to do great work is love what you do.

  15. Hare Krishna's name gave me goosebump…May peace be on this planet, may no one die of hunger or violence. Let us live life of fulfillment, brotherhood and equality. Let us all strive to unveil the mysteries of the unknown realities of our existence. May we be all worthy on our judgement day to be accepted with kind hands. May the boundaries within us disappear like that of passing lightning. May we show mercy on all living beings, including animals. May the abundance of fruits and vegetables flourish on our planet. May we able to preserve the nature in its finest forms. May we give up burning of fossil fuels.Glory to our planet Earth. Hari Bol !!

  16. I always come back to watching this video when I am need of some motivation, and it has worked every single time. I really hope those dots connect in the future!

  17. The guy that made me join business college.
    "the only way to do great work is to love what you're doing" has inspired me insofar.
    I wish God spared him for us on 5th. Oct. 2011!

  18. What a man! I'm no Apple fan, but when you establish a company with such character, ethics and insightful thinking you will forever be remembered. So much to learn from this 15 minute speech. Thank you Steve, RIP.

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  20. University degrees are for employment. Innovative entrepreneurs don't need them … to the contrary … it might limit your creativity …

  21. Walked 7 miles across town to get one good meal at the Hare Krishna Temple. I am glad that my religion and religious institution is able to inspire and provide resources for someone like you. You have not only made your family or your country proud but you made humanity proud of what we can achieve.

  22. Did anyone else sense arrogance from some of the people in the crowd? Like what he was saying wasn’t meaningful.

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