Stealing My Videos

Stealing My Videos

Hey what’s up everyone, my name is Motoki
and oh do I have a video for you. Honestly I didn’t expect to be making this video right
now, but here I am. I don’t even know where to f*cking start. Long story short, there’s been a french youtuber
that has been stealing my youtube videos word for word, but just doing them in french. This
is actually something I’ve known about for a couple years but I didn’t do anything about
it because I didn’t think that I could. I initially found out about the situation
awhile ago when a couple french viewers tweeted at me saying there’s this french guy
copying your videos and at first, I was f*cking hyped because I was like, oh maybe this is
a good thing. Plot twist, it’s not. But what I didn’t realize was that he was copying my
videos word for word, shot by shot, and oh, not giving me any credit. Let me show you
what I mean. So original of you.
You don’t have to know french to see how bad he’s copying me. Wow, even the words. Wow, great footage of a door, you know, it
kinda looks like my door. Looks a little bit similar. Except I had better editing. Dude. Oh, a knife, what a sharp idea. And that’s not even all of it.
That’s just a little portion of what he’s been doing.
From my understanding, he stole 7 of my video ideas and then he also stole other videos from other
YouTubers including Marcus Butler and my good buddy Andrew Quo. Now, I actually just showed you guys his videos
without asking for his permission which is ironic because I’m mad at him for doing kinda the
same thing but I needed to show you guys the video side by side to prove my point. I’m
not monetizing this video, I just want to get the word out because there is a huge difference
between being inspired by other YouTubers and just flat out stealing their content. When I first found out about this guy, I messaged
him on facebook, that didn’t really work out so I messaged him on Twitter and that didn’t
really work out either. It’s just really hard to communicate. He was really slow at responding,
he ignored a lot of my messages, it was not a good time. Almost a year passes by and I
was finally able to get the link to my youtube channel in the description of some of his
videos and at that point, I was just happy to finally get some f*cking credit. Because
prior to that, I was getting no acknowledgment for all the videos he was stealing. So the sh*tty part about this is, I don’t
understand french, like, at all. The most I can say is, bonjour and that’s pretty much
it so there’s this huge language barrier separating us. So fast forward to right now, a crazy thing
happened where this french forum found out about the situation and decided they were
going to do something about it. The next thing I know, the video thief is trending number
1 on Twitter in France. Soon after, buzzfeed, huffington post, slate, and a bunch of other
french websites started to post about it. Even some of the biggest YouTubers in France
we’re even rallying for my support. So, you might be wondering, Motoki, you’re
putting him on blast, what does he have to say for himself? Haha, well let me tell you
because this sh*t is the best part. So after receiving some hate comments on his videos,
he responded trying to explain that I gave him permission to use my video ideas. Which
is funny because I found out about the videos after you posted them, and usually when you
ask for permission, you know, before you even make it but I’m just, f*ck me right you know
what I mean? But things don’t get any better because he
goes on one of the biggest radio stations in France and tries to explain himself. But
instead of actually apologizing, from what people have told me, he says, “I’m not good
at making video ideas so I take other peoples”. Wow, what a great sounding guy, you know what,
all is forgiven, I can not compete with this logic. Like literally, the least you could
have done was just apologize but you done f*cked that up too. It sucks because his copies
have way more views than my originals. Honestly, I don’t really care about the views
at this point. It’s just sad seeing this guy piggyback off of other peoples’ hard work.
I really don’t know what to do at this point, but it’s good that I just get it out. If this has
happened to me and several others, it’s probably going to happen to other people too. We can’t
keep letting these kind of things happen. Thank you guys so much for all the support you’ve
been giving me, I’ll see you guys soon.

100 thoughts on “Stealing My Videos

  1. I didn't know 😮
    You're funny it's cool 😉
    Idk why some ppl just copy ALL the things you do o.o

    Bises from France

  2. Everybody hates him in France, he even started a program to became a youtuber. 1 : He his stilling videos from other people, 2 : This program costs 100€, please, guy.

  3. Omg
    Je pensais pas que ça existait encore ce genre de con 😂

    Sorry for you 🙈

    Ps: je connaissais pas ce Youtuber avant cette vidéo 😂😭

  4. i am a french and in france math podcast lots of pepeol says it was a bad men and it looks like a poop and that true math podcast robs lot of video (sorry for my english i am french)

  5. Hey je suis française et je viens de tomber sur ta vidéo
    Hey I’m french and I just see you’re Video

    Je ne te connais pas mais je peux te dire que math podcast (que je ne connais pas non plus) est connus de nom en France (pas en bien 😂)
    I do not know you but I can tell you that Math Podcast (that I do not know either) is known by Name in France (not in good 😂)

    Donc je comprend y’a réaction et vais essayer de t’aider comme je peux
    Je te soutien dans cette situation 😉
    So I understand your réaction and I try to help you the most i can
    I Support you in this situation

    Désolée je suis pas très forte en anglais mais j’ai fait de mon mieux pour que vous compreniez 😂
    I’m sorry I’m not good in englisch but i do my best for you to understand 😂

    Bonne continuation
    Good continuation


    French guy that shows it to France about Math Podcast. And I am French too.

  7. Sérieux ce mec n'a pas de race il te vole tes idée ton travail sans même te demander en plus il ne prend pas la peine de pardonner les mec comme lui mérite une vie pourritte en plus personnellement je préfère ton contenus que le sien et ce qui est chouette c'est que tu n'a aucune rage contre lui et ça est sympa bref continue comme ça tes super (Je sais que tu ne comprends pas le français mais je t'écris quand même )

  8. Hey dude, no one like MathPodPoop in France this guy dont represent it !! French are not fucker like him!:///

  9. this guys (math) is so ridiculous , brave of you . Desoler je suis pas doué en anglais mais en gros Mathamerde et un gros idiot ou bag a shit mdr

  10. Don't pay attention to him bro. That french youtuber is a scumbag. He got involved in some pedophilia affair here, in France. He used his fame to abuse of his suscribers. He's just a son of a bitch that doesn't deserve any attention

  11. In Kazakhstan half of utubers just copy English speaking videos content and have no problem with that

  12. If he just copying video to his own language, just put caption on Moretoki’s Video😂
    It would be more helpful.
    Copping is not good. Even you ask that person to you can copy or not.
    Just be like you. You should use your original idea.

  13. Is this shit happen before cancel culture was trending? Because if the french guy do it now, bitch he's done.

  14. Moretoki je sais pas si tu lira se messages mais va regarder @caljbeut cartoon trash qui a fait une vidéo sympa ralliant ta cause

  15. Je viens en Touriste.
    PS: okay après 3ans (+ ?)
    J'apprends ça je t'aime bien en espérant que tes futurs vidéos soient sous titré 😁

  16. C’est con car nous les français on apprend l’anglais mais les anglais s’en battent les couilles du français

  17. + a little something guys
    Math is one of the subject at school that i hate the most!
    Math podcast….. it mames logic why i hate him so much already…….B*STARD GO TO HELL

    (Btw i speak french either☺)

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