Starting a Podcast | The Why & The How

– I have launched a
podcast, and in this video, I’m going to be talking
all about that journey to launching the podcast
and some of the things that I’ve learned. (upbeat music) So today, super exciting
because it’s the first day of interviews for my podcast. I’m launching a podcast and
I’ve got the interviews. The first interview’s today,
I’m doing three interviews with three amazing people: Mark Schaefer, Kate Erickson,
and Marcus Sheridan. So I’ve got my lesson plans created– my lesson plans? I’ve got my podcast show
notes and plans created. And now I’m just super
excited to interview these amazing people who are super talented and I’m very grateful
to also call friends. So what I did yesterday
was, essentially just took the flow of the podcast,
so it’s 25 minute show and it’s broken up into
different segments. And this is the show
notes for Mark Schaefer who is the first guest,
and you can see here I’ve got all the questions, all the things I want to talk to him
about, all the different segments laid out. So it should make it easier for me when I’m actually
shooting these podcasts to stay on time, make sure I
get all the segments right, and make sure that the show flows nicer. Not going to lie, feeling
a little bit nervous about these podcast interviews. When I’ve gone out and
asked all the guests to be on the show, literally
everyone has said yes. And I’ve almost been blow away by the kindness that everyone has given me in saying yes to being on the show. And having been on so many podcasts, I know what makes a good podcast, I know what makes a bad podcast,
and I really want to make this podcast
great, and I really want to make it an enjoyable
experience for both the guest, for me, and for the listener. So, I’m just a little bit nervous, it’s just so, I think it’s that, like, that pre-football match
nerves that you get, like, good nerves. So there’s a few hours until
the first podcast interview, so I’m just going through show notes, just going through the questions
I want to ask the guests, just make sure they are the
best questions I can ask them. I have launched my first ever podcast. “The Funnily Enough Show” has gone live and I want to use this
next five, 10 minutes to talk about the journey
of launching a podcast, how I’ve done it and some of
the things that I’ve learned, and some of the cool
things that have happened as a result. But first, why have I
decided to launch a podcast? Because aren’t there lots
and lots and lots of podcasts out there already? And don’t I already
have enough stuff to do, creating videos, creating
Academy workshops and content, doing calls with clients,
running client accounts? Yeah, that’s probably
a good question to ask, but I’ve always loved the
idea of having my own podcast. In fact, I did have a, kind of, mini side project podcast
called, “The Scotland Show,” that I used to run a couple of years ago. And I just really enjoyed the medium of creating content through voice. You know, like, when
you’re creating a piece of video, you have to make sure that the background looks all right, you need to make sure
you’ve got the right audio, you need to make sure that the camera and lighting is all set-up, which is fun and I really enjoy doing it. But sometimes it’s not
the most convenient, like, sometimes you just don’t look good, right? In podcasting, all you
really need is a microphone and you can just speak and upload it and it goes to all of
the different platforms, and I’ve just always really
enjoyed just sitting down and chatting. I mean, working from
home as a business owner, that’s kind of what I do all day anyway, just sit and speak to myself (chuckles). – [Katy Perry] They ask you how you are– – So podcasting’s perfect for that. The idea to launch the
podcast is probably been in the works for the last
four or five, six months. I think the whole year to be honest I’ve wanted to launch a new podcast. But the time was never right. At the beginning of
the year I was focusing on trying to rebrand and
get the Mr. Gavin Bell brand the way I wanted it to,
and then we were focusing on creating video content and getting that content process nailed. And it’s only in the last few weeks that I decided, like, now we’re ready to launch the podcast. And, so, the process has
been a really exciting and fun journey, I’ve
really enjoyed every second of launching a podcast. First of all, it was all about coming up with the name and the topic of the show. Now one of the things that’s
really important for me is to make sure that the show
is related to the business. That’s why I’ve called it
“The Funnilyy Enough Show.” It’s all about marketing and I’m interviewing marketing people. I didn’t want to ask the same questions to the same people, so what I did was, I went on to my Instagram stories and I asked everybody,
“What is your favorite thing “about the podcast that you listen to?” And two things came from that. There was one: they love the shows that just felt like two
friends having a conversation in a pub, they really
enjoyed the chemistry. And the second thing
was actionable advice, things that they can learn
and then go and implement. So I said to myself, “Okay. Let’s try “and create a short show
because business owners “and entrepreneurs are
relatively short on time. “And let’s create
something that feels like “it’s two friends having a chat, “but also give the listener
something to take away.” So I wanted to come up with a
show that was fun, engaging, but informative at the same time. And I feel like “The Funnily
Enough Show,” that pun, kind of does everything there. It’s related to the business which means I can use it to grow
the business, the brand, and to get potential
customers and clients. And I think that research part, by asking people on my Instagram what they like the most about podcasts was really, really important
because, without that feedback, I wouldn’t have had
something to steer the way that I wanted the show to become. That was coming up with the topic. The next part was ensuring
that I had all the equipment that I needed. Now, for the podcast you
actually don’t need anything other than your phone. You can pick up your phone
and record a voice note if you wanted to. I, however, have all this equipment. This is a Rode Podcaster microphone. Now this wasn’t actually
bought for the podcast itself. But it’s a really good mic,
and I use this for the podcast. So in terms of the equipment,
you actually don’t need anything other than a phone because there’s lots of
products and softwares out there on the market like Anchor, that allow you to just record a podcast, record something into your phone, and upload it, and then
it will automatically just send it to Apple Podcast, Spotify, TuneIn, and all the other different platforms. So it’s very easy now,
you don’t need equipment to start a podcast which
is very, very exciting. And the final thing that I
needed to do was find a host for the podcast. Now, there’s lots of
different hosts out there. I have the option of going on
Anchor and doing it for free. But I have decided to go for It’s $9.00 a month, and it’s
just a really, really nice platform for hosting a podcast. What I do is I get the files created, so I record the interviews,
I send them to an editor, the editor sends it back. And then we upload them to Captivate, and Captivate is just really, it’s just a really simple and nice way that walks you through
creating your podcast, and then creating each episode. So it makes it easy for
me to add the title, create a specific image
for a specific episode, to add the show note, to add U-R-Ls. Just very, very simple
and easy and walks you through everything that you need to know which is vital for me as someone that’s never really had a
proper podcast show before. I don’t really know what I’m doing. But Captivate has made that journey, that learning process
so much easier for me. I’ve had a little bit of
an interesting strategy when it comes to the podcast launch because on of the things
that I really want to do is to rank highly in the charts on iTunes, hopefully get New and Noteworthy, and therefore, get lots more
people seeing my podcast for the first time when I launch. So what I did was I launched
the podcast last week with a trailer episode. It’s a one minute episode,
which basically tells them what the podcast is all going to be about. Now this is really good for two things. It means that I can get my
podcast on to iTunes faster because I can, essentially,
create the podcast in iTunes without releasing the shows, and this is important
because iTunes takes, like, four, five days sometimes
longer, to approve your podcast. So it got me there first. And it means that I can
also do pre-marketing on the podcast before
it actually launches. I can say to people, “Look, listen “to this one minute trailer. “If it’s interesting to you, “then you can subscribe
to this show here.” And that means I’ve
got subscribers waiting for when I officially
launch, which is today. So I launched that trailer last week, and I officially launched today, and I’ve already got subscribers, already have reviews and ratings. And we’re already ranking
something like 15th in the marketing charts in Apple Podcast which is amazing. And now today when we’re launching, rather than just launching
one first episode, I’ve launched five episodes. And the reason for this is because I want to try and drive as many
people to my podcast in the first few days as possible. So iTunes sees that spike in traffic, they see lots of people coming here, and hopefully then add
me to New and Noteworthy, meaning, more and more
people come to the podcast and it, kind of, triggers the algorithm to show it to more people, and therefore, we get more listeners. It’s all just a way to try and drive as many people to the podcast as possible in the first few days to try and get that New and Noteworthy. Now if you’re interested
in listening to the show, head over to Apple Podcast
or any of your favorite podcasting platforms and just type in, “The Funnily Enough Show.” You’ll see my face
there with a nice pinky, red background, and go
there and hit subscribe. And if you’re feeling nice,
leave a little five-star review because it is going to help
the podcast reach more people and ultimately have a
bigger and better impact. Because the guests that I’ve
got on the show are just world-class and some of the things that they’ve shared so
far are just incredible. So I cannot wait for
you to listen to that. And as always, if you’ve
enjoyed this video, be sure to hit like, be
sure to drop a comment, be sure to subscribe here,
as well as Apple Podcast. Wow, I’m asking for a lot today. And as always, I shall
see you in the next video. (upbeat music)

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