Start your podcast // #VidConGrants

Start your podcast // #VidConGrants

– Hey everyone, it’s me Hallease. Mr. Hallease is here too. Hey everyone, it’s me Hallease
endeavoring to persevere as always coming at you with
a straight up vlog, actually. Because I should, right? (upbeat music) If you’ve been keeping up with me on social media then you know that VidCon gave me a grant. What do they call it? VidCon gave me a creator
grant and I was like one of the first ones
that they announced for it and so thank you, VidCon. It feels good to be appreciated. To be seen, amen. For your creative endeavors
and the beautiful thing about the VidCon grant is that you get to use it for whatever you want. Even if it’s just to pay rent so you can just keep doing what you’re doing and creating, amen. And so what I ended up
using my VidCon grant for was to upgrade my sound
for the Beast Cast. So if y’all haven’t noticed already, Mr. Hallease and I have a video cast together, video podcast. We call it the Beast
Cast and we talk about all things married life on
it and things like such as. A lot of y’all have really
appreciated the topics and stuff and a lot of
y’all have commented on how good the audio has got and the reason for that is because VidCon gave me this grant. We’re in the process of setting
up an episode right now, and Mr. Hallease in the background. Hopefully you can see him. (laughs) But we’re in the process of setting up an episode right now so we
can get going and filming it. If you’re interested to see, a lot of y’all in the
comments have talked about liking the audio and how good it sounds and all of that. So you’re interested in
purchasing this gear, I’ve made a little kit for it., a lot of y’all know what that is. And you can purchase it for yourself ’cause it’s really easy to
use and I like it a lot. So yeah, to shoot the Beast Cast, I went ahead and invested in the audio to just level up if you will and so I used these Manfrotto Pixie pods that you’ve seen in a video. The, what is it, the
zoom F1 field recorders, which I’ve done a review
on and done a test on which you’ve seen in the video and then also (laughs)
Mr.Hallease is dancing. Anyway. (laughs) – For the first time in eight
episodes, how many episodes? Yeah, I’ve done the setup,
it’s the first time. – Yeah so I used the
Manfrotto EVO two pods which I’ve done a review on. I used the Zoom F1 field
recorders which I’ve also done another review on that product as well. I really like it and then I have the shock mount stands for
them and finally I used two zoom mid-side microphones for the podcast as well
and that’s how I get the good audio. When we’re recording, I set them to, if you buy one, you’ll see it. I set it to level six and that
works for both of our audio. Somewhere on the screen I will show you our exact settings when I use this setup to do the Beast Cast so that way if you wanna copy it, you can. To start your own podcast. It’s just like don’t overthink it. Just start with where you’re
at and just make a podcast. (laughs) Yeah, hopefully that helps y’all and thank you again VidCon for
giving me this creator grant. Again, it’s just really cool to be appreciated, you know what I mean? And to be seen in this way. I just feel, I feel good. In the comments below let us know if you have any ideas for
future Beast Cast episodes because we like hearing from y’all and if you don’t already know, you can listen to the
Beast Cast pretty much anywhere you get your podcast, just search for the Beast Cast on there because we use Anchor as well
as you can just watch them here on YouTube and then finally, thank you for all of y’all who have started supporting
the Beast Cast via Patreon. I really appreciate y’all. We’ve gotten quite a few
new Patreon supporters because of the Beast Cast
and being consistent with it and all of that and all of this
has been enabled by VidCon. So thank you VidCon, thank you so much. – [Hallease] What? – I put this one here. – [Hallease] Yeah, they did.
– Cool. – [Hallease] Y’all, look
at Mr. Hallease learning how to pack up my camera bag. He left the shot but you
know, he’s doing great. – He’s learning. – [Hallease] He is learning. I will make a production
assistant out of you yet. – That way when you finally go full-time. – [Hallease] I am full-time. I am legitimate! – When you have enough
funds to bring me on. – Oh okay, I got you. – Then I can be of use. – I still contend that I
cannot afford you, sir. We just finished shooting. Hopefully you can see me, there we go. We just finished shooting the Beast Cast. It went so well. I think, I hope, I pray. – My eyes hurt. (laughs) – So yeah, now we’re
shutting everything down so we can go have dinner
’cause we’re all hungry. – My eyes hurt. (laughs) (upbeat music)

17 thoughts on “Start your podcast // #VidConGrants

  1. I'm about to start a podcast for my college newspaper. We don't have money for anything fancy and it will most likely turn into a one woman show, but I'm excited to just get started and interview some awesome people. Here's to a new year of #chaoticgood
    Also, you totally didn't ask but my goals for the new year include getting this podcast off the ground, finally finish editing my first short video projects, and graduate college, and keeping up with my friends post college.

  2. Congrats on your grant! Can y’all talk about how you two make time for one another with all of the chaotic good you’re doing? I feel like some couples focus on everything else but keeping the romance poppin and alive. The thumbnail reminded me of those old commercials with the dude yelling about goin to college cos we weren’t doin anything but sitting on the couch anyway lol.

  3. Awesome Hallease! I can't wait to get my "Be a chaotic good" tee. I ordered it a few weeks ago. I get so many compliments on my tryna be somebody tee. I would be interested to know what your individual goals for 2019 are whether they be professional or personal and have they changed or been modified since 2018?

  4. I'm not sure if this topic would develop into an entire episode but i'm interested in whether language was ever a barrier/learning point with Mr. Hallease's family? I think in an earlier Hallease vlog we saw his parents but I can't remember whether spanish is their primary language.
    Congrats on the grant too! Im so glad you're being recognized for all your hard work

  5. Nesting…not to rush ANYTHING but as you all look to the future of the Mr and Mrs Hallease dwelling what are your thoughts concerning decor? Will you do a podcast about “nesting”? What are your influences? How will you all meld your styles? Happy New Year 🥳 🎊! Love the beastcast! ❤️🙏🏽❤️

  6. Subscribed here and anchor I have been on anchor for 2 years almost I love it and on YouTube for like almost the same

  7. I've learned so much about recording tech from your videos! I was watching another channel and they mentioned they got a ronin camera, and I was like Ooooh I actually KNOW what that is!! XD

  8. When I saw this pop up on the screen I got so excited 💛 Today I started recording my first podcast for learning languages – a little nervous by more so confident and wanting to move forward with this. I’ve watched a few of your videos before and your voice and quality with videos is so inspiring to me. You truly deserve full support and seeing you level up is awesome!! Keep going 🙂

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