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  1. Fantastic video. Tesla was one of the most amazing geniuses ever and to think that he was ridiculed because he found things that others just couldn't accept is a tragedy. We still have so much to learn from his research. Thank you for sharing. spiritresearchteam.net

  2. Hi, I am a fourth years electrician and currently at school learning more about magnetism and electronics.
    The coiling of the copper wires must make for a better receiver of any magnetic fields. Earth as its own magnetic flux, but any kind electric device in your room would have one too. 
    You should experiment with a permanent magnet for dramatic results.

  3. I hate to impose however was wondering if it be at all possible if you build me a Tesla Spirit Radio please? I'm terribly useless when it comes to the soldering and intricacies of putting such a device together the parts seem reasonably priced and if I had a clue how or where to start I'd go nuts making them 😀  I've seen your an expert at this and would be absolutely thrilled to bits if you could, I'll pay promptly just advise on costs incl postage as I'm in Sydney Australia. Please help this damsel 😀  ~ Karen

  4. You might want to try a violet laser.
    Tesla 3 phase source/ load, star/delta configurations define the trinity, if you study them metaphysically you WILL achieve enlightenment through your micocosmic macrocosmic 3 phase transformer connection, prepare yourself well, clean yourself out because divine IAM LOVE will be realized and your little 'i' will be destroyed.

  5. if simple man like this guy made this stuff from teslas expriments then could it be that genuis like tesla made even more sensitive machine that can not only hear your words but be sensitive enough to hear your toughts?

  6. The like the part where it sounds like people are talking.

    I hear that sometimes in the ringing in my ears when I go to bed.

  7. I own a book about death and the dead from 1926 that I found at a flea market. According to this book Edison completed a similar machine in 1925—built to communicate with spirits.

  8. Listen dude. First of all if you want to have an result, have un result which is neutral. Right now, everyone can see, that your body movements are affecting the cord movement. So go live in the century Nikolai was living in – seems that your intelligence belongs there.

  9. turn all your elect machines off and do the test again with just a mic or recording device ,to much interference from other machines

  10. Those sound that you can hear are produced by crystal oscillators inside monitors and other devices…even the smallest radio or switching power supply has plenty of these inside….

  11. I feel like almost everybody here reacts to this video as people from the Middle Ages would do to a lighter… but it is not 'magic', it's science.

  12. where do we got to download the software to filter the ghost radios radio receptions so we can get spirits how about giving us all a, link for the correct software needed for windows ten

  13. Hate to break it to you but a lighting strike happens in about 30 microseconds and when heard on ANY kind of radio its just a short pulse (crack) You "lightning" sounds go for seconds! Clearly you are just adding sounds from your computer

  14. So it picks up the electromagnetic forces of the computer monitor? Does it pick up ambient electromagnetic as well?

  15. it looks like the radio may have inadvertently been a luminosity detector, such as the ones cosmologists use to the type of things a planet or star is made of from far away.

  16. When I was a kid, I experimented with crystal radios and wound my own coils. I also experimented with duo antennas so as to not having to use a ground and found that I could pick up lightening that produced squeals and squeaks that were really interesting. Since I lived on the pacific coast, most of the of the lightening I heard was either over the ocean or also got the ones over the mohave dessert. Was confirmed when I listened to lightening that was over us during winter storms. The sound of the modem is also the same telemetry carrier signal that used to be used by the navy to carry their sub signal coded messages. Heard those when tuning into them at the naval radio station in san diego, calif. Big fan of tesla and am a member of the tesla society.

  17. hi i like to do this kind of radio , can you share with me the source where you get the plans to build it ? or if you made a manual with the steps i like to see it too…regards from mexico

  18. This device does note even vaguely resemble the equipment used by Tesla for experimenting with interplanetary communication.

  19. If it can pick up lightning strikes that far away, maybe it's just picking up conversations (of this world).

  20. the sound quality in your video is so poor as to make discerning anything nigh on impossible. And your "sound effects" during your chapter openings are not very convincing.

  21. It would be interesting to see more experiments with round magnets, maybe it could assist any spiritual communication with it. If they are there that is. I have seen others achieve success to certain a degree. Voices are possible but with the frequency range of nearly zero to 19 some are used by civilian radios, like CB's. Could it be bleed over? Who knows without an intelligent response to questions asked. So we have a big ? Happy days.

  22. Bro, I know this spooky-tesla-radio-thingymajig is really interesting and all.

    But you have the exact same speakers as I do!

  23. good day amazing videos if your looking for spooky content try to check out my channel and tell me how it is in the comments 🙂

  24. Mandela Effect Alert! You used to have a large quartz crystal in the mason jar NOT the Ferrite. I am super annoyed at this Mandela effect because this specific video is one of my all-time favourites and I have watched it a million times. 🙁

  25. how would one directly record the energy running through a circuit board and amplify it? i have no experience with anything like this, i am just curious as i want to sample it in my music production.

  26. You all do know the 2nd effect is actually just it picking up cell phones cordless phones and tv signals and crap. no ghosts or alternate universe theory needed here people lol.

  27. Great experiment, in order to prove a sprit you will need to remove  all type of frequency from the electromagnetic spectrum that's radio, micro, infra, visible, ultra , x and gamma. This means you need  to create  frequency  jamming box, stand in the dark and see if you get a response without moving, touching or interfering with the antenna. As an Electronic Engineer, I can tell you buy first hand experience that at a very high gain even noise can sound like words. For the so call intelligent responses, our amazing brain has adopted the ability to recognize visual and audible patterns as human faces and voice. Voice is a change  vibration in the air particle, if you have a recollection of the right frequencies sound and music emerges. While learning and experimenting with frequencies, filters, aliasing, and gains we discover how familiar noise sounded like words and even complete sentences. For Tesla, we has the first man to experience, built radio transmitters and receivers (not Marconi ) before radios even existed and rumors has it he hear voices over the devices.

  28. Interesting when you're moving the window that it changes the tones. There's something either wrong with my computer or my headphones where I can hear every pixel on my screen. Hard to describe but as I'm things on screen, different tones happen only when I'm wearing my headphones

  29. hm. Interesting. I always thought what you call the woodpecker effect happened at a higher frequency. But this picks up lower frequencies. I got a telephone pickup coil and plugged it into a cassette recorder. It picked up the wifi too (which is a soothing sound to me, especially with reverb and delay effects added). But when I thought I'd get better quality through buying a digital voice recorder, I no longer heard the wifi, but could still hear the electricity coming through the outlets and other appliances, and I could still faintly hear the power lines when I walk/bike under them. I wonder if it has to do with the cassette recorder having a much bigger magnet (and maybe coil) inside compared to the smaller digital recorder. I definitely couldn't hear colours through either of them tho. Still hoping to get one of these and do experiments and tests between both electromagnetic sensing devices.
    I did hear some subtle unknown interference here and there, similar to the lightning you heard with this. Once again only through using the cassette recorder. I could never figure out the source of that subtle short fuzz noise. But I bet that could be a big possibility. Thnx for sharing. 🙂 Can't wait to get one of my own. But first I gotta do some research on proper soldering.

  30. Do know jins are made of flame less fire… allah created them….. and ask them about that what type of jin u r…. can u fly or not .. if u fly can u go up in sky… they will definately say no

  31. Lol hook a light up to a speaker output of an amp and then shine the light at the Tesla Spirit Radio and amaze your friends with the voices coming out of it lol make them think spirits are really talking to them when in reality it is somebody talking through a microphone and they don't hear it because the light source is hooked up to the amp's output. Lol that'll be funny or you could make a fake youtube video lol

  32. So… this thing could be used with a pair of headphones to detect GPS trackers, pinhole cameras, or listening devices? Right? So it could pick up infrared light and microphones, broadcasting the frequency as an audible tone. Am I way off here?

  33. I hear these voices too. During my meditation usually. First, it's like some people talking, but as soon as you focus on them, they just vanish.

  34. I was able to hear these kind of sounds my own headphone that connected to pc .Sound was changing when usb disk copy operations ,durind high process applications.I thought earphone was broken

  35. I bought one of these devices to see if it acted the same way. Have the schematic and building information. It doesn't do this. All the device did was tune in a radio station. Looked at the device and verified that it was built to specs. It was. Not sure what you have or how you got it to make the noises it does on your video. Like to know what design you have.

  36. I love this, I must do this one 😀 Perhaps radio/tv waves are giving this effect, I wounder what would be the sounds in a extremely remote place

  37. If yours works like that I would like to know where you bought that one. What sound card are you using and or sound app to amplify the signal

  38. The photons are hitting that Tesla radio hard. You sure it’s a radio witch picks up waves of energy! Did you clean up the photon mess you made bahaha. Tesla thought adomests where morons back then and they still are today. The everything must be a particle is impending of science today😡. That’s why they can not define what a magnetic field is. Tesla and heavyside knew that’s why we have our electrical grid today. The reason scientists have not improved on it is because there theory is wrong wrong wrong!!!

  39. Hi ! really cool video ! i have a lil' question; can you make a tesla radio in a wooden box instead of the glass jar ? Thank you 🙂

  40. Come on, MrfixitRick: you are Tesla, and this is proof of his immortality. Or maybe you discovered time travel back in the day and here you are.

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