Spill the Beans Podcast with Say Tioco Part 2!

I see you a very interesting video see
this one that says no bra yes asks a discussion we’ll listen in the bit videos the daily vlog so I really
thought to myself why not talk about or tackle real life issues and talk about
stuff that are too taboo to talk about in the Philippines and my main goal is
to reach the right people and reach especially the young women in this
country and the first one that we are my friend angel this week and Sabrina
can we please normalize women not wearing bras you have no frickin idea
how uncomfortable it is to wear a bra okay can we put it on phosphorus okay I
just have to ask because I remember as well a few years back
sorry a few years back a lot of women were also complaining about it I know
biggest challenge when a woman doesn’t wear a bra what’s the biggest impediment
car get it guys get gift mahira Bach Putin and a problem I hit up
I put that on job interview normal Umbra immediately he might get
shot down or you might arrest me more hindi my entertain if you go to church
without the bra there’s a dress code enough about and the ISA kana it’s a
fine dining restaurants I guess you can get away with it so you don’t
immediately know will hinder someone’s if you’re applying for a job behind even
wahoo if you go to church but listen care and be my challenges sober by a
once you can’t wear a bra so in this video I talked about not wearing a bra
better chef Anisha it depends on the situation like you mentioned about job
interviews yes chef a job interview may just good
yeah you can or you can’t wear a bra it’s good to you I say you’re gonna bury
them under a blazer or anything you’re not gonna wear in a man what so young
dependents a situation dependent is a location like for example let’s talk
about bondo and BGC okay you can get away with it and many years and it’s
inevitable telega since you know a lot about yes someone will stare yeah
because it’s so unfortunate yes in the philippines is when you’re in other
countries well on pop and scene sale ever okay but what’s the goal what’s the
goal for okay it’s it’s can i see it’s a women’s movement now
what’s the goal for the let’s say it’s sorry for tito paulo purposes let’s see
it’s a no bra movement what’s the end goal for you guys just for women to be
comfortable with whatever they want to wear okay
acceptance dancers not to be judged yes now if you don’t want to wear a bra
it doesn’t mean anything it doesn’t mean that you’ve been sleeping with a hundred
mins okay prejudiced by how is it so far is
it being accepted in society is it this is the reason why I’m doing these videos
it’s gonna be a little bit difficult in the Philippines since you know the
society I’m so sorry I’m not I’m not sorry actually I’m not sorry don’t be
sorry it’s difficult the Honda hang men I’m
glad that a lot of influencers the friends good and they’re with me on this
okay yeah so yeah okay but better if you do it in BGC alright yes the goal now is
not to be judged by society not to be judged by other people just because you
don’t want to wear a certain garment yes okay so the VTC has a major in the
Philippine si exactly and I mean my expats and I mean foreigners not very
open-minded but I mean Hindi Lama hidetora beans no in the news you don’t
wear a bra immediately how do you guys well I just answer the question in my
head how do you guys plan to at least break those barriers you know break the
glass ceiling you can but I guess the only way to do it is to constantly just
espouse what you’re doing don’t wear a bra don’t be sorry about it if someone
asks or how come engage in Yokohama more she doesn’t want to wear it
exactly no pero and you do you get a lot of mean comments back or do you get
what’s the what’s the one thing that really hurts or that people say when you
don’t wear a bra nothing about nothing hurts for me I mean people are gonna see
whatever do you want to see in a mine in the back
selamat I entitled to our own opinion but I see that in this video especially
small comments like when people say something that I don’t agree with video
at an attorney I discuss so it’s not necessary I disagree with you and leave
their friends forever yeah it’s good to discuss Parimal and money management ow
yeah it’s really a good exercise for everyone
that’s it’s going towards that direction about on your opening minds yes I think
I’m a lot more open more at least debar yes
but is there any penny okay let’s it’s hard to get technical but slit yet let’s
get a little technical about it okay so I understand no bra and it’s for
everyday wear but is there anything specific to that like okay for if
someone’s pregnant is that still appropriate to not wear bra or if
someone is already in the nursing stage is that I don’t know if I’m asking the
right question it’s yeah I mean I mean your questions point is it still
appropriate would you sell a spouse and you just say oh a girl don’t don’t wear
a bra anymore you don’t have to is that still do something you’d
recommend so this video nah man like what I mentioned sabic oh it’s all about
giving the women the choice to not wear a bra but I also mentioned in the video
semana middle party at Ayana it’s okay to wear a bra because a it’s a it’s a
fashion thing I actually have a video types of bras okay do you know how many
types of bras there are I have no idea there are a lot so that’s the specific
goodnight it plunging neckline main sort more backless you know they’re a lot
okay super diamond so you know I mean in establish problem is women have the
choice come on bussiness Orton okay it depends on the occasion and it depends
on what they’re feeling mmhmm yeah is there any health benefit
by to in wearing a bra or is this purely aesthetics you can see it’s purely
aesthetics but um a button can say okay I read an article years back I’m sorry
Neela specifically underwire bras yes are bad for you
okay cuz it restricts the flow so lymph nodes and stuff so it causes Dao yes
cancer okay so that’s one thing and then I have friends who have larger breasts
yes Sabina they need it because for support which is Sunnah mind about yes I
I can’t see their health benefits it’s more for your fashion too like a first
support I think yes yes so first support mainly for support okay
and then the rest is fashion and then for
for people who are working out for yes yes double feeling I guess also for
support you don’t want it true is there any when you say you don’t have
to wear a bra are you specific or is this is just for everyone but we’ll be
making ignorant comments because we cannot expect everyone to make educated
comments de ba but I just really felt that as part of the YouTube community in
the Philippines it’s quite of my duty to spread awareness about this issue lesson
about that Samar Tabata anyone so let us tackle this one
by one again can either your comments that’s one example of something I
totally don’t agree with and then the other ones are like way to bust us to
even even share in this video so you leave a bust awesome girl promise don’t
check the comments because sobbing I saw it I’m sorry anybody rock pause okay
Linda Habra busting Dena Headlee bizarre nipples I don’t get that exactly exactly
device doesn’t make sense so what you tape it I guess do you know how
uncomfortable tapes are yeah at the end of the day telega enough
a man will never really understand the biological difficulties of a woman it’s
double standard it’s there yeah as I was telling a Cee Cee Cee Charlotte Ferguson
when men age in society there’s somewhat more accepted you’re aging it’s okay for
women when you start to age Society it’s just so discerning don’t look like how
you look like it when you were 18 three sisters they complain all the time that’s a very good point para equality
telega an advocacy no you have look if you don’t want to wear a bra were not
gonna wear a bra yes yes I’m totally in the manual and t-shir t-shirt posted
like phenomenal SNS I know bravo movement okay let’s play yet okay so
don’t know that I’m sorry can you put it on pause there’s men are commenting that
bad gimme yes this is like the see we had one guess he
Charlotte Ferguson yeah advocacy Nia is armpit shaming this any
and people should be more open to because my hyperacidity though in the
with Asians okay it’s not similar to how the Caucasians are so but I’m problema
Mahalo is a Pilipinas the immediate look at the arm pit in the pit behind
named Baba a so you know you know somebody this one you’re saying men now
are saying boobs should look like this some men how do they articulate that how
do we see me some comment if I remember correctly I’m Sabina Roman ko or some
just want attention the body’ll make a really stupid comment to get attention
and it’s funny they don’t know the chart that I showed you different boob shapes
inside they don’t know it can we discuss that a little okay because I’m about my
friend Sam I usually leave them ignorant comments I know reference knee that’s
ever formed and baba is a female form it’s boring it’s boring see point sights
the band you don’t know this yeah and actually on porn sites it’s built to
sell you something exactly and it’s not a realistic aspect of a woman hmm
alright so on this one see can you educate us a little bit so these are the
different kinds of forms of the breasts of a woman
so there’s a lot yeah just like how it is on the but there’s a
different different shapes there’s bear shape yes heart shape yeah these oh
there’s a lot I don’t I’m looking at it but I’m looking at two eyes but there so
there’s differentiation and then for those shapes
bottom line there are different kinds of bras as well that will go with those
shapes okay now home now I understand why
you’re somewhat changing the direction of your content because it is
educational and it’s not just sick yes I get it I get it I get it now love it
don’t be sad when you told us not even a um contact mode that there’s a little
bit of sex education I get it because you know what actually men should watch
it yes man please it’s not just for women
pero men should watch it so at least you know you don’t have to look at it for me
to Paulo such a hypocrite I’m problem can say very since you’re saying that
there’s the progression of pouring in especially with mobile phones now the
way it’s so rampant there’s all these porn sites so how many perceive women is
always on a sexual content context ya know so it’s hard for us to look at it
on the technical manner now hey they don’t wear a bra because it’s like this
it’s more comfortable for them so I get it now I get the content alright so as
se was saying well was he was saying there’s a new content on her channel now
that she is going to start to really invest in and this kind of content is
beneficial and very helpful especially for the women but I think men should
watch it yes so brand taboo and sex education so
Philippines but it’s hard very it’s very hard and very wrong when you learn it
from the wrong sources you’ll build the wrong values you’ll build the wrong
perception and then nosedive now in your values and then you won’t be able to it
will it will spill over to so many aspects of your life if you don’t know
how to be intimate properly it will also affect your personal relationship with
your girlfriend your boyfriend eventually
when you get married everything is if you learn it from the wrong source
everything will just fall there very so see I’m ready can a second I don’t want
anta yes I’m gearing up the linen before I usually I would just film that allow
anything but with this series telega i jot everything down that’s when I see
something this is good for the video I jot it down
do you also write down stupid comments that you have to address I take note of
that yeah don’t say no bra video more are there comments and on the on your
comments section the Hindi Machado okay I think you can go down I don’t need to
add in Mason yes Marissa detour it was a very sexist comment I’m not sure if my
hand up nothing yeah I know do you remember just the gist of it no one
comment now she said something like only then will
man take us seriously if we dress properly if we blah blah if we blah blah
and so because the it’s not anchored with how men or yes yes I’m problem is
the source case the problem is the eyes that are looking at the boobs the body
that yes that’s the source I’m problem can sit in a bed like that means
anything like this gets a little pillow for some sexual harassment cases how
they will see it as a dress like that you have to let the public know that any
act of aggression enemies sexual intention to hurt it’s never can ever be
tolerated yes oh it’s not the fault of the woman exactly if she shapely she
likes she’s proud of her body and be in the Philippines heat up oh you have a
very steep mountain to climb say yes and I’m ready yeah better detour Monica Hammad’s but
if any commenting on actually I got a lot of good responses from this I know I
said busy bag Bouchet yeah like I say yeah they liked it yeah let the water in
the horn around oh good response okay better well animun bad responses from
men anything you’re in anytime B’Elanna that you’re trying to do something
different something good there’ll be resistances yes resistance
like the one of the comments doing a pattern in yeah mm-hmm okay so for okay
so just to be clear to the subscribers of say and also our subscribers this is
now a direction that the channel is going to take how often will we see a
content like this once a week once a week once a week I still be doing the
vlog sharp arrow once a week you Lubezki no monogatari episodes do you plan to
guest anyone – yes actually you do yes yeah but we’re on a conversational
aspect conversational a studio seriously it’s intimacy Lester
you know I can’t think of that no I can’t think of the posters in the past
super fun super glue today and it if you want to it’s fine
this is this is a very good talking content but all you know I guess you
mean my visual guide scary that also really helps I guess you can have that
with the post not so any okay so again for the subscribers of say this is now a
new content that will be on her channel but recently you are also posting about
fitness and travel okay see since we’re on this context muna
what’s this on the sexual education yeah I also saw on your Instagram dealing
them on YouTube of conversation I mean I also saw an Instagram that you are also
be is do you call it risky on the they call it
sexy I don’t know you’re also being very open now is this is part and parcel of
your advocacy now look if you’re proud of your body it’s not it’s not wrong to
post it yes but when is it crossing the light for you so I make sure I said that
when I post cigarette or for example the Brazilian the laser hair removal photo
the one with a white bikini yes so if you look at it ECB Mohan area madam you
talk more migizi Peggy Thomas Hama okay but when you read the caption that see
Lester Akbar Bassanio cabochon saber southern old and I see to Paulo
Brazilian ice keeps me bitch ready always
ok so it’s about Piniella okay now the problem is I can see I can see
both sides I can see what you’re saying look before you you judge and say that
this is just too much read what’s what’s what’s what’s written
it reminds me of the post of Demi Lovato a visa can you stay sorry it just
reminds me I said there was a bikini shot of Demi Lovato and then of Demi
Lovato the singer on Instagram she had a post and then immediately I was thinking
why would she post this but I don’t be nice or young neligan attacks you
understand meet sense problem you see the immense mind she’s so sexy this so
sorry the one in the middle she’s thick yeah so sticking you read a little bit
this is my biggest fear a photo of me in a bikini and edited and guess what
it’s L you live it did remind me your post about the
Brazilian walk once walks to lay the wax reminded me of this post now me take
take the text out and then a man will never perceive this correctly pero a
woman a Litella games maturity no I guess I attendee not in my my my
decipher I got ok let’s go back to cease and say I G sorry and like the DVD one
city to power loss and at least she did that not have to cover up everything
seemed I said you like but they don’t know that millions of women around the
world yes and then people don’t know seh metabolism also yes how you looking when
you’re 18 or 20 key lime didn’t issue the moment you hit your 30s or 40s
better the body changes okay so for you yen and direction yeah you’re not losing
subscribers oh gee subscribers demise no actually super happy Cola I have a solid
base fan be not might wanna call them fan but I have a solid community a very
world yes they saw me grow up from knowledge Hong
Kong which is so and I receive emails from them that see it’s super hot yeah
Busan apparent wow you’ve been watching me for a long time and they’re very
proud of you and they’re very support is amazing
say I just have to look at the bird okay to discuss pictures will discuss the
controversial ones it’s a beyond oh god grab a cute guy how is he is he
friendlier to humans or to cancer may I be honest my my my dog has a hard time
with small dogs because sometimes in small dogs they’re the ones that are
very pleased let’s just call the place very playful so sometimes I really have
to carry my dog just to make sure nothing happens at the end of the day
the big even think I’m oh he doesn’t know he’s heavy he doesn’t know he’s
strong yes muscles that I gave ya so three young women are smaller Thomas and
male dogs smaller dogs but he’s the gentlest kindest dog ever thank you I
bought some pneumatic IMO ha ha ha ha oh she’s oh my god India super but yeah
beeping baby I still have okay I’m sorry since for the memory keepers and future
subscribers CK Lupo is the dog of say sorry on top of Caillou
all the girls I like this ad you’re such a badass because all the girls have toy
dogs and Vitas he say has an American Bully this is in Uptown yes it was our
first dog event really yeah okay so see on YouTube guess a thing income means
and must aimed on comments Instagram I’ve seen it it gets pretty harsh yeah
so with these pictures do you get any very aggressive aggressive comments
sometimes I do and how do you handle it well I tried to discuss them and with
them oh gosh I’m pretty but like a downright rude and Casilla point la la
oh so what I do is I block and then I delete ah in the new investor like a
sexual connection context I get a pattern I want you
a block basically shadow mode Armageddon oh good I see buddy major buster Skinner
okay buddy you block it so right now you don’t have anyone managing citizen time
you get an Agora you don’t know what you do not have anyone managing your content
let’s say for Instagram for Facebook for YouTube and I don’t know what else
you’re on Ecola had it’s all me yelling I think the only person I trust with my
social media is my sister or any of my sister’s actually okay how do you do it well I keep a planner okay right there
right there a hole I like jotting down everything with a pen and a paper
yes I don’t break it down I forget about it okay and I like planning I plan
everything okay okay so is there a difference with right now we saw your
progressions YouTube no man telega from when you were 18 man from your 18 – how
you are now on your Instagram account I know mostly a Content mo dito is it
just your travel is it just beauty or it’s the same thing it’s also the
progression of see yes it’s a thing with YouTube and the more I came to a
pointless happy government gosh I have to curate my Instagram cuz you know I
have to look up a magazine mijita ended I assess myself Abaco Johann angry no
because I want my Instagram to be a reflection of what I am telega as a
person like my life upload my own picture in Umbra halogen I know honey okay so you’re saying now you want
everyone to see how you are on instinct is a bad thing personally for me I like
my Instagram to be more personal that’s true yes that’s true so at least very
genuine oh when they see you hindi neena parent Garlin studio yes or garlic
post-production laughs okay so that was very interesting at least for the memory
keepers in the future subscribers and the subscriber so say we were really
able to see the progression in house a has matured now to a very well-rounded
content creator one of the youtubers Stella Ghana you look up to so thank you
very much say thank you for coming thank you very much and I really like say say
you’re the only guest who offered me coffee before I thank you for that if
any if anyone should want to get on my good side just offer me coffee thank you
it’s your cue okay let’s go home let’s go om namah hogan is brown thank you for
watching our sputum inspired cast and merci thank you for coming here interesting super interesting to say oh
gee vlogger oh and in the progress on I keep saying that consistency is the key so you guys sign a boost on your tongue
episode not to and if you do please do subscribe like and share
I say Yoho oh well put the link of CSS she needs a better world I will put the
link of safety or cos channel or the description below so at any time
yes can subscribe and view her content yes so memory keepers and say truckers
subscribers thank you very much thank you very much and see you on the next
episode bye thank you

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