Spiked Punch Challenge

Spiked Punch Challenge

Someone’s gone and spiked the punch. But with what? Let’s talk about that. ♪ (Theme Music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! Mythical B easts, your questions
are like a football, and you guys are the quarterback. It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and the only way to
get the answers you need is to get that question football into
the answer end zone. You fake a throw to the left,
you roll out to the right, pitch the question football to the
running-back, and he makes a mad dash. He’s at the 40!
The 30! The 20! The 10! 5! But! Just before he crosses the goal line, he’s clothes-line tacked by a streaker
that nobody saw sneak onto the field! The ball comes loose and
he flies up into the air, the crowd goes silent, and then, miraculously, the tight end
pulls the ball from the air and runs it into the endzone. -TOUCHDOWN!
-WOO!! -Answers for everybody!
-Yeah! The entire team break out into a
choreographed dance number and the stadium explodes with applause. You just won the Answer Bowl! Time to get you a ring and take that
trip to Disneyland! (Link claps)
-WOO! We asked you to ask us questions about
PARTY TIME! Excellent! Jalena Scott asks us: “What do I do when someone at the party
says they know me but I have absolutely no clue who they are?
#GMMAdvice” Yeah, this is–this is common for
me, because I’m not only bad with names But I’m bad with people. (Rhett and crew laugh) -Like, “I’m supposed to know you?”
-Yeah. I have this loose system,
maybe you can relate to this, With my wife Christy,
you know, she’s usually with me -in party settings.
-Oh, party settings. And so, I’ll be there, “Oh, I have no clue
how and who and what…” So I’m just like,
“Oh, this is my wife, Christy!” And she knows at that moment
I have no clue who they are, ’cause I’m quiet. And she’ll just say,
“And you are…?” Or “Who are you? What’s your name?” They’ll introduce themselves. -She’ll ask something.
-Right. That makes sense, but then…
we all learn -Yep.
-But it’s really obvious… – …that, “Hey, I didn’t have a clue who you were.”
-It’s a dead giveaway. -That’s a dead giveaway…
-Right. …when you do that. -It’s admitting defeat
-And everybody does that. And that’s why I think that you
just have to be truthful. I mean, when somebody comes up to you
and you don’t know who they are, you need to be like, “I’m sorry, I do not
remember who you are.” They will respect you for being honest,
you know, I think honesty is the best policy. However, if you’re not willing to be honest,
I have a great method. – Ok
– I’m taking notes, ’cause… You say, “I’m sorry. I was recently
in an accident. and I got a bad head injury, and I’ve
lost parts of my memory.” -Oh, wow!
-“And part of the memory that I’ve lost -is who you are.”
-Oh. Please tell me “It’s nothing personal”? And then they’ll be like,
“Oh, I’m so sorry!” “Well, I’m Robert, you know me
from accounting,” or whatever the story will be. So you get all these sympathy points. But you also get follow-up questions, like -“How did you hurt your head?”
-“I don’t remember!” “That’s part of it, I lost that too!” But what if, like, Christy’s there with me? And thens she’s dragged into this whole… -…miasma of…
-She’s got another story. Is it myasma? Whatever it is… -If you wanna weave a web of lies, do it
the way that I’ve told you. Or I’ll just say, “I have asthma.
Who are you?” Just be honest. Meadow Chesshire Ott asks, -That is a great name
-…Fake name. -It’s real!
-It’s great too, yes, both are true. “Which punch is the best
to have at a party?” Now that’s a great question, Meadow
Chesshire Ott. But here’s the thing, you can’t have
plain old punch. You have to have punch that you
made your own! Right, and typically punch is spiked
with alcohol, but this is -Good Atypical Morning
-Hmmph! And here, that’s how we do things. So we’re gonna spike some punch
with atypical things. -Yes.
-And see what sticks! -(laughing) It’s time to play: Do We Have A Hunch What’s Up
In This Punch? Ok, here’s how this is gonna work, it’s
pretty simple: Chase is going to be spiking some punch, and then we’re going to -Be tasting that punch
-With weird things! -Weird stuff.
-That’s what “atypical” means. -Yeah, yes. Not typical.
-Weird! And we have to just guess, using our own
taste buds and intuition, what it was spiked with. But here’s
what’s up for grabs: -Here’s what the winner gets, Link
-Okay? The winner gets Alex. Because his last name is Punch, we
though that would be appropriate. Alright, if I win Alex, I’m going to get
him to tuck me in for a nap, And sing me a lullaby. And if I win Alex, I’m gonna get him to
give me a professional massage. You should probably throw in a lullaby. I will. But not because he’s a
professional masseuse, but because we have a professional
relationship. Employer-employee, and it’s gonna be… Really–everything’s on the up and up
with me and Alex and our massage (laughs). -Alright!
-(laughing) If I win! Alright, let’s sample some spiky punch. ROUND ONE! ♪(shady music)♪ (Chase whispering) Soy Sauce. ♪(shady music)♪ So the base of our punch is
Red Hawaiian Punch. And other things have been added to it. -There’s like a…
-One thing per round. There’s a layer of bubbles, shiny bubbles
on the top of mine. You got shiny bubbles? ♪Shiny Bubbles♪ -Dink it?
-Oh, I think I know from smelling it. Oh really? I just smell punch. Ew. Eurgh. It’s not really–it’s not bad, though.
I like it a little bit. (crew Laughs) -A little salty?
-Yeah, it is salty. – I-I-I think I know! I think I know! Okay. (Stevie) Okay, 3,2,1… -Soy Sauce!
-Fish Oil! -(Stevie) It was soy sauce. -WOOHOO!
-Aww, man, really? At first it might by Worcest– -w-worst
-I thought it had a f -“Worcetshire?” or Worcester sauce? Mm…Gah!
I thought it had a fishy taste to it. Ah, fishy? Here, cheers to the next round. Nah, I’m not gonna taste anymore of it. ♪(shady music)♪ (Chase whispering) Licorice ♪(shady music)♪ Mm, this is a little milky! Got a little milkiness. It’s like,
there’s a cloud suspended in mine. Yours looks different than mine! Look, I mean mine doesn’t have that… Your cloud sunk to the bottom. My cloud sunk! Hey, great party huh? This party is so good, I got thirsty! Do you know Amanda? Well you know Steve, Right? -No, you don’t know Steve?
-No, I don’t know Steve. Well, Steve– I don’t know Amanda, either. Oh, you don’t? No. Okay, okay. -I know you.
-Oh! What’s your connection to Amanda? Well, you’re Steve, man. Get with it! Oh! Yeah, my name’s Steve,
how you doin’? -Head injury?
-Great party. Hmm, this smells strong like- AAARGH! Smells like Jamba Juice. (hoarsely) have you had the Punch? Not yet! I’m a little afraid to
have it now! Argh…Oh my! (crew laughs) -The punch is unusual!
-Oh ho ho! It’s aromatic. Oh, it’s making my tongue go numb. I’ve never tasted anything like this! Is it supposed to be…eaten…? No one’s answering. (crew laughs) I-it’s (stutters)
it’s dark and gelatinous. Agh! What is that?? It’s like a really bad cough syrup. Maybe if i just stick my tongue into it. (whispering) It’s so familiar. Oh, gosh! I just want this to be over,
it’s horrible! I just can’t place it. Ok, I’ll guess. (Stevie) Okay… (Stevie) Here we go in 3, 2, 1… -Molasses?
-Licorice. (Stevie) It’s licorice! YES! I hate licorice! Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. What did you do? Melt licorice?
And then pour it in? (Chase) Licorice extract. -Eugh, Licoric–that’s some strong
stuff, man. ♪(shady music)♪ -(Chase whispering) Movie theater butter ♪(shady music)♪ This is an oil product. This is like… Oh wow, it smells very… Eugh! (coughs) (crew laughs) It’s not knowing what something is, Every–my mind immediately goes to
the worst thing ever. Which I haven’t identified, but it’s heinous smelling to me. I’m trying to get rid of that licorice. I don’t want to drink this. (crew laughs) I’ve had enough of the punch. -I’m ready to leave.
-(Link laughs) Oh, gosh. You’re just drinking the oil. (crew laughs) Eww! It’s not just oil though. There’s
something else happening with it. (smacks lips) you know what? I think I know what this is. Are we in the world of baking? (crew laughs) Are we in baker’s world now? (Stevie) I cannot give any world hints. I’m gonna say something
that isn’t a thing–My answer is something that’s not a thing,
but what I think that this is and then you can tell me if it’s… (Stevie) Okay, are you ready? And I’ll explain what my answer means. (Stevie) Okay…3, 2, 1… -Vanilla.
-Butter Oil. -Butter… (Stevie) Okay, it’s like movie popcorn butter
topping, you’re right. Y-yeah! See? That is some stro-alright you get
that one! It’s an oil, but it had a
butter flavor to it. ♪(shady music)♪ (Chase whispering) Ranch dressing. ♪(shady music)♪ -Ooh..
-Uh, Oh. This is a shake. Yeah, creamy. -Mm, there’s, yeah there’s…
-Yeah, creamy cream. There’s floaty white things on top. OH! Woah (laughing) but smell it! Ew! (coughs) C’mon. Man! Somebody’s mad at Amanda. Somebody’s gettin’ revenge on Amanda! (Link gags) Actually… The punchiness of it overrides the smell. This would not go over well. This is not a good party idea. I dont’ know what this is yet, but I know
that if you made it fizzy, and you put it, like, in the refrigerator
section at Whole Foods, -you can probably sell it for $4 a bottle.
-Right. -I think I know what it is.
-Mmm.. [Stevie] Okay, Link, you ready? Yeah. (Stevie) 3, 2, 1… -Ranch Dressing
-Milk that’s spoiled. (Stevie) It’s ranch dressing. -YEAH!
-Aw man… I thought it was spoiled milk. No man, it’s ranch dressing! I win Alex! Alex, please ♪(Celebratory music)♪ Join me! (clapping) Congratulations, Rhett! Come in the middle here. You’re able to identify weird
junk in punch. Look at him! -Here he is!
-Squat down a little bit, Alex (Alex) I can’t… I’ll pull your ribbon later, Alex. There’s his face. (crew laughs) Now, your last name IS Punch, we haven’t
changed it just for the effect in this episode, right? Correct. Open him up. -Or, you can wait.
-No, no! Later. -Okay, there’s a little titillation.
-You can follow our journey on social media, today. But get those hands warmed-up. We have one more question. And I’m gonna use that movie
popcorn butter. You know what? Just step back
a little bit. -That’s the oil I would like you to use.
-Just hang out right there, that’s fine. Finally, a question from
Samwell Rasheed who asks: “What should I do if I accidentally farted
in the middle of a party? How do i keep them from
finding out it’s me?” Oh, that’s never happened to me! But it’s probably a good question. You know, this actually recently happened
to a friend of mine. He wasn’t at a party though, he was
on a date. And you know, he actually took the time to
film it and edit it? (Rhett laughs)
-Well, let’s watch it! You wanna watch it, Alex? -Yes, please.
-Let’s see! (Both) Well, I had… Oh, you first. I had a really good time today. Me too. Yeah, I…I’d really like to (farts noise) Did you just fart…? No! It was a notification!>From my phone. Really? Well.. It sounded like a fart.>From your butt. Uhh. N-no, let me show you! Uh. Text me! Okay… (Rhett farts) See? Oh, I already have my own notification? Yeah, I have one for everybody! (fart noise) That–that one’s my mom. I-I like to stay in touch. Oh, how sweet! (fart noise) Ohhhh! My stockbroker… Just let me know my mutual
fund’s up 8000%. (Rhett farts) Ooh. Oh, great. It’s my ex-girlfriend again. Brie Larson, get a clue! (fart noise) It’s NASA. They’re naming that new planet after me. (farts x3) Nominated for three Nobel Peace prizes! (farts) Just signed a peace treaty
with North Korea. No big deal. (Long fart) Bitcoin! (small fart) Did you just- Fart? Yes. Yes… ♪(harps)♪ Well there you go, Samwell.
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