Spicy Food Showdown

Spicy Food Showdown

Can we tell how spicy food is just by
looking at it? Lets talk about that. Theme music Good mythical morning Today I am wearing my spicy shirt
and by spicy shirt I just mean a red shirt because I just want to signify that that’s
the only type of spicy that I like. -Oh
-In shirt form, okay? Well, it may get a lot worse for you
today, Link -Because it could get very hot
-Or for you -Well yeah, for both of us
-Yeah. One or both of us, as we play Is it Hot hot hot Or is it not not hot? Welcome to the spicy dome. We are each being heated under a heat lamp
for dramatic impact, as well. Alright, here’s what we’re gonna do We’re going to each draw a pepper The man who draws a shorter pepper loses
the privilege of choice. Because there’s going to be a dish in front
of each one of us. On this spicy susan One of them is spicy, and one of them
is not spicy. So the man with the shorter pepper
does not get to choose. The other man does get to choose whether or not he wants to stay with the item that is on his
side or switcheroonie. Or lazy it around! Then we eat at the same time and discover
very quickly who actually has the spicy item. Let’s not delay this. Both: Round One! We have salsa, and chips. Let’s draw our pepper. -Oh ho ho ho!
-Wooooo -That’s a shorter pepper, Link!
– I win the power of choice. -Okay
-Alright I feel like I gotta say everything dramatically
because of this environment. -Now, I have green in front of me and you have red.
-Yes -And traditionally you might think that the red is
hotter than the green but this is not tradition.
– I have the power of choice. -Can I also have the power of talk?
-Oh, yeah, sure, yeah. – I was trying to have the power of distraction.
Crew laughing
Yeah, you’re trying to distract me. I don’t know about that red one, red is the colour of fire. But as I get a close up look at this green I see
seeds. Seeds scare me. Do they scare you? But, what if they’re tomato seeds? Then they wont be spicy!
dramatic music
-I’ve made my choice.
-Alright -I’m just going to get like a normal
-Oooh -We both went normal
– Here we gocrunchchewingSpicy!laughter– Ha ha ha ha! I was about to say: Mine’s fine dude. That’s tomato seeds. That’s tomatillo seeds, brother! -Aah!clap
It got you, didn’t it? It’s getting me, yeah. You’re going back for more? No, I’m just going to eat a chip! Ha ha ha ha! Okay. I feel like I’m going to burp or hiccup
– Yep
– There it goes. Now, there is milk over there but I personally feel
like there should be no milk, no rescue.hiccup-Is that, is that, are we in agreement?
-That’s an affirmative. -Agree on that?
For now. Both: Round two! -Hows the mouth?
-It’s subsiding. Hiccups have gone. Well there’s some wonderful coco puffs
over here that I am sure will make you feel great.crew laughsOr not. They are tempting.
This pad thai could be very spicy. We should find out. Let’s pick a pepper. -Oh ho ho!
– Ha ha ha! -What?
– I think I win.
– I think mine’s longer. Nope. It’s not. That, hey. That explains a lot.
Alright. Here we go.Crew laughterMmmm Come here, cereal! Now, it would be very twisted to droppy drop drop
some spicy spice in to the coco puffs. And it would be almost so expected that it becomes
unexpectedcrew laughterTo spicy the thai. -Yeah, what kind of mind games would be played
– On both of us. They aren’t being played on me, I’m just an observer. You’re just a guy who can’t choose a long pepper! That’s right, yeah. That’s been well established. I think they know, I think I’m going to let the lazy
susan decide. Oh come now, you can’t let fate decide.
You must pull the trigger of your own choosing.laughterLet fate decide, or refuse fate?
That’s the question. I cannot resist cereal.laughterI am nervous though because y’all
can be some twisted punks! Muckin up my cerealchewingUh oh.laughterHa ha ha!
crew laughterclappingcoughIt’s closing up a littlelaughterUh oh. Ha ha ha ha! Man, they got you! They got you with the coco puffs! Ohhhhhh Y’all have ruined my cereal As Link suffers, I will tell you that the way
this was done was with adding small amounts of extremely hot sauce
to some of the items. Ugh! That’s why it’s undetectable to the vision. Ow But it is very detectable to the tonguein’ I’m not just afraid at how much it’s burning right here,
cause I swallowed so quick I was so confident, i was like
Bam But i’m also concerned about what this is
going to do to my brain the next time I try to just eat normal
cereal. Yeah, well, give us a report on that when it happens. Both: Round three! Now there’s just ice cream here. Wow, Look at that. -I mean
-I trust nothing anymore.crew laughterYou can’t make ice cream spicy.Link laughsI mean, that coco puff was half way down my throat
before it slammed me. I’m afraid.clapThis is a crap shoot, man. Let’s pick a pepper. -Oh, ooooh!
-You win again! – You win again!
-I don’t care! Just, you, you do what feels right.crew laughs– Because that’s worked really well so far
– I mean For me. Mexican chocolate ice cream can be spicy. Yeah, I would think so. And I don’t like strawberry ice cream. Really, what are the chances of them making two
chocolate things incredibly hot in a row. Doesn’t that seem unlikely. That’s a good point, but I don’t like strawberry
ice cream. And I look at that…man that would taste so good. The one that doesn’t have spice in it, is what I need so badly right now.laughterYes. The irony. You know, you’re either gonna soothe it, or you’re
going to irritate it. Yes. You know what I’m saying? And if you make it worse, then it’s just ice cream
town for me. And i have to watch you just chow on some
cream and enjoy it. Hmm, I don’t know. I like chocolate. This is what you’re doing? I’m doing chocolate. Like you know anything! Two ice creams.
But I do want to make sure that they’re the same amount. That’s roughly the same, right? Yep, that’s pretty heaping spoonfulls of ice cream. Here we go.dramatic musiclaughterMmm. It’s cold, how spicy could it be? That’s some hot strawberries!laughterHa ha ha ha! That’s some hot strawberries! Tell me all about it. It’s totally undetectable. I don’t see it, at all. It’s undetectable with the eyes, but. I was right, they wouldn’t do chocolate tw…t.t.t…
two times in a row. I’m going to live. I’m going to live to fight another day. I’m going to live to fight in the bonus round. Can I finish this one first? Here we have the spice dice, which
we will roll. The first die that lands determines
which hot sauce we have to consume. The second die determines the number of drops
we have to place on the cracker. Which we have to eat in it’s entirety. We have starting with the least hot: Lawyers breath Chili Willy Retching ripper I’m not in the market for that procedure. How about sphincter shrinker? I’m not in the market for that one either. Satan’s blood And flash bang It looks like a grenade! Yes. Okay, Link.
You want to do the honours? Go first? I’m going for the lawyer…go one! Oops! There you go!laughterOkay. Roll it. Ho! Four! Four! That’s Sphincter Shrinker. Sphincter Shrinkler! How many drops for link? Man, it’s a cool looking bottle! Five! Five drops of the sphincter shrinker!
Do it, Link! Step right up and get your XXX hot sauce! Dang, man, let me open the cap. It’s just wide open. Whoo! It’s got a good, like a cumin. Whoa, that’s a, curryish. Curryish. It’s curryish, Link. Alright. Five drops, huh? One Two Ho ho… No, they’re big. Why the drops gotta be so plump? Three Fourlaughterfour, four brother ugh that’s a healthy amount! Now I’ll let that soak in while you roll your die. Your sphincter could get shrunk too! Yeah, you might want to guard your cracker. I don’t want to get dice in your hot sauce. Ah! Ha ha ha ha! Yes! You got the
Flash bang! Alright, get another one of those. Six. Six it up.sighsThree seems low, man. Three? Of the hottest one? Pop the grenade cap. Now, it’s interesting because there’s kind
of an equation happening here, right? Whoa, did you see what just happened? Whoa! Ugh! It’s like a vial, man! Hold that up to the light. Oh my goodness, that looks potent. Ugh. So, the questions is. Is three of the flash bang, gonna blow my
sphincter out of the water. Uh, yes. With out doubt! Alright. Three drops. Plop it, don’t drop it.sizzle soundWhoa! Ahhhhh! I expected it to smoke when it hits, but it doesn’t. Ahhh!sizzle soundWhoa, that was a big one! Go for gusto, Rhett.sizzle soundOh! I feel like for our tolerance level, like we’re
probably going to have a similar experience. This is next level here, man.laughterI’m telling ya, I know that. You’ve eaten a whole pepper, this is nothing! This is so concentrated, man! This is spicier than
Satan’s blood! Because Satan’s blood is right there.laughterAlright, let’s not delay this. I’m so nervous! My sphincter is very taught. -You ready? You want to dink it?
-I don’t want to dink it. Let’s dink it. C’mon. Alright, here we go.chewingMmmm, it’s just hit memuffled painful noiseOhhh.laughterAhhhhhh I think yours is worse than mine. Ah! Oh!pantingA little went in my! Yep Ahhhh! Would it help you to know that I think
I’m doing okay?laughterYou’re doing okay?! I think I’m doing okay. I told you it wasn’t anywhere close to it. Mm. No…Nothing is….nothing makes it betterlaughteryeah, do that. Yeah!!! I’m going to absorb it. ABSORB! ABSORB!laughterAbsorb what? THE PAIN!
gruntingDon’t pull a muscle now.pantingYou’re doing good, Rhett. I’m proud of you. Just give me a, give me a strong fist bump. Like, push it.
No. Just push against it. Uuuuugh! Okay.laughterpanting-I mean, my mouth is hot but…
-Mine is too!laughterBut I just have a feeling that, uh, this flash bang really
brought something that the sphincter didn’t. You alright?laughterIs it subsiding? It just went from an 11 to a 10. You’re crying. I’m not crying. Your left eye is crying. No, no. I’m absorbing the pain. It’s leaking out of your left eye. Okay. I think I’m going to be okay.
I feel like the worst has passed. Your left eye is entirely blood shot. Really? Yeah. You need, you need something? I don’t…I don’t even… I don’t need no TP! I just need you to…like and comment and
subscribe. Thank you for doing that. You know what time it is. I’m Farah from the Philippines, and I’m Peter from
the Netherlands. We are in Indonesia! And it’s time to spin the wheel of
mythicality! If you want to see how some of these hot foods
were created Watch Good Mythical Crew tomorrow morning
on this channel. And click through to Good Mythical More
right now, click that I for convenience It will take you to a popsicle taste test so we can get some releif Exotic popsicle taste test. Exotic! Let’s end this. Ohhhh! Beatboxing Goats!Beatboxing goat noisessings
If you like Pina Colada, and getting caught in the rain I don’t know why I don’t like coconut. I’m such a jerk. I’m sorry, Coconut.

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  2. they are struggling with hot sauce

    i’m struggling because i ate some ice cream and now i’m bloated

    i’m a wimp

  3. When Rhett was saying absorb and Link was like what? Rhett said the pa in and I laughed sooo hard because he did a hiccup while saying that I kept re winding it😂👍

  4. The UhOh when Link took the bite of cereal was beyond classic!! Also, u should definitely include Daves Insanity Sauce…..the pkg is a little coffin with the bottle of sauce inside

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