Speech Jammer Prank Call Challenge

Speech Jammer Prank Call Challenge

(stammering) Is your refrigerator running? (laughs)
Let’s talk about that. ♪(intro music)♪ Good Mythical Morning. You may remember back in 2012,
we did the speech jammer on this show, and that is when you speak,
and then you hear your voice back, in your own ears
at a very slight delay. And it causes you
to lose the ability to speak, pretty much. It is entirely
and totally discombobulating. Makes you sound like an idiot. And we’re going to use
the speech jammer technology today to make some prank calls,
as we play: – ♪(rap beat)♪
– (both) Come on y’all, make a call, (both) at the speech jam.
Alright. Okay, we are each going to be making
two phone calls a piece, with a very specific objective. And the winner of each round
is the person who can complete their phone call objective,
while being speech jammed, the quickest. And, so, then we’re gonna
add up the calls, and the total run-time
that is the least, that person wins.
In other words, the person who completed both of the challenges
in the quickest time. And then the loser has to make
a concession speech that has been jammed into a jar
of peach jam, (both) while being speech jammed. – ♪(rap beat)♪
– (both) Round one. Okay, in this round,
we’re each gonna be calling businesses and placing an order
as quickly as possible. Rhett’s gonna go first.
Rhett, you’re gonna call a pizza delivery place, but you’re gonna
order a pizza for pickup, with at least two meats, and two veggies
on the pizza. But you also have to ask
for a recommendation for a non-pizza item, and then get off the phone
before them starting to make the pizza. – You gotta give an excuse to end the call.
– I have to bail. You gotta bail.
That’s when your time ends. – Are you ready?
– (stammering) I am ready. Alright, Eddie,
call the pizza place. Good luck, Rhett. – (ringing)
– It’s ringing. (phone) (inaudible) pizza,
how can I help you? (stammering) Yes, I would like to order
for pickup. (phone) Okay.
Now, may I have a phone number, please? – Seven, two, zero, four, six, six,
five, six, two, five. (laughs) (phone) Your name please? Brett. (phone) Okay,
how can I help you, Brett? I would like to get one large pizza, two meats that are
sausage and pepperoni. And, I would also like
green peppers and onions. (laughs) (phone) And the other one? – What?
– (phone) How many pizzas you like? – (phone) One or two?
– One pizza, please. (phone) Okay, so you want green peppers? Green peppers and onions. (phone) You want red one or white one? – Red.
– (laughs) (phone) Okay.
Twenty three, fifty three, (phone) be ready
in twenty five minutes, okay? Hold on, I would also like to get
a non-pizza item. What do you recommend? (laughs) (phone) I don’t know what pizza
you’re looking for. Naan pizza? No, just a non-pizza,
something that’s not pizza – that you guys have.
– (laughs) What else you have? (phone) Oh, the special pizza? No, it’s something that’s not a pizza.
Like a salad, or a wings. (phone) We have salad, we have spaghetti,
we have– Spaghetti.
Yes, I would like a spaghetti – as well, with meatballs.
– (laughs) (phone) Okay, spaghetti meatballs for you. Hold on a second. Now they’re saying
they don’t want any food. I’m sorry, I’ll call back
if we actually wanna do this, – but I can’t do it now.
– (laughs) – (buzzer sound)
– Time. Okay, how much time was that? She was–
She did not help you out any. (normal speech) Man, the non-pizza item! Why did it have to be so hard? What was the time? (crew member) One minute,
fifty three seconds. – Hey, that’s not bad.
– One minute, fifty three seconds. – Okay, so.
– I’ve got it on mute, now I’m about to turn it
back on for you, Link. What’s my assignment? Okay, go ahead and put it on. – It’s off mute now.
– Testing, one, (stammering) one. Is it working for you? Yes. Okay, you are going to be ordering
a bouquet of flowers for your wife. You have to select three different flowers
to be in a flower mix, and then you have to include
a sweet message, of any length. Oh. You’re calling a local flower shop,
and let’s make the call. – You ready?
– Yes. I’m ready. – This is very delayed.
– Yeah. We got it on a super delay today,
just for you. Just for me. Big delay. I was able to do it.
Wasn’t that bad. – (ringing)
– Oh, it’s ringing. (phone) Thank you for calling (inaudible)
floral designs, how can I help you? Hi, I would like to place an order
for some flowers. – (phone) Okay.
– For my wife. (phone) Okay, is it for today,
or tomorrow? For today. Immediately. (phone) Yeah, unfortunately,
our cut-off time’s around two o’clock– Tomorrow will be fine, then. I want to have three types of flowers
in my bouquet. – (laughs)
– I want baby’s breath, – and tulips.
– (phone) Tulips. And, gerbera daisy. (phone) Okay, just give me a second. Oh, make it quick. I also want to put a message
inside the d-d-d-d– Bouquet.
(laughs) (phone) Okay, so I need
to make sure that I’m getting (phone) the right type of flowers.
So you wanted baby’s breath. – Yes.
– Daisies? Gerbera daisies? Yes. – (phone) And what was the next one?
– And tulips. (phone) And did you have a specific color? Any color’s fine.
Any way you want to do it is good for us. I just need to make sure,
that you put a note in it, from me to my wife,
that should say, “Dear Christy, my love birdy, “I want to see you later, “so call me. – “Love, Link.”
– (laughs) (phone) Okay, just give me a second. Okay.
(laughs) (phone) Okay, let me see
if I got this right. (phone) Dear Chris, you’re my birdy,
I will see you later, my lovely. – Perfect.
– (laughs) (phone) Okay. And then you want
to add your name? Link.
Link is my name. – (phone) L-E-A-K?
– Yes. (laughs) (phone) Okay, and did you have
a price range? (phone) Our minimum is sixty five dollars
with a fifteen dollar delivery charge– You know what? She just texted me,
said we’re on the rocks, so, I gotta put in a…
(stutters) Rain-check on the bouquet. (phone) Okay, no problem,
just give is a call back. Will do it.
Bye. – (buzzer sound)
– Woo! – Wow, were you worse than me?
– (crew laughs) You were significantly worse than me. Boy, you see why
I have trouble in my relationships? I don’t know,
but that felt hard. Chris was about to get
a nice surprise. Yeah, I don’t know
what Chris is getting, – I don’t know what the message is.
– What time was that? – (crew member) Two, twenty seven.
– Oh! You lose. She had to to repeat everything.
I can’t even talk now. – ♪(rap beat)♪
– (both) Round two. Alright, Rhett,
in this round, we are going to be calling
actual fans, Mythical Beasts, and you are going to be calling Heather. And your mission is to get her
to say the word, “Muffin” over the course of normal conversation. You can’t let her know
that you’re playing a game. – Okay.
– Once she says the word, “Muffin.” Time stops.
And it’s my turn. (stammering) Okay, let’s call her. (ringing) (repeats) Muffin. (Heather) Hello, this is Heather. Hi Heather, this is Rhett,
how are you doing? (Heather) I’m good. What d’you have for breakfast
this morning? (Heather) What did I have for
breakfast this morning? (Heather) I had…
I don’t even know. (laughs) (Heather) Hold on a second. – (laughs)
– Maybe there’s a different way. What do you like for breakfast?
What’s your favorite– List your top ten favorites. – (Heather) (laughs)
– Quickly. (Heather) What’s my top ten favorites.
I like… (Heather) I like eggs Benedict and– Any bread products? You know, like anything
with bread in them? (Heather) Do I like anything with bread
in them? – A bread-y product.
– (Heather) Bread product. With blueberries–
Do you like– Is there a particular bread product
that has blueberries in it that you like? – (Heather) Blueberry pancakes?
– (crew laughs) No, but it looks–
It’s shaped like a cupcake. – What do you call that?
– (Heather) Oh, blueberry muffins. – (buzzer sound)
– Yes! (laughs) Okay, time. (normal voice) Okay, Heather, I’m going
to speak in my regular voice now. – (laughs)
– I’m sorry, I was being speech jammed. – (Heather) Yes, I could tell.
– And I needed you to say the word, “Muffin.” And you succeed.
How long did that take? – (crew member) One, oh, seven.
– It took us one minute and seven seconds, – for me to get you to say muffin.
– Woo! (Heather) Wow. (laughs) Wow is exactly right. Heather, thank you for your assistance
in this. (Heather) You’re welcome.
This was fun. – And thanks for being your mythical best.
– (Heather) Alright. Now Link’s gonna call somebody
and get them to say, “Koala.” – Oh! Koala.
– (Heather) Oh! Good luck! Koala’s harder than muffin, man. Alright, thanks. Nobody eats a Koala for breakfast. – Alright.
– You gotta find a way in, man. Testing. One, two,
(stammering) three, four. It’s so nerve wracking. I know, it makes my pits sweat. Who is this? – You are calling Adler,
– Adler. and you are trying to get him,
or her– – Him?
– (crew member) Yeah. To say the word, “Koala.” (repeats) Koala. – That’s a bear.
– Bear. You gotta go real fast, though,
’cause I got a big lead. You gotta get him to say it
in, like… Less than thirty seconds. (ringing) (Adler) Hello? Good Mythical Morning, Adler,
this is Link. How you doing? Have you ever been to Australia? (Adler) I have not actually. But they got some really good animals
there, huh? Like what? (Adler) Yeah, sure. (Adler) Like what animals? Yeah. Let’s talk about that. (crew laughs) (Adler) Yeah, Let’s talk about that,
for sure. Which ones in particular
do you want to talk about? Like the ones that are in a tree,
with the pockets in their belly. Not the ones on the ground,
with the pockets. (Adler) The sloths? No, no, like the eucalyptus eating ones. Are they in Australia? – Yes.
– Good. (Adler) The kangaroo ones? – Oh, the kangaroos in the trees, man.
– (crew laughs) (Adler) Yeah, tree kangaroos. – What are they called?
– (Adler) Love those things. – (crew laughs)
– (Adler) Koala bears. – (buzzer sound)
– Yeah! Woo! – Alright.
– You did it. – (normal voice) Alright, man.
– (Adler) I got it. You’re a genius.
I was being speech jammed. And I was trying to get you–
Oh. Can you hear me? I was being speech jammed,
(stammering) and I still am. – Let me take this off.
– Just take that off. – (Adler) Did I win something?
– Trying to get you to say the word, “Koala.” – Which, you did eventually.
– And he said it in how many seconds? (crew member) Fifty three seconds. – Oh!
– Fifty three seconds. – That means I am the winner, Link.
– Oh! You were the winner
for being more speech jammed, I believe. (Link) Dang! – (Adler) I’m so sorry I failed you.
– Adler, thanks so much for, being your mythical best,
for playing along. (Adler) No problem.
Love you guys. Love you too. – As a friend.
– (laughs) (crew laugh) – Alright.
– I’m exhausted. Yeah, that was not easy. Yeah, it does something to your brain,
and now I kind of feel like I can’t speak without the thing on. I know, me neither, man.
I’m exhausted. Bring in that peach jam,
I gotta pull the speech out of this. This is my concession speech,
which I will do in due time, but for now, I want to say, thank you for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. You know what time it is. – My name is Madison,
– My name is Rochelle. We’re from Cicero, Indiana. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. (all cheering) Later today, the season finale
of Buddy System comes out, so check that out. And also, we are releasing,
at the very same time, a mini-doc about the making-of
Buddy System. Enjoy, get your YouTube Red on. Click through to Good Mythical More,
where I’m gonna give my acceptance speech. Then we’re gonna play
a little clue-giving game, while speech jammed. It’s a gif.
The gif of the day. Check it out. Best kitty hug.
Look at that. Woah! I thought he was standing up
for a second. – That cat stretching or hugging?
– Scared me a little bit. Oh, he was standing up.
And then he gets picked up. – Woah!
– Ah, yes, that’s what makes– That’s what makes it a good gif.
Or a good jif. [Captioned by Jack
GMM Captioning Team]

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