100 thoughts on “Special Halloween Edition Candy Taste Test

  1. What if you took advantage of the hollowness of the giant Hershey kiss and filled it with peanut butter and jelly or something?!?

  2. Am I the only one who's truly offended by the amount of plastic these candy companies produce with their excessive packaging? 😥

  3. I tried the zombie skittles a while back and I swear I thought they tasted and smelled like raw garlic. It was nassssty.

  4. I definitely had one of the giant Hershey kisses like 10+ years ago and it was solid chocolate. Idk if they changed it, or if Rhett is just crazy.

  5. I actually like this a lot. Having them be more candid and fluent is a nice change from the GMM driven daily videos. I love GMM and now this as well.

  6. Those giant Hershey kisses were solid, at least the one I got was. Way too much chocolate. Got like half way through then it sat for months

  7. Some popular chocolate bar had a limited edition caramel apple version a few years back and it was amazing. It was maybe milky way?

  8. Whole food cut up or cut up food whole. So like just a sheet of pasta with sauce and parmesan vs slices of pizza cut into pasta shapes.

  9. Link: acts like he doesn’t know the big Hershey’s kisses are hollow

    In a past video: Rhett and link smash a big Hershey’s kiss for a Valentine’s Day video

  10. I will say most stores don't order the holiday specific candies they just order more normal packed stuff so when the holiday is over they just put over stock in the back and stock like normal and there not sitting on a bunch of candy they have to mark down

  11. Who else wants to slap link across the face every time he takes a baby bite and trashes the rest? Especially a freaking Hershey kiss.

  12. Link: "Whenever"
    Rhett: "Terrance"
    Link: "twists"
    Rhett: "his"
    Link: "lies,"
    Rhett: "Bobby"
    Me: hmm is what is he going to say next… smells his tasty chickens?
    Link: "smells"
    Me: I KNEW IT!
    Rhett: "my"
    Link: "torchered"
    Rhett: "past."

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