Sourest Food Challenge

Sourest Food Challenge

– Today we determine the power of sour.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪(theme music)♪ – Good Mythical Morning! (grunts)
– We– Are you okay? – I’m just preparing my mouth.
– Anticipating the– (makes sound) It’s all gonna shrivel up today guys,
in the mouth area. – (crew and Link laugh)
– Right. Right in there. Right in there. – The face.
– Okay. Listen, we are very familiar with the
Scoville scale of measuring the heat – units of food. How hot a food can get.
– Yes. ‘Cause we have eaten the hottest pepper
in the world, – Yes.
– and regretted it, but what we’ve discovered is that there is
not a comparable scale for sourness. Right.
There is an acidity scale that has a lot of food on it and that
goes up to battery acid, – which is not a food I don’t think,
– Don’t eat that. – (crew laughs)
– but I don’t think that acidity is necessarily a measure of sourness.
So we couldn’t find an actual sourness scale,
so we’re just gonna determine it – with our own human mouths.
– That’s right. Now it’s time to determine: – ♪(dramatic music)♪
– (Link) (dramatic) The sourest food – in the world!
– (Rhett) According to us. Okay, so we got a bunch of sour foods,
and we are going to taste them and then – each rank them on a scale of one to ten,
– (normal voice) Mhm. and then we combine our scores and that
is our collective sour score for that item. Alright, so let’s get started with
a familiar sour: – ♪(harp)♪
– Lemons. I’m familiar with those.
I’ve seen those before. – I’ve seen videos of babies eating these.
– (Rhett) I put those in my water – at restaurants.
– Oh, you do? – Yeah.
– I don’t order these in water because – I want a water with lemon.
– I think about the person touching it with their fingerlings and then
it being dipped on in. Oh, I don’t do that.
I squeeze and then I set. You don’t want to put the
actual lemon in there. So, this score’s kinda–
I don’t wanna call it a baseline, but, you know,
it’s a good point of comparison – for the rest of the things we’re
– Things have got to get more sour than this, – gonna be tasting.
– right? Or is it sourer? – Sourer.
– Sourer. – Alright, so let’s–
– Just go. Really get a bite now. – Really get a bite.
– Yeah, the whole thing. Woo.
That makes you wanna pucker, man. – (crew laughs)
– Wow. How’d you do that? I just did it like an orange.
I did it ’cause you said, “Yeah, man. Get it,”
and you went (makes bite sound) – and then you let go.
– Well, I got the clench back here. – Ding! It just duh-dings on ya’.
– You’ve seen this? Tartar? I’m giving this–
You have a nosebleed too. – Oh crap, Rhett. It’s made his nose bleed!
– This is so sour. It made my nose bleed?! – What?! That’s a record!
– (crew laughs) – That’s a– Oh. Okay.
– Just look up or somethin’. – My nose isn’t bleeding, is it?
– Wow. This is so– – Is my nose? Oh my goodness.
– This is like we’re going in space. – Just shove that up in there.
– I’m gonna take a break. Nope. Just shove it up in there.
That’s pretty dang sour. If it’s gonna give him a nose bleed,
I’m– Yeah, I’m just gonna go right down the middle
and give it a five. I feel like I was gonna give it a five,
but now that my nose is pouring out – blood, I’m gonna give it a six.
– Okay. Alright, so that’s a cumulative – score of eleven.
– Okay, well, the bleeding has stopped. – (laughs) For now.
– Hopefully I’m gonna make– This could be the end, man.
This could be my last episode. And my head could just–
(makes ripping sound) – Just melt off.
– Well, you know what? – Let’s make it the best episode ever.
– Yes! I have cleansed my palette with some
cinnamon water – As I have.
– to combat the sourness, – and I’m ready to go.
– Okay, have you ever been eating a grape and thought,
“You know, I wish this thing was covered in skin like an orange,
but five times as impractical to eat, and ten times as sour?”
Well you’re in luck because that’s – a kumquat.
– ♪(harp music)♪ – Come, quat.
– Alright, here they are! – That’s how you call a kumquat.
– They came hither. Alright, I know about these because I
had a little tree in my backyard. You did have a tree.
I’ve never actually ate one though. – I ate one and then I just let them die
– I didn’t know they were sour. – on the vine. Well,
– (laughs) it wasn’t a vine, it was a tree,
but they did die. – Grab one there.
– It does look like a grape shaped orange. – And you eat the whole thing.
– Oh, you’re trolling me. – Don’t. Nope. You do not peel it.
– I don’t wanna eat the whole thing. – Just bite it whole?
– I’ll bite half of it just to show ’em what it looks like if you’re curious,
and then I– – I am a curious cat, Link.
– (laughs) – I’m always so curious.
– Alright. – Why don’t you bite that in half for me?
– Lets see if this tops lemons. Dink it.
Woo! – (crew laughs)
– It’s, like, juicing out of my mouth. (spits) You got a seed?
I got a seed. The aromatic nature of it is, like,
coming out of my nose. It feels like sour smoke coming out of
my nose, and then it goes away, and you’re just chewing what seems to
be, like, an orange rind. It goes away faster than the sourness
of a lemon, and I actually don’t know if– – But it’s immediately stronger.
– I don’t know if the peak was higher. I will say that it had an intensity
at the beginning, but then it trailed off a lot sooner
than the lemon did. – Yeah.
– And it doesn’t– I just don’t think that it
tastes that great. – It’s an unnatural feeling.
– It’s unnatural. – (crew laughs)
– To eat this rind. I’ma give it a four and I’m also gonna
give away my kumquat tree away to anyone – that wants it. It’ll be on the curb.
– I’m gonna go with what I was going to give a lemon because I feel like it was
very intense but then it died off, but it did make my nose bleed.
Five! (Link) So, kumquats get a nine!
Alright, up next, if you’ve been to India or you’re
from India, then you know about this one: – ♪(harp music)♪
– Bitter gourd juice. Alright, I wonder if it’s gonna be bitter.
Well, bitter is not necessarily sour. Bitter is kinda like grape fruit,
but is it also sour? It looks like a Ghostbusters branded,
like, juice from 1987. – Which is very cool.
– Ecto-cooler! – (Link) Ecto-juice.
– Oh, yeah. Ecto-cooler. – Ew. It doesn’t smell like Ecto-cooler.
– Oh. Now, this is used in traditional
medicine to treat all types of stuff, – from gout to diabetes.
– You know a lot about it. It sounds like the kind of thing you would
give to someone to, like, end a marriage in India.
Like, “He brought her the bitter gourd.” It’d be a euphemism.
You wouldn’t actually make anyone – drink any of it.
– “He brought out the bitter gourd,” – last night?
– Yeah. I think it’s kinda heartless in addition
to getting divorced, – (crew laughs)
– you have to drink sour juice? – That’s kinda insulting.
– It’s when you say something and then you regret it later.
(exaggerated southern accent) “I had to drink the bitter gourd juice
on that one!” – Alright, let’s do that.
– Welcome to India. (exaggerated southern accent)
I gotta apologize. – (normal voice) Here we go.
– (groans) – Eugh!
– (normal voice) I would’ve sworn I got into something I shouldn’t
have got into. – Ew!
– (crew laughs) You know?
I think this is antifreeze. – Y’all are trying to kill us!
– (laughs) Yep. We’re drinking antifreeze on this show.
What has this come to? – Both nostrils are gonna start bleeding.
– It’s not aromatic in any way. It bites my tongue and then
it wont let go. Is there a purpose for this
that’s medicinal? – Yeah, man. Gout.
– It tastes like you accidentally picked up an old man’s tobacco juice,
like, at The Cupboard in Fuquay. It’s like, “Oh, I reached for the Coke,
and I grabbed the tobacco spit.” Yeah. Yeah.
Which he refrigerates for some good reason. – (crew laughs)
– “Well, it’s turned green ’cause – I left it in there all summer.”
– The best thing about this is the – soothing color.
– Yeah. – Everything else is horrible.
– The funny thing is is it’s just really bad. It’s not–
Would sour be the way you describe it? – Yeah it’s– I would–
– Bitter. Bitter. I would– Yeah.
Only bitter. I think the sour component is
actually kinda low. – Is there just a bad component?
– (crew laughs) – I give it a ten as far as being bad,
– Ten on badness. In terms of sourness– but I’m gonna give it a
three of sourness. – Yeah, I was thinking three too.
– Oh! Same wavelength. So, the cumulative score of
bitter gourd juice: (Rhett) Six!
Now, I love to eat a hotdog with some sauerkraut on it,
but I usually don’t take it and squeeze it until sauerkraut juice comes out,
but apparently it’s pretty sour. – ♪(harp music)♪
– Sauerkraut juice. Boy, you really squeezed some hot dogs,
Chase. – (crew laughs)
– Well, I think he just– – I think he just bought saurkraut.
– (laughs) Oh gosh. Oh go– It is–
It’s heinous. Oh my goodness.
Well how do you even come up with this – that we’re gonna have to drink this?
– It’s like this part of my face starts to, – like, go up.
– Woah. You’ve got some serious – cheekage, man.
– Look at that. I can do that. – (crew laughs)
– I can create a flesh moustache – on my own face.
– It’s like, you can start crying and do that, and, like,
it’ll be like power washers. Like coming down the rivers on your face,
and, like, you can probably cut some diamonds with those.
You ever thought about that? Cut diamonds with my flesh
moustache? Alright. Here we go. – Dink it. Drink it.
– Here we go. – It’s not bad.
– (crew laughs) – (coughs)
– I kinda like it. – (crew laughs)
– I’d like to sprinkle it on stuff! – (laughs) Really? You’re crazy!
– (laughs) – You’re crazy!
– Get a little tube of it. – Get a little tube.
– I’m one of those people that, like, pull it out of my man purse
at nice restaurants. I’m like, – “I gotta put a little cheese on it.”
– Here’s the thing. – Is there a difference between tangy
– (Rhett) A ting. (laughs) – and sour?
– (awkward voice) “Is there a difference – between tangy and sour?” (laughs)
– Tangy. (laughs) It’s made you drunk. – (crew laughs)
– What’s wrong with you? – One sip and you’re–
– I lost some blood earlier in this episode, – man.
– (crew and Link laugh) – I lost a lot of blood.
– It’s not as sour as the lemon. – It’s got this tangy tang tangness to it.
– It’s bitter. It’s bitter. But it’s still a bitterness not a sourness.
Yeah. I’m giving this a three. – So it comes in at–
– I give it a three as well. (Link) So the sauerkraut juice
comes in at a six! Okay, generally, when something says
the word ‘toxic’ on it, you don’t immediately put it in your mouth,
but we don’t play by your rules, man. – So we’re gonna eat some
– ♪(harp music)♪ Toxic Waste candy.
Here it is, and these are black cherry flavored
Toxic Waste which, our research tells us, – (Rhett) Yes.
– is the sourest of the Toxic Waste. – It makes ’em edible, right?
– And when I smell it it smells like – cherries. Grab that.
– This doesn’t– You know– – Yeah, this is innocuous.
– This doesn’t – (both) seem
– like it can do that much. – You know,
– I don’t think it can. when I’m holding, like,
a really hot pepper, I’m thinking, – “This is gonna kill me.
– Yeah. It’s hurting. I’m gonna be hurting for a long time,” – but it’s just a piece of candy.
– It starts to emanate. – It can’t really do that much.
– Yeah. Candy is for kids. Right, I mean, what if–
Take it in a movie theater and you just – watch and–
– Dink it and sink it – Can’t hurt you that bad, right?
– Woah. – (crew laughs)
– So– – (crew laughs)
– (Rhett) Turnin’ into Red Charles – over here.
– Oh. It’s getting worse. – Georgia!
– (crew laughs) – Georgia.
– It’s starting to subside a little bit. Oh! My shoulders tense up.
They go like that for some reason. – My eyeballs are cryin’.
– It gets your eyeballs. It gets my shoulders. Everybody responds differently.
Now it’s just sweet. Yeah.
It was very– Wow. – That was very wow.
– It was so wow– (laughs) It was like needles.
Like, where it hit my tongue. At first, I was like,
“This is not that bad,” – and then it just– On my tongue.
– (inaudible) – It stabbed my tongue repeatedly.
– You know, it was super sour. It was the sourest thing that I’ve
ever tasted, – Nine.
– but I don’t feel like it tops out – the list, so, I was going to say nine.
– Okay. So the Toxic Waste gets an eighteen! Now, this next item is so strong,
that you usually serve it with rice, but we don’t need to soften any
blows around here. – We’re going to enjoy some pure, pickled
– ♪(harp music)♪ – Umeboshi plums.
– Straight from Japan! – Umeboshi plumbs? Wow. Okay.
– (Rhett) They look like prunes. – They look harmless.
– I’m not– I’m no longer gonna say anything
looks harmless after the Toxic Waste, man. – Ew. They’re mushy.
– It kinda feels like you dip these – in something.
– Is that fermented? It’s very soft.
I like the way it feels. – It’s prune-ish.
– We gonna go full plum? – Yeah. Umaboshi.
– (crew laughs) – (rough voice) Nooo! Noooo!
– Aaah! – It hurts! It hurts! Aah!
– Are you sure this is safe? (groans) (garbled voice) Down my throat!
(grunts) – (gags)
– (crew laughs) – (gags)
– (frustrated sounds) – We made it.
– Oh my gosh. – (coughs)
– Guys. We made it, Link.
We made it to the other side – of the Umaboshi.
– I can’t believe how sour that was! – You can stop holding me now.
– (crew laughs) – Oh man, and I feel like–
– It changed the physiology of my mouth. – I feel like I got a facelift.
– Did my teeth move? – No.
– (crew laughs) – Is my tongue bleeding?
– No. – I swear my molars moved.
– Oh my boshi. As horrifying of an experience as that was.
I highly recommend it. – (Link and crew laugh)
– I’ve reserved a little space in the scale because I didn’t think the Toxic Waste
was as sour as sour could be. – I didn’t leave enough space.
– No. We didn’t. – I’m going to eleven.
– I know, man. – Tokyo, you can keep this one.
– ♪(ringing music)♪ Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-a-a-a-a-a-a-at?! (laughs) I also give it an eleven.
So the Umeboshi gets twenty-two! So it is the most sour thing in thee world
according to us. – It’s the sourest thing I’ve ever tasted.
– There you have it, mythical beasts. Let us know what you think
in the comments. – Oh.
– Thanks for liking, subscribing, and sharing this video
with your friends. – (whispers) You know what time it is.
– Hi, I’m Shauv. – And I’m Maya.
– (both) And we’re from Manchester. – And it’s my wedding.
– And it’s time to spin the – Wheel of Mythicality! Woo!
– (normal voice) Don’t be sour that this episode is over.
Enjoy our taste tests videos on our taste test playlist!
Link is in the description. And, first, click through to
Good Mythical More where we’re gonna get the crew to eat some
Umeboshi! – Ew.
– And some Toxic Waste together. We’re gonna bond.
Let me tell you right now. – Unison about kissing a cousin.
– (both singing) I have a thing that I want to tell you about.
My cousin is hot and I kissed that cousin.
Feel a little weird about it, but that’s all we did.
I promise it was just a kiss! [Captioned By Hayleigh:
GMM Captioning Team]

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