Soo Zee and Leigh make a secret society – My RØDE Reel

Soo Zee and Leigh make a secret society – My RØDE Reel

that’s a grown-up you wind up spending time with the same people over and over over again I think we should make more friends to make friends you need a common purpose maybe a club maybe a society maybe a secret society I would like to call to order in the first official meeting of the secret society the first thing we should do is recruit new members I second that motion the motion is passed put it on the agenda to join the secret society potential members must be keen aficionados of the Cinematic Arts they are also regular in Vipers of liquid all liquids are acceptable sportsmen are of particular interest to the society since many society events are held in the great outdoors last week’s business any news I put on the hats on newspaper excellent secret society members wanted must enjoy moviemaking liquids the great outdoors if this exciting opportunities for you come to our next meeting unfortunately because the society is secret we cannot reveal the location of our meeting place we hope you find nothing sincerely Suzy and Lee hey is this the meeting place hello hello nice to meet you nice to meet you hi my name is Mickey and I make videos and I put them on YouTube so hi guys welcome everyone Mickey moved 62 kilometers away to devote himself fully to his passion for cinema he spends most of his time here deep in the creative pursuit taking only occasional Friday breaks [Music] art was Mickey’s close friend and longtime collaborator and it wasn’t long before art also joined the secret society this is not fair I think I need a background [Music]

27 thoughts on “Soo Zee and Leigh make a secret society – My RØDE Reel

  1. Keen aficionado of the cinematic arts? X
    Regular imbiber of liquids? ✓
    Sportsman? X but miiight be persuaded.

    I wish to join the secret society, but it appears all I have going for me is my frequent consumption of water! (What a relief to hear that all liquids are acceptable!)

  2. Moviemaking, Liquids, and the great outdoors..

    Showerthought: They want to make "psysical" films where people enjoy "liquids" in nature, with a fight Clubesk rulebook.? No wonder the original Fight Club made soap…

    And as a Danish person, I am offcially appalled by the look of that ryebread. SMH it just look so dry though..

  3. Can I join??? Seriously though. 🙂 I'll be there Sept 14 – 23 and Oct 4 – 13. Would love to see y'all! 🙂

  4. The cutest secret society in the history of secret societies ever. You guys should get (secret) uniforms or something.

  5. It's definitely difficult finding ways to make new friends as adults. Glad to see Mickey and Art joining in on your new secret society!

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