Sony Vegas Pro 11 cracked / Free Download

Sony Vegas Pro 11 cracked / Free Download

hey guys and welcome back my name is MrFreaky today I’ll be showing you a tutorial
how to install and download Sony Vegas Pro 11 fully cracked um okay so I’ll putt the download link in the description a it’ll be a free one in mediafire so okay let’s start when you download the map u’ll get a WinRAR archive you need a WinRAR to extract it you can either extract it here or somewhere else that you want to so I’ll just extracted
here that willl take just a minute Here it is okay you get that done and now go to the map it’s good if you have the Sony Vegas Pro
11 and run as admin because then you won’t
have any problems I already have that so okay lets start it okay so you can see I have sony vegas installed already
so i’ll just uninstall it and here we go this is the installation am so yes
select your language I’ll choose English click Next again Next if you want to read this you can read it , i dont usally read this a.m. so yeah click install and this will take a minute or two so see you later okay so now that that’s done, you can
click here so you get to the channel of the guy who cracked Sony Vegas Pro 11 and here it is for launch so I’ll just
launch it here we go now let’s just wait for it to launch ok here it is I’ll probably do some new tutorials how to
get better graphics in your videos and , okay thats it, thank you for watching hope you
enjoyed it and subscribe like and comment if you
want and see a later bye

100 thoughts on “Sony Vegas Pro 11 cracked / Free Download

  1. thank you you are so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Got it installed and working, will run multiple virus scans and post in a comment if I find anything threatening from it

  3. OMG!Its actually working!!! I tried like a zillions of videos and yours was the only one that works thank so much I appreciate it!Liked and subbed:)

  4. To bad it's not that good, the program is lagging alot so i have to close it down again to get it to work.

  5. first comment in a while since my 3 or so years on youtube and this actually worked for me 
    thanks dude

  6. Thank you so muuuuuch! You saved both my grades here on highschool and from letting me get the D from my teacher. I want to use your voice on my funeral, peace out!

  7. oh my gosh this is the only working one i tryed kegen and serial code worked but other thingy stopped me

    this WORKS!! WOOOO and it works for 32 bit!

  8. Thanks!! it work alright! just one thing.. for some reason it's switched sides.. (everything is from right to left)
    if you have any idea how to fix that it would be awesome.. Except that… Thanks 😀

  9. No virus, thank you so much~ And I hope u can provide more…haha, just like "adobe premiere pro cs6" & "Final Cut Pro X" for Windows", thank you~~~

  10. wow this is legit and the easiest tutorial i've seen here on youtube. do you have Sonyvegas 13 as well? and how to put magic bullet hehe XD

  11. Okai so I take back the, It worked thing. It didn't. i had to get a new computer and when I tried it i says this.
    "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrance.exe tool for more detail.
    I know this is an old video, but if anyone knows how to fix this, be a god and HELP ME

  12. K , look
    I Am not a bot or smt.
    This is legit 100% I already downloaded it and…. no viruses.
    I have avira and I scaned it.
    Thx mate 😀

  13. Thank you, this crack actually worked and my anti-virus didn't detect any viruses. I''ve been trying for so long to find something that worked but every time there was a serial code and authentication code, but this was just running the program and it works perfectly, THANK YOU.

  14. Thank you so much for this!! It actually works unlike so much others that I tried to download due to the authentication problem.

  15. malwayrebytes says its safe.. im still suspicious why would somebody go through the trouble to crack it and just give it away for free??!??!

  16. Português Brasil: Tem virus sim! o meu antivirus me alertou Uma ameaça foi detectada, recomendo não baixa-lo.

    English EUA: It has virus yes! My antivirus alerted me a threat was detected, I recommend not downloading it.

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